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Baltimore Sun 12/27/07 Popular diet has a caveat: It can be hard on hearts

Science Daily 12/20/07 How An Atkins-like Diet Can Treat Epilepsy: Leptin Attenuates Rodent Seizure Severity

Carb Wire 12/20/07 Every Low-Carb Dieter Should Know Who Dana Carpender Is

Carb Wire 12/18/07 14 Amazing Low-Carb Blogs Worth A Closer Look

Science Daily 12/17/07 Researchers Nix Low-carb Diet

The Common Voice 12/13/07 Talking Cardio, Carbs, And Christ With 'Biggest Loser' 2 Contestant Pete Thomas

American Chronicle 12/11/07 Low Carb Foods role in Weight Loss Diet Plan

ASU 12/6/07 Low carb diets may stress body too much, studies find

The Common Voice 12/4/07 Enough Already With Hyperbolizing The Low-Carb Diet, Health Leader Says

Science Daily 12/4/07 Low-carb Diet Reduces Inflammation And Blood Saturated Fat In Metabolic Syndrome

CarbWire 12/4/07 Fitness Expert Slammed By Newsletter Readers Over 'That Low-Carb Nonsense'

CarbWire 11/27/07 Fitness Expert Experiencing A Personal Low-Carb Evolution

Wandsworth Guardian 11/19/07 Obese hedgehog put on Atkins diet

Louisville Courier Journal 11/15/07 Study: Atkins a heart risk

Science Daily 11/13/07 A Low-carb Diet May Stunt Prostate Tumor Growth

OC Register 11/14/07 Drop the carbs if you want to cut the fat

Ad Age 11/12/07 I Can't Eat That, I'm on a Lifestyle: Kraft Rebrands South Beach Diet

CarbWire 11/9/07 Baker: Be Careful Of The Sweeteners You Use On Your Low-Carb Diet

Yahoo! News 11/6/07 High-fat Atkins diet damages blood vessels: study

Carb Wire 11/2/07 What Exactly Does A Low-Carb Diet Look Like?

Stuff 10/30/07 Low-carb diet may remedy bowel illnesses

The Common Voice 10/27/07 The Atkins Diet Is So Much More Than Meat

Scoop 10/24/07 Low carb diet now extends benefits to IBD

The Common Voice 10/22/07 'Half Of Me' Blogger Loses 200 Pounds On Low-Carb South Beach Diet

Miami Herald 10/16/07 A warrior of fat: Carbs, not fat, causing obesity

Orlando Sentinel 10/9/07 Yo-yo effect is common following low-carb diet

News Medical 10/7/07 Professor says anti-carb hysteria is nonsense

CarbWire 10/2/07 In A Perfect World, Everyone Would Try A Low-Carb Diet

The Common Voice 9/29/07 Which Restaurants Can You Go To On Low-Carb?

Well Fed Network 9/28/07 Adapting Your Cooking For Low Carb Needs

The Common Voice 9/24/07 Five Tasty Low-Carb Stories For You To Chew On

Insight 9/17/07 Low-carb diets: killing your mood to get a killer body?

The Common Voice 9/15/07 How Sweet It Is To Be Livin' La Vida Low-Carb

CarbWire 9/13/07 Dr. John Briffa Backs Low-Carb Living In The UK

CarbWire 9/13/07 Lia Huber Lambastes Low-Carb Diet

Carb Wire 9/9/07 Look At All The Vegetables You Eat On The Atkins Low-Carb Diet

The Common Voice 9/2/07 Eating Disorder Victim Felt 'Stuck' Until Low-Carb Stepped In To Save Her Life

Stuff 8/28/07 Fosters profits from low-carb beer

American Chronicle 8/27/07 Weight Loss - The South Beach Diet

Daily Camera 8/27/07 Fit Q&A: Another look at low-carb

The Common Voice 8/25/07 When I Say Low-Carb, I Don't Mean No-Carb

The Common Voice 8/21/07 Why Is There Such Trivial Weight Loss In Low-Carb Diet Studies?

Carb Wire 8/21/07 Low-Carb Diet Studies Should Require Strict Adherence

The Common Voice 8/20/07 Olympic Athlete Questions Whether Low-Carb Diet Proper For Training

Carb Wire 8/17/07 Low-Carb Thread At Amazon Incites Debate

The Common Voice 8/10/07 Is Muscle Fatigue Inevitable When You Exercise While On A Low-Carb Diet?

The Common Voice 8/3/07 Low-Carb Diets Can Help Reverse Metabolic Syndrome; Study Explores Why

The Common Voice 7/27/07 'Livin' La Vida Low-Carb' Blog Making A Real Difference In People's Lives

Forbes 7/20/07 Low carb the new name in beer game

CarbWire 7/17/07 Westman Uses Low-Carb Diet To Treat Obesity, Diabetes

CarbWire 7/16/07 Kimkins Diet Finds Support From Low-Carb Author Dana Carpender

The Common Voice 7/15/07 Lost 100 Pounds On Low-Carb Diet, But Weight Loss Blog 'Inspired' Push For Last 50 Pounds

Diabetes Health 7/14/07 Low Carb Hormone Discovered in Mice

Newsfood 7/9/07 Low carb diets may be bad for gut health

Denver Post 7/8/07 Low-carb pasta is worth try

The Common Voice 7/2/07 High School Science Teacher Gets All Snobby With Me Over Low-Carb Support Columns

Daily Mail 6/19/07 How the Atkins diet could increase your risk of bowel cancer

BBC 6/18/07 Low-carb diet 'cancer risk' claim

The Common Voice 6/15/07 Nature's Low-Carb Blueprint: What's for Dinner?

Medical News Today 6/12/07 Low-Carb Diets' Effects Linked To Rise In Newly Identified 'Starvation Hormone'

The Common Voice 6/10/07 Captain D's Now Has Low-Carb Menu Items

Carb Wire 6/6/07 Atkins Low-Carb Diet Still Changing Lives

Dallas Morning News 6/6/07 Study may help explain success of low-carb diets

Science Daily 6/6/07 Low-Carb Diet Finding: Study Identifies New Regulator Of Fat Metabolism

The Common Voice 6/5/07 High-Carb Diet Raises Insulin Levels Which Spikes Blood Pressure, Research Reveals

Stuff 6/1/07 Low-carb diets have higher death rates

Press Box 5/28/07 The Atkins Diet & How You Can Lose Weight Quickly & Easily

The Common Voice 5/27/07 Lora Ruffner's 'Long Story' About 'Low-Carb Luxury' Laid Bear

Carb Wire 5/22/07 Dr. Mary C. Vernon Changing Lives With Low-Carb Diet

The Common Voice 5/20/07 Have We Seen The Last Of Low-Carb Luxury?

The Common Voice 5/16/07 When Is A Low-Carb Diet Not A Low-Carb Diet?

The Common Voice 5/14/07 Brick & Mortar Low-Carb Stores on Endangered List

CarbWire 5/14/07 Jimmy Moore Talks Low-Carb Living With Veronica Atkins

CarbWire 5/13/07 It's Grilling Time For Your Low-Carb Diet

The Common Voice 5/12/07 Low-Carb Diet Gets 'Frosty' Reception, Despite 'Great Success' By Many

The Common Voice 5/10/07 Atkins Low-Carb Diet Treated Unfairly By Consumer Reports Panel

Yahoo! News 5/8/07 Atkins, South Beach Diets Differ Greatly

The Common Voice 5/8/07 Study Shows Low-Carb Diet 'Effective' For Teens, New Reality Show Puts It To The Test

Carb Wire 5/1/07 A Bored Low-Carb Diet Is An Unimaginative One

Carb Wire 4/25/07 New Low-Carb Resources From Atkins, Eberstein

Salt Lake Tribune 4/23/07 Shrinking Sheena: It's not so easy trying to go against the grain

CarbWire.com 4/20/07 Fiber Is A Good Carb You Consume On A Low-Carb Diet

The Common Voice 4/20/07 There Are Plenty Of Low-Carb Fiber Options

Carb Wire 4/16/07 Study: Low-Carb Diet Beats Low-Fat For Weight Loss (Again!)

The Common Voice 4/16/07 FDA: The Low-Carb Diet Is 'Sheer Nonsense'

The Common Voice 4/13/07 'Fatty Liver' Made Worse By A Low-Fat, Not Low-Carb Diet

LiveScience 4/10/07 The Atkins Paradox: What Diet Studies Don't Reveal

The Common Voice 4/9/07 Carpender Column Demands Low-Carb Respect

The Common Voice 4/8/07 Should You Switch To A Low-Calorie/Low-Fat Diet After Low-Carb?

The Common Voice 4/7/07 Low-Carb Diet Is Permanent Weight Loss Solution

Sydney Morning Herald 4/3/07 Low fat, low carb dinners

Brisbane Times 4/2/07 Low-carb, high-protein diets may be risky

Asbury Park Press 3/27/07 Atkins beats Zone, other diet advice

The Common Voice 3/23/07 Online Model Taylor Stevens Uses A Low-Carb Diet To Lose 150 Pounds In One Year

KTEN 3/16/07 How Do Low-Carb Diets Stack Up Against the Competition?

The Common Voice 3/14/07 Subway Says See Ya To Their Low-Carb Wraps

KSAT 3/6/07 Study: Atkins Doesn't Raise BP, Cholesterol

CBS 3/6/07 Atkins Wins Diet Plan Faceoff

The Common Voice 2/27/07 'Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show' Episode 29: Low-Carb Takes Care Of Metabolic Syndrome

The Common Voice 2/20/07 Famous Fat Cat Should Go On A Low-Carb Diet

Herald Tribune 2/17/07 Low-carb diet not ideal for athlete

The Common Voice 2/13/07 Going Nuts Over Fresh Low-Carb Donuts

Express 2/13/07 Q&A: South Beach Diet

The Common Voice 2/6/07 Wilshires: Low-Carb Will Be An Accepted Nutritional Approach By 2040

The Common Voice 2/3/07 The Power of Low Carb: Greater Than Willpower, and Much More Tasty

CNN 2/2/07 Gluten-free knocks low-carb fad off the shelf

The Christian Post 1/30/07 Slow Carbs - Not No Carbs

The Common Voice 1/29/07 Kimkins Low-Carb Weight Loss Celebrity Wants To Write A Book To Tell Her Painful Story

The Common Voice 1/27/07 A Raw Deal: Low carb and food prices

Carb Wire 1/26/07 HDL Goes Up, Triglycerides Come Way Down On A Low-Carb Diet, Researchers Find

Carb Wire 1/16/07 Greater Interest In Low-Carb So Far In 2007

The Common Voice 1/15/07 A Healthy Super Low-Carb Diet For Weight Loss?

The Common Voice 1/12/07 Can A Low-Carb Podcast Spur Weight Loss?

Asbury Park Press 1/9/07 South Beach doctor goes for the heart in new book

The Common Voice 1/8/07 Facing The Low-Carb Bullies One-By-One

CTV 1/5/07 Low-carb diets may cause lower folate levels

CarbWire.com 1/4/07 Study: 'Healthiest' Diet Is Low-Carb, High-Protein, High-Fat

CBS 1/5/07 'South Beach' Heart Program

USA Today 1/3/07 From South Beach with 'Heart'

CarbWire.com 12/27/06 Five Months, 85-Pound Weight Loss On Low-Carb

The Common Voice 12/25/06 Heart Failure To Heart Healthy With Low-Carb

Carbwire 12/25/06 Low-Carb Weight Loss Gave Hope This Christmas

Telegraph 12/23/06 Atkins sounds warning over diet of foreigners

The Common Voice 12/18/06 'Biggest Loser' Weight Loss Secret--Low-Carb

CarbWire 12/16/06 Low-Carb Living Made Erik Chopin 'The Biggest Loser'

First Coast News 12/12/06 1st Amendment Protects Atkins Diet Against Florida Man's Lawsuit

CarbWire 12/11/06 'Low-Carb Dave' Where Are You?

CarbWire 12/5/06 Study: Low-Carb Diet Irrelevant For Weight Loss In The Future

The Common Voice 12/5/06 FOXNews.com Names Jimmy Moore's 'Livin' La Vida Low-Carb' Among Top 10 Health Blogs

CarbWire 12/1/06 Low-Carb Living Embraced By Those On Weight Watchers

CarbWire 11/30/06 Give The Gift Of Low-Carb With These Christmas Baskets

The Common Voice 11/29/06 Low-Carb Antagonist Describes Atkins Blogger As 'Loser,' Admits Ignorance

CarbWire 11/28/06 Popular Low-Carb Magazine Returns Only Months After Ceasing Publication

Xinhua 11/21/06 High-fat, low-carb diet okay for women's hearts

CarbWire 11/21/06 This Is Why Diabetics Should Consider Low-Carb To Treat Their Disease

CarbWire 11/20/06 A Fellowship Of People Who Are Low-Carb For Life

Epoch Times 11/20/06 Does a Low-Carb Diet Really Work?

Harvard Crimson 11/17/06 Study: Low-Carb, CHD Unrelated

The Common Voice 11/14/06 Low-Carb Helps Even The Most Reluctant Dieter

The Common Voice 11/13/06 Low-Carb Diet Study: But Wait, There's More!

The Common Voice 11/13/06 'Mindless Eating' Tip For Low-Carbers: Double The Carb Counts Of Low-Carb Foods

The Common Voice 11/12/06 Applebee's Covertly Provides Low-Carb Choice

CBS 11/9/06 New Opinion On Low Carb, High Fat Diets

CBS 11/8/06 Low-Carb Diet Doesn't Up Heart Risk

The Common Voice 11/6/06 How Can Bacon Stall Low-Carb Weight Loss?

The Common Voice 10/31/06 Low-Carb 'Enjoyable' With Chocolate

Augusta Free Press 10/30/06 Low-carb diets - some dangerous truths uncovered

The Common Voice 10/28/06 Kellow's Yellow Journalism On The Atkins Diet

Forbes 10/24/06 Manufacturers in the US Develop New Products to Meet Consumer Demands for Healthier Soft Drinks

The Common Voice 10/23/06 A Low-Carb Pastry That Actually Tastes Good

CarbWire 10/21/06 Does Bread Increase And Low-Carb Foods Decrease The Risk Of Cancer?

The Common Voice 10/17/06 Coconut Flour: The High-Fiber, Low-Carb Replacement For Traditional White Flour

The Common Voice 10/17/06 Warning - Low-Carb Diets Bad for Diabetics - So Say Researchers

The Common Voice 10/17/06 Study: Lower Insulin Levels Generated By A Low-Carb Diet Naturally Reduces Acne

PakTribune.com 10/14/06 Low-Carb Diet May Cut Heart Risks in Severely Obese

The Common Voice 10/10/06 Westman: Science Will Prove Low-Carb As Viable For Weight Loss, Health As Low-Fat

Fashion Monitor 10/3/06 Low-Carb Dieters Eat More Vegetables

The Common Voice 10/2/06 Eades: Huge Comeback For Low-Carb In 2007

The Common Voice 9/26/06 Can Low-Carb Get You Arrested For DUI?

The Common Voice 9/26/06 Does Fall Make You Fall From Low-Carb Living?

The Common Voice 9/26/06 Volek: High-Carb, Low-Fat Diet Useless To Health Apart From Weight Loss

The Common Voice 9/25/06 Carpender: Low-Carb Out, Low Glycemic Load In

The Common Voice 9/22/06 Eberstein Slams Low-Carb Water Weight Myth

Market Day 9/19/06 Low-Carb Fruit: Making Smart Choices

The Common Voice 9/19/06 Scarlett Johansson Gets Lost In Low-Carb

Market Day 9/14/06 The Cause Of Bad Breath On Low Carb Diets

The Common Voice 9/12/06 You Can Have Your Say At The Low Carb Café

The Common Voice 9/8/06 Georgia Student On Low-Carb For Two Days

Daily Record 9/6/06 Atkins Diet Nosh Fools Us Into Feeling Full

BBC 9/6/06 'Proof' behind high protein diets

The Common Voice 9/5/06 Low-Carb Tweak Makes 6.5-Pound Weight Loss Week

The Common Voice 8/29/06 Dietician: Atkins Diet 'Never Helped People Maintain' After Weight Loss

CarbWire 8/26/06 FDA Labeling Loophole May Be More Than Doubling Your Carb Intake

The Common Voice 8/26/06 'Ask Dr. Vernon' Offers Nutritional Advice About What Dr. Atkins Would Say Today

CarbWire 8/25/06 Small Goals Will Prevent A Low-Carb Lull

The Common Voice 8/24/06 The Most Nutrient-Dense Diet Is Low-Carb

SGV Tribune 8/22/06 Cauliflower used as a substitute for rice

The Common Voice 8/17/06 Biochemist Goes On Atkins, Learns The Lessons Of Low-Carb Living

The Common Voice 8/15/06 Low-Carb Weight Loss Made Keener Leaner

Fitcommerce 8/12/06 Low Carb Beers Still Have Calories

The Common Voice 8/8/06 Hurt Sherbert Sheds The Pounds On Low-Carb

Science Daily 8/8/06 Fly Genetics Reveal Key Workings Of Atkins Diet
The Common Voice 8/3/06 Does Low-Carb Living Ever Stop Working?

Chicago Sun Times 8/2/06 Flavorful, satisfying new South Beach wrap

The Common Voice 8/1/06 The '30-In-30' Low-Carb Weight Loss Challenge

The Common Voice 7/25/06 Australia's 'Low-Carb Dave' Loses 130 Pounds In One Year On Atkins Diet

The Common Voice 7/22/06 Debating The Merits Of 'Low-Carb' Foods

Pioneer Press 7/18/06 Low-carb diet didn't compromise calcium

The Common Voice 7/14/06 There's No 'After' With Low-Carb Living

eMaxHealth 6/27/06 Low Carb Diets Fail the Test

The Common Voice 6/24/06 Low-Carb Blog Has International Appeal

Forbes 6/23/06 Could a Low-Carb Diet Slow Alzheimer's?

Reuters 6/23/06 Low-carb diet benefits obese type 2 diabetics

The Common Voice 6/15/06 Another Study Touts Low-Carb For Diabetics

World Fitness 6/13/06 Phases Of The South Beach Diet

The Common Voice 6/9/06 It's Time For Some Cold, Refreshing Homemade Low-Carb Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream

CNN 6/8/06 Low-carb diets not a threat to bone health, study finds

The Common Voice 6/5/06 Don't Lose Your Focus When Maintaining Low-Carb Weight Loss

Health 24 6/1/06 Low-carb diet could cut cholesterol

Food Production Daily 5/29/06 Low carb diet may not weaken bones, says study

Science Daily 5/24/06 Low Carbohydrate Diet Did Not Increase Bone Loss, Study Finds

The Common Voice 5/23/06 Can A Stealth Low-Carb Tactic Succeed?

Daily India 5/22/06 The Atkins Diet Destroys The Competition

The Common Voice 5/17/06 Where'd All The Low-Carb Magazines Go?

The Common Voice 5/12/06 Frozen Low-Carb Summertime Fudgesicles

The Common Voice 5/9/06 Future Of Low-Carb Hinges On Research

Michigan News 5/9/06 U-M receives $2 million from Atkins' widow

The Common Voice 4/30/06 A 'Big Book' That's Big On Low-Carb

The Common Voice 4/22/06 Biggest Loser's Bob Harper Reads Low-Carb Blog

Nutra Ingredients 4/21/06 Low-carb diet may help women with ovary problems

Daily India 4/19/06 Atkins vs. Go-Carb Diet. Which Is Best?

The Common Voice 4/18/06 Low-Carb Foods Not Changed, Just Repackaged

The Common Voice 4/11/06 Hampton's Diet Author To Low-Carb Dieters: 'You Have Not Been Abandoned'

The Common Voice 4/10/06 YMCA Fitness Expert Amiss About Low-Carb

The Common Voice 4/6/06 Low-Carb Carbquik Brownies Recipe

Medical News 4/4/06 Low-Carb Pregnancies Can Lead To More Stressed Babies

The Common Voice 4/1/06 Atkins Diet Success Still At It Two Years Later

Denver Post 3/29/06 A low-carb diet and exercise may be your dog's best friend

The Common Voice 3/2406 Creamy Low-Carb Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

The Common Voice 3/23/06 Yo Quiero Low-Carb Taco Shells

News Max 3/21/06 Consumers Are Still Very 'Carb-Confused'

The Common Voice 3/21/06 Atkins Diet: Deflator Or Invigorator?

Medical News Today 3/20/06 Atkins Diet Is Not Safe

USA Today 3/17/06 Study highlights possible health risk with Atkins diet

Daily Record 3/17/06 Atkins Diet Death Fears 

The Common Voice 3/13/06 Perseverance Pays Dividends On Low-Carb

CBS 3/10/06 Dining Out On South Beach Diet

Daily India 3/6/06 Low Carb Diet – Is It A Good Way To Lose Weight?

The Common Voice 3/5/06 Putting Low-Carb Knowledge Into Action

Stanford Daily 3/2/06 Health, low-fat diets not linked

South Coast Today 3/2/06 'Good carb, bad carb' diet rethought

Arizona Republic 3/1/06 Dieters discover low carb noodles

Florida Today 2/28/06 With the Atkin's 'craze' fading away, bakeries are seeing a rebound

About.com 2/28/06 20 Benefits of Low Carb Diets

Daily India 2/18/06 What You Should Know About Low Carb Diets

The Common Voice 2/15/06 Comparing Low-Carb to Low-Fat: Analyzing a review

Food Navigator-USA 2/15/06 Low-carb diets reduce weight but may raise cholesterol, study

Scotsman 2/14/06 'No evidence' low-carb diets are good for your heart

Science Daily 2/13/06 Low-carb diet promising for weight loss

Adweek 2/13/06 Atkins Overhauls Site

Sun Sentinel 2/8/06 Widow of Dr. Atkins hands over $16,000 check to Candy Strikers

Columbia Spectator 2/8/06 Sticking to South Beach

BBC 2/7/06 Scientists make 'slimming' potato

FortWayne.com 2/5/06 As Atkins wanes, potatoes re-emerge

The Common Voice 2/5/06 Low-Carb Is Not Necessarily For Everyone

Money Sense 1/25/06 Waning Diet Craze Means Fewer Stored Potatoes

Peterborough Today 1/24/06 Why all those low carb diets have had their day

Red Orbit 1/21/06 Atkins Diabetic Revolution

Fashion Monitor 1/19/06 Low-Carb Diets To Cure Diabetes and Heart Diseases?

Detroit News 1/19/06 With demise of Atkins, healthy carbs are in

Nutra Ingredients 1/19/06 Low carb lives on – at least for scientists

PR Web 1/19/06 The South Beach Diet Goes Mobile for Dieting Support Anytime, Anywhere, via PDA or Smartphone

The Common Voice 1/16/06 Low-Carb, Fast Food Diet -- South Beach-Style

Detroit Free Press 1/11/06 Low-carb wrappers of lettuce

The Common Voice 1/11/06 Atkins Endures Bankruptcy As Low-Carb Roars On

CBS 1/4/06 Study: Weight Loss, Carbs May Mix

WNBC 1/3/06 Study Puts New Twist On Carb-Cutting

ABC7 1/3/06 Low Carb or Low Fat to Lose Extra Pound?

Toledo Blade 1/3/06 The right stuff: Substitute lower-fat and lower-calorie ingredients and foods

The Common Voice 12/29/05 Low-Carb Is Not As Dead As They Said

CTV 12/28/05 Dieters ditch Atkins for healthy carbs in 2005

The Common Voice 12/24/05 Low-Fat: Been There, Done That, Made Me Fat

Billings Gazette 12/23/05 Hog farmers take advantage of rising exports, low-carb diets

Just Drinks 12/22/05 Heineken in low-carb Amstel launch

PR Newswire 12/20/05 Tips from Arthur Agatston, MD, author of The South Beach Diet

Daily American Online 12/19/05 New South Beach Diet Cookbook: Great Food Made Quick and Easy

News 14 12/17/05 Low-carb ham and beer cheese soup

Mercury News 12/13/05 Rising exports, low-carb diets create boom times for hog farmers

Common Voice 12/13/05 Low-Carb Myth Busting

Salisbury Post 12/12/05 Pros and cons of low-carb diet plan

Science Daily 12/5/05 Modified Atkins Diet Effectively Treats Childhood Seizures

The Common Voice 11/30/05 But I Thought Low-Carb Was A Goner?

The Common Voice 11/24/05 A Low-Carb Guide To Thanksgiving

The Common Voice 11/21/05 Low-Carb Recipes Especially For Thanksgiving

Medical News Today 11/20/05 Light Bulbs and Low Carb Diets

Food Business 11/18/05 Atkins no longer counting the carbohydrates

News-Medical.net 11/16/05 High fat, low carb diets could damage the heart

Daily Record 11/15/05 Atkins Diet Heart Fears

BBC 11/14/05 Low carb diets 'cut heart energy'

HealthCentral.com 11/14/05 High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet Reduces Heart Energy: Study

BBC 11/9/05 Why high protein diet fills us up

The Common Voice 11/9/05 Police Officer Knew About Low-Carb, But Needed Something More

Guardian 11/9/05 Rat study helps scientists catch up with the Atkins diet

The Common Voice 11/2/05 Is Low-Carb Living Healthy For Children?

The Common Voice 10/29/05 Veronica Atkins: Low-Carb Could 'End The Diabetes Epidemic'

The Common Voice 10/24/05 Survey: Vegetable Consumption Doubles On A Low-Carb Diet

The Common Voice 10/23/05 Low-Carb A Perfect Fit For College Students

Press Connects 10/20/05 The post-Atkins era begins

Metro 10/18/05 Low-carb: death of a diet

WebMD 10/18/05 Survey: Eating Out Is Up, Atkins Diet Is Down

Fox News 10/17/05 High-Fat, Low-Carb Diet May Help Alzheimer's

The Common Voice 10/8/05 Bariatric Doctor Insists Low-Carb Is 'Dangerously Unhealthy'

Voice of America 10/5/05 Despite Diets, Americans Like Their Fat and Carbs

Democrat and Chronicle 10/4/05 Tip and recipes from the pros: low carb, no meat

The Common Voice 10/1/05 Herbalist States Low-Carb Causes 'Irreversible Damage'

Food Navigator 9/26/05 High-protein, low-carb corn developed

Express Times 9/25/05 Has low-carb had its day?

American Daily 9/25/05 The South Beach Diet, California-Style

The Common Voice 9/23/05 There Are Good 'Good Carbs' & Bad 'Good Carbs'

The Common Voice 9/12/05 Examining Low-Carb & Low-Fat Diets

The Common Voice 9/8/05 Nutritionist Says Low-Carb Provides 'Unhealthy Weight Loss'

WRAL 9/7/05 Nutritionists Look To Help Former Low-Carb Dieters

Jackson Clarion Ledger 9/6/05 Low-carb diet may help keep indigestion down

The Common Voice 9/4/05 Low-Carb Can Raise HDL Levels Without Cholesterol Medication

Grand Forks Herald 9/4/05 Fall of the Atkins Diet

Cattle Network 8/30/05 Rumors of the Low-Carb Diet’s Demise May Be Greatly Exaggerated

eDiets 8/30/05 Low Carb On A Budget

The Common Voice 8/27/05 Low-Carb: Two Studies - Different Findings

Courier & Press 8/21/05 Low-carb stores have hard time surviving

Common Voice 8/19/05 Low-Carb Lifestyle Piques Interest of Researchers

PR Web 8/18/05 Low-Carb Dieting Popularity Persists, Contrary to Media Reports

Stuff.co.nz 8/17/05 New study gives thumbs down to low-carb diet

eDiets.com 8/17/05 Low Carb Eating: Tips To Live And Diet By

Knox News 8/15/05 Atkins diet fading out, but what has it taught us?

The Common Voice 8/15/05 The Lasting Impact Of The Atkins Diet

TCV 8/13/05 Low-Fat Activist Asserts Eating Low-Carb Is 'Mortgaging Your Health'

Mercury News 8/10/05 As Atkins firm goes belly up, low-carb diet still has fans

KBCI 8/9/05 Idaho Spud Growers Shed No Tears Over Atkins Decline

News.com.au 8/9/05 Evidence weighs against low-carb foods

Palm Beach Post 8/8/05 Waning of low-carb fad could aid citrus, sugar farmers

Dallas Morning News 8/8/05 Out with Atkins, in with ?

Yahoo 8/8/05 Low-Carb Fad Bankrupt - Dieters' Options? Balance and Moderation Still Keys to Success

WGAL 8/4/05 Bakers Celebrate Atkins Diet Decline

Oregonian 8/4/05 The Atkins diet: dead meat

The Age 8/3/05 Atkins diet company files for bankruptcy

USA Today 8/2/05 Atkins: Have we had our fill?

NY Daily News 8/1/05 Doughless Atkins diet goes belly up

Bella Online 7/27/05 Is The Low Carb Fad Dying Out?

Clarion Ledger 7/27/05 South Beach Diet doc indulges sweet tooth

LA Times 7/25/05 Protein real star of low-carb diets

WTNH 7/25/05 New Low Carb wine

Telegraph.co.uk 7/19/05 Could Dr Atkins have the answer?

NBC 7/18/05 Low carb snacks not always the best option

The Common Voice 7/8/05 Louisville Professor Scorns Atkins Diet, Admits People Lose 'Lots Of Pounds' On It

Common Voice 7/2/05 Low-Carb Still Making Bread Companies Bite The Dust

Bella Online 7/1/05 Low Carb Margarita Recipe

Nutra Ingredients 6/27/05 Research shows metabolic benefits of low-carb diet

Bella Online 6/27/05 Vegetarians and Low Carb

Common Voice 6/26/05 Who Says You Can't Splurge On Low-Carb?

SC Headline 6/25/05 Priest Says Low-Carb Good For Body And Soul

Common Voice 6/23/05 Krispy Kreme In Trouble Because Of Low-Carb?

Honolulu Advertiser 6/20/05 Loving low-carb? Fat chance!

South Carolina Headlines 6/20/05 Atkins Best Weight Loss Method Despite Alleged Health Concerns

The Common Voice 6/18/05 Why Low-Fat, Low-Calorie Diets Fail And Low-Carb Succeeds

ic Wales 6/17/05 Experts in quandary over effects of Atkins diet

Iowa Farmer 6/16/05 Low-carb craze wanes for pork

Forbes 6/14/05 Natraceutical seeks patent for Low Carb Cocoa product 

Farm Press 6/13/05 Florida introduces low-carb potato

USA Today 6/12/05 'South Beach' helps turn tide

Bella Online 6/12/05 USDA Carbohydrates vs Low Carb

SC Headline 6/9/05 Survey Finds Most Americans Are Uneducated About The Low-Carb Lifestyle

Brewton Standard 6/7/05 Thinking low carb?

OC Register 6/5/05 Low-carb running on empty

Brewton Standard 6/7/05 Thinking low carb?

OC Register 6/5/05 Low-carb running on empty

CBS2 Chicago 6/2/05 Combination Low-Carb, High-Carb Diet Might Be Best

BBC 6/1/05 Watchdog rules against Atkins ad

The Mirror 6/1/05 Don't Say Atkins Diet Is 'Healthy'

SC Headlines 5/31/05 Fitness Expert Right About Exercise, Wrong About Low-Carb

eDiets.com 5/30/05 New South Beach Diet foods high in sodium

eDiets.com 5/28/05 Your Guide To Low-Carb Labels

Common Voice 5/27/05 Australian Scientists Find Eating Low-Carb Guarantees Permanent Weight Loss

KXTV 5/27/05 Man Loses 300 Pounds Without Pills or Surgery

SC Headlines 5/26/05 Phenomenal 300-Pound Weight Loss Success On Atkins Diet

Tampa Bay 10 5/25/05 Low-carb potato helps northeast farmers capitalize on the industry

SC Headlines 5/25/05 Nobody's Doing Low-Carb Anymore Because It's So Popular

AM Online 5/24/05 Study Reveals Characteristics of Carb Conscious Consumers

SC Headlines 5/24/05 Study Indicates Low-Carb Lifestyle Is Here To Stay

KSDK 5/24/05 Low Carb Diets Losing Popularity?

Chicago Sun Times 5/23/05 Restaurants hoping for a sugar high

Stuff 5/23/05 Atkins diabetes surprise

Bakery and Snacks 5/23/05 Kraft introduces new products for South Beach Diet

The Common Voice 5/21/05 'Low Carb Fast Food Diet' Sounds Like A Fad, Works Like A Charm

eDiets.com 5/21/05 Low-Carb Chocolate You'll Love

BBC 5/19/05 Diet craze 'good for the heart'

Yahoo 5/19/05 Consumers Need a Report on the Facts About Atkins, Not the Myths

Keloland.com 5/18/05 Low-Carb Craze Benefits Food Bank

Kansas.com 5/17/05 Magazine offers the real skinny on many diet plans

The Common Voice 5/15/05 Atkins Diet Forcing Restaurants To Offer Low-Carb Options

Columbia Daily Tribune 5/13/05 Atkins diet earns poor rating

KOMO 5/12/05 Atkins Diet Ranks Last In Review

Times Online 5/8/05 The low carb diet doctor bites back

Common Voice 5/5/05 Traveling Is No Excuse For Not Doing Low-Carb

Kansas City Business Journal 5/5/05 Low-carb fizzle trims MGP's profit, sales

PR Newswire 5/4/05 Is Atkins Changing From Low Carb to Low GI?

WESH.com 5/3/05 Low-Fat, Low-Carb Foods May Hurt Health

MSNBC 5/2/05 Low-carb fad fizzling out

eDiets.com 4/30/05 Your Guide To Low-Carb Labels

Ninemsn 4/29/05 Low-carb diets work with more fat or protein

London Free Press 4/28/05 Wife prods pudgy PM onto low-carb diet

East Valley Tribune 4/27/05 A low-carb diet doesn’t mean cutting out wine

Kentucky.com 4/26/05 Dr. Atkins' widow vows to vindicate diet

Palm Beach Post 4/25/05 Rising O.J. sales may stem from fall of low-carb craze

Contra Costa Times 4/24/05 Low-carb products swamp food banks

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CBS News 4/15/05 Comparing Low-Carb Diets

Globe and Mail 4/15/05 Low-carb, low-fat crazes hit CoolBrands

New Kerala 4/13/05 Atkins diet comes under scanner

BBC 4/12/05 Experts probe diet of 60s mothers

Red Nova 4/12/05 Atkins Effect on Pregnancy Under Scrutiny

News Target 4/12/05 Study Of Obese Diabetics Explains Why Low-Carb Diets Produce Fast Results

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eDiets.com 4/5/05 Low Carb Eating: Where Weight Loss Begins

PR Newswire 4/3/05 New study suggests being 'choosy' about carbohydrates may be more important than counting calories

Houston Chronicle 4/3/05 Is low-carb craze toast?

Sydney Morning Herald 4/3/05 Carbs back on menu

Kentucky.com 3/31/05 Low-carb donations feed the needy in Appalachia

eDiets.com 3/31/05 10 Great Low-Carb Snacks!

News Target 3/31/05 The Atkins diet craze is over, so now the Atkins folks are adopting the Zone diet

WIS 3/30/05 USC study indicates links between low-carb diet and dangerous iron levels

Delaware Coast Press 3/30/05 Low-carb dieters eat less food

Independent 3/30/05 Bread rises to the occasion as consumers fall out of love with Dr Atkins' low-carb diet

LA Daily News 3/29/05 A truth of grains: Low-carb or not, diets need them

Click2Houston.com 3/28/05 Low-Carb Potato Thrills Florida Farmers

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WJXX 3/22/05 Atkins Diet: Lawsuit Filed

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Arizona Republic 3/22/05 Success of low-carb diets linked to drop in calories

Newswise 3/21/05 How Do Low-Carb Diets Affect Your Cholesterol?

Yahoo 3/21/05 Limiting Carbs Results in Greater Weight Loss

Palm Beach Daily News 3/20/05 Scholar weighs low carb versus low fat in study

Fairfield Daily Republic 3/19/05 Low-carb plot attempting to take down an American icon - Hostess

KLTV 3/17/05 Low Carb Confusion

Sydney Morning Herald 3/17/05 Low sales for low carb food products

Telegraph.co.uk 3/17/05 Atkins diet company falls on lean times

The Age 3/17/05 Food producers lower low-carb expectations

American Diabetes Association 3/16/05 'Low-Carb' Labels Create Confusion for Diabetics

NewsNet5.com 3/16/05 Plant That Makes Low-Carb Products To Lay Off Workers

BBC 3/16/05 UK Atkins diet company to close

Forbes 3/14/05 New Theory on Why Low-Carb Diets Work

Yahoo 3/14/05 A Carb Is Just A Carb ... Or Is It?

Bradenton Herald 3/14/05 Researchers: Low-carb diets work because people eat less

Reuters 3/14/05 Kraft CEO Living Proof 'South Beach' Works

News Target 3/13/05 South Beach diet getting mixed reviews in South Florida school cafeterias

She Knows 3/12/05 Advance food preparation can help ensure low-carb success

WISN 3/11/05 Another Low-Cal, Low-Carb Beer To Compete

CBS 3/11/05 South Beach Diet Goes To School

Yahoo 3/10/05 LowCarb Living Releases White Paper: 'Low-Carb Diet: Fad or Lifestyle?'

Red Nova 3/10/05 Defusing the Latest Missile Aimed at Low-Carb Meal Plans

Guardian 3/9/05 Atkins: the opera

She Knows 3/8/05 A chocolate lover's dream - Low-carb style

Red Nova 3/8/05 Science Backs Controlled-Carb Rather Than 'Right-Carb' Approach

Journal Gazette 3/6/05 Low-carb diet rich in antioxidants

Seattle PI 3/6/05 Florida school testing South Beach Diet

Xtra News 3/2/05 Low G Diet Replaces Low Carb Trend

WESH.com 3/2/05 Low-Carb Potato Thrills Florida Farmers

Yahoo 2/28/05 Atkins Launches Consumer Education Campaign to Help Consumers Avoid Added Sugars, Misleading Food Labels

MSNBC 2/24/05 Bud fires latest salvo in low-carb beer battle

Times Leader 2/23/05 Carbs are no longer banished

Thread 2/23/05 Atkins Diet Affecting Fast-Food Menus

Miami Herald 2/21/05 Anheuser-Busch launches low-cal, low-carb `Budweiser Select'

Bakery and Snacks 2/21/05 Low-carb threat creates US pasta alliance

Journal Gazette 2/20/05 Homemade soup a low-carb dream

New Kerald 2/19/05 Atkins diet may have helped human evolution

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/17/05 Low-carb stale as last week's bread

Beacon Journal 2/16/05 Low-carb spuds at stores

Ventura County Star 2/16/05 Omelets are easy, perfect for most low-carb dieters

Red Nova 2/15/05 Case Study: Man With Type 2 Diabetes and Stage 1 Kidney Disease on Atkins-Like Diet

Arizona Republic 2/14/05 Low Carb Mall creator a victim of diet's success

Journal Gazette 2/13/05 Sow seeds now for low-carb crop

Star Ledger 2/13/05 Low-carb pioneer goes from fat to lean times, then expires

News4colorado.com 2/11/05 Low-Carb Diet May Keep Fido Slim, Healthy

KGMB9 2/10/05 Low-Carb Diet Can Be Dangerous for Women

News Journal 2/10/05 Bakeries rejoice: Carbs are back

WPXI-TV 2/10/05 Are Low-Carb Diets Losing Steam?

Atlanta Journal Constitution 2/8/05 For low-carb potato, timing is not so hot

Sarasota Herald-Tribune 2/7/05 Taters jump on low-carb cart to skin competitors

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/7/05 Bread makers seek to roll back low-carb

Aspen Times 2/7/05 Dietitian: Carb craze or carb crazy?

South Bend Tribune 2/4/05 Dieters giving bread a break

BostonChannel.com 2/3/05 Bagel Makers Jump On Low-Carb Craze

Grand Forks Herald 2/2/05 Diets tout 'good carb' advice

Post Gazette 2/2/05 Low-carb diets slice into baking business

Science Daily 2/1/05 Controversial Atkins Diet May Be Beneficial For People With Epilepsy

Miami Herald 1/31/05 Bread rises to meet low-carb challenge

Contra Costa Times 1/30/05 Low-Carb Craze Cooling Down- But education, awareness will remain

Daily Press 1/29/05 Low-carb lager newest on beer menu

The Scotsman 1/28/05 Forget hi-tech, low-carb is the key

Orlando Sentinel 1/28/05 Low-carb potatoes taste just like others

The Herald 1/28/05 Low-carb death knell nears in move towards balanced diet

Thread 1/27/05 Atkins Diet Affecting Fast-Food Menus

NutraIngredients-usa.com 1/27/05 Low carb trend could cause birth defects

Sun-Sentinel.com 1/27/05 Bread sales rise as low-carb diet frenzy subsides

Click 2 Houston.com 1/26/05 Bacardi Pours Low-Carb Rum

Mercury News 1/26/05 Fattier little piggy goes to (low-carb) market

Monterey County Herald 1/26/05 Low-carb diet fad waning?

PR Newswire 1/26/05 This Year, Try a Controlled-Carb Super Bowl Sunday

WCCO 1/25/05 Rating Low-Carb Breakfast Cereals

Just Food 1/24/05 Unilever's Good Humor-Breyers launches new low-carb ice creams

Billings Gazette 1/23/05 Low-carb diet craze loses its punch as dieters opt for carbs

Cherwell Online 1/21/04 University scientists on Atkins diet

News Medical 1/20/05 Low-carbohydrate diets have made a substantial comeback

Oxford Student 1/20/05 Oxford scientists sick after trying the Atkins diet

icCheshire 1/20/05 BPC playing down low-carb spud claim

Macon Telegraph 1/20/05 Weakening low-carb craze may mean slightly slower growth for peanuts

Bakery and Snacks 1/20/05 Low carb diets bounce back in 2005

Reuters 1/19/05 Low-Carb Diets Get New Year's Boost -Survey

Daily News 1/19/05 Study may determine if Atkins diet is safe

Seattle Times 1/19/05 Thinning demand leads to demise of local low-carb specialty stores

San Angelo Standard Times 1/18/05 Low-carb dieters discovering calories, fats count, too

eDiets 1/18/05 Low-Carb Eating: Avoid These Pitfalls

eDiets 1/18/05 You Can Cut High Low-carb Costs

Pioneer Press 1/17/05 Low-fat diets may win over carb counters
Telegraph 1/17/05 Chips back on menu for Atkins dieters

The Age 1/16/05 Higher-fat pork for low-carb dieters

Boston Herald 1/16/05 Low-carb meals (almost) as easy as `1-2-3'

Scotsman 1/16/05 Diet potato to arrive on shop shelves

Chicago Tribune 1/16/05 Low-carb audience, full of other food choices, thins out

SanDiegoChannel.com 1/14/05 How To Avoid Low-Carb Mistakes

Canada NewsWire 1/14/05 Reports of death of low-carb greatly exaggerated: Atkins
The Times 1/14/05 Calling all Atkins dieters: here is a tuber that doesn't make you tubby

CBS2 1/13/05 Forget South Beach, Come To The Hamptons

Charlotte Observer 1/13/05 Don't fall for low-carb con

Macleans 1/13/05 Low-carb myths

MSNBC 1/13/05 It's official: Eat less, get more exercise

SunHerald.com 1/13/05 Killer carbs?

Charlotte Observer 1/12/05 Low-carb bandwagon, already on a slippery road, loses traction

The Age 1/12/05 The low carb backlash

Phillyburbs.com 1/11/05 The skinny on low carb

CarolinaChannel.com 1/11/05 Testing Low-Carb Products For Carbs

eDiets.com 1/11/05 Low-Carb Eating: 3 Main Benefits

TVNZ 1/10/05 Low carb craze old news

Macleans 1/10/05 Low-carb lament

News 14 Carolina 1/10/05 Low-carb mistakes

Chicago Daily Herald 1/8/05 Kraft to start South Beach line of diet foods

Guardian 1/7/05 Coke shaken by low-carb failure

Detroit News 1/6/05 Follow these 7 secrets to low-carb diet success in 2005

KCRA-TV 1/6/05 Dieters, Doctors Say Low-Carb Is So 2004

Fox News 1/5/05 Diet Debate: Which Plan Works Best?

Local6.com 1/4/05 Low-Carb Cereals

Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier 1/4/05 Life on the beach

Business Wire 1/3/05 ''South Beach Diet Recommended'' Kraft Products Make It Easy to Stick to New Year's Resolutions

Arizona Republic 1/3/05 Forget low carb, fill those tummies

Tribune-Review 1/2/05 'Low-Carb Gourmet' offers dinner party ideas

eDiets.com 1/2/05 10 Best Low-Carb Breakfasts

Detroit News 1/2/05 Even South Beach Diet faithful who strayed can return to righteousness

Reuters 1/1/05 Weight Loss Companies Seek to KO Low-Carb

Gwinnett Daily Post 1/1/05 Low carb diets out in favor of smaller portion sizes

The Guardian 1/1/05 Atkins changes tack as rivals poach dieters


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