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News Articles about the Segway Transportation device


The Fresno Bee 9/27/04 Two Wheels, One Rider 9/27/04 Coast to coast at 10 mph on a Segway

Boston Globe 9/26/04 Make way for Segway

Newsday 9/23/04 Segway for streets?

Boston Globe 9/23/04 Siding with the Segway 9/23/04 Segway provides a new way to see big-city sights

Bethany Beach Wave 9/22/04 Licensing Segway drivers is a good idea

Nashville Business Journal 9/20/04 Segway sales beating expectations

Salina Journal 9/20/04 A 'Segway' in life

MSNBC 9/19/04 Segway sales beating expectations

USA Today 9/17/04 Sidewalk scooters make D.C. sightseeing a breeze

The Royal Gazette 9/17/04 Segway could be making the rounds of Bermuda's roads

The Daily Californian 9/15/04 Bear Bites: Oski Rides Segway, Fans Want Scheyer

Bethany Beach Wave 9/15/04 Fenwick Island tries Segways

Post Courier 9/15/04 Officer zips around Wando High on Segway

Bremerton Sun 9/13/04 Bremerton man toys with commute 9/11/04 Segway scooters zip off floor at Le Mars dealership

Brookline TAB 9/9/04 Segue to the Segways

Laramine Boomerang 9/8/04 Seeking the spirit of America, slowly

Post Gazette 9/4/04 Slumping Segway sinks South Side firm

PR Web 9/2/04 ‘Bike the Sites’ and ‘Segs in the City’ team up to bring Segways to DC

DevShed 9/1/04 Web Designer to Segway From Seattle to Boston

NY Times 8/27/04 18 Holes on 2 Wheels

KIFI 8/27/04 Group Crossing U.S. on Segway Human Transporters

Wired News 8/24/04 Riders Segway Through the Zoo

KBCI 8/23/04 Did You Spot the Segway In Boise? 8/21/04 Segway’s quest for acclaim faces uphill climb in state 8/20/04 University of Advancing Technology Sponsors Segway Across America

Chicago Sun-Times 8/18/04 Segway retailers zip into area

Yahoo 8/18/04 'Bike the Sites' and 'Segs in the City' Team up to Bring Segways to D.C.

Munster Times 8/13/04 Police to use Segways for patrols

PR Web 8/13/04 Segway HT now available 'rent-to-own'

Tampa Tribune 8/2/04 Wheelin' And Dealin'

The Register 7/30/04 The Segway: glorified scooter or democracy on wheels?

The Register 7/28/04 Segway owners beat each other with homemade mallets

The State 7/25/04 From textiles to scooters, Batson rolls into future

Chicago Tribune 7/25/04 See the sights, or just be one, on a Segway

The State 7/25/05 Segway not a good fit for Georgia county

The Tennessean 7/24/04 Local retiree, family Segway into selling transporters

Yahoo 7/23/04 Segway HT to Cross America ---- See America at 10 mph

WMTW 7/22/04 City puts brakes on Segway tours

Kansas City Star 7/22/04 Wheels for the zoo

Herald Leader 7/21/04 Downtown police patrol rolling along

Santa Monica Mirror 7/21/04 My Day on a Segway (or Electric Ladyland)

News OK 7/21/04 Balance can keep pride along for the ride

Penn Live 7/20/04 2-wheeler lets man zip around Millersburg

Royal Gazette 7/15/04 It's electric and cool - and has just two wheels

Yahoo 7/14/04 Segway LLC Opens 30 New Dealerships Expanding Company's Presence into 26 States

AJC 7/11/04 Politicians get a ride right to your door

Courier Journal 7/11/04 Louisville is getting Segway dealership

Statesman Journal 7/7/04 New form of transport scoots into Salem

Daily News Tribune 7/4/04 'Uncle Sam' rides again -- on a Segway

Minnesota Public Radio 7/2/04 Reinventing the wheel?

Wisconsin State Journal 7/1/04 Segway showing its stuff Downtown

Portsmouth Herald 6/30/04 2-wheel tours by Segway in Portland

Yahoo 6/28/04 Take Madison 'Segway Experience'

Chicago Tribune 6/27/04 See the USA (at least our corner of it) on a Segway

Daily Bulletin 6/27/04 Conquer Paris on a Segway

Bru Direct 6/26/04 Segway makes its Brunei debut

Wisconsin Dells Events 6/21/04 Lake Delton denies Segway attraction

Toledo Blade 6/20/04 Sarasota by Segway

Gazette Times 6/19/04 Rolling into the future

Time 6/14/04 Hop On Your Scooter, See The Sights 6/9/04 Growing airport adopts Segways for efficiency

Ad Week 6/7/04 With Competitor On Heels, Segway Says, 'Get Moving'

PR Newswire 6/7/04 Color Meets Style in the New Segway(R) HT i170 in Midnight Blue

AJC 6/4/04 Chairman candidate to Segway into race

Chicago Sun Times 6/4/04 Two-wheel Segway is new vehicle for touring lakefront

PR Newswire 6/2/04 Segway LLC Appoints Myron E. (Mike) Ullman, III to Board of Directors

Daily News 5/31/04 Trendy transporters to hit Seawall

Brandweek 5/31/04 Ex-Dell 'Dude' Gets A Segway

PR Newswire 5/25/04 Segway LLC Appoints Klee Kleber as Vice President of Marketing

Miami Herald 5/22/04 New police transporters zippy to crowds at mall

KCRA 5/21/04 'Segway' Rolls Into Sacramento Region

Israel National News 5/13/04 The Segway is coming to Israel

USA Today 5/11/04 Segway tours provide sense of Minneapolis' past

PRNewswire 5/3/04 Performance Technologies introduces cost-effective Segway(TM) 6200 Mini-STP

Chicago Tribune 5/2/04 Touring Sarasota the Segway way

AZ Republic 5/2/04 Paris meets 21st century via Segway

Kansas City Star 5/1/04 Handling segues and a Segway

Indiana Digital Student 4/28/04 It's Segway or the highway

Sacramento Bee 4/28/04 Segway? No way, RT tells a rider

Whistler Question 4/22/04 ‘Segway’ pilot project possible

The Chattanoogan 4/22/04 Segway Is Latest Way To Tour Downtown

Union Leader 4/18/04 Segway battlefield applications explored

The Hook 4/15/04 Segway segue: They're legal on sidewalks

Baltimore Sun 4/10/04 Public has been slow to hop aboard device

WBAL 4/9/04 Police Officers At BWI Testing Segways On Patrol

Mainichi Shimbun 4/9/04 Man fined over sidewalk Segway-ing

USA Today 4/6/04 Paris by Segway

Planetizen 4/5/04 How To Build Your Own Segway

Miami Herald 4/4/04 Tooling around, Segway style

Miami Herald 4/2/04 Segway-Scooter Inventor Emphasizes Kids, Science at Albany, N.Y., Event

Yahoo 3/30/04 SEG Forms to Represent Goals and Interests of Segway HT Owners

Flint Journal 3/24/04 Segway scooter awes students at Montrose High

Seattle PI 3/22/04 Makers of Segway offering financing

Channel News Asia 3/12/04 Segway personal transporters to be allowed for use at One-North hub

PR Newswire 3/11/04 Segway LLC Appoints Joseph Hice as Chief Marketing Officer

UW Badger Herald 3/3/04 Police department considers using Segway scooters

Capital Times 2/28/04 Madison police eye Segway scooters for parking enforcement 2/24/04 Canada Post testing Segway scooter

Gloucester County Times 2/23/04 Segway inspires engineering students 2/20/04 Osceola County Deputies To Use Segway Scooters

BBC 2/17/04 Robots take aim in Segway soccer

Albany Business Review 2/17/04 Segway inventor to address TechConnex

Globe and Mail 2/16/04 The sagging of Segway

Union Leader 2/13/04 Segway quiet on report of wobbly funds

Contra Costa Times 2/11/04 Antioch council tries out Segway 2/9/04 Segway transporters popular with airport security

Knox News 2/8/04 Sarasota by Segway: People-mover makes sightseeing a breeze

KRNV 1/19/04 Clark County could restrict pedicabs, Segway scooters on Strip

PR Newswire 1/15/04 Segway Appoints Gary Pietruszewski as VP of Sales and Customer Support

Washington Post 1/12/04 Sarasota by Segway

BBC 1/12/04 Scooter clone takes on the Segway

Jupiter Courier 1/11/04 Jupiter police consider Segway purchase

WLS 1/7/04 Chicago police to patrol airports in Segway transporters

Reuters 1/7/04 Segway Names Bills President

Ireland Online 1/5/04 US bids to turn scooters into 'robot soldiers'

WTVD 12/30/03 Duke Police Using Segways on Campus

Herald Sun 12/29/03 Duke hopes Segways will raise visibility of its police officers

Star Banner 12/29/03 On a roll 12/28/03 Seeing Sarasota's sights on the cutting edge

Post Crescent 12/25/03 Personal transporters offer different ride 12/18/03 Segway Stumbles in Europe
Sun Herald 12/15/03 Cops on Segway scooters are the latest buzz in law enforcement

Calgary Herald 12/15/03 Pentagon seeks to enlist Segway scooters

Albuquerque Tribune 12/11/03 Scooter-mounted officers coming to Albuquerque?

KOBTV 12/11/03 Albuquerque mayor considers putting police on Segways

Grand Folks Herald 12/10/03 Marketplace to feature Segway inventor Kamen

Miami Herald 12/8/03 First Segway buyer now a seller

Fox News 12/1/03 Pentagon Researching Scooters as Battlefield Robots

Palm Beach Post 11/27/03 Delray police out in their new patrol 'vehicles': Segways

The Register 11/26/03 Toddler wounded in Segway hit-and-run

Island Packet 11/24/03 Cypress taps futuristic Segway

Gizmo 11/24/03 New Segway pSeries geared for portability

Sunspot 11/21/03 Writer rolls out Segway's story

KGO-TV 11/19/03 Segway Scooter Involved In SF Hit And Run

Bradenton Herald 11/18/03 A Segway to success

Daily News 11/12/03 Cheapo scooters do Segway speeds

News Chronicle 11/9/03 Make way for Segways

WBAY 11/6/03 Fond du Lac Police Patrol on Segways

Herald Tribune 11/4/03 Segway Tours

Concord Monitor 10/31/03 Segway sales go local

USA Today 10/30/03 Brookstone to sell Segways

Tribune Review 10/28/03 Ride the wave of the future on a Segway

Daily Californian 10/27/03 UC Police Add Segway Transporter to Force

Courier Journal 10/24/03 Ordinance allowing Segways would repeal helmet law

Pioneer Press 10/20/03 Cheapo scooters do Segway speeds

News Press 10/20/03 Segway users may need helmet, but not license

Mercury News 10/20/03 Silicon Valley engineer nips at the Segway's heels

PC Magazine 10/15/03  Segway's Devoted Inventor

Concord Monitor 10/13/03 His conversation-starter cost $5,000

Seattle Times 10/13/03 The Segway is just another lard-making device

WRAL 10/9/03 Segway Offers Different Mode Of Transport

Star Tribune 10/8/03 State worker wins parking for Segway scooter

News Observer 10/8/03 One fan says Segway counters his wobble 10/8/03 Segway Scooters Used For Emergency Response At OIA

WFSB 10/7/03 Police to use scooters on patrol

Washington Post 10/5/03 High-Tech Scooters Give Two Officers Higher Profile

The Triangle 10/3/03 Segway HTs in use despite recall

USA Today 10/1/03 Juneau police ask to keep scooters

Keynoter 10/1/03 Recall makes Segway ban moot, for now

Daily Nexus 10/1/03 Segway Recall Doesn't Slow Down Student

Chicago Sun-Times 9/30/03 Segway's flawed design goes beyond the recall

The Reporter 9/30/03 FdL police get 2 new Segway transports

New Zealand Herald 9/29/03 Recall blow to much-hyped scooters

Houston Chronicle 9/28/03 Segway's sales no secret after voluntary recall

Ananova 9/26/03 Segway scooters recalled

Toronto Star 9/26/03 Segway recalls scooters after injuries 9/26/03 Segway recall doesn't stir N.H. owners

Daily Journal 9/18/03 Traffic Committee recommends Segway Human Transporter ban

Desert Sun 9/12/03 Palm Desert permits Segway usage

KLAS 9/12/03 Is Segway Scooter Worth the Hype?

Log Cabin Democrat 9/5/03 Segways picking up steam

Pilot Online 9/4/03 Segway Transporter Has Celebrity Effect

Iowa State Daily 9/4/03 College of Engineering glides toward the future with Segway Transporter

Globe and Mail 8/29/03 Segway climbs New England's tallest peak

Pioneer Press 8/25/03 Segway spins up interest

WANE 8/23/03 Mount Washington Segway Climb

Contra Costa Times 8/22/03 State wants a way for Segway

The Triangle 8/22/03 Three Segways purchased for campus patrol

CNN 8/20/03 Arrest makes Segway history

Seattle Times 8/20/03 Segway, the sidewalk menace

WBAY 8/20/03 Fond du Lac Police Try Out the Segway

NY Daily News 8/19/03 College kid busted in Segway snatch

WBAY 8/18/03 Fond du Lac Police Try Out the Segway 8/17/03 Cities must stop the Segway

Salt Lake Tribune 8/15/03 New business bets Utahns will want a Segway

Times Leader 8/14/03 FDA approves Segway inventor's souped-up wheelchair

Canada Newswire 8/13/03 YVR security rolls-out first Segway(TM) at a Canadian airport

WPVI 8/13/03 Segways Scooting Around Drexel

Forbes 8/12/03 Segway slowly glides into NY culture

Gwinnett Daily Post 8/12/03 High-tech scooter helps employees cut time, fatigue

KHNL 8/12/03 Segways Available For Rent in Waikiki

Concord Monitor 8/11/03 Motor scooter tours in Alaska next year

Tri City Herald 8/10/03 Alaska cops to head out on Segway patrol

Seattle PI 8/9/03 Once the 'next big thing,' Segway slow taking off

News-Miner 8/8/03 Juneau police first to try out Segway scooters

Anchorage Daily News 8/8/03 Riding the ultimate in new technology is fun, even if you fall off 8/7/03 Police get 2-wheeled transporters

BBC 8/5/03 'Move over Segway, I'm planning the C6'

Ananova 8/5/03 Sinclair road tests C5 successor

Daily Mail 8/1/03 Bill banning motorized scooters on city streets picks up speed

KRON 7/30/03 New York police test Segway scooters

News-Miner 7/28/03 Segway tours planned for visitors next year 7/25/03 Segways ready to roll in city

Union Tribune 7/23/03 El Cajon won't put brakes to Segway on sidewalks

Consumer Reports 7/21/03 Segway: On balance, expensive fun 7/18/03 Canada Post quietly testing "human transport" device to boost productivity 7/17/03 Segways Run Into Roadblocks In Some Towns

Deseret News 7/12/03 Segway rolling out hot wheels in Utah

Washington Times 7/10/03 Segway still a novelty

Times Herald 7/10/03 Segway provides trendy transport

KLTV 7/9/03 The Segway Now In East Texas

News Observer 7/9/03 Don't call it a scooter

Business Wire 7/8/03 DecisionOne Selected to Provide Service and Support for Segway HT Owners

Beacon Journal 3/21/03 SpongeBob flies; it's pretty funny `find'

Deseret News 3/20/03 'SpongeBob' rules

Salt Lake Tribune 3/20/03 'SpongeBob SquarePants 'Started With Love of Science

Straits Times 7/4/03 A motorised pogo stick with a big price tag

KPOM 7/3/03 Paramedics To 'Segway' Through July 4 Crowds

Cincinnati Post 7/3/03 The sheriff and the Segway

Star News 7/1/03 Scooter limits left to police

Cincinnati Post 6/28/03 Sheriff boots Segway from the Courthouse

Cincinnati Post 6/25/03 Innovative Segway scoots into town

Anchorage Daily News 6/23/03 Smooth Segway

Mercury News 6/22/03 How Segway danced into the spotlight

Buffalo News 6/19/03 Segway users may get same rights as pedestrians

KBCI 6/19/03 Boise Parks & Recreation Upholds Ban On Segway

Star Bulletin 6/18/03 New law allows Segway on sidewalks, bike paths

USA Today 6/18/03 President's Segway tumble seems a tiny bit suspicious

BBC 6/17/03 Can I beat George Bush on a Segway?

USA Today 6/17/03 Watch your step: Segways ahead

Keys News 6/14/03 Segway ban in Key West back on the table

BBC 6/13/03 Bush fails the Segway test

MSNBC 6/13/03 Bush proves you can fall off Segway

CBC 6/10/03 Segway decision deferred

Washington Post 6/8/03 Stand and Deliver

NY Times 6/8/03 A Marketing Craze (and Oh, Yes, a Scooter) 6/6/03 It's a lean machine

WNBC 6/3/03 Segway-Rider Stops Traffic

KGTV 6/2/03 New Ride 'Transporting' Humans Across Belmont Park

Key News 6/1/03 Two-wheeled Segways face Key West ban 5/30/03 Segway scooter gains some traction

KNBC 5/29/03 City Bans Scooter-Like Vehicles 5/27/03 Segway now on the scene at Greenlake

BBC 5/27/03 Paris says bonjour to the Segway

Seattle PI 5/27/03 People line up to hop on a Segway

Edmonton Journal 5/27/03 Sold on the Segway scooter

Toronto Sun 5/23/03 Software CEO finds Segway marathon hard on the back

Slate 5/23/03 Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité—and Segway

Seattle Times 5/21/03 News of stolen Segway turns up all over Internet

Globe and Mail 5/19/03 Entrepreneur rolling for dollars 5/19/03 Segway riding wave of popularity despite legal limbo

Concord Monitor 5/18/03 Segway tell-all book falls short

Concord Monitor 5/18/03 Fun to ride - just stay out of the subway

Ninesmn 5/17/03 Cops Test Stand-Up Scooter 

Whittier Daily News 5/16/03 La Mirada ban on Segway taking shape

MSNBC 5/15/03 Intrigued by Segway? Try a rental

Ananova 5/14/03 Police contemplate using stand-up scooter 5/14/03 Riding a wave of innovation

Globe and Mail 5/14/03 CEO hopes trip will be Segway to financing

Santa Cruz Sentinel 5/10/03 Segway causes Capitola to look into transportation laws

WRC-TV 5/9/03 Metro Bans Disabled Woman's Segway 5/9/03 A Standing Ovation

WISH 5/7/03 Indiana Man is First in State to Buy a "Segway"

The New Hampshire 5/7/03 UNH student turns heads with his Segway

Pasadena Star-News 5/5/03 Wheels turning on Compromise

MSNBC 5/4/03 A Segway To a Book

Cornell Daily Sun 5/2/03 Controversy Over Use of Segway Devices Remains

The Age 5/2/03 Segway takes to the streets

The Oregonian 5/1/03 Sidewalk Segway? No way

KATU 4/30/03 Segway bill passes through Senate, heads to House

King County Journal 4/30/03 Kent man wants Segway returned

Star News 4/27/03 New scooter raising eyebrows, issues

San Mateo County Times 4/24/03 Council may buy Segway scooter fleet

Star Tribune 4/23/03 Sheridan man gets around on Segway

NY Daily News 4/23/03 Moving into a new era?

Seattle PI 4/22/03 Segway scooters are a big hit with the city

The Advertiser 4/21/03 Broussard steps up to new mode of transport

Cornell Daily Sun 4/18/03 University Bans Use of Segway

The Oregonian 4/17/03 Police are ready to take technology for a ride

KHNL 4/17/03 High-Tech Scooter Could Soon Hit Hawaii Streets

Borowitz 4/16/03 Segway Store in Baghdad Remains Unlooted

Contra Costa Times 4/13/03 Segway gives easy ride, best on city sidewalks

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/13/03 Boulder Creek senior says Segway backlash is hogwash

Beacon Journal 4/12/03 Futuristic scooter ride offers brave new whirl

USA Today 4/11/03 Nevada bill putting high-tech scooters on sidewalks advances

The Oregonian 4/9/03 A faster foot patrol

The Signal 4/8/03 On a Roll

Morning Sun 4/6/03 A Segway into the future

Daily Press 4/4/03 Vehicle of the future?

Cleveland Daily Banner 4/3/03 Students see the latest mode of transportation

American News 4/1/03 Sioux Falls technology summit will feature Segway inventor

CNET 3/31/03 Human Transporter sales move slowly

Detroit News 3/30/03 For short hops, there's two-wheel drive

Digital Collegian 3/28/03 Borough Council to vote on Segway scooters

Oakland Tribune 3/26/03 Segway scooter ban gets support 

Daily Herald 3/24/03 Rib Mt. man one of first to own Segway scooter

CNN Money 3/19/03 Driving test: Segway HT

Knox News 3/15/03 MD patient on a roll with new scooter

Sign On San Diego 3/15/03 Look, it's a toy! It's a scooter! No, it's that Segway

Globe and Mail 3/14/03 Two-wheeled wonder bowls over Big Apple

Berkeley Voice 3/14/03 Public takes futuristic Segway scooters for a spin

San Mateo County Times 3/13/03 Sidewalk scooter endorsed

Abilene Reporter 3/13/03 Seniors say no way to Segway

Sacramento Bee 3/12/03 Electric scooters stir fears on safety

Chicago Sun-Times 3/11/03 Mail carriers here take to routes on Segways

UPI 3/11/03 Postal workers Segway to future

Daily Local 3/9/03 A new method of transportation is coming to town

Insurance Journal 3/6/03 Segway Hits Walkways as Insurers Address Needs

Union Leader 3/3/03 Kamen pitches Segway to federal officials

Herald Leader 2/28/03 The segway is on the way

Honolulu Advertiser 2/28/03 Segway scooters roll past first hurdle in Legislature 2/27/03 Motorized vehicles cause fear among the blind, disabled

Washington Post 2/24/03  Lobbying To Put the Segway on Profit Path

CNET 2/21/03 Cool gadget, dumb idea

Detroit News 2/20/03 Progressive sells first insurance for Segway scooter

Wired News 2/19/03 Segway's Breakdown 2/19/03 States debate rules for Segway scooters

Register-Guard 2/18/03 Segway's debut rolls near amid concerns over safety

Star-Telegram 2/11/03 Segway inventor stands out at oil and gas conference

The Union Leader 2/9/03 Nationwide support for Segway continues to grow

NY Times 2/8/03 Disney Town Teems With Segways

The Day 2/3/03 Lawmakers Consider Legalizing Segway

WTNH 2/2/03 Lawmakers consider legalizing use of the Segway

Santa Cruz Sentinel 1/30/02 Segway rolls quietly through town

Local 6 1/29/03 Celebration Community Is Nation's First To Test Segways

New Haven Register 1/24/03 West Haven cops see way with Segway

Seattle Post 1/23/03 Lucky Segway winners are scooting into history

USA Today 1/20/03 Lawmakers say 'forget it' to Segways in San Francisco

Ledger-Enquirer 1/19/03 Segway Hits Legal Pothole in California

Charleston Daily Mail 1/18/03 Segway better than pogo stick

Santa Cruz Sentinel 1/17/03 Segway rolling into town for demos

MSNBC 1/17/03 Is Segway going anywhere?

Fortune 1/15/03 Leaving Las Vegas

Washington Post 1/15/03 The Wheel Thing

Boston Business Journal 1/14/03 WPI is first university to use Segway transporter 1/14/03 Take the Segway for a spin

Modesto Bee 1/12/03 Cities reject Segway before arrival

Billings Gazette 1/11/03 Cities consider banning Segway

Toledo Blade 1/11/03 Area tests give Segway mixed grades

Santa Cruz Sentinel 1/10/03 City to take a wait-and-see approach to Segway

The Miami Herald 1/10/03 No way for Segways? More cities may ban scooter

CNET 1/8/03 Segway gains CEO, loses president

PR Newswire 1/8/03 Segway Announces Management Changes

Santa Cruz Sentinel 1/8/03 Santa Cruz will discuss Segway on sidewalks

The Register 1/6/03 First Segway owners are rich, bright, but not fat

New York Times 1/5/03 And Now, a Scooter That Can Be Driven on the Sidewalk

Sunday Herald 1/5/03 We were told it would change the way we lived ... 

ABC News 1/4/03 Hard Work

Houston Chronicle 1/3/03 Invention offers the ride of a life

San Diego Union Tribune 12/30/02 Walking segways into scooting around town

Ledger-Enquirer 12/27/02 Segway sales are moving fast on Amazon

The Saratogian 12/26/02 Segway may give cops new way to travel

USA Today 12/24/02 Segway scooter among best sellers on

Union Leader 12/23/02 Brother wins contest; takes sister for a ride on a Segway 

SF Chronicle 12/20/02 Rookie supes support plan to ban Segway from sidewalks

Concord Monitor 12/15/02 New Hampshire's Business

The Advocate 12/14/02 Paramedics to work parades on Segway scooters

The Tennessean 12/14/02 High-tech two-wheeler is good for deliveries

MSNBC 12/13/02 Transit strike? What about Segway? 

Planetizen 12/13/02 New Segway Owners Report Experiences

Wired 12/12/02 Segway Owners a Small, Happy Club

CSM 12/2/02 Every city makes way for Segway - except one

Concord Monitor 12/2/02 Segways banned from San Francisco sidewalks

CSM 12/1/02 Every city makes way for Segway - except one

Telegraph 11/30/02 Gentlemen, start your angina

Union Leader 11/24/02 What will Dean do? Others complain, Kamen invents

Honolulu Advertiser 11/22/02 Bill to restrict motorized scooters advances

The Register 11/20/02 Why does self-balancing Segway need kick stand? 11/20/02 Segway or the highway?

Seattle PI 11/19/02 Here's a $5,000 deal on wheels

Cnet 11/19/02 Segway or the highway

Concord Monitor 11/19/02 Place your order: Segways on sale for $4,950

ZDNet 11/18/02 Segway scooters on sale to public 11/15/02 Scooters may be a solution, not the problem

San Francisco Examiner 11/15/02 Supes propose Segway ban

Concord Monitor 11/14/02 Kamen takes his latest dream to TV

CBS 11/13/02 The Great Inventor

Union Leader 11/11/02 Year after introduction Segway continues to stir the imagination

Concord Monitor 11/10/02 Segway spreads out

Santa Cruz Sentinel 11/4/02 Group wants to ban motorized scooters from sidewalks

IT World 11/1/02 Undeniably cool: Riding the Segway

Cornell Sun 10/31/02 Segway Scooter Inventor Presents Mission to C.U.

Orlando Sentinel 10/27/02 Scooters: Zip around on a Disney ship

11 Alive 10/25/02 Segway Scooters Approved for Hartsfield

Air Force Link 10/22/02 Segway transporters get trial run at Tinker

Union Leader 10/18/02 Meter readers: Segways make work easy

Union Leader 10/18/02 Capitol Hill police give Segway a try

Willamette Week 10/16/02 Ginger Does Portland

ABC 10/16/02 Segway Scooter Protest

Auto Express 10/8/02 Segway Is On Way To The UK

Oconomowoc Focus 10/4/02 Segway could travel future roads

Bay Insider 10/3/02 SF Supe Seeks Segway Scooter Ban

Cnet 10/2/02 Segway faces regulation in California
Mercury News 9/28/02 Davis signs Segway scooter bill

Tech Review 9/25/02 The Inventor's Playground

Union Leader 9/25/02 Capitol police testing effectiveness of Segway

CNN 9/12/02 Months after the hype: Is Segway still it?

Cnet 9/12/02 Amazon e-mail can't derail Segway
Heraldnet 9/5/02 Officials are deciding whether Segway scooters make sense

San Francisco Chronicle 8/31/02 Sidewalk scooter now up to Davis Senior

San Francisco Chronicle 8/27/02 Seniors battle scooters in S.F. turf war

Sentinel and Enterprise 8/23/02 Segway could be a lawyer's goldmine 8/21/02 More Ginger rumours - they're messing with our heads

Applelinks 8/20/02 Segway: Spliff Speaks! (and More)

ZDNet 8/19/02 Rumors: Segway isn't really Ginger 8/12/02 Shock! Horror! Ginger isn't Segway

Augusta Chronicle 8/2/02 Atlanta police undecided on buying high-tech scooters

Western Morning News 7/26/02 Scooter is Streets Ahead for Transport

Norman Transcript 7/25/02 Segway transporters rolling out of town
Boston Business Journal 7/23/02 Segway, BAE to market transporter to U.K. defense industry

TechTV 7/22/02 Bumpy Road for Segway

BBC 7/22/02 Segway scooter gets UK airing

Telegraph 7/21/02 Rocket-science scooter heads for the streets

Seattle PI 7/18/02 Council road-tests Segway transporters

San Francisco Chronicle 7/16/02 Dashing new device for delivering mail

Union Leader 7/13/02 Observer: Segway glitch keeps it real

Concord Monitor 7/10/02 Massachusetts to consider Segway bill as controversy grows

Tallahassee Democrat 7/6/02 Segway speeds toward nationwide sidewalk use

Union Leader 6/28/02 City Hall: Police agreed to silence on Segway

Memphis Business Journal 6/24/02 Memphis mail carriers to see if Human Transporter has legs

Fresno Bee 6/19/02 Scooters on sidewalks need study

Daily Telegram 6/17/02 Is Segway the mode of the future

CBS News 6/14/02 Making Way For The Segway

Cnet 6/7/02 Foundation offers to sell Segways off eBay

ZDNet 6/6/02 eBay cancels Segway scooter auctions

ZDNet 6/6/02 Mystery Segways go up for eBay bidding

ZDNet 6/5/02 US Postal Service to expand Segway tests

Houston Chronicle 5/25/02 Time to Segway into the future

UGO 5/17/02 Segway Feature

BBC 5/14/02 How's the Segway scooter doing?

Go Memphis 5/11/02 Get used to IT... 'cause IT may have your mail

Union Leader 5/9/02 Police Segway brigade makes their first bust

AAP 5/6/02 Motorized Scooters on Sidewalk May Not be Safe

Houston Chronicle 5/3/02 Local CEO wins bid to own scooter

11 Alive 5/3/02 City Worker Falls Off Segway Scooter

Tennessean 5/2/02 Senate approves motorized scooters

Wired 4/29/02 Kamen Gives the Kids a Shot

Record Eagle 4/28/02 Segway might be boon for riders, headache for walkers 4/26/02 Gingers hit the streets in Atlanta

Washington Post 4/25/02 Rolling Right Along

11 Alive 4/24/02 Atlanta Cops Debut New Scooters

Silicon Valley 4/23/02 Inventor of Segway scooter garners coveted Lemelson-MIT prize

Cnet 4/22/02 Former auto exec takes wheel at Segway

USA Today 4/22/02 Segway asks Muller to drive

Business Journal 4/19/02 Sidewalk Segways could roll in N.C.

Detroit News 4/18/02 Scooter gets closer to OK for public use

Union leader 4/16/02 Kamen seeks patents for clean, quiet ‘Stirling engine’

NY Times 4/15/02 The Futuristic Segway Scooter Is a Publicity Success

Concord Monitor 4/15/02 Kamen generating buzz with engine patent

Altus Times 4/10/02 Oklahoma among first states to regulate transporters

Orlando Business Journal 4/8/02 It's geeky! It's nerdy! It's Kamen's really bright idea

Telegraph 4/6/02 Restrictions on Segways should be local matter

Lansing State Journal 4/6/02 Scooter debate hits state

Mercury News 4/5/02 Idaho lawmakers approve scooters for use on sidewalks

Internet News 3/29/02 A Balancing Act at Amazon 3/29/02 Segway scooters sold to the highest bidder

Cnet 3/28/02 Segway HT auctions close on Amazon

Union Leader 3/26/02 In Concord, neither rain, nor sleet, nor Segway . . .

Orlando Sentinel 3/26/02 Segways roll into Disney World

Wired 3/25/02 Kamen: We Need More Geeks Now

Cincinnati Post 3/18/02 Segway at the Statehouse

Seattle PI 3/18/02 'IT' is coming -- and it's legal on sidewalks 3/12/02 A Segway into Florida's future

The Telegraph 3/6/02 Letter carriers to begin Segway tests

Concord Monitor 3/6/02 Segway looking for space on sidewalks

Cnet 3/2/02 Segway: Don't call it a scooter 2/25/02 Segway Human Transporter is walking done faster, indoors or out

Globe and Mail 2/22/02 Bid tops $100,000 (U.S.) for heavily hyped scooter

PC Magazine 2/21/02 Bid and Go

Wired 2/21/02 Ginger Still Needs Dance License

Detroit News 2/20/02 will auction first three Segway scooters online

BBC 2/19/02 Hyped scooter goes on sale

Wired 2/19/02 You Too Can Bid on 'It'
Cnet 2/19/02 Segway, Amazon ignite bidding frenzy

Wired 2/12/02 Road Test: The Scooter Showdown

Florida Times Union 1/27/02 Tampa postal carriers test futuristic Segway transporter

North Fulton 1/27/02 Segway Human Transporter: How does it work?

KATU 1/22/02 Bill introduced in WA to exempt 'IT' from motor vehicle fees

Plain Dealer 1/20/02 Easy as falling off a Segway

Ananova 1/15/02 Postal workers test out scooter deliveries

CNN 1/15/02 Atlanta test-drives the 'Segway' transporter

St. Petersburg Times 1/15/02 Going for a test glide

11 Alive 1/14/02 Segway Scooters: Money Well Spent?

Cnet 1/13/02 Segway may face roadblock in Japan

PC Magazine 1/9/02 Segue—From Ginger to Segway

Concord Online 1/9/02 Segway kept from its appointed rounds

Business 2 1/8/02 Ginger's Next Trick

Ananova 1/2/02 Police introduce 17mph scooter

Detroit News 12/27/01 Human transporter may have a future, but the market is murky

Car Connection 12/26/01 Segway: Delphi's Dream Job

Cnet 12/21/01 Taking Ginger for a test drive

ZDNet 12/21/01 Ginger: Not your average scooter

ZDNet 12/19/01 Segway to tread new territory

DM News 12/18/01 'Ginger' Maker Picks Ineto Call Center System

Buffalo Business First 12/17/01 Delphi signs transporting service contract

Austin Business Journal 12/17/01 Scooter developer uses Ineto 12/14/01 Ginger was my idea, claims Japanese boffin

Extreme News 12/12/01 The Technology Behind The Segway

San Francisco Chronicle 12/11/01 It turns on a dime but costs a mint

San Francisco Examiner 12/11/01 Mayor sells the Segway like he was born to ride

San Francisco Chronicle 12/11/01 Super scooter hits West Coast

Michigan Live 12/10/01 Scooting here and about

Business Journal 12/10/01 Delphi supplies parts for high-tech scooter
Wired 12/8/01 Ginger's Scheme All in the Lean

Salon 12/7/01 Segway's assault on walking

Wired 12/7/01 What About Kamen's Other Machine?

NY Times 12/6/01 A Newfangled Vehicular Contraption!

Smoking Gun 12/6/01 No Surprise Here: Gingers A Scooter

St. Petersburg Times 12/5/01 Ginger adds a little spice to a world of innovations

New Zealand Herald 12/5/01 The little engine that could ...

Michigan Live 12/5/01 Segway's circuit board tested in Flint

ABC News 12/4/01 How IT Works

CSM 12/4/01 It's a scooter! It's a chariot! It's going to fall over!

San Francisco Chronicle 12/4/01 Scooter may not change world, experts say

Guardian 12/4/01 This is Ginger, and it's the future

The Times 12/4/01 Scooter is Segway forward

Detroit Free Press 12/4/01 'Ginger' still just another word for 'toy'

BBC 12/3/01 'IT' is finally unveiled

Toronto Star 12/3/01 Segway scooter a tough sell in Canada

New Scientist 12/3/01 "Ginger" revealed as a human transporter

USA Today 12/3/01 Kamen's 'IT' is a scooter, after all

Cnet 12/3/01 Mystery of Ginger ends

Washington Post 12/3/01 Inventor Reveals His Mysterious Innovation

Guardian 12/3/01 Project Ginger unveiled at last

Ananova 12/3/01 Inventor lifts lid on 'Ginger' mystery

Register 12/3/01 Ginger aka IT aka Segway demonstrated

Wired 12/3/01 'Ginger': Think And It Will Do 12/3/01 Ginger nuts? Or is it just a vicious rumour?

Orlando Sentinel 12/3/01 Secret invention 'IT' revealed 12/3/01 Ginger: They think it's all over...

CNN 12/3/01 Scooter 'Ginger' like 'a pair of magic sneakers'

NY Times 12/3/01 An Inventor Unveils His Mysterious Personal Transportation Device

Time 12/2/01 Reinventing the Wheel

USA Today 11/30/01 Here 'IT' comes: Kamen to unveil invention

Ananova 11/30/01 'Ginger' set for long-awaited debut?

CNN 11/30/01 'Ginger' buzz is back

Union Leader 11/30/01 Kamen to reveal ‘IT’ invention Monday

CNet 11/29/01 More Ginger details may be coming

Wired 11/29/01 Will 'It' Finally Be Revealed?

USA Today 6/19/01 'Ginger' inventor's father sketches mystery gizmo

Wired 3/15/01 Dean Kamen Rocks and Rolls

Tech Web 3/15/01 Ginger Inventor Stays Mum, Urges Responsibility

Cnet 3/14/01 "Ginger" details continue to scoot by

CSM 3/12/01 The offbeat inventor, 'Ginger,' and lots of hype

ZDNet 3/7/01 Ginger: Lots of hype, lots of hot air--and that's a good thing

Cnet 3/6/01 Taking the wraps off "Ginger"

Washington Technology 2/5/01 Figuring Out ‘Ginger’ Is No Snap

ZDNet 1/31/01 'Ginger' inventor keeps mum

Canada Computes 1/30/01 What is Ginger?

Milwaukee Journal 1/27/01 Stay tuned: It's coming, whatever 'it' is

Cnet 1/25/01 "Ginger" makes an appearance on Amazon

Detroit Free Press 1/20/01 Mystery device flies on hype, but then scoots into obscurity 1/18/01 Much ado about Ginger

Seattle PI 1/17/01 Ginger Project unveiled: Noogies, rumors rampant

Lycos 50 1/16/01 Ginger and The Professor Top Temptation Island

Cnet 1/15/01 Mysterious "Ginger" may be a scooter

Wired 1/15/01 'Ginger': Kamen's Stirling Idea

Forbes 1/15/01 Reinventing The Wheel

The Register 1/15/01 Okay! Okay! This is what everyone reckons Ginger is

Wired 1/15/01 'Ginger': Kamen's Stirling Idea

The Register 1/14/01 Ginger nuts told to back off

ZDNet 1/14/01 Inventor: 'Ginger' speculation overblown

ZDNet 1/12/01 Is tech world all abuzz over a scooter?

BBC 1/12/01 Will 'IT' change your life?

Washington Post 1/12/01 Ginger: The Wheel Thing?

Znet 1/12/01 'Ginger' more important than the Web?

Tech TV 1/11/01 Mystery 'IT' Invention Rocks Web

Wired 8/9/00 Breakout Artist

BBC 6/2/00 Super wheelchair tackles stairs

Info World 11/22/99 Dean Kamen's IBOT is not a wheelchair -- users wear it, processors and all

Cnet 11/17/99 Details emerging on secretive start-up Transmeta

MSNBC 6/30/99 A revolutionary new wheelchair


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