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News Articles about Napster


CBS News 4/29/02 Digital Music Protection Plan Fizzles

ZDNet 4/24/02 Kazaa's CEO: Make file-swapping legit

Salon 4/23/02 Musician to Napster judge: Let my music go

NY Times 4/22/02 If Bertelsmann Wed Napster, It Could Sue Itself, and More

NY Times 4/17/02 Music Services Aren't Napster, but the Industry Still Cries Foul

Cnet 4/16/02 Radio giant to offer music downloads

BBC 4/12/02 Napster lays off more staff

New Zealand Herald 4/12/02 Napster lays off 30 staff

Hollywood Reporter 4/11/02 Napster lays off 30 more employees

BBC 4/10/02 File-swapping firm pays up $1m

CNN 4/9/02 Bertelsmann goes after all of Napster 4/8/02 Napster goes legit

Guardian 4/6/02 Bertelsmann to take over Napster

Independent 4/6/02 Bertelsmann offers to take over Napster

BBC 4/5/02 Bertelsmann 'steps up' Napster bid

Business Week 4/1/02 The Sound at Napster: Tick, Tick, Tick...

San Francisco Chronicle 3/28/02 Infighting stalls reported Napster sale 3/28/02 Napster: "Time is on our side" 3/28/02 Napster and Record Labels Still Slugging It Out

BBC 3/27/02 Napster delayed despite legal win

Ananova 3/27/02 Judge orders record labels to turn over documents to Napster 3/27/02 Record industry scuppers Napster relaunch

San Francisco Chronicle 3/26/02 Shutdown of Napster upheld

BBC 3/26/02 Napster must stay shut down

Seattle PI 3/26/02 Appellate-court ruling extends Napster closure

USA Today 3/25/02 Appeals court: Napster can't resume free service

Business Journal 3/25/02 Online music services sound better on paper

San Francisco Chronicle 3/25/02 Court keeps Napster in copyright quandary

ZDNet 3/18/02 Goodbye Napster, hello Morpheus

San Francisco Chronicle 3/14/02 Morpheus software morphing

Cnet 3/13/02 Morpheus seeks new role in music biz

Business Week 3/12/02 Why Napster Won't Get Its Groove Back

Globe and Mail 3/8/02 File-trading networks swap accusations

Bay Insider 3/7/02 New Bill Would Restrict Copying of Music Onto CDs

NY Times 3/7/02 You Listen, You Pay: Post-Napster Music Services

Dallas Morning News 3/7/02 Nightmarish week plagues Morpheus 3/6/02 Record label copyright proof due in Napster case

ZDNet 3/5/02 Judge puts file swappers in hot seat

Wired 3/4/02 Jury to Hear File-Trading Case

ZDNet 2/28/02 Morpheus looks to Gnutella for help

Detroit News 2/28/02 Grammy president urges fans to stop downloading music illegally

BBC 2/28/02 Grammys boss warns of 'digital danger'

CNN 2/26/02 Judge grants Napster time to probe record firms

BBC 2/26/02 Piracy blamed for CD sales slump 2/25/02 Napster Judge Sings an Antitrust Tune

CD Now 2/25/02 Napster Gets More Time; Judge Denies Summary Judgement

BBC 2/23/02 Judge grants Napster respite

Sky News 2/23/02 Napster Copyright 'Victory'

USA Today 2/21/02 No better than Napster

Business Week 2/21/02 Napster's Sons: Singing a Different Tune?

USA Today 2/20/02 Napster settlement taking a long time to download

Cnet 2/19/02 No olive branch for Napster

New York Times 2/18/02 Record Labels' Answer to Napster Still Has Artists Feeling Bypassed

ZDNet 2/12/02 Australian owner gives Kazaa a facelift

PC Magazine 2/9/02 Pragmatic Peer-To-Peer

Telegraph 2/8/02 Internet film rentals alarm Hollywood

Business Week 2/6/02 ReplayTV Is Not Another Napster

Computer User 2/4/02 Napster case: is judge turning tables on labels?

The Register 1/31/02 Judge drops Napster bombshell

AppleLinks 1/31/02 Is Napster Quitting Too Soon?

Cnet 1/31/02 Labels dodge scrutiny in Napster case

BBC 1/28/02 Music downloads go step further

Modesto Bee 1/27/02 Online music services struggle to compete with free download sites

CMJ 1/26/02 Napster In A Beta Mode

dMusic 1/24/02 The Boy Scouts & Napster

USA Today 1/24/02 Judge puts Napster case on hold

BBC 1/24/02 Napster wins time to settle

Rolling Stone 1/22/02 The Digital Beat
New Zealand Herald 1/22/02 Two cheers for new Napster and its fees

Guardian 1/21/02 Follow the Napster users

Cnet 1/17/02 Popular file-trader halts software downloads

Cnet 1/17/02 CD creator burns copy-protection efforts

Financial Times 1/14/02 Fanning gears up for Napster relaunch

ninemsn 1/14/02 Damn the Lawsuits! Investing in Peer-To-Peer Forges On

Financial Times 1/13/02 Napster's renegade founder set to go legitimate

Seattle PI 1/11/02 Changed Napster takes a crack at subscriptions

BBC 1/10/02 Napster tests legal song-swap service

USA Today 1/10/02 Slimmed-down Napster going back online

Ananova 1/10/02 Napster set to begin testing its subscription service

BBC 1/10/02 Napster set to relaunch

BBC 1/8/02 Napster demands music access

CNet 1/7/02 Napster CEO seeks Congress' help

CBS News 1/7/02 Napster says 'close' to content deals

ZDNet 1/7/02 More turbulence ahead for digital music

Cnet 1/2/02 Commentary: P2P has three heads

New Zealand Herald 1/2/02 Napster CEO shares his New Year's resolutions

Cnet 12/31/01 Peer to peer: As the revolution recedes

New York Times 12/31/01 Online Piracy Fight: Next Up, Consumers

Yahoo News 12/28/01 U.S. CD prices slashed as Napster blues play on

ZDNet 12/26/01 New features planned for file swappers

Cnet 12/21/01 Music fans pan subscription services

Cnet 12/20/01 Kazaa plays on despite threat of fines

ZDNet 12/19/01 Cyberlaw: Future's pretty fuzzy

BBC 12/19/01 Online music service Pressplay launches 12/15/01 Clear Channel dials into online music

BBC 12/10/01 Napster's next step in court

Ad Age 12/10/01 Super Scooter Seeks Agency For Late 2002

Bay Insider 12/10/01 Human Transporter Debuts at SF City Hall With Willie Brown

Business Times 12/3/01 Napster signs on Matador Records

Tornado Insider 12/3/01 KaZaA Struggles to Survive

New Zealand Herald 12/2/01 Judge orders halt to use of Napster-like software

Casa Grande 12/1/01 Music labels push forward with CDs that can't be copied

Ananova 11/30/01 Judge orders Dutch music site to stem flow of copyrighted songs

BBC 11/29/01 Website silenced over DVD secrets

ZDNet 11/26/01 Music industry sounds awful

ZDNet 11/22/01 Napster clones under attack by NMPA

San Francisco Chronicle 11/21/01 Publishers sue Napster copycats

Cnet 11/20/01 Music publishers file new copyright suit

BBC 11/14/01 Henley case may boost Napster

Biz Report 11/13/01 Napster Bumped Off Lycos 50 List After 88 Weeks

CNN 11/9/01 Napstering SonicBlue

BBC 11/9/01 Musicians win web royalties fight

San Francisco Chronicle 11/8/01 MP3 lawyer defends Napster clone

Washington Post 11/8/01 Uncle Sam Wants Napster!

Ananova 11/8/01 Free speech group to help defend 'new Napster'

ZDNet 11/7/01 File-swappers fight back

Cnet 11/6/01 Napster's keeper makes big Net bet
ZDNet 11/6/01 Napster owner's upstream struggle

BBC 11/6/01 Major licensing deal for Napster

ZDNet 11/1/01 Ring tones spark digital copyright battle

USA Today 11/1/01 Protecting intellectual property

ZDNet 10/31/01 Napster inspires Intel to change IT systems

Ananova 10/30/01 Napster's return delayed until 2002

BBC 10/30/01 Napster 'to re-launch in 2002'

BBC 10/29/01 File-swapping 'halves' in Europe

Business Week 10/26/01 Bertlesmann Has Napster Stuck in Its Head

Wired 10/26/01 Napster Gets Help

Biz Report 10/26/01 Napster Receives Third Cash Heap From Bertelsmann

BBC 10/25/01 Napster cuts jobs to survive

Fox News 10/25/01 Cartoon Renews Napster Debate

Cnet 10/24/01 Napster issues first round of layoffs

Cnet 10/23/01 Bertelsmann licenses Napster technology platform

Modesto Bee 10/23/01 New CEO named at post-Napster site MusicNet

CSM 10/22/01 In Napster-less world, plenty of other options

ABC News 10/22/01 A Smarter Searcher

USA Today 10/19/01 Music site to let demand dictate song prices

ZDNet 10/19/01 Music firms still don't get it

Post Gazette 10/18/01 Napster dispute could become a stalemate

ABC Online 10/17/01 Music industry's Napster assault backfires

Rolling Stone 10/16/01 Napster's on the other side of the online music smackdown

BBC 10/16/01 Download sites face more scrutiny

New Zealand Herald 10/16/01 Green light for the sons of Napster

BBC 10/15/01 EU 'threat' over download sites

CNN 10/11/01 After Napster: Boys will be file-swappers

BBC 10/11/01 Napster wins reprieve

San Francisco 10/11/01 Napster defense tries antitrust tactic

BBC 10/10/01 Napster 'successors' emerge

BBC 10/10/01 Crunch day for Napster

CNN 10/9/01 It's not just for Napster

BBC 10/9/01 Landmark online music deal reached

Cnet 10/8/01 Music services take song-swappers' cue

BBC 10/8/01 Copyright ruling due for Napster

Cnet 10/8/01 Napster, music industry return to court

CNN 10/7/01 Recording, movie industries sue Napster progeny

BBC 10/4/01 Post-Napster sites face industry wrath

BBC 10/1/01 Record labels 'fight' download plan

CNN 9/28/01 Napster may relaunch soon

CNN 9/27/01 Sony: Downbeat for a new online music battle

Cnet 9/26/01 Napster's cost of living--$100 million

BBC 9/25/01 Napster set for comeback

Cnet 9/24/01 Napster inks settlement, deal with publishers

Wired 9/24/01 Napster Settles, Eyes Relaunch

ZDNet 9/21/01 Napster clones face financial woes

Milwaukee Journal 9/21/01 Napster Hires Ex-Netscape Exec.

Biz Report 9/19/01 Napster Names Ex-Netscape VP To Engineering Post

Newsbytes 9/17/01 Napster, Music Industry Continue Volley Of Legal Briefs

Billboard 9/17/01 Napster Seeks To Deny RIAA Ruling

Cnet 9/14/01 Napster opposes copyright trial's end

ZDNet 9/14/01 The Napster legacy could be a problem

Cnet 9/14/01 New MusicNet service to launch in "weeks"

ZDNet 9/7/01 Copy-protected CDs spark lawsuit

Wired 9/7/01 Napster's New Tune: Pay Labels

Cnet 9/6/01 Music downloading rises in August, topping Napster

BBC 9/4/01 Stealth war against CD piracy

Globe and Mail 9/3/01 Napster is dead. Long live Morpheus

Computer User 9/2/01 The children of Napster

BBC 8/30/01 Online download site to launch

Ananova 8/30/01 Napster rival nears deal with indie labels

ZDNet 8/23/01 Pirated music battle spreads overseas

Cnet 8/22/01 New Napster online by end of 2001

Ananova 8/22/01 New-look Napster will launch by end of the year

BBC 8/22/01 Napster set to return

Wired 8/22/01 Subscriptions Coming to Napster

Cnet 8/21/01 CD shipments drop despite Napster's fall

Puget Sound Business Journal 8/20/01 Internet copyright law resembles the Wild West

Sunday Times 8/19/01 Peter Gabriel aims at Napster gap

Pollstar 8/15/01 A Fate Worse Than Napster

BBC 8/15/01 Digital music's security flaws exposed

BBC 8/13/01 South Korean 'Napster' under pressure

Newsbytes 8/13/01 Napster Dies As Record Sales Dip: A Coincidence?

Seattle PI 8/11/01 Independent label accuses Napster of infringement

ZDNet 8/10/01 UK music-swapping service bites at Napster's heels

IDG 8/9/01 RIAA seeks summary ruling against Napster

ZDNet 8/9/01 Napster rips court's technical advice

Houston Chronicle 8/9/01 Record industry pushes to hear sounds of Napster paying up

ZDNet 8/9/01 Record Giants Seek Summary Judgement Against Napster

Newsbytes 8/8/01 Napster To Charge Around $5 A Month - Report

Cnet 8/7/01 Record labels plan copy-proof CDs in post-Napster age

San Francisco Chronicle 8/6/01 Did Napster help boost record sales?

ZDNet 8/6/01 Australia says ONYA! Napster

San Francisco Chronicle 8/5/01 Did Napster help boost record sales

Biz Report 8/3/01 Napster Displays P2P's Impact On Intellectual Capital

ZDNet 8/3/01 New Bill Aims To Smooth Music Downloads

Business Week 8/1/01 The Grown-Up In Charge of Napster

After Dawn 7/29/01 RIAA wants to settle with Napster

Houston Chronicle 7/27/01 Hunt is on for alternatives to Napster

Cnet 7/27/01 New file-trading services expose kids to porn-report

BBC 7/24/01 New boss for Napster

ZDNet 7/24/01 Napster appoints new CEO

Cnet 7/23/01 Napster to name new CEO

Cnet 7/23/01 Net music in a post-Napster world
Seattle Times 7/22/01 How to download music within legal boundaries

Houston Chronicle 7/21/01 Shackled Napster clears waters for new bounty of buccaneers

St. Petersburg Times 7/21/01 Napster -- Pandora's box for music

Cnet 7/21/01 The week in review: Net music harmony?

BBC 7/19/01 Napster can go back online

BBC 7/18/01 Napster counts on latest technology

Zdnet 7/16/01 How to keep sharing MP3s while Napster faces the music

San Francisco Chronicle 7/16/01 Finding the next Napster Music-sharing's murky future

Salon 7/16/01 Why can't Johnny respect copyrights?

CNN 7/16/01 Napster fans find lively alternative

BBC 7/13/01 Napster settles Metallica lawsuit

The Register 7/13/01 Napster bends over and takes it from Metallica

E!Online 7/12/01 Napster Makes Up with Dre, Metallica

Seattle PI 7/12/01 Metallica Settles With Napster

BBC 7/12/01 Napster shutdown extended

Cnet 7/11/01 Napster must stay offline

ZDNet 7/10/01 Music industry heeds lessons of Napster

Cnet 7/7/01 The week in review: Out of service

BBC 7/6/01 Napster takes a week out

Orlando Sentinel 7/6/01 Napster still blacked out

ZDNet 7/6/01 Looking for the next Napster

BBC 7/3/01 Napster forced to shut down

Cnet 7/3/01 Napster keeps music on pause

BBC 7/3/01 Aimster sued by film studios
ZDNet 7/2/01 Napster pauses music transfers

Seattle Times 6/30/01 Warning: This Napster music may be a snooze

San Francisco Chronicle 6/29/01 Napster deploys upgrade New version irritates users

Cnet 6/29/01 Napster upgrade clips some clones

ZDNet 6/29/01 Napster cuts off old software

CNN 6/28/01 Napster users lose that sharing feeling

ZDNet 6/28/01 Napster upgrade makes music scarce

San Francisco Chronicle 6/27/01 Napster adds European indies to roster of licensed music

Jam! 6/27/01 Independent record labels in Britain join with Napster

BBC 6/26/01 Napster signs deal with indie labels

CNN 6/26/01 Napster signs up European artists

BBC 6/25/01 New court setback for Napster

Cnet 6/25/01 Publishers purge files following court ruling

San Francisco Chronicle 6/24/01 Aimster fills void left by Napster

Cnet 6/22/01 Napster lifts some song-swapping limits

Chart Attack 6/21/01 Beastie Boys’ Label Pens Deal With Napster

Orlando Sentinel 6/20/01 Album sales test the Napster effect

Cnet 6/20/01 RealNetworks pushes copyright initiative

Fortune 6/19/01 Don't Call Them Napster

Cnet 6/19/01 Networks promise unfettered file swapping

LLRX 6/15/01 Preventing Content from Being Napsterized

BBC 6/15/01 US surge in internet music downloads

US News 6/12/01 Napster pays to play

Wired 6/11/01 Farewell Free Downloads

Spokesman Review 6/11/01 Napster battle leaves many parents in the middle of an ethics quandary

Seattle Times 6/8/01 Loudeye picked for Napster deal

CNN 6/7/01 Report: Napster file sharing down 90 percent

E!Online 6/7/01 Napster Goes Legit

BBC 6/7/01 Rival knocks Napster deal

The Register 6/6/01 Napster signs away its soul

BBC 6/6/01 Napster signs deal with music industry

BBC 6/5/01 Napster to 'sign' with record companies

BBC 6/5/01 Music chiefs consider 'life after Napster'

Cnet 6/5/01 Napster to sell major labels' music

Bloomberg 6/4/01 AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo Attract Most Internet Use 6/1/01 Napster to face the music in court while users leave site

San Francisco Chronicle 5/31/01 Firm sues Napster over old radio shows

ZDNet 5/31/01 Napster hit with new copyright charges

New Zealand Herald 5/30/01 Napster prepares to charge for music

Houston Chronicle 5/30/01 Napster wants music publishers as allies

Jam! 5/30/01 Napster rival snapped up by Bertelsmann

ZDNet 5/29/01 Gnutella keeps growing--and growing

Business Times 5/25/01 Copyrights fall victim to Internet's love of anarchy

BBC 5/25/01 Music giants sue Aimster

The Standard 5/24/01 Aimster Gets the Napster Treatment

Cnet 5/24/01 Record albums spin past Napster filters

USA Today 5/23/01 Despite troubles, there's still hope for Napster

The Standard 5/22/01 Aimster to Appeal Panel Decision on Domain Name

Tennessean 5/19/01 Pride songs land on Napster

BBC 5/18/01 Digital music firms' copyright fears 5/17/01 Congress to see new Internet music sales network

Cnet 5/16/01 Wanted: Testers for paid Napster service

ZDNet 5/16/01 Napster seeks testers for paid service

Ananova 5/15/01 Napster recruiting users to test new copyright-friendly service

Rocky Mountain News 5/14/01 Gnutella is among Napster copycats

Cnet 5/14/01 "Spyware" piggybacks on Napster rivals

ZDnet 5/14/01 Napster clones spy on their P2P users

Wired 5/11/01 File Tracker May Go Too Far

ZDNet 5/11/01 Aimster's privacy claim challenged

Cnet 5/10/01 CD-burning company faces patent lawsuit

Wired 5/10/01 Songbird: Big Huff, Small Puff

BBC 5/9/01 Napster fingerprints its songs

ZDNet 5/9/01 Songbird targets Napster users

The Register 5/8/01 Napster adds audio fingerprint filter code

ZDNet 5/8/01 Napster crackdown drives away fans

CNN 5/7/01 Napster in talks with Microsoft on secure Web

ZDNet 5/7/01 Is the recording industry too greedy?

Wired 5/5/01 Napster Hits Back

ZDNet 5/4/01 Napster talks with Microsoft for new platform

Globe and Mail 5/3/01 Napster use down 41 per cent
Cnet 5/2/01 Aimster sounds off in Napster's wake

New Jersey Online 5/2/01 Napster use down since song blocking began

Toronto Sun 5/2/01 Napster problem solved?

ZDnet 5/1/01 Do the Napster math

Mass High Tech 4/30/01 Napster wins big at e-biz awards 4/30/01 'Napster' technology threatens server security

ZDNet 4/30/01 Napster filters clean house

CNN 4/30/01 Napster apologizes to users for 'overblocking'

Seattle Times 4/28/01 Napster still open for downloading

San Francisco Chronicle 4/28/01 Users say overblocking killing Napster

USA Today 4/27/01 Napster judge seeks help from appeals court

BBC 4/26/01 Napster use slumps after court order

ZDNet 4/25/01 Napster rival's fate unknown

Jam! 4/25/01 37 million Americans have downloaded songs: Study

Augusta Chronicle 4/25/01 Even when it's legal, digital music isn't easy

ZD Net 4/24/01 Napster rival switches to ad-based client

BBC 4/21/01 Napster turns to digital fingerprints

Orlando Sentinel 4/15/01 Universities' technology puts Napster in slow lane 4/13/01 Napster Has 7% Drop in Visitors After Blocking Songs

E!Online 4/11/01 Napster: Is the End Near?

BBC 4/11/01 Judge threatens to close Napster

Cnet 4/10/01 Napster buys music-search maker Gigabeat
Alabama Live 4/10/01 Napster's efforts at blocking copyrighted songs called 'disgraceful' by judge

Cnet 4/9/01 Napster faces double trouble in court

Cnet 4/7/01 The week in review: Blame Napster

Globe and Mail 4/6/01 Canada tops world in Napster use

Cnet 4/6/01 Napster alternatives start blocking songs

USA Today 4/6/01 Napster tries to shut down filter-dodging site

The Guardian 4/6/01 Yahoo! joins team to combat Napster

The Register 4/5/01 Napster's heinous crime: independence

Cnet 4/4/01 Napster fans unfazed by filters

Telegraph 4/4/01 Virtual heavies target Napster

BBC 4/3/01 Napster boss calls for net license

BBC 4/3/01 Music industry to wrangle over Napster

CNet 4/2/01 Online music post-Napster

E!Online 3/31/01 Unauthorized DMB Crashes into Napster

Salon 3/30/01 Who needs Napster when you have Windows?

Media Guardian 3/29/01 Napster battle goes back to court

San Francisco Chronicle 3/29/01 Making Music Together

USA Today 3/29/01 Country CD to be Napster resistant

BBC 3/29/01 Metallica join new Napster attack

CNN 3/28/01 Napster not complying: industry

BBC 3/28/01 Record industry attacks Napster filter

InfoWorld 3/28/01 RIAA blasts Napster for violating court order

Salon 3/27/01 Who is spying on your downloads?

Cnet 3/26/01 Napster asks fans to join D.C. caravan

ZDNet 3/26/01 Napster leads march on Washington

IHT 3/26/01 Backlash Awaits Napster-Bashing Record Industry

BBC 3/24/01 Song blocking hits Napster usage

PC World 3/23/01 Napster to Court: Labels Are Overzealous

BBC 3/22/01 Napster faces new legal challenge

Salon 3/20/01 The next Napster?

Vnunet 3/19/01 Napster traffic drops by half

San Francisco Chronicle 3/16/01 Number of Napster Songs Drops 60%

New Jersey Online 3/15/01 Napster says it's obeying court order

USA Today 3/15/01 Napster asks court to clarify order

San Francisco Chronicle 3/15/01 Napster Misses Deadline to Block Popular Songs

BBC 3/14/01 Napster ally sets new deadline

CNN 3/14/01 Rock star applauds restraints on Napster

E!Online 3/14/01 Napster Deadline Looms, Song-Swapping Continues

The Louisville Channel 3/14/01 Napster-Like Sites Satisfy Users' Musical Cravings 3/14/01 Facing The Music

CBS News 3/13/01 Napster Partners Up

USA Today 3/13/01 Napster enlists music database to block tunes

ZDNet 3/13/01 Gracenote hears Napster's call for help

BBC 3/13/01 Napster deflects blame for delays

New Jersey Online 3/12/01 Napster's song blocking update

BBC 3/12/01 Napster in damages talks

BBC 3/12/01 Coders prepare son of Napster

ZDNet 3/11/01 Napster: Court deadline approaches

New Zealand Herald 3/10/01 Napster and music labels meet with mediator

BBC 3/10/01 Record labels pressure Napster

US News 3/10/01 A race to replace Napster

New Jersey Online 3/9/01 Recording industry to send 135,000 song names to Napster

CNN 3/9/01 Napster alternatives continue Internet music sharing

Europe Media 3/9/01 Legal version of Napster on the way

Computer User 3/8/01 Latest Napster ruling unlikely to end music swaps soon

ZDNet 3/8/01 Music execs want Congress to back off of Napster debate

BBC 3/8/01 AOL could sign up with Napster

ZDNet 3/8/01 Record labels to Napster: We're making a list

Wired 3/8/01 Emusic Loves Napster's Sad Song

The Register 3/7/01 Aimster tells Napster file filter to 'pig off'

BBC 3/7/01 Napster sued by Grammys

E!Online 3/6/01 Napster's 72-Hour Ultimatum

BBC 3/6/01 Napster given 72-hour deadline

USA Today 3/6/01 Napster given 3 days to block songs

USA Today 3/6/01 Napster's free music fading away

BBC 3/5/01 Napster starts blocking songs

Globe and Mail 3/5/01 Napster clone may set up shop offshore

BBC 3/5/01 Business as usual for Napster

USA Today 3/5/01 There's little evidence Napster is blocking tunes

Wired 3/5/01 Napster Still a Swap Shop

Bergen Record 3/5/01 Filter a no-show on Napster

Lubbock Online 3/4/01 Napster users anxiously await screening technology on Web

San Francisco Chronicle 3/4/01 Napster Heirs Vie For Fans

BBC 3/2/01 Napster may be saved by filter

Wired 3/2/01 Napster to Start Filtering Songs

USA Today 3/2/01 Napster set to block copyrighted tunes

CNN 3/2/01 Napster to start screening copyrighted material

BBC 3/2/01 Half of Napster fans would pay fees

Cnet 3/2/01 Napster to voluntarily halt song trades

Wired 3/2/01 Napster Clone's Curious Terms

E!Online 3/2/01 Napster Offers to Block Copyrighted Music

Cnet 3/1/01 Court could issue Napster shutdown order Friday

ZDNet 3/1/01 Napster effect: Blank CD sales soar

Wired 2/27/01 Napster Knock-Offs a No-Go

Cnet 2/27/01 Vivendi CEO not in sync with Bertelsmann-Napster deal

Cnet 2/27/01 Roy Orbison becomes elusive on Napster

Wired 2/27/01 RIAA Goes Right at Napster

The Register 2/26/01 Napster alternative: hack people's hard drives

BBC 2/26/01 Napster blamed for CD singles slump

ZDNet 2/26/01 Napster requests hearing before full Appeals Court

Cnet 2/25/01 Napster requests hearing before full appeals court

BBC 2/24/01 Napster clones under threat

Wired 2/23/01 Napster's Billion Dollar Blues

USA Today 2/22/01 Music labels: Napster offer too little, too late

Wired 2/22/01 Labels to Napster: Download This

Cnet 2/21/01 Record labels scoff at Napster's $1 billion plan

E!Online 2/20/01 Napster to Labels: Let's Make a Deal

InfoWorld 2/19/01 Mediator Appointed in Napster Case

Cnet 2/17/01 The week in review: Napster's days are numbered

Jam! 2/16/01 Napster to limit ability to burn CDs

CNN 2/15/01 Senate to hold hearings over Napster ruling

San Francisco Chronicle 2/15/01 Utah Senator Wants Hearing On Napster Case

BBC 2/15/01 Police investigate Belgian Napster fans

BBC 2/13/01 Napster: A musician's view

BBC 2/13/01 Napster rivals celebrate ruling

New York Daily News 2/13/01 Napster Alive, But Time Is Running Out

ZDNet 2/13/01 Napster's subscription Holy Grail fading

Seattle Times 2/13/01 Napster must halt swapping of songs

Wired 2/12/01 Napster Faces Shutdown

Bay Area 2/12/01 Appeals court deals Napster a fresh blow

BBC 2/12/01 Court blow to Napster

E!Online 2/12/01 Appeals Court Ends Napster's Free-for-All

ZDNet 2/12/01 Napster Handed Defeat In Ruling

TechWeb 2/12/01 Napster Barred From Dealing Copyrighted Songs

USA Today 2/12/01 Napster handed major setback by appeals court
BBC 2/12/01 Napster awaits court ruling

CNN 2/11/01 Napster: Another judgment day

BBC 2/11/01 Napster fans rush to download

BBC 2/10/01 Anxious weekend for Napster

Bloomberg 2/10/01 Napster Ruling in Copyright Music Case Due on Monday

Cnet 2/9/01 Fans rush to Napster ahead of court ruling

Salon 2/9/01 The Napster parasites

Iron Minds 2/5/01 Napster, Version 2.0

Washington Post 2/2/01 Has Napster's Replacement Arrived?

ZDNet 2/1/01 Napster gains powerful ally

San Francisco Chronicle 1/30/01 Exec Says Napster to Charge Fee

USA Today 1/30/01 Napster to charge monthly fee

UK Guardian 1/30/01 Napster to charge online song swappers

UK Independent 1/30/01 Bertelsmann to introduce Napster subscription fees by middle of year

Variety 1/29/01 TVT Records Settles Lawsuits with Napster

BBC 1/29/01 Napster confirms membership charge

ZDNet 1/28/01 Napster and friends under fire! 1/27/01 Napster Grows; Paid Sites Suffer

Cnet 1/26/01 Battle lines harden over Net copyright

News Factor 1/26/01 Major Indie Label Drops Napster Lawsuit

San Francisco 1/26/01 Wheels of justice are grinding slowly in the Napster case

Music3w 1/25/01 Napster Never Sleeps

BBC 1/25/01 Napster agrees deal with indie giant

The Register 1/25/01 TVT record label drops Napster lawsuit

ZDNet 1/24/01 You can't stop the music (piracy)

PC World 1/23/01 Cashing In on Digital Music

Seattle PI 1/23/01 IBM develops a system to legally swap digital music

The Register 1/23/01 Napster on lots of PCs, claims stealth-research firm

ZDNet 1/23/01 IBM touts new Napster-proof music locks

Cnet 1/23/01 Commentary: Blow dealt to Net-based file sharing

BBC 1/22/01 Music piracy 'threatens industry'

MP3Newswire 1/22/01 60,000 Artists Hit Napster with Class-Action Suit

Clickz 1/22/01 Attack of the Napster Clones

ZDNet 1/22/01 IBM touts new Napster-proof music locks

The Register 1/22/01 IBM targets post-Napster music biz

San Francisco Chronicle 1/18/01 Call to Expand Napster

BBC 1/17/01 Napster deal puts more music on net

E!Online 1/16/01 Dave Matthews Band's Napster Jam

The Register 1/15/01 Feds find pro-Napster hacker

Business 2.0 1/15/01 Fight Napster with price cuts

Washington Post 1/14/01 Pro-Napster Campaign Earns Teen Hacker An FBI File

Rolling Stone 1/12/01 Dave Matthews Does Napster

Cnet 1/12/01 Dave Matthews Band releases single on Napster

Daily Herald 1/12/01 BYU blocks Napster

Biz Journals 1/12/01 Napster sells songs

Lycos News 1/11/01 Vivendi Universal sees no early settlement with Napster

ZDNet 1/11/01 Napster upgrade features link to sell CDs

Cnet 1/10/01 Policy-makers scrutinize online-music stalemate

The Register 1/9/01 Napster and co. violate copyright, users admit

NY Rock 1/9/01 Twenty Copyright Groups File Amicus Brief in Napster Case

ZDNet 1/8/01 Download the New Napster Today?

E!Online 1/4/01 Napster, Shmapster: 'N Sync Rules Record Y2K

Variety 1/3/01 Napster Nabs New Teuton Tie With Edel

The Guardian 1/3/01 Napster masters harmony with leading indie label

Cnet 1/2/01 Napster, Bertelsmann draw indie label to new service

ZDNet 1/2/01 Napster sells out, but fans singing a different tune

Mercury Center 12/31/00 Napster CEO faces challenging new year

San Francisco Chronicle 12/30/00 Napster Sues Firm for Trademark Violations

USA Today 12/30/00 Napster sues e-tailer for logo theft

CBS 12/30/00 Napster files trademark violation suit

Seattle PI 12/29/00 Unlike its predecessor, Aimster aims to make cash

Cnet 12/29/00 Napster back in court over cat trademark

ZDNet 12/28/00 Tech group takes on Net music piracy

ZDnet 12/27/00 Napster easier to use with software update

PC World 12/26/00 Are Hollywood and the Net on a Collision Course?

CNet 12/26/00 Napster updates software as court case looms

San Francisco Chronicle 12/24/00 Napster Sends Record Industry Spinning

The Scotsman 12/20/00 Nazi fears on Napster

Infoworld 12/20/00 Bertelsmann and Napster address Nazi charges

CNN 12/19/00 Aimster file-sharing targets Yahoo!, Microsoft

Cnet 12/15/00 Band posts songs as apology for Napster ban

ZDnet 12/14/00 Scour sold at bankruptcy auction

Wired 12/14/00 Med Records Get Cue From Napster

Financial Times 12/13/00 CenterSpan wins bidding war for 'Napster with movies'

Applelinks 12/12/00 Canadians The Most Prolific Music Downloaders

ZDNet 12/12/00 Raging against the Napster ban

Newsbytes 12/12/00 Lyrics site takes steps to avoid Napster woes

Cnet 12/11/00 Record company prepares to sell copy-protected CDs

VH1 12/11/00 Rage Over Online Machine

E!Online 12/8/00 Rage Against Napster. Rage Apologizes

ZDNet 12/8/00 Band joins fan rage against Napster

CNN 12/8/00 Napster adds some political muscle

Cnet 12/7/00 Bidding war for Scour heats up

Allstar 12/7/00 Rage Against The Machine Apologizes For Napster Ban

Cnet 12/7/00 Napster snags Senate committee chief counsel

New Zealand Herald 12/7/00 File sharing goes on after Napster

Newsbytes 12/6/00  Napster Awaits A Revolutionary Idea

PC World 12/4/00 Napster Goes to the Movies?

Washington Post 12/1/00 EMusic Turns Up Heat On Napster Users

San Francisco Chronicle 11/28/00  Music producer says Napster accord fosters infringemen

ZDNet 11/28/00 TalkBack Central: Napster -- what difference does it make?

Red Herring 11/28/00 Don't mess with Messier

Salon 11/27/00 Is Napster hurting record sales?

The Register 11/27/00 Rich rock stars launch anti-Napster campaign

Cnet 11/27/00 Record producer sues over Napster alliance

BBC 11/27/00 Stars fight music-swap sites

Ananova 11/27/00 British songwriters join Napster controversy

Wired 11/25/00 The Napster Master Plan

Jam!Showbiz 11/25/00 Net tool hits a Scour note

MP3 Newswire 11/22/00 EMusic Goes After Napster

BBC 11/22/00 Cuckoos in Napster's net

San Francisco Chronicle 11/22/00 Program Hunts Users Of Napster

The Standard 11/22/00 If You Use Napster, You're Being Watched

ZDNet 11/21/00 Swap this! EMusic takes on Napster

Cnet 11/21/00 EMusic software to block Napster members

ZDNet 11/20/00 Napster users need better arguments

Red Herring 11/20/00 Brand Gnu day

PC World 11/16/00 Napster, Bertelsmann Say: 'Don't Fight Us, Join Us'

ZDNet 11/16/00 Napster has some catching up to do

Internet News 11/15/00 Scour To Axe File-Sharing, Goes On Block

ZDNet 11/15/00 Napster co-founder seeks new fortune

BBC 11/15/00 strikes Universal deal

ZD Net 11/14/00, Universal settle for $53.4M

Rolling Stone 11/14/00 BMG Deal Will Suck the Fun Out of Napster

ZD Net 11/13/00 Beating Napster at its own game?

LJ World 11/12/00 Napster could expect tech-friendly jury pool

Sun Herald 11/12/00 Napster bugs user, music labels, too

Wired 11/10/00 Napster Outlasting Opponents

The Standard 11/10/00 Brave New Napster

New Zealand Herald 11/10/00 Napster's demise costs industry

Cnet 11/9/00 Can Napster and Bertelsmann make sweet music together?

The Register 11/7/00 Napster told to say 'Sorry, Metallica'

UK Telegraph 11/7/00 Bertelsmann executives quit after Napster deal

NW Fusion 11/6/00 A big cat neatly nabs Napster

KC Star 11/6/00 Napster deal brings harmony to music business

Business Week 11/6/00 Napster: Tune In, Turn On, Pay Up

Cnet 11/6/00 RIAA chief asks Napster to apologize to Metallica

Newsbytes 11/6/00 Napster's Digital Diplomat

Applelinks 11/6/00 Gnutella A Possible Successor To Napster Gone Legit

ZDNet 11/6/00 Reinventing Napster: free vs fee

Publishers Weekly 11/5/00 Bookster? Napster Gets Down with Bertelsmann

Cnet 11/4/00 The week in review: Pay to play Napster?

Cnet 11/4/00 Universal won't join Napster pact

Cnet 11/3/00 ASCAP open to deal with Napster

The Guardian 11/3/00 Napster competitors hope to clean up

Newsbytes 11/2/00 Napster Fans Angered By Deal

Cnet 11/2/00 Rock band, university may have stake in Napster

San Francisco Chronicle 11/2/00 Napster Will Pay to Play

ZDNet 11/2/00 Napster investors stand to prosper

ZDNet 10/31/00 'New Napster' Won't Be Free

ZDNet 10/31/00 RIAA still going after Napster

BBC 10/31/00 Napster in Bertelsmann deal

ZDNet 10/31/00 BMG and Napster Tie the Knot

ZDNet 10/30/00 Napster not the problem, RIAA not the enemy

Computerworld 10/30/00 Napster Helps Notes Creator Find Groove

The Register 10/29/00 Is Groove the new Napster?

Economic Times 10/29/00 This 'legal Napster' keeps everyone happy

CBS 10/28/00 Hollywood takes cue from Napster

ZDNet 10/27/00 The Second Coming of Napster

BBC 10/26/00 Napster bites the Spice Girls

CNN 10/25/00 Napster debuts Mac option

Cnet 10/25/00 Napster opens doors to Mac owners 10/24/00 A Napster for Law Firms

ZDNet 10/23/00 MP3 'fathers' understand Napster mania

Sacramento Bee 10/23/00 Researchers say they defeated schemes to protect digital music

The Register 10/23/00 Universal tests Napster-style music service

ZDNet 10/23/00 Napster users to RIAA -- there's no stopping us now

The Register 10/23/00 Senator Hatch's Napster Epiphany

PC World 10/23/00 The Napster Knockoffs: Are Their Tunes Different?

ZDnet 10/22/00 MP3 'fathers' understand Napster mania

ZDNet 10/21/00 Musicians praise, bash Napster

CNN 10/20/00 Anatomy of a risky deal 10/20/00 Some techies down on Napster defense

The Guardian 10/19/00 P2P - is it pirate to pirate?

ECompany 10/19/00 A New Attempt to Out-Napster Napster

Internet News 10/19/00 to Pay Up to $30 Million in Settlement

Applelinks 10/18/00 A Legal Napster Substitute?

Wired 10/18/00 Digital Music's Battle Royal(ty)

The Register 10/18/00 Bush & Gore on Napster: compromise but pay up?

BBC 10/18/00 How to produce pirate-proof pop

CNet 10/17/00 Presidential candidates drawn into Napster debate

Excite 10/17/00 Bush, Clinton sound off on Napster

San Francisco Chronicle 10/17/00 Same U.S. Judge to Preside In Next Two Napster Cases

Wired 10/17/00 Gnutella Development Gnotted

CNet 10/16/00 Judge dismisses MP3Board's suit against RIAA

Florida Times 10/16/00 UGa ready to monitor traffic on Internet

The Standard 10/16/00 Napster's Marketing VP Resigns

Cnet 10/16/00 Napster to fight Dr. Dre, Metallica in San Francisco

The Register 10/16/00 New radio software: the legal Napster?

BBC 10/12/00 We're legal, says Napster rival

ZDNet 10/12/00 Dave Stewart says let Napster rock on

Salon 10/12/00 Keep Napster fun -- shut it down!

BBC 10/11/00 Napster gives artists 'control'

ZDNet 10/11/00 RIAA is the greedy middleman

Cnet 10/11/00 Napster alternative touts encrypted service

AfterDawn 10/10/00 Looking good for Napster for a change

ZDNet 10/9/00 Napster is a pirate ship

Wired 10/9/00 Webcaster Goes Intellectual

Afterdawn 10/8/00 EarthLink -- Napster's life-line?

ZDNet 10/7/00 Coop's Scoop: More Napster

DotMusic 10/6/00 Napster Stats Revealed

ZDNet 10/6/00 Covert Napster clone to arrive for Christmas

ZDNet 10/6/00 Covert Napster clone under wraps

ZDNet 10/5/00 Napster fastest growing app ever

Cnet 10/5/00 Napster among fastest-growing Net technologies

ZDNet 10/4/00 Napster wouldn't compromise 10/4/00 What happens if Napster loses?

Wired 10/4/00 Congress Isn't Napster's Cavalry

Wired 10/4/00 Coble: Napster Gets No Help

LJWorld 10/3/00 Napster, recording industry back in court

BBC 10/3/00 Breathing space for Napster

Wired 10/2/00 Napster Copies 'Sony' Defense

E!Online 10/2/00 Napster in Court: A Little Song-Swapping Never Hurt Anyone

Financial Times 10/2/00 Napster strives to settle case

Techweb 10/2/00 Napster Decision Put On Pause

BBC 10/2/00 Why Napster could be a tragedy for the net

Wired 10/2/00 Napster CEO Gets Intellectual 

Techweb 10/2/00 Napster Seeks To Fend Off Industry Appeal

Wired 9/30/00 Study: Napster Use Isn't Stealing

Fox News 9/29/00 launches 'Million E-mail March' 9/28/00 Napster Furor Boosts Music Sites

Wired 9/27/00 Webcasters Caught in RIAA Web

San Francisco Chronicle 9/26/00 Napster Saves Fans From a Life of Crime

BBC 9/26/00 Net reversal for Offspring 9/26/00 Napster Appeals Judges Chosen in Music-Industry Case

Wired 9/23/00 What Time is It? Lobby Time

ZDNet 9/22/00 Universities refuse to ban Napster

Tech Web 9/22/00 Online Payments Take A Cue From Napster

Post Gazette 9/22/00 Penn State says it won't block Napster

Wired 9/22/00 Pirates Invade Book Publishing

BBC 9/19/00 Digital rights and wrongs

CNN 9/19/00 Piracy to hurt music firms?

Wired 9/18/00 Is Orrin Hatch a Napster Fan?

The Guardian 9/18/00 Net takes safety away from CDs

Internet News 9/15/00 Napster Tries Partnering

Wired 9/15/00 Save Our Napster!

Cnet 9/14/00 File-swapping Aimster to tap into ICQ, Napster 9/14/00 Napster takes off the gloves

Cnet 9/13/00 Napster takes last stab at record industry arguments

Zdnet 9/13/00 Can the Betamax save Napster?

Wired 9/13/00 Napster Goes on the Offensive

Zdnet 9/13/00 Napster case makes strange bedfellows

Cnet 9/12/00 The Smashing Pumpkins takes music directly to Napster fans

Zdnet 9/11/00 Napster Humming On Office Computers

ZDNet 9/11/00 Napster use triples since February

Financial Times 9/10/00 Napster continues defense

The Register 9/9/00 White House sticks its nose in Napster appeal

Bloomberg 9/9/00 Napster Could Be Liable for Infringement

Zdnet 9/8/00 White House enters the Napster fray

Cnet 9/8/00 Metallica, Dr. Dre urge colleges to cut Napster access

Cnet 9/8/00 U.S. sides with RIAA against Napster

Zdnet 9/8/00 Motion picture industry says Napster promotes theft

Cnet 9/7/00 Napster backs away from

Cnet 9/7/00 Well-scrubbed business plan not enough for Scour

Daily Southtown 9/6/00 Internet swapping spreads

Wired 9/6/00 MP3.Com Must Pay the Piper 9/5/00 Post Napster it's protect and survive 9/4/00 Aimster, Intel Do Lunch Over Napster-Like Device

ZDnet 9/3/00 Napster Effect May Extend Beyond Music

Cnet 9/3/00 Napster-like service lays off two-thirds of staff

Linux World 9/2/00 Napster and DeCSS: Is it about free speech or free stuff?

Infoworld 9/2/00 IT faces tech choices in wake of Napster

Red Herring 9/1/00 Anti-Napster Software is on the Rise

Cnet 8/31/00 New file-swapping program nears 1 million users 8/31/00 Napster and the Convergence Blender

dotmusic 8/31/00 Napster Returns Fire

BBC 8/31/00 Napster ban for students

ZDNet 8/30/00 Napster case scheduled for early October

Motley Fool 8/29/00 Napster Suspected in Wal-Mart Robberies

MacCentral 8/29/00 Napster case to start October 2

Wired 8/29/00 Despite Napster, CDs Booming

ZDNet 8/28/00 Napster isn't affecting CD sales

TechWeb 8/28/00 Tech Groups Flame Judge's Napster Ruling

NWFusion 8/28/00 Industry groups object to Napster ruling

Wired News 8/28/00 More Napster-Friendly Briefs

Desseret News 8/27/00 Turn on, tune in and download

LJWorld 8/27/00 Law profs back Napster claim

Guardian Unlimited 8/26/00 Game-swap teenage pioneer feels the Napster effect

Wired 8/26/00 Napster's Favorite Lobbyist

ZDNet 8/26/00 Tech groups bash anti-Napster ruling

Wired News 8/25/00 Napster's New Friends

ZDNet 8/25/00 Digital music groups bash Napster ruling

Wired 8/24/00 Intel Says: Think Like Napster

CBS News 8/23/00 Is Scour the next Napster?

ZDNet 8/21/00 Intel and Napster? What a silly idea

PC World 8/21/00 Who's the Next Napster?

ZDNet 8/21/00 Startup to spread Gnutella

Milwaukee Journal 8/21/00 Web waves washing away copyright foundations

ZDNet 8/21/00 Napster Wants Case Thrown Out

Financial Times 8/21/00 Napster steps up fight

CBS 8/19/00 Napster calls for end of injunction

ZDNet 8/18/00 Napster: Throw out the case!

Infoworld 8/18/00 Napsterization will mean boon times for musicians at every Ramada Inn

ZDnet 8/18/00 Guilty over Napster swaps? Click here

The Advocate 8/18/00 Court sets precedents in Napster rulings

Cnet 8/18/00 Napster pleads with court for survival

ZDnet 8/18/00 Burn a CD, go to prison?

The Register 8/17/00 Pro-Napster hacker claims 60 site scalps

MacCentral 8/17/00 Napster fans hack Web sites

ZDNet 8/16/00 Napster advocate hacks dozens of sites 

PC World 8/16/00 Napster's Next Round

Wired 8/15/00 Music Subscriptions Get Real

Cnet 8/10/00 AOL pulls MP3 service, finds messaging Napsterized

Cnet 8/10/00 Gnutella girds against spam attacks

Cnet 8/9/00 AOL Instant Messenger gets Napsterized

Wired 8/9/00 Napster Cloner Seeks Job

Wired 8/8/00 File Trading Takes AIM at AOL

Cnet 8/7/00 Napster foe Lars Ulrich takes label online

Cnet 8/4/00 Napster traffic figures raise new questions

Wired 8/4/00 Napster: A Love Story

CNN 8/2/00 Napster? We all infringe!

San Francisco Chronicle 8/1/00 Napster Traffic Booming

Cnet 8/1/00 Legal experts see one course for Napster: litigation

Cnet 8/1/00 EMusic, Napster in talks for possible collaboration

Wired 7/31/00 Multimedia 'Napster' Awaits Fate

Red Herring 7/31/00 Napster gets last-minute reprieve

ZDNet 7/31/00 You can still share MP3's

ZDNet 7/31/00 Legal battles boost Napster to No. 1

Cnet 7/31/00 Napster popularity boosts gadget demand

ZDNet 7/31/00 eMusic Napster Looking to Hook Up

Cnet 7/31/00 Court order creates new fans for Napster

Mercury News 7/30/00 CDs hearing competitors from all sides

ZDnet 7/30/00 Napster battle may backfire on RIAA

Wired 7/29/00 Get Your Music Mojo Working

Wired 7/29/00 Napster: Not Just For the Music

Cnet 7/28/00 Napster fans frantically download tunes

Wired 7/28/00 Napster Users Seek Boycott

MSNBC 7/28/00 Napster wins emergency stay

Wired 7/28/00 The Napster Fallout

Cnet 7/28/00 Court grants stay of Napster injunction

Cnet 7/28/00 Thousands of Napster fans pledge CD boycott

Wired 7/28/00 Napster's 'No Offense' Defense

Cnet 7/28/00 Napster asks fans to purchase CDs

San Francisco Chronicle 7/27/00 Napster Users Will Look to Other Technologies

Wired 7/27/00 Napster Still an Open Issue

ZDNet 7/27/00 Napster alternatives booming

Red Herring 7/27/00 Court date a disaster for Napster

Wired 7/27/00 Napster's File-Trading No More

San Francisco Chronicle 7/27/00 Napster Must Halt Music Swapping

San Francisco 7/27/00 Napster's technology appears destined to revolutionize e-commerce

Cnet 7/27/00 Napster seeks injunction appeal

Wired 7/27/00 Napster: Down for the Count

ZDNet 7/27/00 Hackers ream RIAA over Napster

ZDNET 7/26/00 Is Napster Being Two Faced?

Red Herring 7/26/00 Judge orders Napster to shut down

ZDNet 7/26/00 Insiders say order won't stop swaps

Cnet 7/26/00 Judge issues injunction against Napster

San Francisco Chronicle 7/26/00 Napster Hearing

ZDNet 7/26/00 Napster's Proprietary Outlook

The Standard 7/26/00 Napster Stalled in Its Tracks

ZDNet 7/25/00 Napster is ready for anything

The Standard 7/24/00 Why Labels Should Love Napster

ZDNet 7/24/00 The Napster Mirage

Wired 7/12/00 Listen Up: Napster Is Infringing

Wired 7/7/00 The Great Napster Hope 

Wired 6/29/00 Napster Fight Goes to the People

Wired 6/15/00 Napster's Good? Bad? Er, What...?

Wired 6/14/00 Napster: Music's Friend or Foe?

Red Herring 6/14/00 RIAA goes for Napster's throat

Cnet 6/13/00 RIAA asks judge to pull all major-label songs off Napster

Wired 6/9/00 New School of Thought on Piracy

Wired 5/24/00 Napster Gets a Hearing

Wired 5/23/00 Napster Not a Liquid Asset?

Wired 5/22/00 Big Money Feast for Napster

Salon 5/20/00 Tracks of Freedom

Cnet 5/17/00 Thousands of Napster fans appeal Metallica ban

ZDNet 5/16/00 Digital music anarchy

Cnet 5/16/00 Napster says 30,000 Metallica fans appeal ban

Salon 5/16/00 Napster fans to Metallica: Prove it!

Wired 5/15/00 Napster Backlash Has Begun

Cnet 5/15/00 Survey: College students willing to pay Napster fees

Wired 5/11/00 Shut-Out Napster Users Get In

ZDNet  5/11/00 All Hail Napster

Salon 5/10/00 Napster throws Metallica a curveball

Wired 5/10/00 Napster Users Get the Boot

Cnet 5/10/00 Napster blocks Metallica fans; Dr. Dre takes names

Court TV 5/9/00 Napster set back in copyright lawsuit by music industry

Salon 5/9/00 Metallica, how could you?

Cnet 5/9/00 Napster boots 317,377 members from service

Wired 5/8/00 Napster's 'Safe Harbor' Sinks

Cnet 5/8/00 Napster to face trial on music piracy claims

Hoosier Times 5/4/00 Metallica demands Napster cut off users

Salon 5/3/00 RIAA 1, Napster 0

Cnet 5/3/00 Napster may block hundreds of thousands of fans

San Francisco Chronicle 5/3/00 Napster of Puppets

Cnet 5/1/00 Metallica fingers 335,435 Napster users

Red Herring 4/28/00 "We're not pulling a Napster"

Salon 4/24/00 Hail, Metallica!

Wired 4/21/00 Napster Spat Pits Fans vs. Bands

Cnet 4/20/00 Napster undeterred by musician's demands

Salon 4/18/00 Napster backlash

Cnet 4/18/00 Napster dealt copyright rap by Dr. Dre

Wired 4/13/00 Metallica Rips Napster

Cnet 4/13/00 Napster, universities sued by Metallica

Cnet 4/11/00 Napster suit tests new copyright law

San Francisco Chronicle 4/6/00 Napsterizing How free music will change the planet

Wired 4/5/00 Gene Research, Meet Napster

Wired 4/4/00 Napster Copies Move Forward

Salon 3/24/00 Artists to Napster: Drop dead!

Cnet 3/23/00 University to lift Napster ban

Wired 3/15/00 Open-Source 'Napster' Shut Down

Cnet 3/14/00 AOL's Nullsoft creates software for swapping MP3s

Red Herring 3/10/00 Napster grows up

Wired 3/8/00 Alternative Net Protects Pirates

Cnet 3/2/00 Students fight Napster bans

ZDNet 2/29/00 Napster has Net music all shook up

Wired 2/17/00 'Save Our Napster,' Say Students

Wired 2/10/00 Time for a Napster Rest?

Salon 2/4/00 The Napster files

Cnet 1/20/00 Schools crack down on Net music software Napster


Cnet 12/7/99 Recording industry sues music start-up, cites black market


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