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News Articles about Ostriches and Emus


AllAfrica.com 7/27/04 Communal Ostrich Farming Thrown a Lifeline

The Herald 7/19/04 Weekend of strange sightings turns county into wild kingdom

AllAfrica.com 7/15/04 Ostrich Farmers Demand Exports Levy Cut

Chicago Sun Times 7/5/04 Giraffe, ostrich drown after water main breaks at zoo

Stuff.co.nz 6/29/04 Maf confident kiwi safe from ostrich woes

Straits Times 6/27/04 Feathery offer buries investors deep in sand

New Zealand Herald 6/25/04 Officials keep eye on ostrich parasite

Avon Grove Sun 6/24/04 Jennerville Emu checks out

Daily Record 6/18/04 My Ostriches Will Kill You

Novinite.com 6/15/04 Bulgaria-Bred Ostrich Laid Giant Egg

CBC Edmonton 6/9/04 Emu killer on loose

ic Birmingham.co.uk 6/8/04 Ostrich meat is runaway success

New Zealand Herald 6/7/04 NZ ostrich farmer targets Korea

AllAfrica.com 6/3/04 Ostrich Production Declines

New Zealand Herald 5/28/04 Ostrich farmer pleased at help

St. Augustine Record 5/11/04 Police Report: Runaway emu shocked by Taser, dies

Billings Gazette 5/11/04 Ostrich Tag

News.com.au 5/5/04 Kids slaughter emus in killing spree

Stirling Observer 5/5/04 Tempting ostrich offer at farmers’ market

Seattle Times 5/4/04 Farms' male emu finally embraces fatherhood

Gazette Extra 4/30/04 Farm raises birds of a different feather

ABC.net.au 4/28/04 Emu farm comes back from attack

WTNH 4/20/04 Excitement brewing at Peabody over emu eggs

Arizona Daily Sun 4/19/04 Doney Park doc: Ostriches 'good pets for this area'

Toledo Blade 4/13/04 Toledo Zoo euthanizes ailing ostrich

KWWL 4/10/04 Emu Found In Eastern Iowa

News Daily 4/9/04 Local artist uses drill to sculpt eggs

Guardian 4/8/04 Do female ostrich feathers really make the best dusters?

Monroe Times 4/6/04 Emu egg decorating contest is May 1-9

Xinhua 4/4/04 China becomes largest ostrich raiser in Asia

CBC News 4/1/04 Decorated ostrich beads show symbolic thought: archeologists

Times Dispatch 3/27/04 Hanover looking for emu on the lam

Springfield News 3/26/04 Tax laws allow ostrich depreciation

Capital Journal 3/25/04 Topeka Zoo's last ostrich dies

Miami Herald 3/24/04 Senate against tax-free ostrich feed, mulls end to skybox break

South African Wine 3/22/04 What to drink with your ostrich burger

Hi-Desert Star 3/19/04 Emus make themselves at home with Hi-Desert woman

News-Press 3/19/04 Ostrich-feed tax exemption faces Senate ax

Fremont Tribune 3/16/04 Ostrich races join bulls at 10th Riding Classic

The Star 3/14/04 Ostrich meat takes flight in bird flu-hit Japan

Daily Telegraph 3/12/04 Ostrich industry flies as flu hits

Miami Herald 3/11/04 Ostrich feed tax exemption repeal bill fails committee vote

Xinhua 3/10/04 Painted earthen pot with ostrich design unearthed in Gansu

Pottstown Mercury 3/5/04 Authorities can’t find evasive emu

Manila Times 3/3/04 Big bird

SMH 2/27/04 Emu egg art comes out of its shell

Topeka Capital Journal 2/24/04 Ostrich found dead at Topeka Zoo

Abilene Reporter News 2/22/04 Big Bird Bust

About.com 2/22/04 Jim Belushi at the Ostrich Festival

Times of India 2/19/04 Emu eggs fail to hatch

Moscow Times 2/18/04 Farmer Raises Ostriches as Cash Cows

WRAL 2/12/04 Apex Ostriches Survive Siren Test

IOL 2/11/04 Ostrich farmers feeling the heat

Local6.com 2/10/04 Lawmen Lasso Runaway Ostrich

AllAfrica.com 2/5/04 Ostrindo Says Production Set to Drop

Herald Democrat 1/30/04 Emu rounded up near Whitewright

Chiefland Citizen 1/28/04 New resident raises ostriches, emus

ABC.net.au 1/26/04 Zoo security bolstered after emu killings

WRAL 1/22/04 Apex Ostrich Farmer Sounds Alarm Over Shearon Harris Test

Arizona Republic 1/19/04 Ostriches returning to Chandler festival

Sydney Morning Herald 1/17/04 Emus tire of island life

Daily Chronicle 1/17/04 Kingston couple raises rare herd

Belfast Telegraph 1/8/04 Flap over as missing emu is captured

Naples Daily News 12/31/03 Dumb robbers, nude rangers, crazed emu top 2003 weird news

Times of India 12/31/03 Try this: Emu as year-end grill

Express News 12/31/03 Emus have a limited market

Baltimore Sun 12/30/03 Elusive emu in Eldersburg

WBAL 12/30/03 Emu Captured In Carroll County

KOTV 12/22/03 Emu chase in Tulsa

Stuff 12/11/03 Domestic market offered ostrich meat

SABC 12/5/03 Strong rand hits ostrich farmers

Detroit News 12/2/03 Kuwait sales of emu oil may grow local business

News Journal 12/1/03 Emu finds good home at The Zoo

Daily Star 11/25/03 Stray emu struts into neighborhood

AllAfrica.com 11/18/03 Ostrich Production Says It Can't Pluck Pay Rises From Thin Year

Business Day 11/18/03 Ostrich farmers up for fraud

Borneo Bulletin 11/4/03 Decor from ostrich eggs

Porterville Recorder 10/31/03 Fleeing emu dies after capture

Boston.com 10/30/03 Emu evades pest control workers in 90-minute chase

Press of Atlantic City 10/28/03 Here, emu, emu - yet another loose

Free Lance-Star 10/25/03 Big bird back in coop after flirt with freedom

Times Dispatch 10/23/03 Emu succumbs to food, Mecklenburg deputies

Newsday 10/22/03 Emu finally captured in Woodbine

News10.com 10/22/03 Emu Finally Captured In Woodbine

News10.com 10/22/03 Emu Finally Captured In Woodbine

News Journal 10/18/03 Jogger claims to have seen emu

KYW 10/17/03 Elusive Emu Caught!

Florida Today 10/16/03 300-pound emu on the loose, looking for love in Panhandle

Press of Atlantic City 10/14/03 Wanted: 6-foot Emu lurking in Hamilton Twp.

Daily World 10/14/03 Emu poses traffic hazard

AllAfrica.com 10/3/03 Ostrich Carnage in South

Business Day 10/3/03 SA losing its grip on ostrich farming

Turnto10.com 9/15/03 State Says Bird Died Of EEE

Whyalla News 9/9/03 Emu bashed to death at wildlife sanctuary

Stuff.co.nz 9/5/03 Last chance for ostrich farms

News 8 Austin 9/2/03 Emu farms offer an alternative to agriculture

Fredericksburg.com 8/25/03 Equine disease kills emu in Spotsylvania County

AllAfrica.com 8/20/03 Skyrocketing Costs Hit Ostrich Industry

Oakland Tribune 8/20/03 Emu tries again to strike oil in United States

The Oregonian 8/18/03 Emu oil used to moisturize and heal skin

Daily Press 8/12/03 Ostrich farmer left out of quarantine lift

Gainesville Times 8/10/03 Homeless emu is on the loose in eastern Hall

Stuff.co.nz 8/8/03 Ostrich venture grounded

New Zealand Herald 8/8/03 NZ's second biggest ostrich farm closing

Japan Update 8/8/03 Dacholand is Ostrich Paradise

WNDU 8/7/03 Rescued emu dies

WNDU 8/7/03 Escaped emu runs amuck in South Bend

KnoxStudio.com 8/4/03 Ostrich, emu farmers protest imports

Boone Today 8/4/03 Large animal kills emu, chicken

Santa Cruz Sentinel 7/27/03 Guess who’s coming to dinner?

IOL 7/23/03 They cannot fly - and they may not either

Daily Telegraph 7/11/03 Ostrich farm offers education, tourism

Aftenposten 7/10/03 Crows accused in ostrich deaths

Flyer Group 7/8/03 The 'other red meat' 7-7

Herald Sun 7/4/03 Diner serves emu all the time

Ananova 6/30/03 Cyclists drive ostriches crazy

News Star 6/29/03 Entrepreneur hits it big with emu ointment

Telegraph Herald 6/29/03 Meat, oils and plenty more in the wings

Business Report 6/25/03 Ostrich gets another feather in its cap

Glasgow Herald 6/23/03 Marathon win triggers race to buy emu oil

Greensburg Daily News Local emu farmers

Ananova 6/19/03 Police take ten hours to track down 40mph ostrich

The Pilot 6/14/03 Ostrich Longs for Killed Mate

US News 6/9/03 Pass the kangaroo

Washington Post 6/8/03 Touched by an Emu

Press Democrat 6/6/03 Emu barbecue halted at county animal shelter

News Journal 6/6/03 Judge rules against ex-ostrich owner's claim of foul dog play

Mountain Democrat 6/5/03 Emu likes downtown walks

WCPO 6/3/03 Hamilton County Family Gets Emu Capture On Tape

BBC 5/31/03 Giant pet bird recaptured

Eastern Daily Press 5/30/03 Missing ostrich cornered in cornfield

Republic of Botswana 5/20/03 Lucrative ostrich farming constrained by lack of funds

Daily Press 5/19/03 Emu: The sad, sorry tale of a big bird that wasn't

New Zealand Herald 5/14/03 Ostrich on offer in Piako

Tri-Valley Herald 5/13/03 Pleasanton, water boards fight Happy Valley homes

The Tennessean 5/5/03 Students experience miracle of life through emu-hatching project

Ananova 5/3/03 Fugitive ostrich captured by Swedish farmers

San Bernardino Sun 4/30/03 Newcastle menaces Ostrich farmers' livelihood

KESQ 4/29/03 Ostrich on the loose

Wisconsin AG Connection 4/28/03 Wisconsin Joins in National Emu Celebration

Liverpool Echo 4/21/03 Egg-static!

Idaho Statesman 4/20/03 A desert drive takes you to Owyhee’s Oasis of History

Channel News Asia 4/18/03 Ostrich eggs help to bring some Easter cheer to SARS-hit Hong Kong

Daily Record 4/16/03 Dead emu's owner sought

Star Ledger 4/15/03 Big bird meets its maker on Rt. 80

Daily Record 4/15/03 Emus and ostriches helped Radcliffe fly to marathon record

Pocono Record 4/11/03 Family presses search for missing emu

The Union 4/5/03 Emus find fans in Nevada County

Business Day 3/31/03 Russia sticks neck out for ostrich meat

Sify News 3/15/03 Emu breeding becoming a major industry

The Ledger 3/15/03 The Ostrich-Food Caper

Japan Update 3/14/03 Dacholand is Ostrich Paradise

AllAfrica.com 3/14/03 Ostrich Production Down

BBC 3/9/03 Ostriches 'flirt with farmers'

Utusan Online 3/9/03 Malaysians encouraged to eat ostrich meat

BBC 3/9/03 Emu sprint raises cash for charity

Ananova 3/7/03 Ostriches are aroused by humans

Nevada City Union 2/26/03 Emu loose in Grass Valley

Arizona Daily Sun 2/22/03 Ostrich festival will lack its main attraction

Washington Times 2/13/03 Ostrich farmers hatch successful business plan

Corpus Christi Caller 2/8/03 A place to go when nobody wants you

Daily Bulletin 2/8/03 Ostriches, geese and donkeys, oh my

The Times 1/28/03 Future brighter for Hamilton ostriches

Leaf Chronicle 1/24/03 Ostrich flees from attackers, police bribe her to come home

ABC 1/21/03 Woman strangles ostrich after attack

WPVI 1/13/03 Accused Ostrich Killer in Court

Scotsman.com 1/5/03 The bird bonanza that never took off

North County Times 12/30/02  Emu caught in church parking lot

The Charlotte Sun-Herald 12/24/02 Emu, come home!

NJ.com 12/15/02 Ostrich businesses struggling

The Trentonian 12/15/02 Caretaker charged in ostrich deaths

Dunn Daily Record 12/13/02 Meadow Emu Missing Again

WPVI 12/11/02 Ruling in Ostrich Deaths

Philly.com 12/11/02 Ostriches found dead in N.J.; officials suspect dehydration

NJ Times 12/10/02 Hamilton probing deaths of ostriches

Shropshire Star 12/6/02 Teacher hides as ostrich stalks her yard

South Bend Tribune 12/6/02 Captured emu finds a home

Lansing State Journal 12/4/02 Trio of escaped emu eludes capture

UPI 12/3/02 South Africa whets global ostrich appetite

Nature 12/2/02 Fifteenth-century ostrich egg found

Daily Journal 11/28/02 Owner: Goat put emu on the run

UPI 11/25/02 South Africa whets global ostrich appetite

SABC 11/12/02 Ostrich strike takes toll on SA's export market

West Central Tribune 11/11/02 Thorpes hope to convert Kandiyohi County ostrich farm to zoo

Boston Channel 11/7/02 Cops Collar Escaped Emu

All Africa 11/6/02 Cabinet to Decide On Ostrich Firm

Sunday Times 11/3/02 Ostrich exports set to take wing next year

Kansan.com 10/30/02 Emu: the other red meat

All Africa 10/24/02 Ostrich Producers Shrug Off Challenges

All Africa 10/24/02 Ostrich Complaints to Be Aired On Friday

Daily Telegraph 10/21/02 Ostriches headline unique Tazewell festival

Paris Beacon 10/14/02 Ostrich farm draws tourists

Norwich Bulletin 10/10/02 By a neck, ostrich is spared

Kemerer Gazette 10/10/02 A rancher and her unusual animals

New Scientist 10/4/02 Amorous ostriches scoop Ig Nobel prize

Telegraph 10/4/02 Arcane ostrich study wins prize for tedium

All Africa 9/26/02 High Feeds Cost Impact On Ostrich Production

ABC News 9/23/02 Emu cull considered as birds head south

ABC.net.au 9/20/02 Emu numbers escalate in South Australia

The Independent 9/17/02 Doorly Emu's death blamed on West Nile virus

CJ Online 9/3/02 Emu dies in Manhattan zoo

Golden Gate Gazette 8/27/02 Two birds of a feather

12 News 8/21/02 Ostrich Festival Update

Science Daily 8/15/02 Ostrich Study Confirms Bird "Hands" Unlike Those Of Dinosaurs

Everglades Echo 8/13/02 Awesome is the ostrich

Press Republican 8/8/02 Elusive emu finally caught in Peru

Ananova 8/7/02 Speciality foods surge in popularity

Dallas County News 8/1/02 Bouton man dies after minivan hits emu

Florida Times Union 7/30/02 Emus loose in Florida since market for their meat vanished

Western Morning News 7/30/02 Ostrich Attacks Wildlife Park Boss

Naples Daily News 7/24/02 Okaloosa deputy kills emu that harassed dogs with 5 shots

Ananova 7/10/02 Couple shocked by ostrich in middle of Norway

WKYC 7/2/02 Four-foot tall emu spotted in Erie County

Morning Journal 7/2/02 Wanted: Emu on the loose

News Press 6/19/02 Ostrich fest cancelled; relay delayed

Journal Now 5/12/02 Emu on the loose in Asheville

Africa Online 5/8/02 Kenya: Lions invade farm, kill 36 ostriches

Ananova 5/7/02 Lions rampage through ostrich farm

Macon Telegraph 5/1/02 Georgia farm event focuses on emu

Denver Channel 4/24/02 Ostrich Rancher Sentenced For Growing Pot

Redding.com 4/4/02 Nasty emu teaches hunter turkey trot

Tampa Tribune 4/1/02 Ostrich Farm Going To Dogs

St. Petersburg Times 3/24/02 Ostrich market fails to take off

Times Daily 3/16/02 Wandering emu, hungry deer spotted

Ananova 3/15/02 Escaped emu causes havoc after pregnant donkey bite

Laurinburg Exchange 3/15/02 Emus teach lessons about life

Sign on San Diego 3/13/02 Escaped emu's bid for freedom ends after 3 days

Pahrump Valley Times 3/8/02 Fugitive ostrich rancher back in Pahrump jail

Verde Valley News 3/7/02 Rimrock Ostrich Farm offers 'eggsellent' fun

Star Democrat 2/28/02 Emu with penchant for escape shot after it endangers drivers

News Journal 2/24/02 Ostrich rescue tough chore for firefighters

Financial Gazette 2/21/02 Ostrich farmers to register with govt

Gulf News 2/17/02 Ostrich chick makes history

Taipei Times 2/13/02 Ostrich farmers are the kings of Carnival

All Africa 1/17/02 SPCA Urges Quick Action for Thousands of Starving Cookhouse Ostriches

News 24 1/17/02 Ostriches starve to death

Ananova 1/8/02 Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob have ostrich for Christmas

Holland Sentinel 12/29/01 Wild year for animals in the area

The Herald 12/15/01 Warrant issued for owner of emus

The Times 11/10/01 When ostriches ruled the Earth

KP News 11/8/01 Ostrich farmer puts his neck on the line

St. Petersburg Times 10/17/01 Emu dies after being hit by car

Milwaukee Journal 9/26/01 Runaway pet emu dies after capture attempt

Financial Gazette 9/20/01 Ostrich meat processors expect sales to soar

Financial Gazette 9/13/01 Ostrich farmer loses $3m chicks to fire

Detroit News 9/8/01 Animal trainer captures runaway emu

Detroit Free Press 9/7/01 Wayward emu may be a runaway

South Bend Tribune 9/3/01 Farmer finds ostriches make unique livestock

Detroit Free Press 8/20/01 On-the-loose ostrich is shot, killed by officer

Holland Sentinel 8/19/01 Runaway ostrich shot and killed

NJ Online 8/18/01 Animal control officer shoots dead loose Ostrich; three others captured

Las Vegas Review 8/13/01 Ostriches at home on range

Sun News 7/23/01 Fast flock tickles former trucker's fancy

The Cabin 7/19/01 Woman reports dog is attacked by emu

Financial Gazette 7/12/01 War vets defy order to leave ostrich farm

New Jersey Online 6/28/01 Ostrich farmer gets feather in his cap

Scotsman 6/17/01 Ostrich farmers suffer fallout from FMD

Financial Gazette 6/7/01 Investor abandons US$11m ostrich project

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/27/01 Ostriches omnipresent for Newport teacher

BBC 5/17/01 Emu 'in the line of fire'

Statesman Journal 5/7/01 Lost emu raises ruckus

Ananova 5/7/01 German ostriches may have mad cow disease

CSM 4/25/01 "The other red meat" at 40 m.p.h

Western Producers 4/12/01 Ostrich breeders blame feed for sick birds

The Australian 4/5/01 Emu and ostrich meat exports take wing

Ananova 4/4/01 Emu and ostrich farmers overwhelmed by European demand

Daily Telegraph 3/29/01 Biggest emu farm fails to get off ground

Archeology 3/29/01 Good Egg

Bloomberg 3/19/01 Europe Shuns Local Meat to Dine on Ostrich, Shrimp and Kangaroo

Jacksonville.com 3/14/01 Officer cleared of wrongdoing in New year's loose emu shooting

Meat and Poultry 2/16/01 American Ostrich Association Will Establish Standards

MSNBC 2/15/01 Ostrich steals investors’ nest egg

Farm Bureau 2/5/01 Rancher touts relative ease of raising emus

Rutland Herald 1/24/01 Vermont Farm Show puts a spotlight on emu egg

Japan Times 1/19/01 Town's bid to make a name by ostriches yet to take off

Michigan Live 1/3/01 EMU hit-and-run remains unsolved

BizJournal 12/29/00 Restaurant tries to launch ostrich

Just Style 12/20/00 Two Ostrich Tanneries To Open In New Year

Rocky Mountain News 12/20/00 Emu eggshells offer grassland clues

Detroit News 12/14/00 Ranchers hope emu oil catches on with consumers

CNN 12/4/00 Butcher looks past beef in wake of mad cow

New Jersey Online 12/3/00 An egg turns tool and die maker into emu rancher

The Guardian 11/27/00 Aussies take ostrich approach to eco threat

New Zealand Herald Online 11/13/00 Export success as ostrich industry spreads wings

The Guardian 11/12/00 Emu goes into mystery decline

CNN 11/10/00 New EU health rule won't apply to South African ostrich industry until May

Xtra 11/10/00 NZ Ostrich On European Tables

Farm Index 11/8/00 Ostrich exports arrive in Netherlands

News Gazette 11/2/00 2 vets say capturing emu would not be easy

Detroit News 11/2/00 Ostriches, emus run wild in Antrim County

Ananova 11/1/00 Ostrich breeding scam money launderer is jailed

Nebraska Journal Star 10/29/00 Ostrich breeders making headway

Record Eagle 10/26/00 Ostrich, emu escapes plague Antrim County residents

New Zealand Herald 10/23/00 Ostrich meat off to Europe

Farm Index 10/23/00 First export ostrich shipment from South Island

CSM 10/19/00 From ostrich to false teeth: Chile's new exports

St. Petersburg Times 10/12/00 Emu returns to the man she loves

All Africa 9/27/00 Zimbabwe Faces EU Ostrich Ban Over Disease

Post Crescent 9/27/00 Mother-and-sons operate ostrich, honey farms under one roof

All Africa 9/20/00 Kenyan Vaccine Breakthrough

All Africa 9/12/00 Peace of Mind Is Chips With Your Ostrich

All Africa 9/8/00 Botswana to Export Ostrich Meat to Europe

Michigan Live 9/5/00 Emu causes road closure

Daily Star 8/21/00 Emus and snakes and goats, Oh my!

Detroit News 8/18/00 Emus lose status as family pets

Cleveland.com 7/28/00 Couple’s ostrich-farm sideline a highlight at craft-music fest

Salon 4/19/00 Dreambirds

BBC 3/27/00 Ostrich 'con' woman guilty

BBC 3/14/00 Ostrich 'sting' hit investors

BBC 12/31/99 Millennium prompts ostrich boom

BBC Emu eggshells improve sex drive

BBC 12/28/97 Woman dies after being attacked by ostrich


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