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News Articles about MTV's The Real World


Reality TV Fans 2/12/10 “The Real World: DC” Video Clip – Mike Chooses 2/10/10 The Real World: DC - Exclusive Interview with Ashley Lindley 2/3/10 The Real World: DC - Episode 6 Recap 1/27/10 The Real World: DC - Episode 5 Recap 1/26/10 The Real World: DC - Exclusive Interview with Andrew Woods 1/20/10 The Real World: DC - Episode 4 Recap 1/15/10 The Real World: DC - Katelynn Cusanelli’s Afterthoughts, Episode 3 1/14/10 The Real World: DC - Exclusive Interview with Mike Manning 1/13/10 The Real World: DC - Episode 3 Recap 1/8/10 The Real World: DC - Exclusive Interview with Emily Schromm 1/7/10 The Real World: DC - Katelynn Cusanelli’s Afterthoughts, Episode 2 1/6/10 The Real World: DC - Episode 2 Recap 1/3/10 The Real World: DC - Katelynn Cusanelli’s Afterthoughts, Episode 1 12/31/09 The Real World: DC - Episode 1 Recap

Washington Post 12/30/09 TV preview: Hank Stuever on MTV's 'The Real World: D.C.'

LA Times 12/30/09 'The Real World: Washington, D.C.'

Toronto Star 12/30/09 Not getting as Real as they think

NY Times 12/30/09 Shacking Up, Making Out, and Sharing

TV Guide 12/30/09 The Real World: DC Will Be "a Little Less Party, a Little Bit More Engaged"

NY Daily News 12/29/09 In D.C., MTV has a chance for 'Real' change with latest season of reality show

Reality TV Fans 12/23/09 “The Real World: DC” — Religion Fight Clip

Reality TV Fans 12/22/09 “The Real World: DC” — Welcoming Day Clip

Reality TV Fans 12/21/09 MTV Announces Cast for The Real World: DC

US Magazine 12/20/09 Review | The Real World D.C.

Zap2It 12/14/09 Exclusive: MTV 'Real World D.C.'s' Ty and Ashley clash over religion!

Zap2It 11/26/09 Watch the 'Real World: DC' trailer

Reality TV Calendar 6/11/09 MTV Announces The 23rd Season Of Real World
Reality TV Calendar 6/10/09 MTV Announces The 23rd Season Of Real World In Washington DC

Reality TV Magazine 5/22/09 The Real World: Cancun Cast Revealed
Reality TV Magazine 5/6/09 Real World New York: Interview With Andre Comeau

Reality TV World 4/15/09 'The Real World: Brooklyn' roommate Ryan Conklin leaving for Iraq

Reality TV Fans 4/9/09 Casting Call - The Real World Open Calls 4/3/09 The Real World: Brooklyn - Episode 13 Burning Questions

Reality TV Fans 3/30/09 The Real World Brooklyn Season Finale to Air Wednesday on MTV 3/16/09 Exclusive Interview with Ryan Conklin of The Real World: Brooklyn 3/5/09 The Real World: Brooklyn - Episode 9 Burning Questions 2/26/09 The Real World: Brooklyn - Episode 8 Burning Questions 2/24/09 Exclusive Interview with Damon Furberg, Casting Director of The Real World
Reality TV Fans 2/13/09 The Real World Episode 6 “Battle of the Sexes” Recap 2/11/09 The Real World: Brooklyn - Episode 6 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 2/11/09 Top 10 Real World Stars Where Are They Now 2/5/09 Exclusive Interview with Sarah Rice of The Real World: Brooklyn 2/4/09 The Real World: Brooklyn - Episode 5 Recap 2/3/09 Exclusive Interview with Mark Long, Host of The Real World: Brooklyn Aftershow 1/29/08 The Real World: Brooklyn - Episode 4 Recap

Reality TV Fans 1/28/09 MTV Announces Production Beginning on The Real World: Cancun
Reality TV Fans 1/26/09 The Real World Brooklyn: Episode 3 Recap 1/26/09 Interview with Baya Voce of MTV's The Real World: Brooklyn
Reality TV Fans 1/16/09 The Real World: Brooklyn Episode 2 Recap 1/15/09 The Real World Brooklyn - Episode 2 Recap
BuddyTV 1/14/09
'The Real World: Brooklyn' Episode 21.02 "The Outs and Ins of Brooklyn" Recap
Reality TV Fans 1/10/09 Real World Brooklyn: Episode One Recap
BuddyTV 12/11/08 Exclusive Interview: Devyn and Katelyn of 'The Real World: Brooklyn'
BuddyTV 11/9/08 The Real World 22: Online Casting Details For Round 3
BuddyTV 10/6/08 Casting Director from 'The Real World' Shares His Secrets 9/30/08 Interview with Damon Furberg Casting Director for The Real World 22
BuddyTV 8/27/08 'The Real World' Rolls On With Seasons 21 and 22
BuddyTV 8/15/08 The Real World Hollywood: Updates on Will, Kim, and Nick
NY Daily News 8/5/08 Real World Love
Metro 7/18/08 Red Hook is set to get ‘Real’, it seems
The Brooklyn Paper 7/17/08 MTV hangs up on Downtown
ABC News 7/15/08 Can 'Real World' Star Make It in Real-Life Politics?
BuddyTV 7/9/08 The Real World Hollywood: Episode 13 Recap
Reality TV Magazine 7/9/08: The Real World Hollywood Finale To Air On MTV
BuddyTV 7/3/08 The Real World Hollywood: Episode 12 Recap
BuddyTV 7/1/08 MTV Concludes 'Real World: Hollywood' with Live Reunion and Marathon

TMZ 7/1/08 "Real World" Star Real Desperate
Monsters and Critics 6/30/08 MTV's 'Real World' wraps production
BuddyTV 6/25/08 The Real World Hollywood: Episode 11 Recap
BuddyTV 6/24/08 The Real World: Las Vegas Roommate to Star in New Celebrity Wrestling Show
Gothamist 6/24/08 Brianna Taylor, The Real World/Musician
BuddyTV 6/19/08 The Real World Hollywood: The New Roomies
Reality TV Magazine 6/18/08: Greg Part 2 The Real World Electric Boogaloo
BuddyTV 6/18/08 The Real World Hollywood: Episode 10 Recap
News-Journal Online 6/16/08 'Real World' cast member says firing harsh
BuddyTV 6/14/08 'The Real World: Hollywood' Loses Two Cast Members
Reality TV Magazine 6/13/08: Joey Leaves the Real World as the MM Agency Enters to Provide Updates
Chicago Sun-Times 6/12/08 Stress of 'Real World' drives Joey to ... quit
BuddyTV 6/11/08 The Real World Hollywood: Episode 9 Recap
Jaunted 6/9/08 Brooklyn Stops Being Polite, Starts Getting Real
Chicago Sun-Times 6/8/08 'The Real World' drives local bodybuilder to drink 6/5/08 Real World Hollywood: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
BuddyTV 6/4/08 The Real World Hollywood: Episode 8 Recap
BuddyTV 6/3/08 MTV's 'The Real World' To Spend Its 21st Birthday in Brooklyn
Los Angeles Times 6/1/08 'Real World' actually gets real
NY Daily News 6/2/08 'Real World' sets up $6M house in downtown B'klyn
TMZ 6/1/08 "Real World" -- No Sleep Till Brooklyn
BuddyTV 6/1/08 The Real World: Why Is Greg On This Show?
Knox News 5/30/08 'Real World' star's eyes opened to suicide crisis 5/29/08 This Too Shall Pass
BuddyTV 5/28/08 The Real World Hollywood: Episode 7 Recap
New York Times 5/27/08 MTV’s Unscripted Show May Get a Dose of Gritty Brooklyn Reality 5/22/08 Panty Raid
BuddyTV 5/21/08 The Real World Hollywood: Episode 6 Recap
BuddyTV 5/21/08 Exclusive Interview with Greg Halstead from The Real World Hollywood
Gothamist 5/20/08 The Real World in Downtown Brooklyn?
NY Daily News 5/18/08 MTV's 'Real World' hotties may miss Brooklyn at its best
BuddyTV 5/17/08 The Real World Hollywood: Addicts In The House 5/15/08 Slut Calling The Whore Dirty
BuddyTV 5/14/08 The Real World Hollywood: Episode 5 Recap

Knox News 5/13/08 Morrow: Local charity gets a little 'Real' (World)
Monsters & Critics 5/13/08 MTV's 'The Real World' moves to Brooklyn 5/8/08 BOOM!
BuddyTV 5/7/08 The Real World Hollywood: Episode 4 Recap
BuddyTV 5/7/08 Exclusive Interview: Brianna Taylor of 'The Real World: Hollywood' 5/6/08 MTV Real World Stars to Serve as DoylesRoom Bounties 5/1/08  Comedy & Tragedy

BuddyTV 4/30/08 The Real World Hollywood: Episode 3 Recap

BuddyTV 4/28/08 The Real World Hollywood: Who Has the Best Chance of Making it Big?

ABC News 4/28/08 Hot Tubs, Hook-Ups, Reality TV: 'Real World' Legacies 4/24/08  Drunken Fools

BuddyTV 4/23/08 The Real World Hollywood: Episode 2 Recap 4/23/08 Interview with David Sky from The Real World Hollywood Season 20

CTV 4/23/08 Unexpected twists heat up 'The Real World XX: Hollywood

Yahoo 4/23/08 TCP, Inc. Shines Bright in MTV's ''The Real World: Hollywood'' House

BuddyTV 4/22/08 The Real World: Social Advocate or Devil's Advocate?

Huffington Post 4/21/08 MTV's Real World: Hollywood and the Continuing Descent into "Negativness"

WPDE-TV 4/18/08 Local man on MTV 4/17/08 Welcome to the Jungle 

Reality Reel 4/16/08 Interview With Free Spirited David From The Real World: Hollywood

Deseret Morning News 4/16/08 'The Real World' is still turning 4/16/08 A Real World opportunity that was almost passed by

Detroit Free Press 4/16/08 Detroiter moves into Hollywood house for 'Real World'

Reality Reel 4/15/08 Interview With "Quirky" Sarah From The Real World: Hollywood

Chicago Tribune 4/15/08 Joey Kovar rages on 'Real World: Hollywood'

Florida Alligator 4/15/08 UF student part of next ‘Real World’ cast

Hamilton College News 4/15/08 Casey Gibson '09 Band Filligar Scores Song on MTV's Real World: Hollywood

The Sentinel 4/15/08 The Real World makes a real difference

Florida Times Union 4/15/08 'Real World' offers slices of real life

The State 4/15/08 Columbia native tries to make it big on MTV’s ‘Real World’

MSNBC 4/15/08 After 19 seasons, ‘Real World’ hasn’t changed

The State News 4/14/08 'The Real World' has run its course

Chicago Sun Times 4/10/08 'Real World' housemates training to be improv team

Chicago Sun Times 4/10/08 'George Foreman's gonna punch my lights out'

Philadelphia Daily News 4/9/08 Exotic dancer gets 'Real'

ASU Web Devil 4/8/08 ASU alumna has mixed feelings toward 'Real World' experience

Daytona Beach News Journal 4/8/08 Local joins cast of 'Real World'

Star Tribune 4/1/08 Television: As the 'Real World' turns

Gloucester County Times 3/22/08 Singer excited to hear song on 'Real World'

Daily Orange 2/19/08 At 20, MTV's 'Real World' acting like a spoiled brat

Buddy TV 1/29/08 'The Real World: Hollywood' Changes Cast Before Airing?

BuddyTV 1/25/08 'The Real World: Hollywood' Cast Revealed

Janesville Gazette 1/11/08 Janesville resident gets Real (World)

Reality TV Links 12/22/07 Casting Call - Real World 21

Daily Telegraph 8/16/07 TV producers should take blame for airing racist rant 8/16/07 MTV diva's racial slur

News Blaze 8/14/07 Muslim Girl Shines on The Real World

State Hornet 8/13/07 Sac State senior enters 'The Real World'

Celebrity Spider 8/9/07 MTV Announces Season 20 of The Real World: Hollywood

Natchez Democrat 8/9/07 World gets real for Natchez resident Flinn

Cleveland Plain Dealer 8/8/07 Clevelander Isaac Stout in cast of MTV's latest Real World' season

Clarion Ledger 8/8/07 Hanging in 'The Real World': Natchez native survives MTV spotlight

Brisbane Times 8/8/07 Sydney - welcome to The Real World

Nine MSN 8/8/07 Sydney set to host US reality TV show

Courier Journal 8/8/07 'Real World' bakes its frivolous fun under an Aussie sun

CT Now 8/8/07 MTV's `Real World' Resumes In Sydney

Fresno Bee 8/2/07 Clovis East grad enters 'The Real World'

NY Daily News 8/1/07 NYU grad keeps it 'Real' in Australia

BuddyTV 7/26/07 MTV Reveals Final 'Real World' Cast Member

Arizona Daily Star 7/26/07 UA student is 'the alpha male' on 'Real World'

Digital Spy 7/25/07 MTV reveals new 'Real World' cast

Tucson Citizen 7/25/07 The big debate: 'Real World' includes UA student

Tucson Citizen 7/24/07 UA student Party Boy for 'Real World'

News-Journal 7/19/07 Mainland grad headed for 'Real World'

Worcester Telegram 7/14/07 Woman Webs her way closer to reality fame

Alligator Online 7/5/07 Junior ready for 'Real World'

Tuscaloosa News 7/5/07 'Real World’ hopeful seeking votes

Connect2 OWU 6/13/07 OWU Alumnus Strives for ‘Real World’ Status

Reality TV World 6/12/07 Original 'Dancing with the Stars' celeb Joey McIntyre becoming a dad

The Times 6/21/07 THS grad wants to be part of ‘The Real World’

Outlook Magazine 5/30/07 'Real World' Regular Coral Happy Exploring Her 'Lesbian Qualities'

Gainesville Sun 5/30/07 Two UF juniors compete online to get a spot on MTV's 'The Real World'

Columbus Telegram 5/25/07 Woman wants to get out into ‘The Real World'

Nevada Appeal 5/13/07 Local student, 23, is a finalist for MTV's reality show 'The Real World'

Beacon Journal 5/9/07 ``Real World'' Contender 5/8/07 Latest MTV 'Real World' installment has Valparaiso youth in the running

SFist 5/4/07 What the Puck? Another Real World Season Coming To San Francisco

Berkeley Beacon 4/27/07 Photo editor stops being polite and starts getting real at MTV auditions

Gainesville Sun 4/23/07 'Real World' holds Gainesville auditions

Gainesville Sun 4/20/07 Reality TV, Gator style

Philly Future 4/19/07 MTV's "The Real World" Is Casting In Philadelphia

Entertainment Weekly 4/19/07 Mile-High Drama

Reality News Online 4/19/07 The Real World: Denver, Episode 24 – This Is the Show That Never Ends

Denver Westword 4/19/07 Drama Mama

Houston Chronicle 4/19/07 Oh, no you ditn't! 4/18/07 Sluts & Drama Queens

Boston University Daily Free Press 4/17/07 Making it in the 'Real World'

Buffalo News 4/17/07 ‘The Real World’ to hold casting call here

The Daily Free Press 4/17/07 Making it in the 'Real World'

Reality News Online 4/12/07 Real World Denver, Episode 23 - Meet The Parents

Entertainment Weekly 4/12/07 Gay-Straight Misalliance 4/11/07 The Truth Hurts

Reality News Online 4/5/07 The Real World Denver, Episode 22 - Upward and Outward Bound

Entertainment Weekly 4/5/07 Peaks and Valleys 4/4/07 Can't We All Just Get Along

Rocky Mountain News 3/30/07 Wanted: Real World Denver's cast members

Reality News Online 3/29/07 The Real World: Denver, Episode 21 – Conflict Resolution

Entertainment Weekly 3/29/07 Strike Up the Bond 3/28/07 Good Talk

Student Life 3/28/07 The Real World

KTIV 3/24/07 Students Learn Leadership From Reality T.V. Stars

LA Times 3/23/07 Tyrie is leading man in 'Real World' ratings stunt

Inside Pulse 3/22/07 Road Rules Week -Thursday - Blogging with the Roadies

Reality News Online 3/22/07 The Real World: Denver, Episode 20 - Public Peeing 3/21/07 Hell To The Nah

Denver Post 3/21/07 "Real World" kids are back

Reality TV Links 3/15/07 Casting Call - Real World 20 3/15/07 2 Wrongs Make a Slut

Reality News Online 3/15/07 The Real World: Denver, Episode 19 - Kissing is More Intimate than Getting Drunk and Having Sex

Entertainment Weekly 3/15/07 The Book of Love Triangles

Denver Post 3/12/07 On Point: "Real World Denver" faked us out

Reality News Online 3/8/07 The Real World: Denver, Episode 18 – Climb Every Mountain

Entertainment Weekly 3/8/07 Bi for Now

Houston Chronicle 3/8/07 Back for the attack! 3/7/07 The Exorcist Returns

BuddyTV 3/7/07 Exclusive Interview: Davis Mallory, from Real World: Denver

Inside Pulse 3/6/07 Ask Tyler: Real World: Denver - Don't Crap Where You Sleep 3/1/07 Don't F*ck Where You Sleep

Reality News Online 3/1/07 The Real World: Denver, Episode 17 – We’re Taking a “Nap”

BuddyTV 2/28/07 Exclusive Interview: Brooke LaBarbera, from Real World: Denver

Inside Pulse 2/26/07 Ask Tyler: The Real World: Denver - Best of the Season..Second-by-Second

Reality News Online 2/22/07 The Real World: Denver, Episode 16 – Alcohol, Hate, and Lust 2/22/07 Skankfight!

Entertainment Weekly 2/22/07 Meltdowns and Hookups

SHU Spectrum 2/22/07 Students audition for The Real World

Reality TV Calendar 2/21/07 Stephen Has To Work On The Sex Part

Reality News Online 2/15/07 The Real World: Denver, Episode 15 – Love is All Around

Patriot-News 2/15/07 Ex-'Real World' star speaks about real life 2/14/07 Shattered Stereotypes

Inside Pulse 2/14/07 Ask Tyler: The Real World: Denver - Don't Believe Everything You See

BuddyTV 2/14/07 Exclusive Interview: Stephen Nichols, from Real World: Denver

Reality TV Calendar 2/14/07 Seven Minutes Of Fake Orgasms: Episode 13 Recap

Denver Post 2/10/07 Plan to rescue Denver from "Real World"

Reality News Online 2/8/07 Real World Denver - Episode 14: A New Form of Torture 2/7/07 Hypocritic Slut

Inside Pulse 2/5/07 Ask Tyler: Real World: Denver - Episode 13

The Quad 2/5/07 'Real World - Denver' cast mates visit WCU

Reality TV Calendar 2/3/07 Don't Forget To Limp And Pout: Episode 12 Recap

Reality News Online 2/1/07 The Real World: Denver, Episode 13 – Take a Hike 1/31/07 Climb Every Mountain

Reality TV Calendar 1/29/07 Stilettos And The Ankle Brace: Episode 11 Recap

Houston Chronicle 1/26/07 The Real World: Denver- January 17, 2007

Murray State News 1/26/07 'Real World' equals no real future 1/25/07 Real World Denver : 1/24/07 Episode Recap

Reality News Online 1/25/07 The Real World: Denver, Episode 12 - House or Hospital Ward?

Entertainment Weekly 1/25/07 Shirk Tale

Inside Pulse 1/24/07 Ask Tyler: The Real World: Denver - Hitting the Creative Wall

Reality TV Calendar 1/19/07 "The Lamest Conversation Ever Heard": Episode 10 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 1/19/07 Sticking Up For Jenn

Stater Online 1/19/07 MTV's 'reality' not like real world, has negative influence 1/19/07 Real World: Denver Recaps: Week 10

Reality News Online 1/18/07 The Real World: Denver, Episode 11 – The Truth Hurts 1/18/07 Kissing IS Cheating

Entertainment Weekly 1/18/07 Switch-Hit and Run

Houston Chronicle 1/17/07 To be gay or not to be gay? That and more Real World questions

Reality TV Calendar 1/15/07 Can We Say Stuck Up Snot: Episode 9 Recap 1/11/07 Babbling Brooke

Reality News Online 1/11/07 The Real World: Denver, Episode 10 – Wiped Out 1/11/07 Sydney to get Real on US TV

Entertainment Weekly 1/11/07 Booty Camp

Houston Chronicle 1/10/07 Hand of God and hiking trips on The Real World

Celebrity Spider 1/9/07 MTV's "The Real World" Goes to Sydney for Season 19

Zap2It 1/9/07 'Real World' Heads Down Under

E!Online 1/9/07 Real World Heads Down Under

NY Post 1/9/07 Real World Off to Sydney

Reality TV Calendar 1/8/07 No Booze And No Sex? Got To Be Kidding! Recapping Episodes 7 and 8 1/4/07 Outward Bound

Reality News Online 1/4/07 The Real World: Denver, Episodes 8 & 9 – On the Job & Up a Creek

Entertainment Weekly 1/4/07 Fear and Loathing on the Camping Trail 1/4/07 Real World: Denver Recaps: Weeks 6-8

TV Week 1/4/07 'Real World: Denver' Cast Heads Into the Wild

Reality TV Calendar 1/2/07 The Kissing Slut And The Kissing Disease: Episode 6 Recap 12/28/06 In The Ghetto

Reality News Online 12/28/06 The Real World: Denver, Episode 7 – Sick and Tired

Entertainment Weekly 12/28/06 Oh, Manicure...

Rocky Mountain News 12/23/06 MTV's 'World' beats path to Denver's door 12/23/06 MTV's Real World beams into Canada

TV Week 12/22/06 More Conflict Ahead for Jenn on 'The Real World: Denver'

Reality TV Calendar 12/21/06 Bonnie, Clyde, The Dog & The Fake Grass: Episode 5 Recap 12/21/06 Another Drunken Fight

Reality News Online 12/21/06 The Real World: Denver, Episode 5 - The Party Bus

East Valley Tribune 12/21/06 ASU student heats up 'Real World'

Entertainment Weekly 12/21/06 Not-So-Hot Shots

BuddyTV 12/20/06 Watch Real World: Denver Episodes Online

Jam! 12/20/06 MTV's 'Real World' hot & steamy

Rocky Mountain News 12/20/06 Friends in Low Places

Reality TV Calendar 12/19/06 Two Weeks Of Drunken Drama And Hookups: Episodes 3 and 4 Recaps

Reality News Online 12/15/06 The Real World: Denver, Episode 4 - Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind?

Fox News 12/15/06 Flirting on 'Survivor' and 'The Real World' 12/14/06  Man Slut

Entertainment Weekly 12/14/06 Kent Get Enough

TV Week 12/14/06 Romance to Bloom for Tyrie on 'The Real World'

East Bay Express 12/13/06 Jenn Goes Wild

Rocky Mountain News 12/13/06 The Adventures of Dark Kent

Houston Chronicle 12/13/06 No disguise for that double vision

Reality News Online 12/8/06 The Real World: Denver, Episode 3 - Roommates Behaving Badly 12/7/06 Out of Hand

TV Week 12/7/06 'The Real World' Keeps Getting More Real

Entertainment Weekly 12/7/06 Wrong Term 12/7/06 Real World: Denver Recaps: Week 3

TV Week 12/7/06 "The Real World" creator-executive producer Jon Murray discusses the 3rd episode of "Real World: Denver."

Houston Chronicle 12/6/06 It's an identity crisis! 12/5/06 Interview with Davis of The Real World: Denver

Reality News Online 12/4/06 The Real World: Denver, Episode 2 - It Wasn't Me, It Was My Alter Ego

9News Denver 12/4/06 A look inside MTV's Denver Real World house

Reality TV Calendar 12/1/06 Bad Asses, Rock Stars, And The Clueless: Episode 2 Recap

Denver Post 12/1/06 New night life for MTV abode 11/30/06 Can't Get The Cake In The Oven Before Burning It

Rocky Mountain News 11/30/06 Real World Denver's lush pad snapped up for $3.3 million 11/28/06 The Real World lands in cow town Denver

Variety 11/28/06 Ratings drop for 'Real'

Reality TV Calendar 11/28/06 Parties - Sex - Drama - It's Back! Episode 1 Recap

BuddyTV 11/27/06 The Real World: Making Their Parents Proud

Dawgnet 11/27/06 Welcome to the Real World 11/25/06 Cyclones ready for 'Real World'

The Sacramento Bee 11/24/06 In the hot seat: 'Real World' an opportunity he couldn't pass up

Black College Wire 11/24/06 Howard Student in Cast of MTV'S "Real World" 11/23/06 Mile High Club

Reality News Online 11/23/06 The Real World: Denver, Episode 1: Nice to Meet You, Let's Make Out

Entertainment Weekly 11/23/06 Denver of Iniquity

Denver Post 11/23/06 "Real World: Denver" leans on clichés, formulas

Forbes 11/22/06 As The Real World Turns

ASU Web Devil 11/22/06 Student gets real in Denver

CBS 11/22/06 Denver's Turn In 'The Real World' Starts On MTV

WKRN Nashville 11/22/06 "Nashville Girl Makes Debut On "The Real World""

Rocky Mountain News 11/22/06 Living in 'The Real World'

Denver Post 11/22/06 "Real Whirl" Denver

Hartford Courant 11/22/06 18th Season Of `Real World' Debuts On MTV

NY Daily News 11/21/06 MTV's 'World' is good but a little too real

Nashville City Paper 11/20/06 Nashville native newest ‘Real World’ star

Rocky Mountain News 11/17/06 A year-by-year look at the Real World

Daily Campus 11/17/06 Reminiscing About 'The Real World'

Daytona Beach News Journal 11/7/06 Should we watch "The Real World: Denver?"

North Jersey Media 11/6/06  Keeping it Real

Reality TV Calendar 11/6/06 More Parties - More Hook Ups - More Drama: Casting Episode Recap

Times Picayune 11/3/06 Six Strangers, One Tulane Grad 

Contra Costa Times 11/1/06 Martinez woman lands TV reality role

Washington Post 10/25/06 The Real World

Real Estate News 10/24/06 'Real World: Denver' Home Goes on the Market

NY Post 10/23/06 'Real' piece of property

NY Daily News 10/20/06 Jersey sorority woman to get 'Real' on MTV

Denver Daily News 10/19/06 Take a look at the ‘Real World’

Journal Star 10/19/06 MTV tabs Omaha man for 'The Real World: Denver'

Rocky Mountain News 10/19/06 Denver getting real on MTV

Denver Post 10/19/06 MTV "Real" estate for sale

Reality TV Links 10/18/06 Casting Call - Real World 19

Rocky Mountain News 10/18/06 'Real World: Denver' premieres Nov. 22

NY Post 10/13/06 'World' Class 

Reality TV World 10/12/06 MTV holding open auditions for nineteenth 'The Real World' edition

Daily Northwestern 10/12/06 Keeping It 'Real'

NY Daily News 10/12/06 'Real World' casts eye on New Yorkers

Pioneer Press 10/11/06 Calling all 'Real World' candidates

Walton Tribune 10/8/06 Real World makes Athens casting call

University Star 10/3/06 Austin’s The Real World casting call gets mixed reviews

Tallahassee Democrat 10/2/06 Students hope to get 'Real'

Tucson Citizen 10/2/06 Their fantasy: 'Real World'

News 8 Austin 10/1/06 It’s open season for 'Real World' casting call

Ann Arbor News 9/29/06 I want (to be on) my MTV Nationwide casting call stops in Ann Arbor for a day

Penn State Digital Collegian 9/29/06 PSU tries for 'The Real World'

Patriot News 9/29/06 'Real World' hopefuls flock to open casting call

Chicago Tribune 9/28/06 Cure for boredom: Live with a bunch of strangers. On TV.

Detroit News 9/27/06 You could be the next MTV 'Real World' cast member

Arizona Daily Star 9/18/06 Tryouts for 'Real World' in Tucson

Rocky Mountain News 9/13/06 Parker: MTV's 'Real World Denver' house tour proves a poor draw

Austin American-Statesman 9/13/06 'Real World' to hold Austin casting call

DeSoto Times 9/11/06 MTV’s Hit Series "The Real World" Looking For Newest Roommates  

Rocky Mountain News 8/29/06 Parker: 'Real World Denver' cast, crew blow off steam on East Colfax

Reality TV Links 8/25/06 Casting Call - The Real World 19

Rocky Mountain News 8/9/06 Things not so polite and proper in 'Real World'

Rocky Mountain News 8/4/06 'Real World' wall will stay in place after city's failure in communication

CBS 4 Denver 8/3/06 Denver Allows 'Real World' Wall To Stay, For Now

CBS4 Denver 7/28/06 Real World Denver Producers Cited For Brick Wall

Westword 7/27/06 It's the Real Thing

BuddyTV 7/26/06 Real World, Season 17, Episode 22 7/26/06 She's a Cold-Hearted B!tch

Picayune Item 7/25/06 MTV’s “Real World” chooses local teens to tell hurricane stories on national television

Reality TV World 7/23/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 20 summary

Television Without Pity 7/23/06 Jose Gets Stranded

BuddyTV 7/19/06 The Real World, Season 17 Episode 21, Recap 07/18 7/19/06 Dish It, Now Take It

Reality Shack 7/16/06 Guess Who's Trippin'? - Real World Key West, Episode 19

Television Without Pity 7/13/06 Wake Of The Storm

Celebrity Spider 7/12/06 Real World Star Arraigned on Biting Charges

Reality TV World 8/16/06 Former 'The Real World' star David "Puck" Rainey has second child

Reality TV World 7/11/06 'Real World: Key West' roommate Paula Meronek arrested for assault

Zap2It 7/11/06 'Real World'-er Arrested for Biting Boyfriend

TMZ 7/11/06 Cast Member Gets a Taste of the "Real World"

Middletown Press 7/11/06 Real World Key West's Paula arrested

Celebrity Spider 7/10/06 StarStyle Launches Auctions With Real World: Key West

Television Without Pity 7/3/06 Wake Of The Storm

BuddyTV 6/28/06 The Real World, Season 17, Episode 19 "Wake of the Storm" 6/28/06 Truth Hurt Tyler?

Reality TV World 6/26/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 17 summary

Reality Shack 6/26/06 Wilma Rocks Their World - Real World Key West, Episode 17

Reality Shack 6/26/06 It's a Bust! - Real World Key West, Episode 16

Denver Post 6/25/06 For "RealWorld," a reality check

Television Without Pity 6/24/06 Hurricane Wilma

BuddyTV 6/21/06 The Real World, Season 17, Episode 18 "Hurricane Wilma" 6/20/06  Hurricane Paula

CSU Pueblo 6/19/06 The Real World comes to Colorado

Reality TV World 6/18/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 16 summary

Mercury News 6/18/06 S.J. student puts law school on hold for reality TV role

Television Without Pity 6/18/06 Lets [sic] Get Physical

Mercury News 6/17/06 S.J. student puts law school on hold for reality TV role

Celebrity Spider 6/15/06 Denver Post Gets Real With Real World 18 Website

BuddyTV 6/14/06 The Real World, Season 17, Episode 17 “Let’s Get Physical” 6/14/06 No Means No

Rocky Mountain News 6/14/06 'Real World' actor to work behind the bar at JR's 6/14/06 MTV Real World Seattle Alum Rebecca Lord 'Takes It on the Chin'

Reality TV World 6/12/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 15 summary

Reality Shack 6/11/06 Crystal Clear? - Real World Key West, Episode 15

BuddyTV 6/7/06 The Real World, Season 17, Episode 16 “Zach’s Girl Trouble” 6/7/06 Not Boyfriend Material

Reality Shack 6/7/06 The Blame Game - Real World Key West, Episode 14

Television Without Pity 6/3/06 Burn Book

BuddyTV 5/31/06 The Real World, Season 17, Episode 15 “Burn Book” 5/31/06 Mean Girls

Reality TV World 5/30/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 13 summary

PR Web 5/29/06 Planet Tan The New Home of Mystic Tan Celebrates With MTV's Real World Key West

Television Without Pity 5/27/06 Janelle And Jose's Fight

Reality Reel 5/25/06 Janelle, Get Over Yourself

BuddyTV 5/24/06 The Real World, Season 17, Episode 14 “Janelle and Jose’s Fight” 5/24/06 Personal Relations

Reality TV World 5/23/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 12 summary

Television Without Pity 5/20/06 Opening Day

Reality Shack 5/19/06 Tans and Tantrums - Real World Key West, Episode 11 5/19/06 Mad Dog Barks

Reality Reel 5/19/06 It's Opening Day But They Are Off To A Rocky Start

BuddyTV 5/17/06 The Real World, Season 17, Episode 13 "Opening Day"

Reality TV World 5/15/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 11 summary

Television Without Pity 5/14/06 Tyler's Night Of Fun

Tribune-Review 9/21/05 Intern tries to discover the 'Real World'

KDKA 9/20/05 'Real World' Auditions Held

Daily Nebraskan 9/19/05 MTV rolls into heartland for season 18 casting call 5/14/06 MTV To Start Shooting 'Real World' In LoDo

Reality Reel 5/11/06 Tyler Loses A Bet, But Wins Over A Guy

BuddyTV 5/10/06 The Real World, Season 17, Episode 12 “Tyler’s Night of Fun” 5/10/06 - One Life to Live

Reality TV Calendar 5/10/06 Personal Storms Are Brewing: Episode 11 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 5/10/06 Riding Out The Storm: Episode 10 Recap

The Spartan Daily 5/10/06 SJSU student gets with 'The Real World'

Reality TV World 5/8/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 10 summary
Television Without Pity 5/8/06 Clarification

Reality Shack 5/5/06 Therapy and TLC - Real World Key West, Episode 10

Denver Post 5/5/06 "Real World" exposure

Denver Post 5/5/06 "Real World" rules - so anarchy doesn't

Reality Reel 5/4/06 Paula Goes Crazy While Zach Does Crystal 5/3/06 - Paula Walnuts Finally Gets Some Help

NY Times 5/2/06 On MTV's 'Real World' Paula Meronek Deals With a Grim Reality

Reality TV World 5/1/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 9 summary

Reality News Online 5/1/06 The Real World: Key West, Episode 10: Can't Evacuate Your Problems

The Lantern 5/1/06 Students get 'Real' with cast

Reality Shack 4/30/06 Storm Damage - Real World: Key West, Episode 9

Television Without Pity 4/30/06 Gettin' Stormy

Reality Reel 4/29/06 Catching Up: Our Interview With Willie Hernandez From The Real World: Philadelphia

Reality TV Magazine 4/29/06 Real World Key West Recap: Hurricane Tyler!

Reality Reel 4/27/06 The Roommates Are Safe In West Palm Beach… Kinda

BuddyTV 4/26/06 The Real World, Season 17, Episode 10 "Gettin' Stormy" 4/26/06 - Drama Queens

Reality TV World 4/25/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 8 summary

Clarion Online 4/25/06 MTV to film next 'Real World' in LoDo

Reality News Online 4/24/06 The Real World: Key West, Episode 9 – Hurricane Paula

Television Without Pity 4/23/06 John And Paula's Fight

Detroit News 4/23/06 Is the 313 too real for 'Real World'?

Wichita Eagle 4/23/06 We've learned a lot from 'Real World'

Reality Reel 4/20/06 Everybody Needs To Evacuate In Key West

Reality TV Magazine 4/20/06 Real World Key West Recap: Girls who like girls?

Reality TV Calendar 4/19/06 There's A Storm On The Horizon: Episode 9 Recap

Daily Cardinal 4/19/06 Key West, Fla. Real World cast visits Madison

Reality News Online 4/18/06 The Real World: Key West, Episode 8: The Girl with More Issues

Reality TV World 4/17/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 7 summary

Reality News Online 4/17/06 The Real World: Key West, Episode 7: The Candle Shop

Television Without Pity 4/15/06 John's Got Game

Rocky Mountain News 4/15/06 Watering hole getting a taste of 'Real World' 4/13/06 - Paula's Problems

The Lantern 4/13/06 Win a date with a 'Real World Key West' castmate

Reality Reel 4/12/06 Jose Is Not The Only One Getting Lucky In Key West

Denver Post 4/11/06 A new reality for Denver: MTV's "Real World" coming

Rocky Mountain News 4/11/06 Shuttered pool hall in LoDo gets ready for the 'Real World'

Reality Reel 4/10/06 The Real World Goes To Denver For Season 18

Reality Reel 4/10/06 Catching Up: Our Interview With Simon Sherry-Wood From The Real World: Paris

Reality TV World 4/10/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 6 summary

Reality TV World 4/10/06 MTV's announces eighteenth 'The Real World' edition to film in Denver

Zap2It 4/10/06 'Real World' Joins the Mile High Club 4/9/06 Source: MTV's 'Real World' To Be Filmed In Denver

Television Without Pity 4/7/06 Zach Steps It Up

Daily Vidette 4/7/06 Real World celebrities visit Bloomington

The Towerlight 4/6/06 ‘Real World’ casting call keeps students up

Reality Reel 4/5/06 The World Does Not Always Revolve Around You, Svetlana 4/5/06 Hark on the Issue

Reality TV Calendar 4/5/06 Everyone Is Clueless: Episode 7 Recap

Reality News Online 4/3/06 The Real World: Key West, Episode 6 – Managing a Mess

Reality TV World 4/3/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 5 summary

USA Today 4/3/06 The Real World: Key West

Tallahassee Democrat 4/2/06 FSU student gets 'Real' in Key West on MTV

Reality TV Magazine 4/1/06 Real World Key West - Manage This


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