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News Articles about Ostriches and Emus


Reno Gazette Journal 4/2/08 Emu escapes near elementary school

ABC Online 3/28/08 Throw an emu steak on the barbie

The Houma Courier 3/28/08 Kangaroo, ostrich among dishes served at benefit

Wiltshire Times 3/27/08 Police called to ostrich alert

The Herald 3/25/08 Cat, 22, still living on ostrich-only diet

KWWL 3/24/08 Emu Blocks Highway Traffic

Independent.ie 3/24/08 Birds of a feather hatch together at emu farm

Waterloo and Cedar Falls Courier 3/23/08 Fugitive emu captured by deputies

Macon Telegraph 3/19/08 House decision puts an end to emu craze

Arizona Republic 3/14/08 Ostrich gives embroidery business a boost

Guardian 3/13/08 Emu Ranching Struggles to Take Flight

Philly.com 3/12/08 Bucks emu leads crew in chase

News 24 3/11/08 Rampaging ostrich attacks family

ABC 3/11/08 Running emu gets feathers ruffled

PhillyBurbs 3/11/08 Emu leaves farm for life on the loose

Arizona Republic 3/8/08 Ostrich races still the main draw at festival

Chippewa Herald 3/8/08 Emu ranchers still waiting for industry to take flight

Arizona Republic 3/7/08 Public art project celebrates ostrich influence

Calcutta Telegraph 3/3/08 Green state goes gaga over emu farming

NDTV.com 3/2/08 Emu farming reaping gold in Orissa

Nhan Dan 3/1/08 Ostriches taking off

WorldPoultry.net 2/29/08 The 600 g green emu egg

The News 2/29/08 Five emu chicks born at Zoo

UPI 2/28/08 Ostrich caught by police on Greek highway

Vietnam.net 2/25/08 Vietnam realizes the advantages of ostriches

Santa Barbara Independent 2/21/08 Question: ‘Weren’t there ostrich farms around here at one time?

iAfrica.com 2/12/08 What to drink with ostrich

UPI 2/8/08 Georgia officials capture a lost emu

Seattle Times 2/7/08 Georgia Drivers Gawk at Runaway Emu

Business Report 2/1/08 Ostrich product exports may face challenge

ABC Online 1/31/08 'Macabre': Man laughed as dog savaged emu

Arizona Republic 1/28/08 Ostrich Festival announces entertainers

News.com.au 1/20/08 Deadly emu collision

Daily Star 1/18/08 Ostrich dies at Dhaka Zoo

Japan Times 1/17/08 Slumping builders turn to ostrich farming

Arizona Daily Star 1/16/08 'Feasty Boys' do ostrich in Arizona

China Daily 1/3/08 Big bird entertains by dancing to owner's beat

Gulf Times 1/2/08 Ostrich attack survivor says ‘lucky to be alive’

The Hindu 12/28/07 Long legged, but no beauty

Haaretz 12/25/07 The bitter fate of ostriches in the wild

Russia Today 12/23/07 Ostrich eggs on the menu in Russia’s Far East

Daily Mail 12/17/07 British taxpayers pay for failed asylum seekers to set up ostrich farm in Iran

Gulf Times 12/16/07 Saudi orders ostrich cull

New Straits Times 12/7/07 Johor Buzz Cafe's ostrich meat dishes a hit

The Southern African 12/3/07 EU Ban Looming For South African Ostrich Meat

Daily India 11/28/07 Australian Emu migrates to Karnataka

Outlook India 11/24/07 Emulate A Curry

Saginaw News 11/23/07 He's an emu oil salesman

Arizona Republic 11/20/07 Ostrich art to enliven Chandler's downtown

Independent Online 11/19/07 Ostrich meat loses EU status

New India Press 11/16/07 Emu: Big bird, bigger business opportunity

Arizona Republic 11/6/07 Chandler banking on ostriches as public art

News Journal 11/4/07 Raising emus

Herald Eastern Cape 11/4/07 Ostrich farmers exceed R1bn in profits

Union Leader 11/3/07 Emu flies coop, lands in a stretcher

Bexhill Observer 10/30/07 No to Rye ostrich farm

Mercury Register 10/29/07 Ostrich's hero

Viet Nam News 10/25/07 Ostrich-raising farms flourish on Quang Nam Province’s sandy soil

Health 24 10/23/07 7 good reasons to switch to ostrich

News.com.au 10/21/07 Motorcyclist dies after hitting emu

Arizona Republic 10/18/07 Chandler artist wins Ostrich logo contest

The Herald 10/15/07 Colcom plans to increase ostrich production

Pasadena Star News 10/14/07 South Pas ostrich farm was source of elegant feathers

Picayune Item 10/12/07 Emu Takes A Walk 

Daily Telegraph 10/9/07 Ostrich shot in revenge hit

Miami Herald 10/9/07 Ostrich feed always fodder for legislator

San Mateo Daily Journal 10/6/07 Ostrich killer sentenced to five months jail

The Telegraph 10/5/07 New pet laws say yes to emu and no to dingo

Superbike News 10/1/07 Oil up the Safe Way

Southland Times 9/28/07 Ostrich farm fire causes $150,000 damage

WALB 9/24/07 Emus are at large in Decatur County

China Daily 9/18/07 Beware the ornery ostrich

NBC 2 9/11/07 Emu dies of heart attack after escaping pen

NDTV.com 9/9/07 Emu farming takes off in India

Victorville Daily Press 9/6/07 What's killing the ostrich chicks?

Associated Press 9/5/07 That's Not a Birdie, That's an Emu

Conde Nast Portfolio 9/5/07 Out of the Sand

Seattle Times 9/5/07 Fore! Emu joins Elma golf outing

Grays Harbor Daily World 9/4/07 Oaksridge emu not par for the course

Asahi 9/4/07 Ostriches save struggling service area

Dyersburg State Gazette 8/30/07 Lost emu roped on South Main

Short News 8/29/07 Emu Seeks Asylum at Wal-Mart

San Mateo Journal 8/29/07 Admitted ostrich killer delays sentencing

KCTV 8/28/07 Emu Corralled In Shopping Cart Return

UPI 8/26/07 China hatches 150 African ostriches

Concord Monitor 8/25/07 One runaway emu back in custody

Daily Times 8/24/07 Marghazar Zoo sees births of ostriches and peacocks

Boston Globe 8/23/07 Mystery emu on the move, spotted in Concord, Bow

WMUR 8/23/07 Emu Avoids Police In Bow

Concord Monitor 8/21/07 Homeless emu stalks Audubon

New Straits Times 8/21/07 Ostrich oil products for better hair and skin

Des Moines Register 8/16/07 Ames cook wins State Fair's ostrich competition

LA Daily News 8/15/07 Castaic shelter makes room for visiting emu

Bridgeton News 8/4/07 Emu needs a home

LA Daily News 8/3/07 Wrong-way emu spooked by family dog

Mainichi Daily News 8/3/07 Zookeeper injured after being kicked in head by ostrich

Arizona Daily Star 8/2/07 Ostrich ranch is focus of documentarian's film

LA Daily News 7/31/07 Emu found wandering on freeway

Digital Spy 7/31/07 Emu makes a return to CITV

South Jersey News 7/26/07 Owner might claim wayward emu

Bridgeton News 7/26/07 Someone missing an emu

Half Moon Bay Review 7/24/07 Ostrich killer changes plea to no contest

Des Moines Register 7/21/07 Longneck Nick wins by really long neck

Burlington Times 7/20/07 There's an emu on the loose in Snow Camp

Union Leader 7/19/07 Emu going home with its Dunbarton owner

Union Leader 7/18/07 Anyone missing an emu?

Spokesman Review 7/16/07 Emu-wrangling skills a plus

Inside Bay Area 7/14/07 Men plead no contest in ostrich shooting

The Examiner 7/12/07 Alleged ostrich killer to accept plea deal

YNet News 7/5/07 Israel allows crocodile, ostrich hunt

Examiner 7/4/07 Peninsula: Ostrich killing suspect faces trial

Central Ohio 6/29/07 Emu gets a new home in Ostrander

KTVU 6/19/07 Redwood City Man Set For Trial In Halloween Ostrich Slaying

Hope Star 6/18/07 Here's to the birdbrains

Express India 6/17/07 Emu yet to take flight in Maharashtra as farming still in fledgling state

WMC TV 6/16/07 Elusive emu caught in Covington

Health 24 6/12/07 7 good reasons to switch to ostrich

The Australian 6/11/07 Ostrich is crackers

UPI 6/5/07 German teens scared ostrich

The Advocate 6/2/07 Mile-long feather boa to set a Guinness World Record

WBOY-TV 6/1/07 Updated:Loose Emu Killed on I-79

Wheels 24 5/28/07 An ostrich and a RAV meet in the dark

Stuff.co.nz 5/25/07 Emu's Euro police chase ends in tragedy

Citizen 5/24/07 Ostrich chicks perish in cold snap

Peoria Journal Star 5/23/07 Loose emu causing quite a flap

LaSalle News Tribune 5/21/07 Police search for emu on the lam

New & Observer 5/18/07 It was a nice day in Carrboro, but not for the emu

The Herald 5/18/07 US looks into Cacadu ostrich trade

11 News 5/17/07 Officials Find Emu in Orange County

News & Observer 5/17/07 Emu gone once again

News & Observer 5/16/07 What to do when you catch an emu?

Northeast Georgian 5/11/07 Emu farmer hopes workshops will bring customers 'flocking'

Electric New Paper 5/7/07 Ex_Flyer's Great Love? Birds That Can't Fly 

PR.com 5/7/07 Contemporary Fashion Ostrich Skin Jewelry Has Now Arrived on the American Jewelry Market

Wisconsin Ag Connection 4/26/07 Local Emu Farm Hold to Hold Open House During Emu Week

Stratford-upon-Avon Herald 4/24/07 Ostrich and Lamb rescued from canal

USA Today 4/23/07 Ostriches swim!

Kuwait Times 4/23/07 Bird flu found at ostrich farm

Limerick Post 4/22/07 Meet Easter delights Esther, Ella and Enrique

Wisconsin Ag Connection 4/20/07 Wisconsin Emu Week Gets Governor's Proclamation

Sunbury Daily Item 4/19/07 It's the pen for fugitive emu

Daily Item 4/17/07 Escaped emu sought

Janesville Gazette 4/14/07 Hot chick is school sensation

ThePoultrySite.com 4/13/07 New Ostrich Farm Opening in Tirana

WHDH-TV 4/12/07 Providence zoo welcomes emu chicks for the first time

LiveScience 4/8/07 Odd Body, Great Legs, Running Like the Wind

China View 4/6/07 Math model: ostrich among nature's best runners

Half Moon Bay Review 4/3/07 Porter sentenced to 'time served' for ostrich shooting

SF Chronicle 3/30/07 Man serves 5 months for killing ostrich that pummeled him

FoxReno.com 3/30/07 Ostrich Slaying Suspect Ordered To Counseling

Newszap Arizona 3/20/07 Ostrich affair basks in sun: Sunny festival melts away memories of last year’s rain-out

BBC 3/13/07 Court hears celibate ostrich case

KPVI 3/13/07 Emu on the Loose

Web Devil 3/9/07 Ostrich burger, anyone?

Daily Journal 3/9/07 July trial for accused ostrich killer
Arizona Republic 3/9/07 Ostrich Festival goes whole hog

CBS 3/6/07 Teens Accused Of Making Ostrich Impotent

Seattle Times 2/26/07 Ostriches on the loose cause Sea-Tac spectacle

Daily Journal 2/25/07 Second accused ostrich killer to trial

The Desert Sun 2/24/07 Ostriches give riders unpredictable ride at Date Fest

BBC 2/22/07 Escaped ostrich 'frightens town'

Press-Enterprise 2/22/07 Ostriches, camels dash to delight of Date Festival fans

Daily Mail 2/22/07 Mourners terrified by rampaging ostrich

Half Moon Bay Review 2/13/07 Accused ostrich killer pleads guilty to cruelty

San Mateo Daily Journal 2/9/07 Ostrich killer to be jailed

Half Moon Bay Review 2/9/07 Accused ostrich killer pleads guilty to cruelty

Basingstoke Gazette 2/4/07 Eggs-traordinary goings on at Marwell Zoo

News Leader 2/3/07 Rogue emu shot, authorities suspect others roaming area

MSNBC 1/29/07 Big birds serve as stand-ins for dinosaurs

SABC News 1/29/07 Ostrich farmers starting to recoup their losses

Kathimerini 1/16/07 Ostriches in mood for love due to warm spell

About.com 1/16/07 Valentine's Day Comes Early for Greek Ostriches

Arizona Republic 1/4/07 Acts unveiled for Ostrich Festival

Fox News 1/4/07 Man Sues Over Ostrich's Impotence, Depression

BBC 12/29/06 Burglars steal emu in wheelie bin

Gulf Breeze News 12/28/06 Deborah paints ostrich eggs

LA Times 12/26/06 1907: Ostrich attacks ranch foreman

Sun2Surf 12/20/06 Jelita Ostrich Show Farm

Kelowna Daily Courier 12/19/06 Errant emu collared

AllAfrica.com 12/8/06 Botswana: Ostrich Farmers Get Reprieve As Abattoir Re-Opens

CBS 5 Bay Area 12/7/06 Peninsula Ostrich Death Suspects Hire New Laywers

BBC 11/30/06 Ostrich conman told to pay £4.8m

Philippine Star 11/29/06 Snake, ostrich to highlight ‘Sisig’ Festival

Hartford Courant 11/27/06 A Lesson In Emu's Death

SABC News 11/25/06 Black farmers prosper in ostrich business

Half Moon Bay Review 11/21/06 Men please not guilty of animal cruelty

Mmegi Business Week 11/21/06 Take advantage of Ostrich Unit - youth urged

Spiegel Online 11/20/06 Runaway Emu Shreds Policeman's Trousers

Mmegi 11/20/06 Govt In Bid To Revive Ostrich Farming

Half Moon Bay Review 11/14/06 Two suspects identified in shooting of ostrich

WTNH 11/14/06 Four months of freedom for emu ends with heart attack

Sierra Vista Herald 11/13/06 Turkey time: Perhaps emu or ostrich will fill the feast bill

Free Lance Star 11/12/06 Traveling emu back

Free Lance Star 11/10/06 Big bird comes calling

KTHV 11/9/06 Men Allegedly Get Revenge on Ostrich

Daily Journal 11/7/06 'Drunken' pair wanted in ostrich's violent death

Raw Story 11/7/06 Ukraine wolf pack raids ostrich farm, birds killed

All Africa 11/7/06 EU Lifts Ban on SA Ostrich Meat

AllAfrica.com 11/2/06 South Africa: Ostrich Industry Welcomes Lifting of Ban

Reuters 11/2/06 EU resumes S.Africa ostrich meat imports

Half Moon Bay Review 11/1/06 What kind of a bum shoots an ostrich for thrills?

SABC News 10/24/06 SA's ostrich industry in dire straits

The Herald 10/19/06 Ostrich meat exports in the balance after bird flu problem

Traverse City Record Eagle 10/16/06 You too, emu?

Exmouth Herald 10/16/06 Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Centre Daily Times 10/11/06 Police kill errant emu in Ill.

Post-Dispatch 10/10/06 Lost emu raises ruckus on Route 3

ABC 10/8/06 Wayward emu captured at elementary school

NBC 15 10/8/06 Emu Back at Home

All Africa 10/3/06 Botswana, Home of the Ostrich

Pueblo Chieftain 10/1/06 Fact, not fiction: Ostriches are way cool

NBC4 9/22/06 Third Emu Returns Home

NBC4 9/21/06 Centreville Drivers Watch Out For Loose Emu

WCNC 9/20/06 Emu on the run

Olean Times Herald 9/16/06 Definitely not a turkey

The Tide 9/16/06 ‘Pleasure of living with ostrich as neighbour’

Payvand 9/13/06 Iran, world's third largest ostrich breeder

INQ7.net 9/10/06 Ostrich farming, anyone?

York Dispatch 8/29/06 Foxes, emus, llamas, etc.

Mountain Times 8/24/06 Emu’s Gone Wild

WTNH 8/18/06 AWOL Emu back home; one still on the loose

Hartford Courant 8/17/06 Errant Emu Captured After 6 Weeks

NewsNet5.com 8/9/06 Resident Reports Seeing Ostrich In Cleveland Heights

ABC Online 8/3/06 Runaway emu back in captivity

The Herald 7/30/06 Ostrich movement OK as birdflu contained

IOL 7/28/06 Western Cape lifts temporary ostrich ban

Southcoast Today 7/26/06 Mystery emu on the lam

Turn to 10 7/26/06 SouthCoast Residents Spot Loose Emu

ABC News 7/24/06 Highway work sparks fears for emu

Viet Nam Net 7/22/06 Ostrich breeder benefits from IT

Middleton Press 7/11/06 Escaped emu runs amok

The Tide 7/11/06 EU bans ostrich, emu imports from S’ Africa

Toledo Blade 7/8/06 Ostrich euthanized because of pain from leg injury

Register-Pajoronian 7/2/06 Local rancher grows ostriches from eggs to 400-pound monsters

TMC 7/2/06 Emu Oil Offers Hope to Diabetics

News Mirror 6/29/06 Emu leads a merry chase

The Mining Journal 6/28/06 The egg that roared

Wisconsin Ag Connection 6/19/06 National Emu Convention Coming to Wisconsin

Yahoo 6/17/06 Ostrich hazard

Sydney Morning Herald 6/13/06 Fugitive ostrich 1 Czech motorist 0

Euro Weekly News 6/10/06 The Benefits of Ostrich Eggs

Albany Times Union 6/4/06 Edwina's great escape ends

Albany Times Union 6/3/06 Emu gets off the farm, sparks wild goose chase

WLNS 6/3/06 Emu captured after roaming the streets in Crockery Township

Capital News 9 6/2/06 Emu crashes graduation ceremony

Marquette Mining Journal 5/21/06 How’d an ostrich egg land in the U.P.?

SABC News 5/13/06 Ostrich industry upset by low industry exports

Washington Post 5/12/06 Kan. Sheriff Defends Shooting Ostrich

Salina Journal 5/11/06 Deputy shoots ostrich

WDIV 5/9/06 Emu Died Of Natural Causes

BBC 5/9/06 Ostrich conman's trail of crime

Celebrity Spider 5/7/06 Julia Roberts Fears She's in Emu Trouble

WLBZ-TV 5/7/06 Loose Emu Draws Attention Along Interstate

Joplin Independent 5/7/06 It's National Emu Week

Daily World 5/7/06 Unique races draw onlookers

Oakland Press 5/5/06 Police seeking clues in death of pet emu

Wisconsin Ag Connection 5/2/06 State Celebrates Emu Week Next Week

IranMania News 5/1/06 Ostrich meat on Iranian menus by September

Baraboo News Republic 4/28/06 Have you lost an emu?

BBC 4/26/06 Warning over ostrich farm future

BBC 4/25/06 Ostrich farm fraudster is jailed

The Herald 4/24/06 Bid to seize assets from ostrich farmers halted

Journal Sentinel 4/23/06 Blood clots kill zoo's ostrich

Ynetnews 4/17/06 Ancient ostrich eggs found in Israel

The Arizona Republic 4/15/06 Early ostrich farming laid egg for butcher

Leader Times 4/12/06 Ostrich on the loose?

Gainesville Times 4/5/06 Authorities surround, capture escaped emu

Blood Horse 4/4/06 Hawthorne Hosts Ostrich Races on Illinois Derby Day

Saigon Times 3/31/06 10 ostrich dishes with a Vietnamese twist

Huron Daily Times 3/30/06 Emu on the loose no more

Colorado Springs Gazette 3/29/06 Do You emu?

Bay City Times 3/29/06 Police chase ostrich loose on Huron County street

The Zimbabwean 3/22/06 Zim to resume ostrich exports

Iran Mania News 3/17/06 Ostrich breeding, promising industry at Qeshm

Sunday News 3/12/06 Longwe Ostrich Project strikes deal

East Valley Tribune 3/10/06 Ostrich Festival kicks off in Chandler

Arizona Republic 3/10/06 It's ostrich racing time

East Valley Tribune 3/10/06 Take a peck at 3-ring ostrich show in Picacho

Houston Home Journal 3/9/06 Errant emu runs down Moody

AlertNet 3/6/06 An ostrich shouts at a commercial farm in Toropovo near Moscow

KTEN 3/5/06 Residents concerned for pets as emu runs amok

Arkansas City Traveler 3/4/06 Good times at an emu ranch

Rocky Mountain News 3/2/06 Emu owners sniff noses at proposed livestock rules

Wetaskiwin Times Advertiser 2/20/06 Using ostrich oil as a health product

AllAfrica.com 2/24/06 What Went Wrong in Ostrich Land?

Concord Monitor 2/13/06 The world is his hunting ground

Nhan Dan 2/13/06 Ostrich riding - new tourist attraction in Vinh Long

INQ7 2/7/06 A love affair with ostrich

PR.com 2/5/06 Ultimate Objects of Desire - Ostrich Egg Lamps Now Online

I-Newswire.com 1/29/06 In addition to the meat and fat, the emu provides two forms of leather.

News Journal 1/19/06 Look, dear, there's an emu in the street

The Capital 1/17/06 Roaming emus find new home in south county

All Africa 1/17/06 Ostrich Farming 'In Turmoil' After Agribank Withdraws Funding

NBC 4 1/16/06 Wandering Emu Gets New Home

WFMY 1/11/06 Trooper Clocks Ostrich Before Truck Hits It

News & Observer 1/11/06 Ostrich meets Ford on foggy morning stroll

NBC6.net 1/9/06 Emu Found In Memphis Back Yard

Sedalia Democrat 1/5/05 Curly Sue the emu killed by dogs

News 24 1/3/06 Ostrich attacks doctor

Discovery Channel 12/29/05 Ostrich Shell Necklace: Paleolithic Must

icCoventry 12/23/05 Emu's the bird on the Christmas menu

Buffalo News 12/20/05 Bateman, ostriches set for 'Scrubs' appearance

Mail and Guardian 12/17/05 Zim suspends ostrich exports after bird flu outbreak

Dispatch 12/14/05 Ostrich’s egg’s-act timing at wedding

Fin24 12/11/05 Ostrich racing fuels Kenya

Business Day 12/9/05 Bird flu attacks Zimbabwe’s ostrich farms

AllAfrica.com 12/8/05 Zim Suspends Ostrich, Poultry Exports

NWI Times 12/3/05 Where in the world is our emu?

The Times 11/29/05 Soup's on at Schoop's after emu runs loose

Indy Star 11/29/05 Police have 'no clue' about runaway ostrich

WFIE-TV 11/26/05 Ind. Police Chase Ostrich for 2 Hours

PR Web 11/25/05 Emu Oil finds Its Place in the Cosmetic Industry

Ashland City Times 11/23/05 Emu oil business grows

SABC News 11/22/05 SA's ostrich export ban lifted after avian flu

The Herald 11/22/05 Processed SA ostrich heads for EU shelves

The Tide 11/20/05 Ostrich smashes car

Reuters 11/18/05 EU lifts bird flu ban on S.Africa ostrich imports

CNN 11/16/05 Thanksgiving delight: Pass the ostrich

Radio New Zealand 11/17/05 Ostrich industry on the way up

Stuff 11/14/05 Ostrich farmer focuses on meat business

Daily Times 11/11/05 Ostrich tramples car in bid for freedom

ABC.net 11/11/05 Call for road to give way to emu

CNN 11/10/05 Ostrich goes on three-hour rampage

Mail & Guardian Online 11/3/05 SA ostrich farmers fear bird flu

Cape Times 10/28/05 Ostrich meat safe to eat and untouched by bird flu virus, say local producers

RIA Novosti 10/28/05 Ostrich farm outside Moscow under quarantine over bird flu threat

The Herald 10/24/05 Back-breaking life that drives the modern farmer to the ‘ostrich’

IranMania News 10/23/05 Ostrich farming in Iran progressing

AlertNet 10/23/05 An ostrich bents his head at Maasai Ostrich farm in Kitengela near Nairobi

Sydney Morning Herald 10/18/05 Feathers fly over who killed a helpless emu

ABC.net.au 10/18/05 Dept investigates emu cruelty claims

Independent Online 10/17/05 EU lifts ban on SA ostrich meat imports

The Advertiser 10/8/05 Emu killed -- savage attack stuns community

The Advertiser 10/8/05 Anger over killing of beloved emu

Providence Journal 10/7/05 Zoo emu put down after contracting EEE

Turn to 10.com 9/30/05 Emu At Zoo Infected with EEE

Stuff 9/23/05 Ostrich farmer has big plans

SABC 9/22/05 Ostrich industry recovering after avian flu

Finance 24 9/14/05 Ostrich export ban lifted

SF Chronicle 8/30/05 Escaped ostrich leads to a gaggle of tourists on Golden Gate Bridge

CNN 8/30/05 Ostrich breaks free on Golden Gate Bridge

FOX News 8/30/05 Big Bird On the Loose

Wisconsin Ag Connection 8/22/05 Alice in Dairyland Visits Local Emu Farm

ABC Science Online 8/16/05 Aboriginal astronomers see emu in sky

State Journal 8/12/05 Emu Dies During Capture at WVU

Star Tribune 8/12/05 Arizona ostrich rancher loses lawsuit against balloonists

Herald Standard 8/9/05 Hopwood family says it saw emu in back yard

AllAfrica.com 8/8/05 MP Questions Local Ostrich Prices

Laconia Citizen 8/5/05 Lost 6-foot emu captured in North Berwick

icWales 8/5/05 Ostrich nest egg cracks as demand for the meat fades

Daily Press 8/2/05 TV shows woo ... the big birds

Arizona Daily Sun 7/24/05 The emu or the egg?

LJ World 7/23/05 The Most Awkward Animal On Earth

The Gazette 7/21/05 Emu jerky? This farm's got it!

BBC 7/21/05 Ostrich eggs hatched in Aga oven

Canadian Jewish News 7/21/05 Zimbabwe-born artist puts ostrich eggs on display

Gulf News 7/15/05 National is preparing to set up country's first ostrich restaurant

The Tribune 7/14/05 Emu eggs dying a slow death

Channel News Asia 7/11/05 Pulau Ubin ostrich taken to Jurong Bird Park

NY Times 7/10/05 Ostrich Leather in South Africa

Sun Star 7/10/05 Ostrich-breeding takes shape in RP

Des Moines Register 7/1/05 Blank Park Zoo's only baby emu to hatch dies at 3 weeks

Billings Outpost 6/30/05 An emu a day tastes delicious on barbie

All Africa 6/19/05 Tough Rules Slow Ostrich Farm

WIS 6/18/05 Swansea residents face off against roaming emu

Anchorage Press 6/16/05 An emu a day

AllAfrica.com 6/16/05 Ceda Sceptical About Ostrich Industry

WFtv.com 6/16/05 Horses, Emu Test Positive For Eastern Equine Encephalitis

Hobart Mercury 6/11/05 Special emu egg not going cheap

Nhan Dan 6/10/05 Ostrich eggshells become artworks, souvenirs

ABC Online 6/7/05 Emu chick cruelty earns fine

Charlotte Observer 5/22/05 Ostriches hatch fun, hopes of prosperity

WNBC 5/19/05 Emu Captured In New Jersey Dies

IranMania News 5/16/05 Belgians to invest in ostrich farming in Iran

Ynet News 5/15/05 Back into the wild

ABC.net.au 5/13/05 Highway work may threaten emu population

Escanaba Daily Press 4/29/05 A smashing success

AllAfrica.com 4/27/05 Ostrich Industry Looks Up

Escanaba Daily Press 4/27/05 Ostrich egg drop takes brain power

Wisconsin Ag Connection 4/26/05 Study: Emu Meat Lower in Fat, Higher in Protein

Fauquier Times-Democrat 4/26/05 Emu farmer turns giant fowl into profits

Victorville Daily Press 4/21/05 Dog pack attacks, kills ostriches

Monroe Times 4/21/05 Janesville library to feature emu display

The Namibian 4/19/05 Ostrich loan hatches N$28 million failure

Durham Herald Sun 4/18/05 Emu proves elusive

WTVD 4/18/05 Emu On The Loose

Payson Roundup 4/12/05 Police, volunteers capture escaped emu on Bonita

KansasCity.com 4/11/05 Man tackles emu

Times of India 4/10/05 Ostrich Vale

Business Report 4/7/05 Ostrich farmers hang on and hope for better days

CBS 4/6/05 Chasing An Emu No Easy Business

China Post 4/6/05 Feathers fly as European ban bites into South African ostrich industry

Business Report 4/6/05 Ban batters booming Ostrich industry

Pioneer Press 4/5/05 Emu leads wild goose chase

WJXX 4/5/05 Video: Police Chase and Wrestle with Emu

Advertiser Adelaide 4/3/05 Battered by an ostrich - man sues

Free Lance-Star 3/31/05 Fauquier County emu farmer finds ways to grow her business

Las Vegas Sun 3/29/05 Judge rules family can keep emus as pets

The Age 3/26/05 Dinosaur tissue confirms links with the ostrich

KATC3 3/21/05 Despite fall of ostrich market, Clinton farm finds success

Japan Today 3/20/05 Emu products catching on

Dateline Alabama 3/20/05 Despite fall of ostrich market, Clinton farm finds success

IndyStar 3/19/05 2 emu mysteries come to a happy end

IndyStar 3/18/05 Elusive emu recaptured in Morgan Co

Hamilton Ravalli Republic 3/17/05 Hamilton emu rancher shares her love for the exotic bird with all comers

IndyStar 3/17/05 A bird in the hand is, well, out of the coop

Herald Sun 3/14/05 Elusive emu killed in crash

Arizona Republic 3/14/05 Ostrich Festival takes thousands for a ride
New Zealand Herald 3/14/05 Ostrich rearing offers a lifeline

Wisconsin Ag Connection 3/14/05 Decorated Emu Egg Contest Planned for May

East Valley Tribune 3/13/05 A time for grease, gewgaws and unity, a time for ostriches

Arizona Republic 3/12/05 Wranglers keep watch on ostriches

Arizona Republic 3/12/05 Raising emus, ostriches is feather in bird lover's cap

Arizona Republic 3/12/05 Ostriches again whoopin' it up

Manila Bulletin 3/11/05 Giant ostrich egg is Easter attraction

East Valley Tribune 3/11/05 The spotlight is on some really big birds this weekend at Chandler Ostrich Festival

Arizona Republic 3/10/05 Silly birds pack punch

KVOA 3/8/05 Tutu the ostrich to visit Phoenix hospital

Arizona Republic 3/7/05 Ostrich? Ostrich? What Ostrich?

Viet Nam News Agency 3/5/05 Ostrich breeding: new economic development direction for farmers

PR Leap 3/2/05 Emu Oil: A Natural Wonder?

Seattle PI 2/25/05 Moxee woman recovers pet emu that vanished last March

Gulf News 2/25/05 Ostrich industry is another feather in the cap for farms

KATC 2/24/05 Monroe Police investigating death of emu

Express Newsline 2/24/05 Emu Oil Homeopathy, Use of Emu Oil in Treatments of Homeopathy

News.com.au 2/22/05 Emu the 'dumbest bird in the world'

Business Report 2/22/05 Ostrich workers get farm stakes

Khaleej Times 2/19/05 Ostrich breeding makes comeback

Sofia News Agency 2/11/05 Fugitive Ostrich Roams Bulgarian Forest

Quay County Sun 2/8/05 Ostrich recipe wins contest

Quay 2/1/05 Ostrich recipe wins contest

Bradenton Herald 1/28/05 Ostrich feed may finally see sales tax

The Ledger 1/28/05 Closing the Ostrich Loophole

Miami Herald 1/26/05 Might Florida sales tax on ostrich feed finally fly?

New Straits Times 1/25/05 Ostrich racing highlight of farm

AllAfrica.com 1/18/05 Ostrich Prices Hinder Performance of Abattoir-Farmers

NC Times 1/17/05 Emu escapes corral and leads CHP officer, ranch hands on a chase down Scott Road

Business Day 1/16/05 Farmer loses more than 1000 ostriches in storm

News 24 1/14/05 Ostrich quarantine lifted in SA

Business Day 1/14/05 Ostrich farmers get green light for restocking

Southern Maryland Online 1/11/05 Calvert Plagued with Australian Emu

WJXX 1/7/05 Ostrich Sighting Sparks Police Search

McCook Gazette 1/7/05 Anybody lose an emu?

Business Report 12/21/04 Ostrich meat back in butcheries - chamber

NorthJersey.com 12/15/04 Four-time runaway emu isn't your average roadside attraction

Chicago Tribune 12/14/04 Ex-emu owner faces trial in release of birds

Capital Journal 12/14/04 Escaped emu finds new home

AllAfrica.com 12/14/04 SA's Ostrich Appetite Doubles As Ban Bites

Channel News Asia 12/13/04 Vietnam set to become major exporter of ostrich meat

AllAfrica.com 12/7/04 New Round of Ostrich Culling

Business Day 12/7/04 New round of ostrich culling

Sun News 12/6/04 Escaped emu caught in Aynor, then dies

Jewish Times 12/3/04 South Africa's Ostrich-Farming Jews

Chicago Tribune 11/30/04 Owner blamed in emu chase

Index Journal 11/29/04 Lander professors turning eggs into art

Commercial Appeal 11/25/04 Emu-tionally involved

Pioneer Press 11/25/04 Police hunt down emus along Forestway Drive

Roanoke Times 11/25/04 Don't invite this bird to Thanksgiving dinner

Republic of Botswana 11/24/04 Botswana ostrich meat in high demand

WLS 11/23/04 Emu on the run in northern suburbs

News-Chronicle 11/20/04 Emus - the farm animal of the future

News-Chronicle 11/20/04 A look at the largest bird in the world

Tribune-Review 11/17/04 'The other red meat'

Ashburton Guardian 11/16/04 Focus on ostriches at finishing day

Emediawire 11/13/04 Need a Unique Gift to Give? Adopt an Emu!

Bladen Journal 11/12/04 Emu finds a home in Ammon

Bladen Journal 11/9/04 Emu possibly on the loose in Ammon area

AllAfrica.com 11/8/04 Ostrich Farming Going Well

Times Reporter 11/7/04 Emu gone wild

The Free Lance-Star 11/4/04 Emu still elusive on battlefield land

SABC News 11/3/04 Eastern Cape ostrich industry gets much needed boost

Sunday Times 11/2/04 Ostrich farmers face financial ruin

SABC News 10/26/04 Ostrich farms disinfection ends today

Sunday Times 10/26/04 Ostrich movement restricted

eMediaWire 10/25/04 Big Bird Gives Beauty a New Look

Washington Post 10/23/04 In Ad Battle, GOP Unleashes Wolves, Democrats Use Ostrich

KRON 10/22/04 Bird dies after being caught in Chicago's south suburbs

WFIE-TV 10/21/04 Ostrich On The Loose In Chicago

Free Lance-Star 10/21/04 Egad, an emu on the lam!

Business Day 10/19/04 'EU ostrich ban not negligence'

Mail & Guardian 10/15/04 No respite for exporters of ostrich products

SABC News 10/14/04 Govt tight-lipped over EU ostrich ban

Business Report 10/13/04 SA ostrich farmers 'to lose R50m a month'

News.com.au 10/13/04 Emu leaves man dead, woman in hospital

The Republican 10/13/04 What's for lunch? How about emu?

ABC.net.au 10/13/04 Police name emu crash victim

Southern Illinoisan 10/9/04 Wild Cats May Be Killing Ostriches

AllAfrica.com 9/30/04 Ostrich Firm Casts Net Wider

Boston Herald 9/23/04 Emu, horse test positive for mosquito-born virus

Times Record 9/23/04 Bees attack, kill emu; keepers more precautious

IOL 9/15/04 Local sales of ostrich meat soar

Republic of Botswana 9/15/04 Abattoir exports ostrich meat to EU

Mail & Guardian 9/10/04 Ostrich industry 'faces collapse'

SABC 9/3/04 Ostrich breeders to be compensated by next Friday

China View 9/3/04 Ostrich, cuttlefish used for bone graft

Business Day 8/31/04 'Bird flu contained on ostrich farms'

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier 8/30/04 Emu oil cures what ails you

Sunday Times 8/25/04 Ostrich culling ends

The Daily Star 8/25/04 Emu arrived at Chittagong Zoo...

Columbia Basin Herald 8/23/04 Here there be emu

AllAfrica.com 8/20/04 November Key for Ostrich Farmers

Business Report 8/18/04 Ostrich cull widens after more deaths

SABC News 8/18/04 Ostrich flu spreads to three more Eastern Cape farms

Business Day 8/17/04 Thousands more ostrich to be culled

IOL 8/17/04 Bird flu spreads through Eastern Cape

Business Report 8/16/04 Local farmers welcome the EU's ruling on ostrich leather

AllAfrica.com 8/15/04 Banned Ostrich Meat Will Flood SA

Brownsville Herald 8/15/04 Escaped emu may be headed toward Brownsville

Business Report 8/15/04 Eastern Cape ostrich farmers count the cost of containing bird virus outbreak

News Observer 8/12/04 Ostrich farmer to fly her birds south

ABC.net.au 8/11/04 Wild dogs may be behind ostrich deaths

Business Report 8/11/04 SA retailers don't expect hiccups in supply of ostrich

IOL 8/10/04 Job fears rise as bird flu hits ostrich farms

SABC News 8/10/04 Producers say ostrich meat safe for consumption

NY Times 8/10/04 Avian Flu Kills 1,500 Ostriches on 2 South Africa Farms

SABC News 8/10/04 Poultry ban could cost R100 million

IHT 8/10/04 South Africa orders steps for containing ostrich flu

Guardian 8/9/04 Bird flu triggers Cape ostrich cull

The Herald 8/8/04 Police seek alleged thief of ostrich suit

BBC 8/7/04 SA bird flu prompts ostrich cull

All Africa 8/6/04 Ostrich Farming Improves Considerably

Botswana Daily News 8/5/04 Ostrich industry registers 43 farms

SciDev 8/4/04 Suspected bird flu hits South African ostrich farms


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