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Observer Reporter 12/31/04 Public's appetite for low-carb diets curbed

KVAL 12/29/04 Low Carb Diet

Daily Star 12/29/04 Low-carb diets not a piece of cake

DeHavilland 12/29/04 Atkins makes way for new diet fads

Seattle Times 12/29/04 "Biography" profiles Atkins, the anti-carb doctor

Flint Journal 12/28/04 Be thankful low-carb hype is over

Denver Post 12/28/04 Coors pulls ad that touts low-carb edge in taste

News 8 12/28/04 Low-carb mistakes

Seattle Times 12/29/04 "Biography" profiles Atkins, the anti-carb doctor

Flint Journal 12/28/04 Be thankful low-carb hype is over

Denver Post 12/28/04 Coors pulls ad that touts low-carb edge in taste

News 8 12/28/04 Low-carb mistakes

eDiets.com 12/28/04 Low Carb Eating: Tempted By Teas

Northwest Herald 12/27/04 Another fad bites the dust

South Bend Tribune 12/26/04 Now can we get real about diet?

Sunday Times 12/26/04 Atkins diet boosts US whiskey sales

KIFI 12/23/04 Low-Carb Diet Declines, Potatoes Make Comeback

IndyStar 12/22/04 Low-carb entree includes pork and fruit

The State 12/21/04 Low-carb diet a loser for many companies

eDiets.com 12/21/04 Tips For Smart Low-Carb Snacking

WSOC 12/20/04 Holiday Hosting For Low-Carb, Low-Fat Guests

Miami Herald 12/19/04 Summary: Interest Wanes in Low-Carb Diets

Telegraph.co.uk 12/18/04 Atkins cooks up low-carb breakfast

Mercury News 12/17/04 Low-carb sales falling from high note

PR Web 12/17/04 After Atkins: The Low-Carb Diet Recovery Program

Miami Herald 12/15/04 Citrus department to challenge labeling of low-carb juices

USA Today 12/15/04 Low-carb on downslide

Daily Illini 12/14/04 Local experts debate benefits of low-carb lifestyle

MSNBC 12/13/04 Low-carb diets already on wane

WLNS 12/13/04 Low-Carb Diets Losing Steam

CBC 12/13/04 Candy maker skips low-carb trend

Columbia Daily Tribune 12/12/04 Low-carb slump leaves food firms in flux

RedNova.com 12/10/04 'South Beach Diet' Doctor Shares Tips on Health, Nutrition

Yahoo 12/9/04 Atkins Gets Tech-Savvy to Reach More Dieters

eDiets 12/9/04 Low Carb's Still Hot at Chains

Ventura County Star 12/8/04 Time to have yourself a low-carb holiday

Reuters 12/6/04 South Beach Diet Creator Shuns 'Low-Carb' Label

PR Newswire 12/6/04 Low-Carb Dieters Open to New Ideas When It Comes to Health

Smart Money 12/6/04 Waning Demand for Low-Carb Foods Hurts MGP

Daily News Central 12/5/04 Diet Basics: South Beach Diet May Be Good Choice for Men

Common Voice 12/5/04 Anti-Atkins Crowd Just Doesn't Get It

NY Times 12/5/04 Is the Low-Carb Boom Over?

New Kerala 12/5/04 Low carb diet in pregnancy good for offspring

eDiets.com 12/2/04 Low Carb On A Budget

eDiets.com 12/2/04 Low-Fat Vs. Low-Carb Study Results Misreported: Study Revealed the Real Enemy is Junk Food

eDiets.com 12/2/04 Considering The South Beach Diet™? Read This First!

Yahoo 12/1/04 Atkins is Now Available for First Time on DVD

Yorkshire Post Today 12/1/04 Arla toasts Atkins milk

Asheville Citizen-Times 11/30/04 Steak salads make high-protein, low-carb meals

eDiets.com 11/30/04 Smart Shopper Taste-Tests Low-Carb Pasta

eDiets.com 11/30/04 Low-Carb Eating: Learn To Barter!

INQ7.net 11/29/04 Confessions of a closet South Beach dieter

News-Sentinel 11/29/04 Donuts remain popular morning treat, even in low-carb-crazed era

Lansing State Journal 11/28/04 Healthier fare invades the workplace during holidays, replacing chocolates, pastries

Boston Herald 11/28/04 Local doc has the skinny on carb vs. fat cut

MSNBC 11/28/04 Low-carb fare is losing its luster

Boston Globe 11/28/04 Low-carb doughnuts? Are we nuts?

MedIndia 11/28/04 Evaluating The Benefits Of A Low – carb Diet

WQOW 11/26/04 Losing Interest in Low Carb Diets?

Emediawire 11/26/04 The Low Carb Bartender Offers Weight-Watching Tips While Drinking During The Holidays

Just-food.com 11/26/04 Canada: Low-carb products could be barred with new labelling rules

Indy Star 11/25/04 'Good' carb diet is healthy, study says

KESQ 11/24/04 Low carb Thanksgiving recipes

Hindustan Times 11/24/04 Atkins diet helps foetus

Shreveport Times 11/24/04 Holiday favorites get low-carb treatment

AZCentral.com 11/22/04 Take a closer look at low-carb diets before you pass on the potatoes

eDiets.com 11/22/04 First major study examining long-term followers of low-carbohydrate diets reveals significant success rate

eDiets.com 11/22/04 Low-Fat Vs. Low-Carb Study Results Misreported: Study Revealed the Real Enemy is Junk Food

Medical News Today 11/22/04 High Protein, Low-Carb Diet During Pregnancy Good for Baby

eDiets.com 11/22/04 At Holidays, 160 Ways to Stick with Your Low-Carb Diet

Miami Herald 11/21/04 At Clemson, Low-Carb Diets Raise Prices

Female First 11/19/04 Tips for Low-Carb Cooking

Business Wire 11/18/04 Low-Fat Vs. Low-Carb Study Results Mis-Reported

AJC 11/18/04 South Beach Diet doctor creates lunch menus for 4 Florida schools

Food Production Daily 11/18/04 Low-carb legacy hitting US pasta sales

Business Wire 11/18/04 Low-Carb Followers Can Continue Tradition Guilt-Free

Arizona Central 11/17/04 Florida school kids put on, what else, South Beach Diet

Common Voice 11/17/04 Low-Carb Beats Low-Fat For Successful Weight Loss

Sacramento Bee 11/17/04 Waist watch: At holidays, 160 ways to stick with your diet

Herald Tribune 11/17/04 Low-carb feasting

PR Newswire 11/16/04 Atkins Research Update; Clinical Research on Controlled-Carbohydrate Nutrition

eDiets 11/16/04 The Scoop On Low-Carb Ice Cream

USA Today 11/16/04 Study: Low-fat tops low-carb for keeping pounds off

The Advertiser 11/15/04 Atkins diet slammed as bad-breath fad

BBC 11/15/04 Atkins diet 'works better on men'

News.com.au 11/15/04 Atkins fans defend diet

St. Cloud Times 11/15/04 Low-carb craze fades as faithful rethink diets

BBC 11/15/04 Atkins sees fatter profits ahead

The State 11/14/04 Low-carb experiment a bust for American-Italian Pasta

Boca News 11/14/04 Delray man sues Atkins

The Australian 11/14/04 Aussie doctors in Atkins alert

Medical News Today 11/13/04 Atkins and South Beach Diets Best Option for Men to Slim

Daily News 11/13/04 Bye-bye Atkins, hello Cap'n Crunch

Providence Business News 11/13/04 Low-carb claims lack FDA weight, some say

Reuters 11/12/04 Atkins sees low-carb diet pickup after New Year

Bloomberg 11/12/04 Wessanen Lowers 2004 Forecast on Low-Carb Products (Update3)

WIS 11/11/04 Health Alert: Low carb cooking

Miami Herald 11/11/04 Fundraiser features famous diet

CBS 11/11/04 Carb Craze Takes Turn For Better

CBS 11/11/04 Eating Carbs The Healthy Way

Washington Times 11/11/04 Starch sales signal end of low-carb fad

SF Examiner 11/10/04 Low-carb diets falling out of vogue

Boston Herald 11/10/04 A holiday to diet for: Low-carbers can still have a delicious Thanksgiving

Slate 11/9/04 A Carb Is a Carb Is a Carb

Bloomberg 11/9/04 Low-Carb Diets Prove No Better Than Low-Fat Plans, Study Says

Forbes 11/9/04 Low-Carb, High Risk?

Post Gazette 11/9/04 Amid signs fad fading, Del Monte unveils fruit low in carbs

eDiets.com 11/9/04 Dieters Show Side Effects Every Low-Carb Dieter Should Know

Medical Post Online 11/8/04 NAMS: Low-carb diet may benefit postmenopausal women

Record Eagle 11/8/04 Cookbook chock full of recipes for carb counters

New Zealand Herald 11/7/04 Atkins diet combats diabetes says NZ study

News 14 Carolina 11/7/04 Low-carb diets have benefits

News.com.au 11/7/04 Catkins diet is a winner

AZCentral.com 11/5/04 Low-carb diets skimp on heart health, experts say

DesMoinesRegister.com 11/4/04 Low-carb craze thickens cottage-cheese profits

Times Dispatch 11/4/04 Following the low-carb trend

Sun-Sentinel.com 11/4/04 Real men do try low-carb diets

Chronicle Herald 11/4/04 Catching the low-carb bug

Modesto Bee 11/3/04 Consumers lose appetite for low-carb diet

NBC 30 11/3/04 Many Dieters Confused By Carbs

MSNBC 11/2/04 Low-carb sales slow as American craze cools

Click 2 Houston 11/2/04 Tips For Low-Carb Cooking

Journal Times 11/1/04 For weight loss, low-carb not as important as low-calorie

News-Medical.net 11/1/04 Interim recommendations on low-carb diets

Stuff.co.nz 11/1/04 Short-term success of Atkins diet surprises researchers

Boston Globe 10/31/04 Suit seeks warning label for Atkins diet

News 24 Houston 10/30/04 Low-carb diets have benefits

USA Today 10/29/04 Low-carb diets may hurt heart health

IOL 10/29/04 Sauerkraut and beer feed German Atkins diet

Just-food.com 10/28/04 UK: Cholesterol-reducing products set to overtake low-carb - research

Asheville Citizen-Times 10/27/04 Diet with the right carbs seems to boost health, study finds

Asbury Park Press 10/27/04 Breakfast food makes a comeback, thanks to low-carb lifestyles

ABC News 10/26/04 Excerpt: 'The South Beach Diet'

Kansas City Star 10/26/04 Atkins lawyers seek to have dieter's lawsuit dismissed

Carolina Morning News 10/22/04 Low-carb diets carry health risks

St. Louis Business Journal 10/22/04 Anheuser-Busch launches Bacardi Silver Low-Carb Green Apple

New Kerala 10/21/04 Fat cat loses 11 pounds using the C-Atkins diet

Daily Record 10/18/04 Students Warned Of Atkins Dangers

The Times 10/17/04 Medical students taught about risks of the Atkins diet

Stuff.co.nz 10/17/04 Low-carb foods to hit NZ as stars fuel craze

Nutra Ingredients 10/14/04 Low-carb diet may have benefits over reducing fat

Beacon Journal 10/13/04 South Beach snacks, too

Haddon Herald 10/13/04 To low-carb or not to low-carb, that's the dilemma

Reuters 10/12/04 Low-Carb Diet May Cut Heart Risks in Severely Obese

Calgary Sun 10/12/04 Atkins Inc. defends diet plan

Sydney Morning Herald 10/10/04 Atkins takes the low carb war to the supermarket

San Mateo County Times 10/8/04 Entrepreneurs thinking low-carb

Extra MSN 10/8/04 Low Carb Fad Is Bad Says Nutritionist

Stanford Daily 10/7/04 Low-carb trend makes inroads

Billings Gazette 10/7/04 Low-carb diet craze provides big boost to almond farmers

Stanford Daily 10/7/04 Low-carb trend makes inroads

Nutra Ingredients 10/6/04 Low-carb offering expands in UK

Daily Tribune 10/5/04 Kangkong and bagoong in your South Beach Diet 

The Vanguard 10/4/04 The truth about the 'low carb lifestyle'

MLive 10/4/04 Low-carb craze boosts poulty sales, and grilling can help you stick to the diet

7 News 10/4/04 Expert issues low-carb product warning

Dunn County News 10/4/04 Vegetarianism, Atkins Diet to be addressed at local talks

Boston Herald 10/3/04 Beau's carbo-loaded kitchen sinks her diet

Journal Times 10/1/04 Nutrition Wise: Don't let low-carb diet break the bank

Chicago Sun Times 9/29/04 Low-carb lifestyle for diet success

Globe and Mail 9/29/04 Good riddance to low-carb claims: Carbohydrates are not the enemy

Star Ledger 9/29/04 The low-carb clique takes a bite out of the apple

PR Newswire 9/29/04 The Dole Poll: 50% Say Low-Carb Diet Not Worth Health Risks

The Boston Channel 9/28/04 Low-Carb Diets Not For Kids

The Guardian 9/28/04 Kraft adopts rival diet to Atkins

Chicago Tribune 9/28/04 Kraft to highlight South Beach Diet

CNN 9/27/04 Kraft to team with South Beach Diet

MSNBC 9/27/04 Are pricey low-carb foods worth it?

Journal Times Online 9/27/04 Nutrition Wise: Don't let low-carb diet break the bank

The Australian 9/27/04 Unilever banks on healthy appetite for low-carb diets

Journal and Courier 9/26/04 Low fat or low carb can make or break a relationship

Toronto Star 9/24/04 Low-carb diet claims provide food for thought

AJC 9/24/04 Low-carb cereal has taste, more fat

Toronto Star 9/24/04 Low-carb overload

USA Today 9/23/04 A is for Atkins? Not yet

Grand Rapids Press 9/23/04 Low-carb diets take bite out of bakery

Yahoo 9/23/04 Low-Carb Diet Fad Has Peaked....

Boston Herald 9/23/04 Well this takes the cake, Atkins mania is killing Twinkies

USA Today 9/23/04 Atkins' low-carb approach makes way into schools
OmahaChannel.com 9/23/04 Are Low-Carb Vitamins Worth Extra Cost?

The Scotsman 9/22/04 Low-Carb Diets Bankrupt Biggest U.S. Bakery

Reuters 9/22/04 Few opt for low-carb diets

Yahoo 9/21/04 Angry Low Carb Dieters Dismayed by Their Rapid Weight Gains

NY Times 9/21/04 Beware Food Companies' Health Claims

Toronto Star 9/21/04 Low-carb labelling rules could sink products

Herald Sun 9/20/04 Vet backs Atkins diet for pets

Journal Gazette 9/19/04 Nutritionists take Atkins diet to task

Journal News 9/18/04 Flavored coffees revamped for low-carb dieters

Seattle Times 9/15/04 Getting off low-carb diet without gaining weight

Taunton Gazette 9/15/04 Living a low-carb lifestyle

MSNBC 9/14/04 Atkins slims down in face of competition

Market Wire 9/14/04 "Don't Low-Carb Your Kids"

News-Leader 9/14/04 Making the switch from low-carb to whole grain

This is London 9/14/04 Rivals put the bite on Atkins diet firm

The Scotsman 9/13/04 Atkins and Low-Carb Diets 'A Year to Live'

Better Homes and Gardens 9/12/04 Lessons from the Low-Carb Diet Craze

The State 9/11/04 Atkins Nutritionals trimming work force

Medical News Today 9/10/04 A Good Carb Diet Could Be Better For You Than Atkins

Ventura County Star 9/8/04 Tasty kid lunches can be low-carb

Desert Sun 9/8/04 Low-Carb Diet: Try some veal ribs for a tasty late-summer barbecue twist

Mr. Web 9/7/04 Low-Carb Lift-Off

Post Gazette 9/7/04 South Beach diet creates a run on Laughing Cow

Miami Herald 9/7/04 Thin Oreos? Kraft caters to low-carb fad

IOL 9/7/04 Boffins weigh up the Atkins Diet

KSL 9/6/04 Can Low Carb Diets Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer?

Charlotte.com 9/6/04 Low-carb diet might ease daughter's acne

Kentucky.com 9/6/04 Low Carb Lean Times

Charleston.net 9/6/04 Studies compare low-carb, low-fat diets

Houston Chronicle 9/4/04 Clinton likely not hurt by South Beach diet

Scotsman 9/3/04 Spiceless Atkins diet 'bores you thinner'

Telegraph.co.uk 9/3/04 The Atkins diet bores people thin

Daily Camera 9/3/04 Side effects of Atkins diet mild

Independent 9/3/04 Atkins diet has long-term dangers, researchers warn

WebMD 9/2/04 Low-Carb Diets Work, but Safety Still an Issue

BBC 9/2/04 Low fat diets 'as good as Atkins'

Fox News 9/2/04 Experts: Low-Carb Craze on the Wane

London Free Press 9/1/04 Low-carb not for kids

Journal Gazette 9/1/04 Low-carb products no free pass for overeating

ic Wales 9/1/04 Atkins diet slims Bunzl's US business

Kansas.com 8/31/04 Low-carb livin' gets easier, and more tempting

New York Times 8/31/04 Tyson Went on Atkins, but Its Profit Slimmed Down

Go Memphis 8/30/04 Low-carb diet usually outpaces low-fat losses

New Zealand Herald 8/30/04 Low-carb yoghurt on menu

Indianapolis Star 8/29/04 The kind of carbs you eat may make big difference

Tallahassee.com 8/29/04 Vitamins feed off low-carb craze

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 8/29/04 Low-carb potato on way

PR Web 8/28/04 A Sweet Deal For Low Carb Dieters

Lorain Morning Journal 8/27/04 Low-carb retailers seeing lean times

BBC 8/27/04 Doubts over good carb diet claims

Boston Herald 8/27/04 A study to diet for: Docs can’t ‘weight’ for Atkins alternative

This Week 8/26/04 New volume advocates low-carb diet to reduce diabetes risk

Sun-Sentinel.com 8/25/04 Greeks have no appetite for the Atkins diet

Christian Broadcasting Network 8/25/04 Low-Carb Diet Could be a Fading Craze

The Spoof 8/25/04 SpongeBob Squarepants On Atkins Diet

Merced Sun-Star 8/24/04 Atkins vs. Ornish: They were both right

News-Leader.com 8/22/04 Sales of low-carb food products flatten out as bread sales rise

Washington Times 8/21/04 Diet supplements hop on low-carb bandwagon

MSNBC 8/20/04 Defining the success of low-carb diets

AJC 8/20/04 Americans seem to have had their fill of low-carb diet craze

NBC4 8/20/04 Low Carb Cola Taste Test

WALB-TV 8/19/04 Peanuts pushed as low carb snack

LA Times 8/19/04 What Low-Carb Dieters May Be Missing

AJC 8/18/04 South Beach Diet creates huge demand for Laughing Cow cheese

New Kerala 8/17/04 Atkins diet gets a backing from the laws of thermodynamics 

The Oregonian 8/17/04 Low-carb is a no-go for athletes

Journal Times 8/17/04 Low-carb craze won't reach school lunches

Pioneer Press 8/17/04 Atkins ready to invade the land of carbs

CBS Marketwatch 8/16/04 7-Up to introduce low-carb soda

Nature.com 8/16/04 Low-carb diets get thermodynamic defence

News Sentinel 8/16/04 Low carb vs. low fat Ben & Jerry's ice cream

Arizona Republic 8/14/04 Juice bares its low-carb count

Press-Enterprise 8/14/04 Tortillas go low-carb

Crain's Chicago Business 8/11/04 Kraft sues South Beach rival

About.com 8/10/04 Low-carb diet may reduce narcolepsy

National Geographic 8/10/04 Ancient Olympians Followed "Atkins" Diet, Scholar Says

MSNBC 8/10/04 Low-Carb Frenzy

Dallas Morning News 8/10/04 The carb labeling lowdown

Extra 8/10/04 Stars Say No to No-Carb Diets

Boston Globe 8/9/04 In Europe, little taste for low-carb

Daily Record 8/9/04 Atkins In Fat Study

BBC 8/8/04 Inquiry ordered into Atkins diet

Independent 8/8/04 Ten million of us are on diets. Now we will discover if it's a fat lot of good

NY Times 8/8/04 Florida Town Pins Hopes on a Lower-Carb Potato

Scotsman 8/8/04 Low Carb Diets 'May Guard Against Breast Cancer'

York Daily Record 8/8/04 Low-carb diets take a bite out of local snack food makers

Sun Sentinel 8/8/04 Groups gang up on low-carb plans

The State 8/7/04 Low-carb baker capitalizes on trendy diet

Business Week 8/7/04 Dude, Where's My Carb?

KansasCity.com 8/6/04 Philly surgeon champions Atkins diet

Galveston County Daily News 8/5/04 Low-carb diet may not be for runners

Desert Sun 8/4/04 Low-Carb Diet: Rich, meaty chanterelles are perfect for your grill

PR Newswire 8/4/04 Number of Adults on Low-Carb Diet Remains Stable

Mercury News 8/4/04 Will our tasters scream for low-carb ice cream?

Globe and Mail 8/3/04 New products swamp the low-carb bandwagon

Maine Today 8/3/04 Move over, Dr. Atkins

PR Newswire 8/3/04 Atkins Diabetes Revolution Breaks New Ground in Battle Against Escalating Type 2 Diabetes Epidemic

Washington Times 8/3/04 Demand for low-carb food and drinks easing

Chicago Sun Times 8/2/04 Low-carb diets blamed for loss of 333 jobs at local bakery

News Journal 8/2/04 Low-carb diet proven in a sprint; but how will it fare in a marathon?

Philly.com 8/1/04 Advocate for Atkins

Northwest Herald 8/1/04 Big foodmakers could find they cut their carbs too much

Press-Enterprise 8/1/04 High on low-carb

Medical News Today 8/1/04 Low carb or low fat, which one is the winner?

Kansas.com 8/1/04 With tortillas, low-carb is high-stakes

The Telegraph 7/30/04 Potatoes have had their chips

London Free Press 7/30/04 Low-carb craze cited in bakery shutdown

The Herald 7/29/04 Unilever turns to low-carb product diet

CNN 7/28/04 School cafeterias resist low-carb

Financial Times 7/28/04 Anheuser-Busch sees 'low-carb' impact slowing

NBC6.net 7/28/04 Low-Carb Diet Math: Does It Add Up?

Miami Herald 7/28/04 American Italian Pasta Co. reports loss on low-carb trend

Omaha World-Herald 7/28/04 Cattlemen hope Atkins diet boom doesn't go bust

Seattle Times 7/27/04 Low-carb craze shrinks waistlines, brain cells

Mercury News 7/27/04 Dreyer's buys maker of low-carb products

BostonChannel.com 7/27/04 Low-Carb Craze Not Catching On Worldwide

Orlando Sentinel 7/27/04 Low-carb products may outweigh interest

Contra Costa Times 7/27/04 Atkins Nutritional clashes with Atkins philosophy

Miami Herald 7/26/04 Cruise lines add low-carb dishes to menus

New Kerala  7/25/04 Diet smart! Know your good carbs from the bad

Crain's Chicago Business 7/24/04 Low-carb Oreos: Do we still care?

NBC17 7/22/04 High-Protein Dieters May Step Into Extra Risks

WJXX 7/22/04 Low-Carb Spuds Get a Local Boost

Free Lance-Star 7/22/04 Demand for low-carb items beginning to level off

National Enquirer 7/21/04 The Skinny On Carbs

Windy city Media Group 7/21/04 The South Beach Diet

Memphis Business Journal 7/21/04 Kellogg introduces low-carb Special K

Desert Sun 7/21/04 Low-Carb Diet: Enjoy the flavors of summertime

Plain Dealer 7/20/04 Nutritionists warn diabetics to be wary of Atkins diet

WTOV9.com 7/20/04 All Diets Agree On Fresh Fruit

Hartford Courant 7/20/04 Health Groups Take Issue With Low-Carb Plans

Kansas City Star 7/20/04 Survey shows dieters giving up on low-carb plans

Salem Statesman Journal 7/20/04 Despite low-carb mania, artisan-bread sellers thrive

Newsday 7/18/04 Low-carb craze is now a big business

Mercury News 7/18/04 Fresh Choice feels the bite of low-carb obsession

MLive.com 7/18/04 Atkins fans eat up diet

Globe and Mail 7/17/04 Low-carb diets taking starch out of potato farmers' sales

Toronto Star 7/16/04 Cracks in the low-carb fad

WESH 2 7/16/04 Study: Low-Carb Diets Losing Steam

Standard Democrat 7/16/04 Low-carb sweet treats popular with consumers

Kansas.com 7/16/04 Firms team up on low-carb starches

Star Telegram 7/15/04 A diet-craze casualty?

Fairfield Weekly 7/15/04 Low Carb?

KFox TV 7/15/04 Study: Low-Carb Diets Losing Steam

ABC 7/14/04 Low-Carb Craze Spurs Grain Company

Gwinnett Daily 7/14/04 Bakers unscathed by low-carb fad

Cincinnati Post 7/14/04 Food makers trim low-carb plans

Seattle PI 7/13/04 Artisan bakers prosper in low-carb world

Charlotte Observer 7/13/04 Labels tout low-carb count

News-Journal 7/12/04 Atkins diet plan feeds food fight

Seattle PI 7/12/04 Low-carb diet may leave your breath crying foul

WTOC 7/12/04 Kids MD - Low-Carb for Kids

MLive.com 7/12/04 Food makers trim low-carb plans as trend slows

Star Tribune 7/12/04 The anti-Atkins diet

Baltimore Sun 7/11/04 Diet another day

Hartford Courant 7/11/04 Catering To A Diet Craze

Star Telegram 7/11/04 Low-Carb Rollout

Journal Gazette 7/11/04 Low-carb ketchup just as tasty

Star Tribune 7/11/04 The anti-Atkins diet

Newsweek 7/9/04 Get the lowdown on low-carb products

USA Today 7/9/04 10 great places to cut carbs

Hartford Courant 7/9/04 Low Carb?

Philly.com 7/8/04 'South Beach' cookbook gives dieters a guide

Webindia123.com 7/8/04 Scientists to unravel the secret behind the Atkins diet

Palm Beach Post 7/8/04 Slim-Fast goes on low-carb diet

Scotsman 7/8/04 Scientists to study why Atkins diet on everyone's lips

Los Alamos Monitor 7/7/04 Why do they work? Noodling over low carb diets

Casper Star Tribune 7/7/04 The anti-Atkins diet

Seattle Times 7/7/04 Low-carb cooking calls for creativity

Boston Herald 7/7/04 Taste Trend: Atkins dieters can scoop up low-carb cones

Decatur Daily 7/7/04 Living with low-carb craziness

New Zealand Herald 7/7/04 Beef farmers thank diet for price hike

Washington Post 7/6/04 Low-Carb Diets Take a Punch

Morning Call 7/6/04 Diet book used novel methods to get to the top

Ad Age 7/5/04 New Marketing Strategy Aims at Dieters' Bad Breath

Chicago Sun Times 7/4/04 Low-carb craze hits Ritz: protein smoothie, anyone?

Miami Herald 7/4/04 Atkins charity could dominate diet research

Sunday Times 7/4/04 Mums-to-be warned off Atkins diet

Kentucky County Times 7/3/04 Ronzio serves up low-carb pizza at Coventry restaurant

Daily Herald 7/3/04 Trying to eat low carbs at fest

Web MD 7/2/04 Low-Carb Diet May Fight Daytime Sleepiness

News Sentinel 7/2/04 Low-carb craze: Is it healthy or not?

WILX-TV 7/2/04 Low-Carb Soda

Philly.com 7/1/04 A low-carb Fourth

AdAge.com 7/1/04 Unilever Hedges Bets On Low-Carb Craze

NewsOK.com 6/30/04 'Low-carb' labeling is obstacle for some dieters

Journal World 6/30/04 Companies have few limits in labeling items 'low-carb'

New Zealand Herald 6/30/04 Atkins diet may hurt women's chances of conceiving

Detroit Free Press 6/29/04 Cola makers try to lure low-carb dieters

BBC 6/29/04 Atkins 'affects conception chances'

CBS 6/29/04 Analyst warns low-carb diet craze waning

Guardian 6/29/04 Atkins diet may cut chance of pregnancy, study shows

Chicago Tribune 6/27/04 Farmers see low-carb spud as hot potato

News-Leader 6/27/04 Eateries indulge appetite for low-carb foods

News Journal 6/27/04 Low-carb craze hits the cola wars

The Age 6/26/04 Low-carb diet helps epileptic kids

News 14 6/26/04 Weighing in on low-carb diets

Charlotte Observer 6/26/04 Carb diet is not a free pass

WSOC 6/25/04 Weight Loss In America -- Low-Carb Diets

KLTV 6/24/04 Low Carbs; Bad For You?

Mercury News 6/24/04 Atkins' charity awaits a fortune

SMH 6/24/04 Low-carb diets are being taken with a pinch of salt

The Guardian 6/24/04 One step at a time

Washington Times 6/24/04 Starchy potatoes get the Atkins diet makeover

Yahoo News 6/23/04 Bananas Now Accepted in The South Beach Diet(TM)

Post Dispatch 6/23/04 Low-carb feasts let you dine well and maintain diet

Denver Post 6/23/04 Greeks have no appetite for Atkins diet

Indiana Statesman 6/23/04 Atkins diet limits essentials of a healthy lifestyle

Gazette Journal 6/23/04 Low-carb beer: Helpful diet aid or abomination?

Times Dispatch 6/23/04 Low-carb diet fallacies and facts

CNN 6/22/04 Potato growers eye low-carb spuds

MSN 6/22/04 Go low-carb on a budget

Washington Times 6/22/04 Warnings about low-carb diets mounting

Reuters 6/22/04 Low-Carb Fad Seen as Unhealthy and a Ripoff

Washington Times 6/22/04 sAtkins answers critics of low-carb diet

NY Daily News 6/21/04 Low-carb diet spurs high-level confusion

Indy Star 6/21/04 Low-Carb Diets: Is This Fad A Fraud?

Scotsman 6/21/04 Low-carb diet could halve seizures in young epileptics

New Zealand Herald 6/21/04 New rival for Atkins diet

Baltimore Sun 6/20/04 Low-carb diets get some vindication

Herald Tribune 6/20/04 Low-carb dieters, this spud's for you

Miami Herald 6/20/04 Orange juice feels squeeze from low-carb craze

Telegraph 6/20/04 Spaghetti and sandwiches for the slimmers of the 'anti-Atkins' diet

Business Week 6/18/04 I Want to Prove Dr. Atkins Was Right

Runners Web 6/18/04 How ‘Net Carbs’ Can Hurt Athletes

CNN 6/18/04 What's behind the curb-your-carbs craze?

GM Today 6/18/04 Askin' about Atkins

Forbes 6/18/04 Eat Low-Carb While Increasing Fiber Intake

East Valley Tribune 6/17/04 Experts offer the lowdown on ‘low-carb’ food

KLTV 6/17/04 Low Carb Coke - Does It Fall Flat?

Washington Times 6/17/04 Chicago food fair gets low-carb pizza

WebMD 6/17/04 Low-Carb Diet War: High Protein vs. High Fat

Post-Dispatch 6/16/04 Low-carb diets reshape stores

Houston Chronicle 6/16/04 Ben & Jerry's Half Baked plan for low-carb ice cream works

News 24 Houston 6/15/04 Consumer Reports: Low-carb food labels

Dallas Morning News 6/15/04 Soda plop: Lower-carb colas mostly fizzle

Washington Times 6/15/04 Cadbury Schweppes eyeing low-carb move

Yahoo 6/15/04 Atkins-Weary Baker Pitches 'Da Vinci Diet'

SMH 6/15/04 US goes low-carb crazy

Newsday 6/14/04 How do you 'break bread' in a low-carb world?

Mercury News 6/14/04 Enough already with the low-carb mania; How about eating less & exercising more?

Pioneer Press 6/14/04 The Atkins attitude

Time 6/13/04 The Atkins Ornish South Beach Zone Diet

Yahoo 6/13/04 US companies scramble to meet low-carb diet craze

IOL 6/13/04 Low-carb diets spell fat stacks of cash

Indy Star 6/13/04 Craving potatoes? Low-carb spuds arrive next year

News 24 Houston 6/13/04 Consumer Reports: Low-carb food

Marin Independent Journal 6/12/04 Marin ranchers benefiting from low-carb craze

Forbes 6/11/04 Low-Carb Spud to Hit U.S. Market Next Year

Chicago Tribune 6/11/04 McDonald's pops for low-carb Coke

ClickOnDetroit 6/11/04 Candy Expo Features Low-Carb Sweets

Pasadena Citizen 6/11/04 Panera Bread introduces low-carb option

Voice of America 6/10/04 US Food Companies Scramble to Cash in on Low-Carb Diet Craze

Chicago Sun -Times 6/10/04 Gut feelings on how long carb craze will last

CBS 6/10/04 Candy Gets A Low-Carb Makeover

Star Telegram 6/10/04 Low-carb diet may result in high-odor breath

AZ Central 6/10/04 'Low-Carb Chard' and 'So Low Merlot'

Forbes 6/9/04 Kraft Teams With South Beach Diet Doctor

Yahoo 6/9/04 New Survey Finds 78 Percent Low-Carb Success Rate in Losing Weight

Calgary Sun 6/9/04 CHR slams low-carb diets

Leaf Chronicle 6/9/04 Coca-Cola's new low-carb C2 falls flat in flavor

Go Memphis 6/9/04 Low-carb products proliferate, but comparing labels may surprise

Newsday 6/8/04 Studies add weight to claims for Atkins diet

AZ Central 6/8/04 Does low-carb Coke pass taste test?

Fox News 6/8/04 Anheuser-Busch Launches New Low-Carb Malt Drink

Washington Times 6/8/04 Low-carb potato to debut next year

Yahoo 6/8/04 Many Low-Carb Dieters Shun Fruit, Putting Them at Risk for Poor Nutrition

Charlotte Observer 6/7/04 Low-carb dieters knew it all along

Daily Record 6/7/04 Watch those Carbs

Chicago Daily Herald 6/6/04 Low-carb trend on decline?

Scotsman 6/6/04 Weight Watchers to Launch Low-Carb Foods

Orlando Sentinel 6/5/04 Dutch firm touts 'low-carb' potatoes

WALB 6/4/04 Coke goes low carb

Bankrate.com 6/4/04 6 ways to eat low-carb for less

PR Newswire 6/4/04 The High Cost of Atkins Is Yet Another Myth Far Removed From Fact

Dallas Morning News 6/3/04 KFC can't call chicken low-carb

Indy Star 6/3/04 Bread-heavy Panera joins low-carb movement

Winston Salem Journal 6/3/04 Brits snub low-carb trend, look at glycemic indexes

KCRA-TV 6/2/04 Low-Carb Is No-No For Pregnant Women

Bakeryandsnacks.com 6/2/04 Low-carb set for the long haul

KXAN-TV 6/2/04 Learning More About Low-Carb Diets

WHO-TV 6/1/04 Survey finds much confusion about low-carb diets

Grand Folks Herald 6/1/04 Dakota Growers starts ad campaign for low carb pasta

Cincinnati Post 6/1/04 Struggling Krispy Kreme focuses on low-carb menu

SF Chronicle 6/1/04 Trademarks coming up low-carb

TC Palm 6/1/04 Vegetarians lured to South Beach Diet

The Australian 5/31/04 Atkins diet very costly

News 24 Houston 5/31/04 Warning of long-term low-carb diet for kids

FortWayne.com 5/30/04 Drink to your low-carb health

USA Today 5/30/04 Low-carb industry expects shakeout

Medical News Today 5/30/04 Low-carb potato hits the market for grateful carb watchers

Naples Daily News 5/30/04 Trendy South Beach Diet draws vegetarians into low-carb craze

Telegraph 5/30/04 Introducing Spud-U-Lite, the first low-carb potato

eMedia 5/28/04 Low-Carb Competition Welcome Within the Growing Industry

Independent 5/28/04 Vegans v Atkins: millionaire sues over diet

Yahoo 5/28/04 Baker Turns Diet Sage to Counter Atkins

Guardian 5/28/04 Slimmer sues Atkins over cholesterol

NY Times 5/27/04 Dieter Sues Atkins Estate and Company

Keloland.com 5/27/04 Low Carb Milk: Does the Body Good?

Kansan 5/27/04 Studies back low-carb claims

Forbes 5/27/04 Low-carb swells Euro diet market to 100 bln euros

My SA 5/27/04 Dogs next to join the low-carb diet craze

San Francisco Chronicle 5/27/04 Marketers put low-carb spin on California wines

CNS News 5/27/04 Animal 'Rights' Group Announces Lawsuit Against Atkins Diet

Yahoo 5/27/04 US businessman files suit against Atkins diet program

eMedia 5/26/04 Low-Carb Losing Steam? Consumers Say "No Way!"

Detroit News 5/26/04 Diet plans: Atkins, South Beach can chew into your pocketbook

Daily Times 5/26/04 Low-carb diet helps trim down

Dayton Daily News 5/26/04 Low-carb diets costing companies dough

PR Newswire 5/26/04 Atkins Responds to Consumer Demand by Launching Controlled Carb Pizza

Philly.com 5/26/04 Joining the low-carb cavalcade

Bakery and Snacks 5/25/04 Low-carb competition puts Atkins under pressure

Bevnet 5/25/04 Coke & Pepsi's Low-Carb Conundrum

Times Star 5/25/04 Diet guru will discuss new twist in the low-carb diet

Swiss Politics 5/25/04 Coca-Cola launches low-carb cola

Kansas.com 5/25/04 The low-carb craze: Has it spun hopelessly out of control?

Sign on San Diego 5/25/04 Krispy Kreme blames low-carb diets for loss

iVillage 5/25/04 Label of Choice? Low-carb

WRAL 5/24/04 Low-Carb Labels High In Confusion

CBS 5/24/04 The Low-Carb Craze

News and Sentinel 5/23/04 Low-carb diets pushing product demand

Times Herald 5/23/04 Could low-carb be here to stay

Indy Star 5/23/04 Lines want to satisfy low-carb dieters

Times of Malta 5/21/04 Warning on dangers of Atkins Diet

News 23 5/20/04 Low Carbs Lies

MSNBC 5/20/04 Low-carb mania extends to wine labels

CBS11 5/20/04 Dr. Mona: The Low-Carb Craze, Part III

Post Gazette 5/20/04 PG dieters find exercise, moderation more effective than counting carbs

BBC 5/20/04 Atkins cheer for beef and beer

CBS 5/20/04 Low-Carb Food's Truths

CBS11 5/19/04 Dr. Mona: The Low-Carb Craze, Part II

KLAS 5/19/04 Confusion Over Low-Carb Foods

Newsday 5/19/04 Low-carb dieters lose weight faster

News.com.au 5/19/04 Atkins diet v low-fat alternative

ABC News 5/18/04 The Great Diet Debate

Washington Times 5/18/04 Sales of low carb foods are slimmer

USA Today 5/18/04 Lower low-carb expectations

Boston Globe 5/18/04 Studies say Atkins diet a short-term fix

Washington Post 5/18/04 Low-Carb Losing Steam

CBS 5/18/04 Studies: Beneficial Low-Carb Diet

MSNBC 5/17/04 Study casts doubt on advantages of Atkins diet

WRAL 5/17/04 Duke Study Finds Surprising Benefits Of Low-Carb Diets

WVEC 5/17/04 Low carb diets help cholesterol levels

Web MD 5/17/04 What Does Low-Carb Really Mean?

BBC 5/17/04 Scientists endorse Atkins diet

Detroit Now 5/17/04 Low-Carb vs. Low-Fat

Calgary Sun 5/16/04 Atkins diet sheds biz

Alton Telegraph 5/16/04 The right weigh? Atkins stirs up diet debate

News-Journal 5/15/04 Low-carb still in high gear

Palm Beach Post 5/14/04 Low-carb OJ drinks bittersweet for growers

KOMO 5/13/04 Low Carb Does Not Mean Low Calorie

Oregon Daily Emerald 5/13/04 The rise of the Atkins Diet

Yahoo 5/13/04 Low-Carb Diets Can Cause Bad Breath

WISC 5/13/04 News 3 Health Watch: Low-Carb Craze, Part III

Herald Dispatch 5/13/04 The anatomy of what makes low-carb so successful

Good Housekeeping Magazine 5/12/04 Reports' Lowdown on Low Carb

CNN 5/12/04 Weight Watchers takes hit from Atkins

CBS 5/11/04 Americans Sticking With Carbs

WebMD 5/11/04 Low-Carb Products May Jeopardize Weight Loss Efforts

Slate 5/11/04 The Atkins Excuse

WDIV 5/11/04 Low-Carb Wines To Hit Shelves

Indy Star 5/11/04 Low-carb diets help drive pasta maker into bankruptcy

Fox News 5/10/04 Carb Counting Extends to Summer Eats

WSBTV 5/10/04 Low-Carb Craze a Dud for Spuds

MSNBC 5/10/04 The high cost of low-carb diets. We do the math

WPXI 5/10/04 Are Restaurant Low-Carb Items Really Low-Carb?

Pioneer Press 5/10/04 South Beach diet dissed

WCPO 5/10/04 Low Carb Confusion

Scotsman 5/10/04 Atkins diet has flour producers milling around

News-Journal 5/9/04 Americans don't give up on carbohydrates despite low-carb diets

Salon 5/8/04 Faux-carb taste test

NY Times 5/8/04 Krispy Kreme Runs Head-On Into a Low-Carb Wall

BBC 5/7/04 Krispy Kreme hit by Atkins craze

Daily Vanguard 5/7/04 Have you joined the low-carb revolution?

The Gazette 5/7/04 Vending companies profit from low-carb diet trend

AZ Central 5/6/04 Dietitians fight for respect in Atkins age

Yahoo 5/6/04 Majority of Low-Carb Dieters are in 'Calorie Denial'

WISH 5/6/04 The Lowdown on Low-Carb Diets: Part One

Dallas Morning News 5/6/04 It's time to curb the low-carb craze

NBC San Diego 5/6/04 Skinny On Diet Costs

USA Today 5/6/04 Low-carb buyer, beware

Salt Lake Tribune 5/5/04 Pepsi, Coke plan lower-calorie sodas

Penn Live 5/5/04 Going low carb

Turnto10.com 5/5/04 Are Diet Plans Worth The Money?

MSNBC 5/4/04 A low-carb battle in the cola wars

Chicago Sun-Times 5/4/04 Low-carb craze will fade away, expert says

MSNBC 5/4/04 The high cost of low-carb diets. We do the math

Post Dispatch 5/3/04 Time-honored dieting methods may be best

USA Today 5/3/04 Can only the rich afford to be thin?

KSAT 5/3/04 Popular Diet May Mean Fatter Grocery Bill

USA Today 5/2/04 Diet plans: Budget gluttons

Chicago Tribune 5/2/04 Skinny but stinky thanks to Atkins

Union Tribune 5/2/04 Low-carb feast

CNN 5/2/04 Sweetener from J&J division McNeil rides low-carb bandwagon to unexpected fortunes

Chicago Sun-Times 5/2/04 Doritos, Skippy, Hamburger Helper join low-carb craze

Toronto Star 4/30/04 Beef-loving couple barred from buffet get apology

Free Lance-Star 4/30/04 Don't believe the hype about low-carb diets being bad

Projo.com 4/30/04 Low carb grilling

Plain Dealer 4/29/04 More questions than answers on Atkins diet

Duluth News Tribune 4/29/04 Dakota Growers rolls out low-carb pasta

Detroit News 4/29/04 Has your diet gone to seed? Plant a low-carb garden

Kansas City Star 4/29/04 Low-carb trend hurts profit at American Italian Pasta

California Aggie Online 4/28/04 Fast-food restaurants cater to low-carb trend

The Daily Barometer 4/28/04 Low-carb continues its popularity

CNN 4/28/04 Unilever shares slim on Atkins diet

NewsNet5.com 4/28/04 Low-Carb Line Doesn't Count All Carbs

AJC 4/27/04 Wendy's Testing Low-Carb Menu in 6 Cities

NBC17.com 4/27/04 Food Manufacturers Capitalize On Low-Carb Diets

Newsday 4/27/04 Low-carb diets: good, bad? (or, some experts say, ugly)

Memphis Business Journal 4/26/04 Coors low-carb to go national by May 3

NBC5i.com 4/26/04 Experts Warn Of Low-Carb Drawbacks

Fox News 4/26/04 Tyson Reports Strong Profit on Low-Carb Diets, Poultry Sales

Time 4/25/04 Diets: How They Differ

Michigan Live 4/25/04 Cashing in on low-carb craze

Denver Post 4/25/04 Pair has beef over meat limit at buffet

Chicago Sun Times 4/25/04 Low-carb sushi sound fishy? Black rice makes it possible

Mercury News 4/24/04 Big brewer fires back against low-carb diet

NY Times 4/24/04 A Beer Company Responds to the Low-Carb Crowd

Lexington Herald Leader 4/24/04 Gardens can yield low-carb harvest

AG Weekly 4/24/04 Low-Carb Craze Proves a Raw Deal for the Humble Potato

Indy Star 4/24/04 Indy ranks as 'nirvana' of low-carb lifestyles

NPR 4/23/04 Low-Carb Diets Hurt Florida O.J. Sales

Local 10 4/23/04 Round Two: South Beach Diet Vs. Beer

Denver Post 4/23/04 Low-carb beer fuels Coors earnings jump

JHU Newsletter 4/23/04 Low-carb craze comes to Hopkins

NBC 4/23/04 Low-Carb Craze Causes Potato Pileup

Collegiate Times 4/22/04 Are carbs the enemy for dieters?

Businesswire 4/22/04 Just in Time for Summer ... Heinz One Carb Ketchup Hits Store Shelves

PR Newswire 4/22/04 'South Beach Diet' Contains Errors On Beer

KATU 4/21/04 Low carb diet craze pushing up food prices

Tribnet 4/21/04 The Atkins diet diary

Globe and Mail 4/21/04 There's no free lunch with low-carb plans

LJ World 4/21/04 Low-carb craze challenges bakeries
Denver Business Journal 4/21/04 Low carb superstores coming to Colorado

WSAW 4/21/04 Low Carb Foods May Mean High Fat and Calories

News OK 4/21/04 Low-carb rules

SCT Online 4/21/04 Attacking The Carbs

Houston Chronicle 4/20/04 Diet creator color-codes foods to keep it simple

Keloland 4/20/04 Low-Carb Coke Coming Soon

Wine Spectator 4/20/04 Diageo to Begin Selling Wines as "Low Carb"

First Coast News 4/20/04 Citrus Department launches campaign to counter low-carb diets

Yahoo 4/19/04 Atkins Seeks to Tone Down 'Cheeseburger' Image

Medical News 4/19/04 Atkins launching education campaign to improve steak and bacon image

PR Newswire 4/19/04 Low Carb Diets a Health Hazard During Pregnancy According to Experts

Medical News 4/18/04 What Is The South Beach Diet?

Newsday 4/17/04 Snack makers: Low-carb trend won't last

Bradenton 4/16/04 Low-carb line lifts Tropicana

Lex18 4/15/04 Fewer Americans Swallow Low-Carb Diets

Newsday 4/15/04 Heavyweight class goes low-carb

Queens Chronicle 4/15/04 Low-Carb Tortillas Fill New Diet Niche

Baxter Bulletin 4/14/04 Here's the best and worst low-carb foods

Just Food 4/14/04 Atkins warns consumers about low-carb product 'frenzy'

Idaho News 4/14/04 Low-Carb Labels

Star Telegram 4/14/04 Lack of Laughing Cow cheese not funny to South Beach dieters

WHAS 4/14/04 Consumer Watch: Low-carb diet for Fido?

Indy Star 4/14/04 More jump on low-carb bandwagon

Belfast Telegraph 4/14/04 The Atkins Diet: Our hidden cost

Yahoo 4/14/04 Quiznos Sub Addresses Consumers Demand With New, Delicious Low Carb Offerings

PR Newswire 4/13/04 The South Beach Diet Cookbook Hits Miami

Kansas.com 4/12/04 Atkins' widow extols low-carb diet her husband promoted

BBC 4/12/04 Rustlers grow fat on Atkins diet

Albuquerque Tribune 4/12/04 In the low-carb arena, rinds rule

Guardian 4/12/04 The South Beach Diet

Oregonian 4/11/04 Low-carb bread claims don't pan out in lab test, grocers say

CBS 4/9/04 Low-Carb Labeling Hits Booze

New Medical 4/9/04 Low carb diets should be avoided by growing children and adolescents

Sydney Morning Herald 4/8/04 The Atkins Diet

AZ Central 3/25/04 South Beach diet guru struggles to stay on plan

Palm Beach Daily News 3/24/04 South Beach Diet creator argues for moderation

BBC 3/14/04 'Put fat children on Atkins diet'


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