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About the Show


Seven strangers agree to live together in Philadelphia and have their lives taped.


News Articles about MTV's The Real World 15


TMZ 5/28/07 Philly Cop Sues Over "Real World" Fight

Reality Reel 4/29/06 Catching Up: Our Interview With Willie Hernandez From The Real World: Philadelphia 11/30/05 Cops face prosecution in 'Real' fisticuffs

West Georgian 10/12/05 'Real World' couple visits UWG

Houston Chronicle 4/28/05 MTV seeks Real World cast

Ventura County Star 4/23/05 MTV casting call set in S. Barbara

Georgetown Voice 4/21/05 Real World casting call comes to Lulu's in D.C.

TC Palm 4/20/05 JHS juniors, seniors get 'Real' at prom

Diamondback Online 4/18/05 Making it in The Real World

Arbiter Online 4/18/05 MTV casters in Boise tomorrow

North Carolina State Technician 4/15/05 'Real World' hosts casting call

The Oklahoman 4/8/05 'Real World' calls for cast in Norman

Purdue Exponent 4/7/05 'Real World' member talks travel

The Oklahoman 4/2/05 'Real World' sets casting call

Eagle Eye 3/30/05 MTV's Rachel and Ruthie stress being openminded

Quadrangle 3/30/05 Real World is Becoming Too Real

Student Life 3/28/05 MTV's 'Real World' and 'Road Rules' cast visits Wash U 3/28/05 A 'Real World' ingrate

The Advocate 3/18/05 Real World's Renzi skips out on St. Louis police raid

Reality News Online 3/17/05 Real World Philadelphia, The Reunion: Fistful of Philly

Reality News Online 3/15/05 Real World Philadelphia, Finale: Philadelphia Freedom

Reality Reel 3/9/05 Now Casting Additional Seasons Of The Real World

Entertainment Weekly 3/8/05 Much Adieu About Nothing

Reality News Online 3/7/05 Real World Philadelphia, Episode 25: This Skin I'm In

Reality News Online 3/7/05 Real World Philadelphia, Episode 24: 100% In


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