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News Articles about MTV's The Real World


The Compass 3/31/06 MTV’s ‘Real World’ Comes to LSSU

Television Without Pity 3/31/06 No Friends Of Mine

Reality Reel 3/30/06 Everyone Against Svetlana –Build A Bridge, Get Over It 3/29/06 - Earned Pretension?

Reality TV Calendar 3/29/06 Real Annoying, Real Irritating, And Real Childish: Episode 6 Recap

Digital Collegian 3/29/06 Svetlana steals the show on another 'Real World'

Reality TV World 3/28/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 4 summary

Reality News Online 3/28/06 The Real World: Key West, Episode 5: Single Svetlana?

Tyler Morning Telegram 3/28/06 Ex-Real World Cast Member Shares Experiences in Iraq, on TV  

Indiana Daily Student 3/28/06 MTV reality stars visit students

Television Without Pity 3/27/06 Troubled Waters

OU Daily 3/26/06 'Real World' falls short on being realistic

Reality Reel 3/25/06 The Truth Comes Out On The Real World

Reality TV Magazine 3/24/06 Real World Key West - Boyfriend or Ex-boyfriend

Looking Fit 3/24/06 Mystic Tan Premieres On MTV's "The Real World: Key West"

Uniontown Herald Standard 3/24/06 Former TV show cast member addresses gay stereotypes

Reality Shack 3/23/06 All About the Crush - Real World Key West, Episode 4 3/22/06 - Creature of Attachment

Reality TV Calendar 3/22/06 Let's Just Call It Real World Svetlana: Episode 5 Recap

Penn State Digital Collegian 3/22/06 Key West love triangle unfolds for PSU alum

Times-Leader 3/22/06 What the Puck?

Virginian Pilot 3/20/06 Bulimia on 'The Real World'

Reality News Online 3/20/06 The Real World: Key West, Episode 4: Creepy and Kooky, Mysterious and Spooky

Television Without Pity 3/18/06 Svetlana's Tough Times

Reality TV World 3/17/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 3 summary

Reality Shack 3/16/06 Let's Get Ready to Rumble! - Real World Key West, Episode 3

Reality Reel 3/15/06 Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

Reality TV Calendar 3/15/06 Jumping Svetlana: Episode 4 Recap 3/15/06 - The Little Sister I Never Wanted

Penn State Digital Collegian 3/15/06 Alum caught in 'Real World' drama

Reality Reel 3/14/06 To Be Gay Or Not To Be Gay, That Is The Question

Reality Shack 3/14/06 And This Is Why I Love Reality TV: The Real World Keeps It Real

Reality Reel 3/14/06 This Is The True Story Of Seven Strangers... In Key West

Television Without Pity 3/13/06 Club Hoppin'

Pioneer Press 3/12/06 Burnsville native Tyler Duckworth loves life in 'The Real World.'

Reality TV World 3/11/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 2 summary

Reality TV Magazine 3/11/06 Real World Issues - Not Talking Magazines

Reality News Online 3/10/06 The Real World: Key West, Episode 3: The Girl with Issues

Daily Nexus 3/10/06 MTV’s ‘The Real World’ To Hold Local Auditions 3/9/06 Goin' gaga over Svetlana

Reality Shack 3/8/06 Food For Thought - Real World Key West, Episode 2 3/8/06 - Baby Steps

Reality TV Calendar 3/8/06 Issues, Gay Bars, And Hot Dogs: Episode 3 Recap

Bostonist 3/7/06 Local Real Worlders Hit Key West

Reality TV World 3/6/06 The Real World: Key West - Episode 1 summary

Television Without Pity 3/6/06 Premiere

Reality News Online 3/6/06 The Real World: Key West, Episode 1 & 2: Welcome to Sunny Florida

Reality Shack 3/5/06 The Real World Key 'Wet' - Real World Key West, Premiere

Middletown Press 3/4/06 Cromwell resident takes on ‘Real World’

Reality TV Magazine 3/2/06 Real World - Welcome to Key West

Digital Collegian 3/1/06 Graduate real on TV, friends say

Reality TV Calendar 3/1/06 Attitudes, Boobs, Jerks - It's Back: Episode 2 Recap 2/28/06 The Real World's Handsome Gay Roommate Weathers a Lawsuit, Hurricanes, and a Broken Back

Hartford Courant 2/28/06 Trading Real World For `Real World'

Orlando Sentinel 2/28/06 The Key players

Slate 2/28/06 House Arrest

Penn State Digital Collegian 2/28/06 Alum to appear on MTV's 'The Real World'

Patriot-News 2/27/06 Student calls show 'biggest life lesson'

Reality News Online 2/23/06 A First Look at The Real World Key West

Reality TV Calendar 2/22/06 Getting Real With The The Key West 7: Episode 1 Recap 2/16/06 From Ukraine, to Richboro, to MTV's 'The Real World'

Reality TV Calendar 2/9/06 Meet The Cast: Photos, Bios, And More

Pioneer Press 1/25/06 Next 'Real World' has a local resident

Key West Chronicle 12/30/05 Real World Key West Business Goes Bust

Aberdeen American News 11/18/05 Former MTV figure speaks at NSU

Reality TV Magazine 11/16/05 The Real World Austin - Jail Anyone?

Reality Shack 11/16/05 Slammer Time - Real World Austin, Episode 23

Reality TV Calendar 11/16/05 Stay Away From The Booze People: Nov 15th Recap 11/16/05 Dumb & Dumber

Reality News Online 11/16/05 The Real World Austin, Episode 23: Slap-Happy

Entertainment Weekly 11/16/05 Men Behaving Bratty

Reality Shack 11/12/05 Unhappy Ending - Real World Austin, Episode 22

Television Without Pity 11/11/05 Wren And Stumpy

Reality News Online 11/10/05 The Real World: Austin, Episode 22: Can You Dig It?

Reality TV Calendar 11/9/05 It's Not About The Sex, Yeah Whatever: 11/8 Recap 11/9/05 Jealousy Works

Entertainment Weekly 11/8/05 Wes Love Got to Do With It?

Reality TV World 11/6/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 20 summary

Television Without Pity 11/5/05 Mosta Sleepa

Reality Shack 11/3/05 Paradise Lost - Real World Austin, Episode 21

Reality Shack 11/3/05 Time to Face the Music - Real World Austin, Episode 20

Reality News Online 11/3/05 The Real World: Austin, Episode 21: Prince Wes 11/2/05 - Prince Harry in Costa Rica

Reality TV Calendar 11/2/05 They're Naked, Drunk, And On Vacation: 11/1 Episode Recap

Entertainment Weekly 11/1/05 Royal Pains

Detroit News 11/1/05 Metro Detroit's abuzz about future 'Real World' home

Chicago Flame 10/31/05 Real World stars 'get real' about issues affecting college

Reality TV World 10/30/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 19 summary

Television Without Pity 10/29/05 What's Up, Doc?

Albany Times Union 10/28/05 'Real World' is making her world otherworldly

Salem Statesman Journal 10/28/05 Alum shares real-world tale with student leaders

Reality TV Calendar 10/26/05 Can A Brotha Get A Little Credit? 10/25 Episode Recap 10/26/05 1st Screening

Reality News Online 10/26/05 The Real World Austin, Episode 20: All-Nighter

Entertainment Weekly 10/26/05 Chase to the Cut

Eagle Eye 10/26/05 Real World stars share 'real' experiences

Reality Steve 10/24/05 Real World: Austin Recap - "Rachel's Dating Bob Guiney?"

Reality TV World 10/22/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 18 summary

Television Without Pity 10/22/05 She Puts The "Rachel" In "Cocktease"

Reality TV World 10/20/05 Judge rejects 'The Real World: Key West' filming injunction request

The Keystone 10/20/05 One-on-one with Landon Lueck

Oakland Business Review 10/20/05 MTV's 'Real World' headed to Royal Oak?

Zap2It 10/19/05 'Real World' Wins Key West Court Case

Keys News 10/19/05 MTV wins court fight

Reality Shack 10/19/05 Getting Dogged - Real World Austin, Episode 19

Reality TV Calendar 10/19/05 "I Don't Wanna Have Sex" - What? Oct. 17th Recap 10/19/05 10.18.05: Don't Want Sex To Influence Decision

Reality News Online 10/19/05 The Real World Austin, Episode 19: The Unwelcome Return of the Groupie Drawer

Entertainment Weekly 10/18/05 Disengaged

Reality TV World 10/16/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 17 summary

Television Without Pity 10/14/05 Everybody Hates Lacey 

Zap2It 10/14/05 'Real World' Threatens to Leave Key West

St. Cloud Times 10/13/05 2 from MTV's 'Real World' visit Red Carpet

Keys News 10/13/05 MTV show may leave town

Entertainment Weekly 10/12/05 The Mouth Trap

Reality TV Calendar 10/12/05 No Love In The House: October 11th Episode Recap

Reality Shack 10/12/05 Lacey Learns About Loose Lips - Real World Austin, Episode 18

Reality News Online 10/12/05 The Real World: Austin, Episode 18: Through the Hoop

The Shorthorn 10/12/05 Sex in the Real World

West Georgian 10/12/05 'Real World' couple visits UWG

Star Telegram 10/12/05 'Real World' couple: Learn from mistakes

The Shorthorn 10/11/05 The Real Connection

Daily Cardinal 10/10/05 UW-Madison students flock to 'Real World' auditions

Television Without Pity 10/7/05 Every Girl's My Girlfriend

Brown Daily Herald 10/7/05 'Real World' cast member speaks for new generation of recovering addicts

Key News 10/7/05 MTV house draws tourists

The Sign Post 10/7/05 No shame in depression, ‘Real World’ star says

Monroe Times 10/6/05 Interested in being part of 'The Real World?'

Reality Shack 10/5/05 With Friends Like These ... - Real World Austin, Episode 17

Reality TV Calendar 10/5/05 Doomed For Disaster: 10/4 Episode Recap

Entertainment Weekly 10/5/05 Shirk Attack!

Reality News Online 10/5/05 The Real World: Austin, Episode 17: Little House on the Prairie Talk

Daily Free Press 10/5/05 'Real World' makes campus stop

Reality TV World 10/3/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 15 summary

Television Without Pity 9/30/05 Lee-Oh!

The Rocket 9/30/05 Real World star speaks out about real life

Memphis Flyer 9/30/05 Keepin' It Real

The Maneater 9/30/05 'Real World' members emcee casting call

Arizona Republic 9/29/05 'Real World' wannabes show MTV they can yak

Reality Shack 9/29/05 Game Over - Real World Austin, Episode 16

Reality News Online 9/29/05 The Real World: Austin, Episode 16: About a Boy

The Heights 9/29/05 The Real World meets Boston

Reality TV Calendar 9/28/05 You Better Check Your Feelings At The Door: 9/26 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 9/27/05 Two Girls, a Guy, and a Peeper Place

Reality TV World 9/25/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 14 summary

East Valley Tribune 9/25/05 ‘The Real World’ casting hits E.V.

KVOA 9/25/05 Tryouts for MTV's 'Real World' come to Tempe

Television Without Pity 9/23/05 Danny And The Deep Blue Zzzz

Daily Mississippian 9/23/05 MTV reality show holds auditions in Memphis

Digital Spy 9/22/05 'Real World' cast forced to flee Hurricane Rita

Reality News Online 9/21/05 Real World Austin, Episode 15: We Were on a Break

Reality Shack 9/21/05 This Bud's For You? - Real World Austin, Episode 15

Tribune-Review 9/21/05 Intern tries to discover the 'Real World'

Entertainment Weekly 9/21/05 Loaded and Locked

KDKA 9/20/05 'Real World' Auditions Held

Reality Shack 9/19/05 Who's a Stud? A Trip to a Ranch Tells All - Real World Austin, Episode 14

Tartan Online 9/19/05 Real World Advice

Daily Nebraskan 9/19/05 MTV rolls into heartland for season 18 casting call

Laramie Boomerang 9/18/05 Semi-stardom possible for next ‘Real Worlder’

Television Without Pity 9/16/05 Ranch Undressing

Commercial Appeal 9/16/05 'Real World' to hold auditions at Newby's

Rocky Mountain Collegian 9/16/05 MTV's looking for you to be on the Real World

Post Online 9/15/05 OU students make bids for cast spots on reality show

Daily Aztec 9/15/05 San Diego will get 'Real' at casting event this Saturday 9/14/05 "Real World" casting coming to Richmond

Reality News Online 9/14/05 Real World Austin, Episode 14: Home on the Range

Entertainment Weekly 9/13/05 Spurious Decisions

Reality TV World 9/13/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 12 summary

Television Without Pity 9/12/05 Music Makes The People Come Together

Reality Shack 9/8/05 Tex, Lies and Videotapes - Real World Austin, Episode 13

Reality News Online 9/7/05 The Real World Austin, Episode 13: How to Be a Man

Entertainment Weekly 9/7/05 Virgin Records

Kansas City Star 9/7/05 ‘Real World’ star will speak at JCCC

Reality TV World 9/5/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 11 summary

Television Without Pity 9/4/05 Birds Of A Feather

Reality Reel 9/2/05 Real World Extends Casting Tape Deadline; Upcoming Casting Calls Announced

Reality TV World 8/31/05 MTV says neighbor's lawsuit won't stop 'Real World: Key West' filming

Zap2It 8/31/05 'Real World' Neighbor Sues to Block Filming

Reality Shack 8/31/05 There's a Thin Line Between Love and Hate - Real World Austin, Episode 12

Reality News Online 8/31/05 The Real World Austin, Episode 12: Wren and Skimpy

Entertainment Weekly 8/31/05 Kiss Me Deadly

Reality TV World 8/30/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 10 summary

Keys News 8/30/05 Real litigation: Tour mogul takes reality show to court

Television Without Pity 8/28/05 The Return Of Danny 8/27/05 Swift: Get a 'Real' life

Cornell Daily Sun 8/26/05 My Summer With Wes

Entertainment Weekly 8/24/05 Drunk and Dysfunctional

Reality News Online 8/24/05 The Real World: Austin, Episode 11: High Tension

Reality Shack 8/23/05 Yawn! - Real World Austin, Episode 11

Reality TV World 8/22/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 9 summary

Reality TV Talk 8/20/05 The Real World Austin, Ep. 8 & 9 " Final Goodbye & The Decoy"- Recap

Television Without Pity 8/19/05 Wes, You Ignorant Slut

Reality HQ 8/18/05 Real World Austin - Episode 9 Recap

Reality News Online 8/17/05 The Real World Austin, Episode 10: The Games People Play

Entertainment Weekly 8/16/05 The Wild, Wild Wes

Reality Shack 8/16/05 Let the Games Begin - Real World Austin, Episode 10

Reality TV Calendar 8/16/05 Sorority Outrage! Oh, The Scandal!

Reality Reel 8/15/05 The Real World: Danny Gets & Digests The News Of His Mothers Passing

Reality TV Calendar 8/15/05 Spoiler Report: Is Danny Coming Back?

Reality TV World 8/13/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 8 summary

Reality Shack 8/10/05 Coping With Loss - Real World Austin, Episode 9

Reality HQ 8/10/05 Real World Austin - Episode 8 Recap 8/10/05 - Danny Buries His Mom

Reality News Online 8/10/05 The Real World Austin, Episode 9: The Home Front

Reality TV Calendar 8/10/05 The Long Road Home: Episode 8 Recap

Entertainment Weekly 8/9/05 Real Problems, Real Solutions

Digital Spy 8/8/05 'Real World' confirmed for Florida

Reality TV Talk 8/7/05 Real World Austin, Ep. 7 "Love & Death" - Recap

Reality TV World 8/7/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 7 summary
Television Without Pity 8/6/05 Valentine's Day

Zap2It 8/5/05 'Real World' Hits the Conch Republic

Reality TV Calendar 8/5/05 A Family Death

Reality HQ 8/4/05 Real World Austin - Episode 7 Recap

Reality Shack 8/4/05 V-Day Heartbreaker - Real World Austin, Episode 8 8/3/05 Poor Danny

Reality News Online 8/3/05 The Real World Austin, Episode 8: The Day of Love

Television Without Pity 8/2/05 Ordering Up Cheerleaders

Reality TV World 8/1/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 6 summary

Reality TV Talk 7/30/05 Real World Austin, Episode 6 "Working it Out" - Recap

Reality Reel 7/30/05 Real World: Austin - Wes Is A Douche

Lowell Sun 7/30/05 Danny MIA on MTV

Entertainment Weekly 7/28/05 Something Real

Reality TV Calendar 7/28/05 Danny & Melinda: Nesting In New Hampshire

Reality Shack 7/28/05 Will a Couple of Clubs Beat a Pair? - Real World Austin, Episode 7

Entertainment Weekly 7/27/05 Casual Tease

Reality HQ 7/27/05 Real World Austin - Episode 6 Recap

Reality News Online 7/27/05 The Real World Austin, Episode 7: A Night on the Town

Reality TV Calendar 7/27/05 Danny's Attacker Busted

Daily Texan 7/25/05 Alleged MTV attacker indicted

MSNBC 7/25/05 Readers want ‘Real World’ in their towns

Daily Texan 7/25/05 'Real World' set will be restaurant, store

Reality TV World 7/25/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 5 summary

Television Without Pity 7/24/05 Ice Cream Melts

News & Observer 7/24/05 Filmmaker not ready for 'Real World'

Reality Shack 7/23/05 Cold As Ice ... Cream? - Real World Austin, Episode 6

Reality Reel 7/23/05 The Real World Austin: Episode Four: Revenge Of The Groupie Drawer

Reality Shack 7/23/05 Bombs Away! - Real World Austin, Episode 5 7/20/05  Melted Ice Cream

Reality TV Calendar 7/20/05 Welcome To Rachel World: Episode 5 Recap

Reality News Online 7/20/05 Real World Austin, Episode 6: They Don't Got Game

Entertainment Weekly 7/19/05 Game Boys

Reality TV World 7/18/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 4 summary

Reality Reel 7/17/05 The Real World: Austin - Deep Thoughts By Mel

Television Without Pity 7/16/05 A Kiss Is Still A Kiss

Reality TV Talk 7/15/05 Real World Austin, Episode 4 "Loose Lips" - Recap

Reality HQ 7/13/05 Real World Austin - Episode 4 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 7/13/05 Rants And A Recap

Reality News Online 7/13/05 Real World Austin, Episode 5: ‘Fess Up

Entertainment Weekly 7/12/05 War of the Poses

News 8 Austin 7/12/05 How real is 'The Real World Austin'

MSNBC 7/12/05 Where should ‘Real World’ go next?

Reality TV Talk 7/10/05 Real World Austin, Ep. 3 "A Hit and a Miss" - Recap

The Austin Chronicle 7/8/05 The Real Austin?

Television Without Pity 7/8/05 Body Shots

Reality TV Calendar 7/8/05 Engaged: Danny, Melinda and the Rumors

Reality Shack 7/7/05 "Love to Love to Love Ya" - The Real World Austin, Episode 4 7/6/05 - Danny's Surgery

Reality TV Calendar 7/6/05 A Rainbow Connection In Snoozeville: Episode 3 Recap

Reality News Online 7/6/05 The Real World: Austin, Episode 4: Love Triangle

Entertainment Weekly 7/6/05 Head Games

Reality TV World 7/5/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 2 summary

Reality TV Calendar 7/5/05 Spoiler: Living Together Without The Hockey Player

Reality Shack 7/2/05 ”The Naughty Nurse” - Real World 16, Episode 3

Reality News Online 7/2/05 The Real World: Austin's Johanna Gets Nabbed

Times Picayune 7/2/05 Real World, real success

Television Without Pity 7/1/05 Eye In The Sky

Reality Shack 6/30/05 A Cowboy Hat and a Fractured Skull - Real World 16, Episodes 1&2

Reality Reel 6/30/05 The Real World Austin: Episode Two: Time To Hook-Up!

Entertainment Weekly 6/29/05 The Lust Picture Show

Reality TV Calendar 6/29/05 Danny-Melinda-Melanny: Episode 2 Recap

Reality TV Talk 6/29/05 Real World Austin, Ep. 2 "Breaking up is NOT hard to do"

Reality News Online 6/29/05 The Real World: Austin, Episode 3: What a Difference a Week Makes

Reality TV World 6/28/05 The Real World: Austin - Episode 1 summary

Reality TV Calendar 6/28/05 Spoiler Warning: In Love and Busted!

The Smoking Gun 6/28/05 Real World, Really Dumb

Zap2It 6/28/05 'Real World'-er Has Thorny Run-in with Cops

Deseret News 6/27/05 Is MTV to blame for 'Real' injury?

Reality Reel 6/26/05 Real World Austin: The Seven Strangers Move In & Danny Needs Surgery

Television Without Pity 6/25/05 Skull Fracture

Reality TV Calendar 6/24/05 Wes: "She's a Tiger in Bed"

Reality TV Talk 6/23/05 Real World: Austin Episode 1 Recap: "Don't Drink & Walk" 6/22/05 - Hook-ups & Fractures

Reality TV Calendar 6/22/05 Boot Scootin' - Slut Groovin' - Bone Breakin': Ep 1 Recap

Reality News Online 6/22/05 Real World Austin, Episode 2: Pow! Right in the Kisser

Reality News Online 6/22/05 The Real World: Austin, Episode 1: Sweet 16

Daily Texan 6/22/05 Getting to know the 'Real World'

Entertainment Weekly 6/22/05 Punch-Drunk Love

Indy Star 6/22/05 'Real World' gets too real with attack on cast member

Centre Daily Times 6/21/05 MTV's 'Real World' hits Austin

Reality News Online 6/21/05 The Real World: Austin Casting Special - Deep in the Heart of Texas

Austin Business Journal 6/20/05 Millions watch 'Real World' premiere

Kansas City Star 6/20/05 Wild, wild Wes

Star Telegram 6/19/05 'Real World' hits Austin -- and Austin hits back

NY Times 6/19/05 And the Hot Tub Goes to . . . Austin

Dallas Morning News 6/19/05 'Real World: Austin' gives viewers a taste of Texas - and then some

Reality TV Calendar 6/18/05 Sex Was Maybe 2 Percent Of It

Reality TV Calendar 6/18/05 Real World Fans Have Real Questions

Reality Reel 6/17/05 Job For The Real World: Austin Cast Revealed

Austin Business Journal 6/16/05 American Eagle Outfitters soars with 'Real World: Austin'

MSNBC 6/15/05 Entering ‘The Real World’ in Austin

Milwaukee Journal 6/15/05 'Real World' really is about sex, Melinda

News 8 Austin 6/12/05 First look at 'Real World' in Austin

Digital Spy 6/10/05 'Real World' returning to Florida?

Zap2It 6/10/05 'Real World' Goes Deep in the Heart of Texas 6/10/05 The Real World Headed To Austin, Texas This June

Billerica Minuteman 6/9/05 Billerica resident on MTV's 'The Real World'

Reality TV Calendar 6/7/05 MTV's Real World Cast Premiere Recap

Reality TV Calendar 6/7/05 Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow: An Interview With Eric Nies

Journal Now 6/2/05 Real World castmember finds open doors as a cartoonist

Kansas City Star 6/2/05 C.T. is in the house!

Reality TV Calendar 5/31/05 The Cast, The Photos, The Rumors, The House, The Facts

Milwaukee Journal 5/29/05 From 'reality' to new animated series

Tallahassee Democrat 5/16/05 Local hairstylist joins 'Real World' cast

Miami Herald 5/15/05 'Real World' tour: Here's what to expect inside the Austin house

Post Online 5/11/05 'Real World' to cast in Columbus

NY Times 5/10/05 In - Depth Look at 'Real World' Cast

NY Times 5/10/05 First Look at 'Real World' in Austin

Austin 360 5/9/05 Welcome to 'The Real World'

Diamondback Online 4/18/05 Making it in The Real World

Arbiter Online 4/18/05 MTV casters in Boise tomorrow

The Oklahoman 4/8/05 'Real World' calls for cast in Norman

The Oklahoman 4/2/05 'Real World' sets casting call

University Star 3/27/05 MTV's The Real World: Austin a real sham

Star Telegram 3/16/05 Let's get 'Real'

Denton Record Chronicle 3/5/05 'Real World Austin' gets rumor mill going

The Sign Post 3/4/05 MTV 'Real World' star confronts issue of same-sex couples

ASU Web Devil 3/2/05 'Real World' cast member speaks on study abroad

Entertainment Weekly 3/2/05 Fast Times

Television Without Pity 2/28/05 Make New Friends, But Keep The Old

Commonwealth Times 2/28/05 Real World's Dan Renzi teaches students ABCs of STDs

Reality TV World 2/27/05 The Real World: Philly - Episode 23 summary

Reality Reel 2/27/05 The Real World Philly: MJ's Girl Is In Town

Reality Reel 2/27/05 The Real World Philly: Willie Needs To Get Laid 2/26/05 One man movement - Kevin Powell to be keynote speaker at UNH

University of Alabama Crimson White 2/25/05 Former MTV stars speak on 'Body Image'

Villanovan 2/25/05 Real World: Episode 24

OurSports Central 2/25/05 MTV’s “The Real World Philadelphia” cast to attend Sunday's Soul game

Entertainment Weekly 2/23/05 The Boys and the Bond

Daily Illini 2/23/05 Real World: Philly cast members talk sex, alcohol

Reality News Online 2/22/05 Real World Philadelphia, Episode 23: Gay Used to Mean Happy

Reality TV World 2/21/05 The Real World: Philly - Episode 22 summary

Television Without Pity 2/21/05 Karamo Is Weird

Reality Shack 2/19/05 The Real World Philadelphia: Queer Eye for the Dating Guy, Episode 23

Reality Reel 2/19/05 The Real World Philly: Shavonda Goes Off On Melanie

UW Badgers 2/16/05 Landon From MTV's Real World to Serve As Honorary Wrestling Coach, Feb. 18

Entertainment Weekly 2/15/05 Triumph of the Willie

Reality TV World 2/14/05 The Real World: Philly - Episode 21 summary

Television Without Pity 2/14/05 Melanie's Sob Story

Reality Shack 2/12/05 Real World Philadelphia, Episode 22 - We All Hate Mel Anyway

Reality News Online 2/11/05 Real World Philadelphia, Episode 22: Mel-icious Intent

Reality TV World 2/10/05 The Real World: Philly - Episode 20 summary

Eagle Eye 2/9/05 Lessons from The Real World 2/9/05 - 2.8.05 Real World Philly

Entertainment Weekly 2/9/05 Mel Bonding

Television Without Pity 2/7/05 So Tired

Reality Reel 2/7/05 The Real World Philly: Landon and Shavonda's Relationship Heats Up

Baltimore Sun 2/6/05 Getting real in Philly

Reality News Online 2/6/05 Real World Philadelphia, Episode 21: Um, Yeah, About Fiji...

Reality Shack 2/4/05 Hypocritical Notion - The Real World Philadelphia, Episode 21

Entertainment Weekly 2/2/05 Games Without Frontiers

News 8 Austin 2/1/05 The Real World takes over Austin 2/1/05 2.1.05 Real World Philly

Television Without Pity 1/31/05 Slitting Throats


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