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News Articles about Napster 


CNN 8/16/07 Maxfield to Bundle Napster To Go With New Flagship MP3 Player

PC Advisor 8/6/07 HP and Napster join forces in music giveaway

dBusiness 8/6/07 Christopher Allen Named Napster's Chief Operating Officer

NMA 7/27/07 Napster to offer free seven day trial

DM Asia 7/23/07 Napster joins platform

CNN 7/16/07 Napster Over-The-Air Music Subscription Service Now Available

Seeking Alpha 7/11/07 The Key to Realizing Napster's Value

PC World 5/24/07 Napster: Future of music downloads is over the air

MSN 5/17/07 Ahead of the Bell: Napster

Dot Music 5/17/07 Napster loss widens

York Dispatch 5/9/07 Penn State turns to Ruckus for online music, dumping Napster

Dot Music 4/20/07 Circuit City, Napster to offer joint music service

P2Pnet 4/17/07 When Napster was Napster

Webwire 4/5/07 Napster achieves number one market share in on demand music subscriptions

TMCnet 3/28/07 AT&T, Napster Team on Song Downloads

Hollywood Reporter 3/16/07 Labels hit setback in Bertelsmann, Napster suit

Vanguard 3/8/07 Ever wondered why Bentley provides us with Napster?

Forbes 2/27/07 Struggling Napster Restructures In Europe

PC Pro 2/14/07 Napster director appointment renews sale talk

Motley Fool 2/9/07 Napster Ups Its Tune: Fool by Numbers

Stuff 2/2/07 Forget downloading music, rent it - Napster boss

America's Network 2/1/07 Napster CEO sees bright future for music subscription plan

PR Newswire 1/24/07 Napster Mobile Launches on au/KDDI - Japan's Second-Largest Mobile Network

CMJ 1/16/07 Napster Acquires AOL Music Subscribers

Hollywood Reporter 1/13/07 Napster uploading AOL music subs

Business Week 1/12/07 Napster Dances Higher on AOL Deal

NMC 1/4/07 Apple, Google, Napster Get Sued by Intertainer

Dot Music 1/4/07 Napster expects better than expected upcoming sales

Financial Times 12/14/06 Napster co-founder joins venture firm

Guardian 12/12/06 Napster rolls out mobile service

The Street 11/16/06 RealNetworks, Napster Swap Fortunes

Digital Media Wire 11/9/06 Napster Narrows Loss, Sees Boost in Revenue, Site Visitors

Hollywood Reporter 11/9/06 Napster loss narrows in fiscal 2Q

Clarion Ledger 11/3/06 Cingular launches new service with XM, Yahoo, Napster, eMusic

Cleveland Leader 11/2/06 Napster Is Free Again! 10/31/06 Napster Offers 'Free Download of the Day' on

LA Times 10/26/06 Venture investor loses key ruling in Napster lawsuit

DMW Media 10/26/06 Judge in Napster Copyright Case Says Hummer Winblad Destroyed E-mails

Red Herring 10/16/06 Napster on the Block

ZDNet 10/10/06 MusicNet, Napster agree to royalties deal

Sydney Morning Herald 9/28/06 Up-for-sale Napster uploads a last lament

LA Times 9/22/06 Napster and Rhapsody compete for headlines

Media Guardian 9/20/06 Napster on the hunt for buyers

PR Newswire 9/12/06 Napster Gives Away Free MP3 Player Providing Turn Key Portable Music Solution

ZDNet 9/6/06 Vivendi to buy BMG, settle Napster claims

Hollywood Reporter 9/2/06 TiVo, Napster lead busy August; news not so good for Imax 8/30/06 Napster initiated with "neutral"

Ipod nn 8/4/06 Napster loses subscribers, future uncertain

The Age 8/3/06 Napster narrows 1Q loss, but shares slip on revenue outlook

BetaNews 6/30/06 Napster Tries Free MP3 Player Promo

Cornell Sun 6/16/06 C.U. Gives Napster Response Today

BBC 6/6/06 Warning over 'illegal' MP3 site

Cnet 5/18/06 Napster loss narrows, but forecast disappoints

Newsday 5/14/06 Is Napster’s big deal music to everyone’s ears?

Delaware 5/12/06 Free tunes return to Napster, but there's a catch

Herald Net 5/9/06 Can legal be hip for Napster?

Undercover 5/2/06 Napster Back On-Line 5/2/06 Napster fights back

Forbes 4/7/06 Napster May See Q4 Upside

Tech Digest 3/24/06 Napster unveils its killer app 3/1/06 Napster plays blame game

Hollywood Reporter 2/1/06 Google denies it is considering Napster bid

City Paper 12/22/05 Local group takes Napster back to court

News Target 12/18/05 Napster creator gets along with big business

Hollywood Reporter 12/10/05 Napster launches German service

Hollywood Reporter 10/22/05 Napster stock rallies Friday

Media Guardian 10/13/05 Napster and Apple criticised over adverts on pirate web sites

PC Pro 10/7/05 The week that was five years ago: Napster battles but Apple slumps

Collegian 9/29/05 Napster woes continue on campus

BBC 9/5/05 Napster users 'giving up on CDs'

Business Week 9/2/05 Napster: Taking a Bite out of Apple? 9/2/05 Apple, Microsoft, Napster slammed over DRM

Yahoo 8/31/05 Napster To Go Now Available on Extensive Selection of Mobile Phones

Penn State Live 8/31/05 Napster music again available free to students

GW Hatchet 8/25/05 Napster to up marketing

BBC 8/22/05 Napster boss on life after piracy

Business Week 8/19/05 File-sharing continues at colleges

Morning Call 8/16/05 Napster offering free memberships

Cnet 8/3/05 Wider loss for Napster, but firm beats estimates

BBC 7/28/05 Napster launches radio song sales

Entertainment Weekly 7/27/05 XM, Napster to sell music heard on satellite radio

The Daily 7/20/05 Free Napster: coming soon to a residence hall near you

The Daily 7/20/05 Napster finance details still not released

Yahoo 7/18/05 Napster Certifies New Crop of Napster To Go-Compatible Portable Devices..

KOMO 7/13/05 UW Teams Up With Napster

Daily O'Collegian 7/13/05 Napster and Dell partner to solve piracy for universities

Chronicle of Higher Education 7/11/05 At U. of Rochester, Mixed Reviews for Napster

Westchester County Business Journal 7/11/05 The Napster saga

The Register 7/9/05 Students refuse to buy a single song from Napster

MSNBC 7/7/05 Dell, Napster target college downloads

Seattle Times 7/7/05 Napster tunes up for UW students

CNN 7/6/05 Dell, Napster team for legal music

Brand Republic 7/1/05 Napster expands subscription marketing efforts with Moisan appointment

Wall Street Journal 6/30/05 Bulls, Bears Debate Napster

Newsweek 6/27/05 Life After Napster

BBC 6/27/05 File-sharing suffers major defeat

Revolution 6/22/05 Sector checker: Napster's site shines but still needs to shed geek heritage

Globe and Mail 6/22/05 Napster's legacy

Media Guardian 6/15/05 Napster and Ericsson sing the same tune

Hollywood Reporter 5/9/05 'Napstertones' looks to ring up wireless profits

Kansas City Star 5/5/05 Napster founder signs deal with EMI

The Register 4/27/05 Revamped Real music service aims at Napster

BBC 4/12/05 Music industry extends piracy war

Register 4/8/05 Napster users sharing passwords to save cash

Sioux Falls Argus Leader 4/7/05 Napster vs. iTunes

Register 4/7/05 Napster UK touts TV, laptop promos

Chicago Sun-Times 4/6/05 Napster stock jumps on revenue forecast

Media Guardian 4/6/05 Napster raises sales forecasts

BBC 4/6/05 Downloaders help Napster fortunes

USA Today 3/24/05 Napster To Go gives music lovers new option: Rent-and-roll

MacNewsWorld 3/24/05 Napster Starts To Look Good

International Herald Tribune 3/19/05 Napster starts to look good

AZ 3/17/05 'Napster To Go' offers alternative to iTunes

Motley Fool 3/11/05 Napster: Can iTunes Do This?

PC Pro 3/9/05 Napster revamps its online music service

MTV 3/8/05 Napster Giving Away Free Subscriptions, MP3 Players On Tour

ABC News 3/8/05 Apple Shares Fall on Sony, Napster Fears

SF Chronicle 3/3/05 Napster Raises Its 4Q Revenue Projection

Chart Attack 2/16/05 Napster And iTunes Fight Online Nerd War

Cinescape 2/11/05 Napster Launches World's First Portable Subscription Service

Hollywood Reporter 2/10/05 Napster Q3 soft; shares up on guidance

Media Guardian 2/4/05 Napster launches bands on the run

MTV 2/3/05 Napster Takes On iPod With New, Portable Service

Hollywood Reporter 2/3/05 Napster 3.0 aims at Apple

BBC 1/21/05 Peer-to-peer nets 'here to stay'

Forbes 1/21/05 Napster to Sell 7.1 Million Shares

NY Times 1/21/05 Bertelsmann Settles With Small Music Company in Suit Over Napster

CNN 1/18/05 Playing Napster

Sydney Morning Herald 1/14/05 Napster pay service has 270,000 subscribers

Kansas City Star 1/13/05 Napster paid subscribers up 50 percent

BBC 1/12/05 Napster offers rented music to go

The Scotsman 1/12/05 Napster Cuts UK Prices

Eastern Echo 1/10/05 Napster makes its debut at EMU

PR Newswire 1/6/05 Napster to Present at the Seventh Annual Needham Growth Conference

Chicago Sun-Times 1/6/05 Napster sees subscriptions as future of online music 1/4/05 Napster joins Nasdaq club

Boston Globe 12/19/04 Napster creator couldn't beat 'em, joins 'em 12/14/04 Napster continues to build its reach into universities

Slate 12/13/04 You Say Napster, I Say Grokster

Seattle Times 12/13/04 Napster's founder returns to file-sharing

Concord Monitor 12/12/04 With Snocap, Napster founder is going legit

IGN 12/10/04 Napster Mobile

Guardian 12/4/04 Napster founder goes legit

BBC 12/3/04 Napster creator reveals next step

Wired 12/3/04 Napster Star Changes His Tune

Eastern Echo 12/1/04 EMU makes deal with Napster

Billboard 11/12/04 Universal In Deal With Napster Founder

BBC 11/10/04 Post Office seeks music therapy

Telegraph 11/10/04 Post offices go online with Napster

Digital Bulletin 11/8/04 Tesco to rival iTunes and Napster with music downloads

Motley Fool 11/5/04 Wake-Up Time for Napster

Macworld UK 11/4/04 Napster Q2 losses stay steady

PR Newswire 11/3/04 Roxio Second Quarter Results Exceed Expectations

Digital Collegian 11/3/04 Portable downloads coming to Napster service

CNET 11/3/04 Napster offers service to AT&T Wireless users

CNN 11/2/04 Napster faces the music

CNET 10/25/04 Napster befriends PayPal

Digital Bulletin 10/18/04 Napster to sell music gift cards in deal with Dixons Group

Modesto Bee 10/15/04 Napster makes comeback, selling music on Web

The Times 10/15/04 Napster launches pre-pay service

BBC 10/14/04 Napster offers pre-paid downloads

PR Newswire 10/12/04 D-Link and Napster Partner to Move Unlimited Music Streaming From the Internet to the Living Room

Cornell Daily Sun 10/1/04 Students Evaluate Napster

CBS 9/21/04 Old Cat Napster On Third Life

Centre Daily 9/8/04 All students, alumni can tune into Napster

New Zealand Herald 9/3/04 Son of Napster is legal, rules Appeals Court judge

The Register 9/2/04 Napster unveils portable music service

Cnet 9/1/04 Betting it all on Napster

Media Guardian 8/20/04 Virgin-Napster online beats BBC chart launch

BBC 8/19/04 Napster launches download chart

ZDNet 8/6/04 Apple succeeding Napster as Enemy No. 1?

MacWorld 7/30/04 Bertelsmann facing Napster-funding suits

Hollywood Reporter 7/20/04 Napster enrolls USC, 5 other universities
Private Equity Week 7/15/04 Napster Investment Keeps Haunting Hummer Winblad

BBC 7/15/04 Napster investors in court fight

Hollywood Reporter 7/15/04 Dave Matthews, Napster make online music together

Article Central 7/9/04 Napster Appoints Chief Marketing Officer

Miami Herald 6/25/04 Best Buy plans to promote Napster

Scotsman 6/18/04 Napster offer stokes on-line music battle

BBC 6/17/04 Napster gives away music player

Digital Spy 6/15/04 ntl to bundle Napster with 'Broadband Plus'

BBC 6/15/04 What Europe's download services offer

Macworld UK 6/9/04 Toshiba in Napster laptops deal 6/8/04 Toshiba puts Napster on its laptops

BBC 6/7/04 Apple iTunes 'set for UK launch'

The Register 6/7/04 Napster ups UK track count ahead of Sony, Apple launches

Chicago Tribune 6/6/04 Consumers are real losers in war on Napster Generation

NMC 5/27/04 Napster Launches in Canada

CTV 5/26/04 Napster branches out to Canada

BBC 5/21/04 Will Napster kill High Street record stores?

BBC 5/20/04 Napster launches UK music service

BBC 5/20/04 Napster joins UK online music fray

PC World 5/7/04 Roxio beats forecasts, expects Napster growth

Media Guardian 5/6/04 Napster looks for high street boost

BBC 5/6/04 Music site Napster eyes UK launch

The Register 5/6/04 Napster parent Q4, FY loss widens

Toronto Star 5/5/04 Napster sets sights on Canada

Ottawa Business Journal 5/4/04 Napster comes to Canada

Seattle PI 4/30/04 Tennessee rejects Napster's music offer

Forbes 4/27/04 U.S. court sets key date in Napster damages cases

ZDNet 4/21/04 Napster investors repaid with lawsuits

Tech TV 4/8/04 Napster's New Leader

National Post 3/25/04 Seeking out the next Napster

Toronto Star 3/24/04 Wal-Mart online music store undercuts iTunes and Napster

The Register 3/23/04 Napster picks former Capital FM song picker to pick songs

USA Today 3/16/04 Napster revenue above forecast, boosting stock

Reality TV World 3/12/04 CBS/Napster make 'Star Search' finalists music available for online purchase

MSNBC 3/10/04 Napster, IBM unveil new music delivery system

Rolling Stone 3/8/04 Napster Troubles Grow

Media Guardian 3/8/04 Burning ambitions

Business Week 3/1/04 The Nine Lives of Napster

BBC 2/24/04 Napster sells five million songs

Contra Costa Times 2/20/04 Napster losing money, executives

Columbia Daily Spectator 2/18/04 U. Rochester Signs On for Free Napster

MTV 2/13/04 Students Give Napster Passing Grade But Say Work Is Needed

Badger Herald 2/11/04 Universities sign contracts with Napster

Digital Collegian 2/10/04 Another school offers Napster

The Register 2/5/04 Roxio wins from the Crown

WROC 2/5/04 Napster Deal Upsets Mac Users

Newsday 2/5/04 Upstate college offers students free music in deal with Napster

Democrat and Chronicle 2/4/04 UR to offer students free Napster

BBC 1/26/04 Napster angry over Europe 'delay'

Michigan Daily 1/23/04 Napster offers Penn State students legal, free music

CNET News 1/23/04 Napster's Fanning has Snocap-ped vision

Digital Collegian 1/22/04 Students explore Napster

Penn State Live 1/20/04 Napster to offer service demonstrations in the HUB

Digital Collegian 1/20/04 PSU-Napster: birth of a filesharing experiment

Media Guardian 1/16/04 Napster tunes up for European launch

BBC 1/16/04 Napster extends service to Europe

State News 1/16/04 No plans for Napster 2.0 to be provided at 'U'

Post Gazette 1/13/04 Napster a hit at Penn State

Penn State Digital Collegian 1/13/04 Spanier declares legal Napster early success

CNN 1/13/04 Penn State launches Napster music service

The Scotsman 1/9/04 Paid-for downloading is burning issue

PC World 1/7/04 Napster Teams Up With Target

Reason Online 1/4/04 Welcome Back, Napster

Ananova 12/19/03 Wal-Mart to take on iTunes and Napster

Market Wire 12/10/03 Music Choice Broadband Music Service to Launch With Napster Partnership

PR Newswire 12/8/03 Miller Beer and Napster Celebrate 50 Years of Rock and Roll

Pitt News 12/4/03 Penn State offering students free use of Napster

Defy Magazine 12/3/03 Napster's Holiday Gift

Business Journal 12/1/03 Valero to market Napster prepaid cards at stores

WJAC 11/28/03 Penn State's Napster Deal Creates Controversy

Daily Wildcat 11/24/03 Hypothetical Napster-UA deal could let students listen to music for free

Chicago Tribune 11/22/03 Newly relaunched Napster lacks its old renegade focus

The Hoya 11/21/03 Napster Rolls Out Download Service

Beacon Journal 11/17/03 While Napster slept, iTunes danced in 11/17/03 New Napster Has Marketing Muscle, Advertainment Mascot

BBC 11/7/03 iTunes 'victory over Napster'

NY Times 11/7/03 Penn State Will Pay to Allow Students to Download Music

Mercury News 11/7/03 College pact a fresh start for Napster

NME 11/7/03 Napster Makes Shaky Return

Hollywood Reporter 11/7/03 Napster, Penn State announce free music deal

BBC 11/7/03 iTunes 'victory over Napster'

Indy Star 11/4/03 Reformed Napster is back

BBC 10/30/03 Napster still has the edge

NMC 10/29/03 Napster: Credit? Forget It

BBC 10/29/03 'Legitimate' Napster launch due

Mercury News 10/29/03 A former outlaw, Napster goes legit

BBC 10/28/03 Can the new Napster site survive?

SF Chronicle 10/27/03 Cards for paying Napster

AJC 10/24/03 Downloading 2.0

State News 10/23/03 Napster 2.0 offers music-pirating alternatives

Billboard 10/23/03 Top Acts Set To Play Napster 2.0 Launch

Media Guardian 10/20/03 Can the new Napster cut it?

IHT 10/20/03 Napster's new hardware

WAFF 10/17/03 Napster is Back

Globe and Mail 10/16/03 New Napster music download service

NBC San Diego 10/16/03 Will New Pay-To-Play Napster Get Rich Or Die Tryin'?

Time 10/15/03 Napster 2.0 with Samsung YP-910 Portable Audio Player

NMC 10/14/03 Napster 2.0 DOA?

SF Chronicle 10/14/03 Cranking up Napster again

Pioneer Press 10/13/03 Napster is back, but free ride is over

USA Today 10/13/03 Meet the new Napster — and the rest of the pack

New Zealand Herald 10/11/03 Napster revives as pay site

Hollywood Reporter 10/10/03 Napster back on Net, tamed by record industry

BBC 10/9/03 Napster's legacy lives on

BBC 10/9/03 Napster set for test launch

CBS 10/9/03 Napster Reborn As Music Store

BBC 10/9/03 Napster counts down to relaunch

Baltimore Sun 10/8/03 New Napster to play by industry's rules

USA Today 10/6/03 Napster goes legit this week

BBC 10/2/03 Napster ready for test launch

NY Times 10/1/03 Napster Marks Comeback with Oct. 9 Test Debut

NY Times 8/17/03 It's Back. But Can the New Napster Survive?

NMC 8/4/03 The Second Coming Of Napster

Rocky Mountain News 8/1/03 Band prophetic about Napster 8/1/03 Napster Set For Relaunch

CNN Money 7/30/03 Napster 2.0: Music to investors' ears?

Media Life 7/29/03 Music downloaders scoffing at suit threats

MegaStar 7/29/03 Caught Napster-ing

SF Chronicle 7/28/03 Napster's back -- and this time its file sharing is legal

Jam! 7/28/03 Napster may return at end of year

Chart Attack 7/28/03 The Napster Cat Meows Again

BBC 7/28/03 Napster to get Christmas rebirth

Ananova 7/28/03 Napster to relaunch before Christmas

CNET News 7/25/03 Court puts Napster suit on pause

Mercury News 7/25/03 Everyone Is a Target in Music Subpoenas

Mercury News 7/23/03 E-mail spreads word of new Napster

Financial Times 7/19/03 UMG claim intensifies Napster dispute

CNN 7/18/03 Bertelsmann: Quash Napster suits

The Register 7/14/03 Bertelsmann seeks dismissal of $17bn Napster suit

Post Dispatch 7/12/03 Napster founder goes legit with a new venture 7/10/03 New strategy for Napster creator 7/8/03 Napster founder developing new file-sharing technology

NY Times 6/26/03  Agency Is Selected For Napster Revival 6/25/03 Building a Better Napster

BBC 6/25/03 Record giants 'will sue downloaders'

Baltimore Sun 6/23/03 Napster case pits label vs. label

Mercury News 6/20/03 Napster's founder still involved with file swapping

Democrat and Chronicle 6/16/03 A 'business Napster' launches here

Buffalo News 6/11/03 Life after Napster

Mercury News 6/10/03 Napster founder has cameo role in 'Italian Job'

News Observer 6/10/03 Napster relaunch may be far off

The Register 6/9/03 Apple out to acquire Napster owner?

Tech Central 6/6/03 EMI joins court battle over Napster

Forbes 5/28/03 Napster's Rise And Fall--And Its Future

Detroit News 5/23/03 Roxio appoints former Pressplay chief to head Napster

Post Gazette 5/22/03 Napping Napster on verge of waking up

NY Times 5/19/03 Deal May Raise Napster From Online Ashes

Business Week 5/17/03 Napster killer takes on DVD copying

Baltimore Sun 5/13/03 Universal files lawsuit over Napster

BBC 5/7/03 'Napster effect' hits US shows

Henderson Gleaner 5/4/03 The real Napster comes out in tell-all chronicle

Business Week 5/2/03 Campus file swappers to pay RIAA 4/30/03 Napster suit unnerves VC industry

Newsweek 4/18/03 Napster’s Autopsy

Mercury News 4/3/03 Recording industry sues college students for creating Napster-like network

NC Times 3/28/03 Internet file-sharing bigger than record business

TEC Online 3/20/03 Napster returns to the music scene

Modesto Bee 3/18/03 Streamwaves hopes to fill Napster's void

MSNBC 3/14/03 This Can’t Be Legal

Business Week 3/6/03 Napster's Veterans Change Tracks

CNN 2/25/03 Napster set to return

Seattle Times 2/24/03 What Napster has spawned

BBC 2/24/03 Napster gets a new lease of life

CNN 2/20/03 Napster rising from the grave 2/20/03  Napster troubles leave investors wary of new technologies

BBC 2/20/03 Bertelsmann sued over Napster

Honolulu Advertiser 2/4/03 Music industry targets next Napster

Wired 1/31/03 Coder Finds New Way to Swap Tunes

MTV 1/29/03 Kazaa Fights Back By Suing Movie, Music Industries

Hollywood Reporter 1/29/03 Kazaa countersues RIAA, MPAA

Detroit News 1/8/03 Napster creditors win approval of settlement with Bertelsmann

BBC 12/18/02 Music piracy in UK soars

ABC News 12/13/02 The Day Napster Died

San Franscisco Chronicle 12/12/02 Napster history sold for a song

MSNBC 12/12/02 Napster Auction Marks End Of Era

NY Times 12/11/02 Napster Goods Go on Auction Block

CBS News 12/11/02 Napster Remnants On Auction Block

Digital Collegian 12/6/02 Company buys Napster, makes sharing legal

Hollywood Reporter 12/4/02 Judge unplugs Aimster file sharing

BBC 12/2/02 Arguments heard over file-swapping

Globe and Mail 11/29/02 Industry moves to blockade pirates

BBC 11/28/02 Napster sells patents and brand name

The Daily News 11/24/02 Napster likely to be sold to Roxio on Wednesday

BBC 11/22/02 Efforts to stop music piracy 'pointless'

Guardian 11/15/02 Napster poised for another comeback

BBC 11/15/02 Napster sold to CD burner

ZDNet 11/8/02 Privacy group fights P2P crackdown

Business Courier 11/4/02 Music swapping booms despite Napster's death

Silicon Valley 11/1/02 Napster gets final approval for loan from prospective buyer

Detroit News 11/1/02 Aimster must use filters to stop swapping of copyrighted songs

Cnet 10/28/02 Freenet keeps file-trading flame burning

ZDNet 10/25/02 Hollywood targets workplace song-swapping

ZDNet 10/22/02 Judge approves Napster loan

NY Times 10/19/02 Music, Ripped Off

Silicon Valley 10/12/02 Colleges Urged to Fight Piracy

BBC 10/11/02 Napster mulls emergency loan

Guardian 10/7/02 Let the music download

NY Times 10/7/02 Music Industry in Global Fight on Web Copies

Guardian 10/4/02 Story of Napster to hit silver screen

BBC 10/4/02 Judge brands song swap laws 'unclear'

CBS 10/3/02 Online Music Piracy: Naming Names

Zap2It 10/2/02 MTV Downloads Biography of Napster Founder

Hollywood Reporter 10/2/02 Napster founder Fanning sharing life story at MTV

Hollywood Reporter 9/28/02 Trustee to manage Napster during bankruptcy

Cnet 9/27/02 Bertelsmann boogies for Napster cash

BBC 9/26/02 Spears warns against piracy

ZDNet 9/26/02 Superstars sing file-swapping blues

BBC 9/26/02 File-sharing upgrade taunts record labels

ZDNet 9/25/02 Study: Media giants wrong about online piracy
Seattle Times 9/21/02 Napster imitators abound; why aren't they shut down?

BBC 9/16/02 Napster asset bidding heats up

Bay Area 9/15/02 fighting music piracy

Seattle PI 9/14/02 Ruling on Chapter 7 for Napster delayed

The Register 9/13/02 Porno firm wants Napster

Guardian 9/13/02 Napster may be offered reprieve

ZDNet 9/13/02 Labels fight with file-swapper e-mails

BBC 9/11/02 Media giants want internet ruling 9/10/02 File-swapping sites created "candy stores of infringement"

St. Petersburg Times 9/9/02 Napster gone, but not song-swapping legacy

Modesto Bee 9/7/02 Napster may be dead, but influence lives on

ZDNet 9/6/02 The week in review: RIAA's a winner

VH1 9/4/02 Napster Is Dead

San Francisco Chronicle 9/4/02 Napster runs out of lives -- judge rules against sale

BBC 9/3/02 Napster faces liquidation

Hollywood Reporter 9/3/02 Delaware judge blocks sale of Napster to Bertelsmann

Silicon Valley 8/30/02 Napster Lives or Dies Next Week

Silicon Valley 8/29/02 Napster Preps For Takeover

Silicon Valley 8/27/02 Napster Sale Hearing Set Amidst Objections

BBC 8/27/02 Piracy blamed for CD slide

Independent 8/26/02 Bertelsmann's £6m seals Napster assets deal 8/22/02 Murdoch and Napster - when worlds collide

CBS 8/20/02 Napster's Chinese Cousin

Guardian 8/20/02 US giants target music piracy

Mercury News 8/10/02 Napster assets up for auction

San Francisco Chronicle 8/4/02 Napster clones survive MP3 file-swapping is still wildly popular

BBC 8/1/02 Pressplay upgrades music service

Business Week 8/1/02 The Grown-Up In Charge of Napster

New York Times 7/30/02 Upheaval at Bertelsmann May End Plans for Acquisition of Napster

BBC 7/30/02 Napster doubts after saviour quits

New York Times 7/28/02 Up With Downloads

Press Gazette 7/19/02 No Napster? Music fans finds ways to get their share

ZDNet 7/18/02 MusicNet CEO: Download this, not Napster

BBC 7/17/02 Digital copying issue rumbles on

CSM 7/12/02 Forget the CD: consumers now buy music online

NY Times 7/10/02 Gnutella Developer Gene Kan, 25, Commits Suicide

ZDNet 7/3/02 The record labels' new target--Joe Blow?

BBC 6/27/02 Piracy fight gets serious

Austin Business Journal 6/27/02 Brobeck tackles online music case

Seattle Times 6/22/02 Concept of online music for fee needs fine-tuning

Guardian 6/20/02 Audiogalaxy settles copyright case

Fortune 6/19/02 The RIAA Strikes Back

BBC 6/18/02 Fans fight anti-copy CDs

New York Times 6/14/02 Lawsuit Challenges Copy - Protected CDs

BBC 6/11/02 Music piracy rises worldwide

Time 6/10/02 Another Battle Won in the Napster Wars

MacOpinion 6/6/02 Bye Napster, Long Live MP3 6/5/02 Napster: Drawn out death almost complete

San Francisco Chronicle 6/4/02 Napster files for bankruptcy

Hollywood Reporter 6/4/02 Napster files under Chapter 11

BBC 6/3/02 Napster files for bankruptcy

Cnet 6/1/02 The week in review: Piracy's new path 5/30/02 Record industry targets another Napster clone

ZDNet 5/28/02 Why Napster is the good guy (and the RIAA is not)

NY Times 5/26/02 Bertelsmann's Quest to Harness the Napster Genie

ZDNet 5/23/02 Kazaa, Morpheus conceding defeat

Dot Music 5/21/02 Napster Saved

Washington Post 5/19/02 Bertelsmann to Acquire Napster

Telegraph 5/18/02 Napster snapped up

BBC 5/17/02 Bertelsmann buys Napster

ZDNet 5/17/02 Am I sorry to see Napster go? Are you kidding?

Rolling Stone 5/17/02 Napster Gets New Life

BBC 5/15/02 Napster chief and founder resign 5/15/02 Timeline of events for Napster Inc.

VH1 5/15/02 Napster On The Brink Of Disaster?

CBS 5/14/02 Napster CEO Hangs It Up

NY Times 5/12/02 In Free-Music Software, Technology Is Double-Edged

ZDNet 5/9/02 The best digital music tools you've never heard of

ZDNet 5/8/02 Pirated movies: Now playing on a server near you

USA Today 5/6/02 Music-industry paranoia
Washington Business Journal 5/6/02 Media, electronics titans pursue copyright protection

Cnet 5/3/02 Study: File sharing boosts music sales


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