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About Low Carb Diets


Low carb diets like the Atkins Diet and South Beach Diet are based on the theory that reducing intake of foods with high carbohydrates are the key to losing weight and maintaining weight loss.


News Articles about Low Carb Diets and Low Carb foods

CarbWire 6/21/08 New Blog Helps You Find A Low-Carb Doctor In Your Area
El Pas Times 6/9/08 Low-carb diets lead to chemical imbalances

The Common Voice 6/8/08 More Incredible Feel Good Success Stories About Healthy Low-Carb Living

Reuters 5/5/08 High-fat, low-carb diet helps kids with epilepsy

Market Day 4/22/08 Low-Carb Fruit Making Smart Choices

BBC 4/22/08 Atkins diet hedgehog slims down

PR Web 4/17/08 Forget Weight Loss--Low-Carb Diets May Be Essential to Surviving

Carb Wire 4/7/08 Will Somebody Please Define What 'Low-Carb' Means?

Democrat & Chronicle 4/1/08 Low-carb diet loses cachet

Carbwire 3/22/08 Low-Carb Diet Finds Support From A Surprising Source

Carb Wire 3/16/08 Going To A Party While On A Low-Carb Diet? No Problem

CBC 3/11/08 West Coast aboriginal community tests low-carb diet

The Common Voice 3/3/08 Scientific Evidence in Favor of Low Carb for prevention & treatment of diabetes continues to build

The Common Voice 2/21/08 Is Ketosis Necessary On A Low-Carb Diet?

WJZ 2/19/08 Atkins Diet Used For Epilepsy Treatment

Carbwire 2/15/08 Low-Carb Couple Loses 240 Pounds, Vastly Improves Health

Washington Post 2/7/08 Low-Carb Diets Better Than Low-Fat Diets at Preventing Diabetes

Sydney Morning Herald 2/3/08 Myth of the low-carb beer

Medical News Today 1/29/08 Epileptic Seizures In Adults Cut Using Modified Atkins Diet

Carb Wire 1/27/08 Dealing With Your Delicate Diet Cravings

Carb Wire 1/22/08 Low-Carb Presence In The Blogosphere Very Strong In 2008

Columbus Dispatch 1/21/08 'South Beach' back with another plan

Miami Herald 1/15/08 The South Beach Diet doctor takes on cardio care

Best Syndication 1/14/08 The Basis For Low Carb Diets

The Herald 1/12/08 High-protein, low-carb diet best quick way to beat bulge

Daily Telegraph 1/7/08 Bigger blokes happily turn to low-carb beer

Carb Wire 1/3/08 Don't Try Low-Carb Without Drinking Lots Of Water

Herald Sun 1/3/08 Thirst for low-carbohydrate beer and wine grows

Washington Post 12/28/07 Diabetes Group Backs Low-Carb Diets

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