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Hollywood Reporter 6/2/13 Napster Co-Founder Sean Parker Marries (Photo)

Entertainment Weekly 10/4/11 Rhapsody buys Napster, 2004 buys 1999

Hollywood Reporter 10/3/11 Napster to Merge With Rhapsody

USA Today 6/22/09 Napster creator tears down walls for social gaming

LA Times 9/16/08 Best Buy to acquire Napster for $121 million

Silicon Alley Insider 4/25/08 Napster-Hating Metallica Drummer: Free Music's Not So Bad

FOX Business 4/3/08 Napster to Deliver Record Revenues of $127 Million in Fiscal 2008

The Register 3/14/08 O2 signs up with Napster

Cnet 2/29/08 Artists to music labels: Where's our Napster money?

CNN 2/11/08 Movers Roundup: LifePoint, Napster

CNN 2/4/08 Napster and Ericsson Launch Mobile Music Service With Entel PCS in Chile

CNN 1/28/08 Napster and Ericsson Roll-Out New Mobile Music Service for Telecom Italia -- Italy's Largest Telecom Group

Fox Business 1/7/08 Napster to Rock MP3s

The Consumerist 12/31/07 Canceling Napster Takes 30 Minutes On The Phone

CNN 12/10/07 Napster CFO Nad Gangwani to retire

CNN 12/5/07 Napster Launches New Music Discovery and Listening Channel

Reuters 11/19/07 AT&T to launch 1st Napster Mobile phone this holiday season

Slashdot 11/2/07 Napster - Music Subscriptions Are Overrated

Dallas Morning News 10/23/07 AT&T to offer Napster music service

CMJ 10/18/07 Napster Now Download-Free

CNN 10/16/07 Napster Debuts Web-Based Subscription Service, Delivering Digital Music Anytime, Anywhere

Web Pro News 10/12/07 Napster Founder's Snocap Melts

CMJ 9/12/07 Napster Still Around, No Longer Free

Forbes 9/4/07 Bertelsmann's Napster Ghost Begins To Fade

Hollywood Reporter 9/1/07 BMG settles Napster infringement case


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