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News Articles about Lord of the Rings


Teen Hollywood 12/12/02 Elijah' Isolation

BBC 12/12/02 Leicester square gets lordy

Teen Hollywood 12/12/02 Lord Of The Rings Wants Gollum Oscar

The Guardian 12/12/02 Lord of the Rings set to win round 2 of blockbuster bout

Sky News 12/12/02 The Two Wowers

Stuff 12/12/02 Stars out at glittering 'Rings' premiere

Teen Hollywood 12/12/02 Elijah' Isolation

Hello! 12/12/02 Stars Turn Up the Glam for "Two Towers" Premiere

The New Zealand Herald 12/12/02 New faces in the Two Towers: Wormtongue

TV Guide 12/12/02 Rings Star: I'm No Jar-Jar!

The New Zealand Herald 12/12/02 The locations of The Two Towers

USA Today 12/12/02 'Rings' returns

The New Zealand Herald 12/12/02 The script that shook Middle-earth's middle

Ananova 12/12/02 The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

BBC 12/11/02 Fans flock to Rings première

BBC 12/11/02 Hobbit-mania hits the UK once again

Ananova 12/11/02 Stars attend Lord of the Rings UK premiere

Stuff 12/11/02 Waiting in the wings

Teen Hollywood 12/11/02 Elijah Loves Being A Toy

Herald Tribune 12/11/02 Guide to 'The Two Towers' Characters

SciFiWire 12/11/02 Otto Romances Towers

BBC 12/11/02 Fans' delight at Rings première

BBC 12/11/02 Rings stars prepare for UK première

Chicago Sun-Times 12/11/02 Actor gets in character as 'Lord'-ly creep

BBC 12/11/02 Rings sequel proves worthy successor

Ananova 12/10/02 C. Lee attacks Oscar voters for ignoring Lord Of The Rings

BBC 12/10/02 Rings rolls on at Paris première

Toronto Star 12/10/02 Rings sequel hit by Asian pirates

GQ Magazine 12/9/02 The Two Towers 

Houston Chronicle 12/9/02 For Liv Tyler, it's tough being immortal

Teen Hollywood 12/8/02 Critics Hail Two Towers

Evening Standard 12/7/02 Rings sequel wows fans

Teen Hollywood 12/6/02 Wood To Spend Christmas On Mars

BBC 12/6/02 The Two Towers premieres under snow

Ananova 12/6/02 Hobbits fight each other in new Lord Of The Rings film

BBC 12/6/02 World debut for next Rings epic

TV Guide 12/6/02 Elijah Wood: Ready for Life After Rings

Ananova 12/6/02 The Two Towers has world premiere

MegaStar 12/6/02 Rings Lords it over critics

Teen Hollywood 12/5/02 Hobbit Astin Gets Trim

Ananova 12/5/02 Lord Of The Rings up for People's Choice award

BBC 12/5/02 Two Towers to make US debut

Ananova 12/5/02 Lord Of The Rings' Mortensen takes pains in good performance

BBC 12/5/02 Lord of the Rings returns

Hollywood Reporter 12/5/02 Selling 'Rings' is whole new quest

MegaStar 12/4/02 Return of the Rings

Extra TV 12/3/02 'The Lord of the Rings'

Stuff 12/1/02 Land of the Rings

New Zealand Herald 11/30/02 Karl Urban's Rings myth

Stuff 11/30/02 Peter Jackson set to ring up half a billion

Ananova 11/28/02 Bloom becomes 'Action Elf' in new Lord Of The Rings film

New Zealand Herald 11/28/02 Secret over as Bilbo's doors open

Zap2It 11/27/02 Lord of The WB

Time 11/24/02 Lure of the Rings

Stuff 11/22/02 Battle for Middle Earth on NZ maps

Cinescape 11/22/02 Pics from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

Guardian 11/21/02 Two Towers gets 12A rating for 'fantasy horror'

Cinescape 11/21/02 Hobbits reunite at New Year in UK

The Trades 11/20/02 "Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, (Extended Version)" Review

Ananova 11/20/02 The Two Towers to premiere in UK on December 11

Teen Hollywood 11/20/02 Free Music Says Wood

Ananova 11/20/02 The Two Towers tickets go on sale

Teen Hollywood 11/19/02 Hobbit's New Year

Zap2It 11/19/02 Thousands Scream To be Part of 'LOTR' Sound

Ananova 11/19/02 New Lord Of The Rings movie gets tougher rating

Zap2It 11/19/02 'Two Towers' Premieres Worldwide in Private Screenings to Public and Royalty

Ananova 11/19/02 Lord Of The Rings actor released from hospital

Sky News 11/18/02 Dwarf Hurt by Scenery

Ananova 11/17/02 Lord of the Rings actor injured on set of new movie

Teen Hollywood 11/8/02 "Lord Of The Rings II" Not Finished

Ananova 11/8/02 The Two Towers tops Norway's box office before it's released

Toronto Star 11/8/02 Lord Of The Rings show a hit

BBC 11/8/02 Norwegians line up for Two Towers

Ananova 11/7/02 Cats inspired Lord Of The Rings actor

Daily Texan 11/6/02 Students to learn Tolkien's tongues

Zap2It 11/5/02 'Lord of the Rings' Day Declared for Nov. 6

Ananova 11/5/02 Lord Of The Rings' actor to meet fans at book launch

Stuff 11/5/02 Norwegian Rings fans camp out in hobbit village

BBC 11/4/02 Security fears force Rings shift

Ananova 11/4/02 Lord Of the Rings' New Zealand premiere to be held during the day

Houston Chronicle 11/3/02 Tolkien fans camp out in Norwegian hobbit village
Seattle Times 11/1/02 'Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers' debuts two days early at Seattle benefit
Stuff 10/29/02 Lord of the Rings sequel to boost tourism

BBC 10/24/02 Hobbit village for Rings fans

Houston Chronicle 10/24/02 'Potter, 'Rings' could make or break AOLTimeWarner

Ananova 10/23/02 Lord Of The Rings fans get special Hobbit village in Norway

Ananova 10/23/02 Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings nominated for Children's Baftas

NY Times 10/20/02 'Harry Potter' to Battle `Lord of the Rings,' Again

Teen Hollywood 10/19/02 Publishers Cash in on Hot Movies

Teen Hollywood 10/17/02 'LOTR' Hits Playstation 2

Ananova 10/17/02 Lord of the Rings museum exhibition to come to UK

IGN 10/15/02 Lord of the Rings Goes Mega
SciFi Wire 10/14/02 DVD Enhances First Rings

NZ City 10/11/02 Lord of the Rings says thanks to Wellington Stadium Fans

IGN 10/7/02 The Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers for PS2 has Gone Gold

Sci Fi Wire 10/4/02 Tyler Denies Rings "Re-Shoots"

Cinescape 10/4/02 Lord of the Rings exhibit returns to Toronto

Ananova 10/3/02 Lord Of The Rings actor 'had nightmares' about new character

CBC 9/30/02 Second 'Lord of the Rings' trailer goes online

Ananova 9/30/02 Lord Of The Rings trailer appears early

Toronto Star 9/30/02 Lord Of The Rings on display again

Independent 9/28/02 Prepare yourself: it's Harry versus Frodo round two

ET Online 9/27/02 Behold the 'Two Towers' Movie Trailer!

Zap2It 9/24/02 New 'LOTR' Trailer Shown Sept. 30

iAfrica 9/20/02 Lord of the Rings 'sexed up'

Guardian 9/14/02 Kiwis Lord it up

Infomatics 9/3/02 Hackers claim Lord of the Rings leak

Coming Soon 9/2/02 The Two Towers Leaks Online?

Seattle Times 9/1/02 'Rings' books immerse fans in Middle-earth

Ananova 8/30/02 Lord Of The Rings star Bloom to begin work on new movie

Ananova 8/27/02 Lord Of The Rings hits top note

BBC 8/27/02 Rings tops film score poll

Ananova 8/19/02 Rhys Ifans wanted to be a Black Rider

New Zealand Herald 8/8/02 One DVD to rule them all

BBC 8/7/02 Rings release smashes record

Sky News 8/7/02 Tolkien DVD Beats Harry Potter

This is London 8/6/02 Hobbit video may run Rings round Harry

BBC 8/6/02 Rings release aims for record

Jam! 8/5/02 Rings the thing

Ananova 8/4/02 Lord of the Rings DVD and video breaks records for advance sales

IGN 8/2/02 A Switch in Focus for Lord of the Rings Sequels

Cinescape 8/2/02 Jackson talks next two Lord of the Rings

Toronto Star 8/2/02 The price of fantasy

Cinescape 8/1/02 New Lord of the Rings: Two Towers pics 

Coming Soon 8/1/02 Lord of the Rings Extended Footage from the DVD

BBC 7/31/02 Massive advance sales for Rings

New Zealand Herald 7/30/02 Awesome power for Two Towers

Coming Soon 7/29/02 McKellen talks Lord of the Rings

Ananova 7/29/02 Christopher Lee to launch Lord Of The Rings on video

Cinescape 7/26/02 Jackson talks LOTR: The Two Towers reshoots

IGN 7/25/02 Jackson Explains New Two Towers Footage

Telegraph 7/13/02 Pratchett writes off Tolkien's 'fairies'

Ananova 7/12/02 Prize-winning Pratchett takes a swipe at Lord of the Rings

C&V Games 7/12/02 Lord of the Rings: Two Towers

Ananova 7/12/02 The Hobbit sold for a record £43,000

Coming Soon 7/6/02 The Two Towers Movie Details!?

Ananova 7/5/02 Blanchett is 'flattered' by Lord Of The Rings spoofs

Ananova 7/2/02 Lord Of The Rings fans offered tour of filming locations

Coming Soon 6/27/02 Ian McKellen talks Lord of the Rings Reshoots

Ananova 6/27/02 Ian McKellen says The Two Towers title will not be changed

BBC 6/25/02 Second Rings trailer goes online

Ananova 6/25/02 The Two Towers trailer posted online

USA Today 6/21/02 Make a game of 'The Lord of the Rings'

Jam! 6/11/02 'Rings' cast called back for re-shoots

Cinescape 6/11/02 All three Lord of the Rings  films in one year?

Fox News 6/10/02 Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers Getting New Scenes

Caller.com 6/9/02 'Lord of the Rings' big winner at C-Sculptures

SciFi 6/7/02 Hobbits Filming Again

New Zealand Herald 6/5/02 Hobbits dance at MTV award

Gamespot 6/5/02 New media: Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

BBC 6/2/02 Rings triumphs at MTV Movie Awards

Ananova 5/29/02 The Two Towers gets cinema release date

Coming Soon 5/25/02 First Look at the Lord of the Rings DVD

Mercury News 5/21/02 Competing ``Lord of the Rings'' games do battle

Gamespot 5/21/2 Universal Interactive announces The Fellowship of the Ring PlayStation 2

Independent 5/10/02 Success for radio replay of 'Lord of the Rings'

Guardian 5/10/02 Hobbits work their magic for BBC radio

Ananova 5/8/02 Online petition vows to ban The Two Towers

New Zealand Herald 5/3/02 'Rings' backers soften objections to tourism

Ananova 4/30/02 Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings nominated for sci-fi awards

New Zealand Herald 4/29/02 Jackson in for rough ride in court

New Zealand Herald 4/29/02 'Rings' runs foul of actors union

BBC 4/25/02 Rings leads MTV movie nods

E!Online 4/23/02 "Rings" Lords over MTV Movie Nods

Zap2It 4/23/02 'Lord of the Rings' Leads MTV Movie Award Nominees

Ananova 4/23/02 Lord Of The Rings dominates MTV awards nominations

Coming Soon 4/22/02 Lord of the Rings Special Edition DVD Photos

Sci Fi 4/19/02 Hill Reigns In Rings Sequels

Ananova 4/18/02 Lord Of The Rings extra becomes internet phenomenon

Cinescape 4/11/02 Otto talks Eowyn’s role in Lord of the Rings: Two Towers

Coming Soon 4/10/02 Miranda Otto Talks Lord of the Rings 2 & 3

New Zealand Herald 4/6/02 Chatterbox: Dead ringer for Middle-earth

Jam! 4/5/02 Director's original 'Rings' short under wraps

Ananova 4/5/02 Lord Of The Rings star to appear in Shakespeare play

Ananova 4/3/02 Filming Helm's Deep battle was challenging for Orlando

Coming Soon 4/2/02 More on the Lord of the Rings DVDs

Coming Soon 3/31/02 The Two Towers Footage Reviewed

Hello 3/29/02 The Beatles Planned to Film Tolkien Classic in the Sixties

Toronto Star 3/29/02 And the Ring will go on

Sci Fi Wire 3/28/02 Two Towers Trailer Sneak Peeked

Jam! 3/28/02 Deluxe 'LOTR' DVD swells to four discs

New Zealand Herald 3/28/02 Explorers, monks and even a hobbit on TV over Easter

Boston Herald 3/28/02 `Lord of the Rings' coming soon on DVD

BBC 3/27/02 Hobbits under the hammer

Ananova 3/27/02 UK release date announced for Lord Of The Rings video and DVD

New Zealand Herald 3/27/02 Weta man a wizard on the quiet

Ananova 3/27/02 Lord Of The Rings to hit video and DVD later this year

IGN 3/26/02 Prepare for The Two Towers Footage on March 29th!

Digital Spy 3/25/02 Oscars 2002: No stopping "Rings"

Ananova 3/25/02 Honours even between A Beautiful Mind and Lord Of The Rings

Zap2It 3/24/02 "Rings" Early Leader as Broadbent Wins Oscar

BBC 3/22/02 Kiwis hope for Rings success

Zap2It 3/24/02 "Rings" Early Leader as Broadbent Wins Oscar

BBC 3/22/02 Kiwis hope for Rings success

NY Daily News 3/22/02 Packing 13 Nominations, 'Rings' Has Beaut of a Chance

Zap2It 3/21/02 'Lord of the Rings' Honored at Christian Movieguide Awards

Bergen Record 3/21/02 'Rings' director has an indie attitude

BBC 3/21/02 Rings favourite to sweep Oscars

Ananova 3/21/02 New 'Rings images posted online

Jam! 3/20/02 Two 'LOTR' DVDs planned

New Zealand Herald 3/20/02 Jackson treats fans to preview

Zap2It 3/19/02 'Lord of the Rings' Sinks 'Titanic' in Native New Zealand

Ananova 3/19/02 French and Saunders to spoof Lord Of The Rings

Ananova 3/19/02 Orlando Bloom to co-star in Ned Kelly film

Zap2It 3/19/02 'Ring' Actor Blooms into Two Roles

Ananova 3/19/02 New Lord Of The Rings trailer to debut March 29

LA Times 3/15/02 Lord of the First 'Ring'

Ananova 3/15/02 Will Lord Of The Rings reign at the Oscars?

Zap2It 3/15/02 Sir Ian McKellen to Host SNL

Ananova 3/14/02 Lord Of The Rings star set for Borgias movie

ABC News 3/12/02 Ian McKellen’s Wizardry

New Zealand Herald 3/11/02 'Rings' set to out-sell them all

CBS 3/11/02 Hobbits Are A Hit

Ananova 3/11/02 Ian McKellen new favourite to win Oscar

New Zealand Herald 3/7/02 Jackson's tally just keeps growing

Ananova 3/5/02 Lord Of The Rings movie enters all-time top 10

Cinescape 3/5/02 Paul McCartney as Frodo in Beatles’ Lord Of The Rings?

TV Guide 3/4/02 Sean Astin: Happy Hobbit

Ananova 3/1/02 Extra footage to be added to Lord Of The Rings DVD

Zap2It 2/27/02 One 'Lord of the Rings' Producer Bumped for Oscar Nomination

icBirmingham 2/26/02 Tolkien 'believed books were true'

IGN 2/25/02 Looking Ahead to Two Towers and Return of the King

Zap2It 2/25/02 British Academy Bestows Awards to 'Lord of the Rings' and Russell Crowe

E!Online 2/25/02 "Lord" Almighty at BAFTAs

BBC 2/25/02 Sir Ian tips Rings for Oscars glory

Zap2It 2/25/02 Gandalf the Wizard Predicts Oscar Glory for 'Lord of the Rings'

Ananova 2/25/02 The Two Towers trailer to hit cinemas in March

Toronto Star 2/25/02 Lord Of The Rings wins top U.K. award

BBC 2/25/02 Lord of the Rings sweeps Baftas

Ananova 2/24/02 Lord Of The Rings director says Baftas have exceeded expectations

Ananova 2/24/02 Lord Of The Rings is audience favourite

Coming Soon 2/23/02 Peter Jackson Talks The Lord of the Rings

Cinescape 2/22/02 Jackson talks about Two Towers trailer, Gollum

icNewscastles 2/22/02 Mum's the word for Blanchett

Jam! 2/20/02 Cricket sounds used for 'LOTR' sequel

Zap2It 2/20/02 'Lord of the Rings' Elijah Wood to Woo 'Seventeen'-Year-Old Mandy Moore

Ananova 2/20/02 Lord Of The Rings star set for new romantic comedy

Coming Soon 2/18/02 The Lord of the Rings Booksigning Report!

Ananova 2/18/02 Fans bombard Lord Of The Rings critic with angry emails

Cinescape 2/18/02  Rings Publisher Sues Lord of the Rings Diary Author

Ananova 2/15/02 Cricket crowd roar to soundtrack Lord Of The Rings battle scenes

Ananova 2/14/02 Lord of the Rings fans turned away from set

New Zealand Herald 2/14/02 Oscar phone rings 13 times for NZ epic

Ananova 2/14/02 Bookies back Lord Of The Rings to land up to eight Oscars

New Zealand Herald 2/14/02 'Rings' producers produce conundrum

Zap2It 2/13/02 Oscar-Nominee Ian McKellen Finds Luck in 13 for 'Lord of the Rings'

Ananova 2/13/02 Sir Ian McKellen backs Fellowship Of The Ring for Best Picture Oscar

Boston Herald 2/13/02 Ring' leaders

BBC 2/13/02 Kiwis hail Rings director Jackson

Go Memphis 2/13/02 'Lord' runs rings around other Oscar nominees

Zap2It 2/13/02 'Lord of the Rings' Producers Whittled Down for Oscar

Ananova 2/13/02 Lord Of The Rings director kept himself busy waiting for Oscar nominations

New York Times 2/13/02 'Lord of the Rings' Is Big Nominee for This Year's Oscars

BBC 2/12/02 Rings leads Oscars race

E! Online 2/12/02 "Lord" Runs Rings Around Oscar

Zap2It 2/12/02 'Lord of the Rings' Leads Oscar Nominees

Ananova 2/12/02 Lord Of The Rings nominated for Oscar

The Trades 2/11/02 Through the Wringer

Lubbock Online 2/9/02 New 'Lord of the Rings' film wins Tolkien more Christian fans

Zap2It 2/7/02 Chronological 'Lord of the Rings' Felled by Tolkien Estate

Ananova 2/7/02 Lord Of The Rings among Writers' Guild Awards nominees

BBC 2/7/02 Tolkien estate blocks new book

Ananova 2/7/02 American publisher told not to release Lord Of The Rings rewrite

iAfrica 2/7/02 Hobbit Frodo reveals his secret love

New Zealand Herald 2/6/02 Elijah Wood 'blown away' by Sami

BBC 2/6/02 Rings makers turn to Whitbread winner

Jam! 2/5/02 'Rings' studio buys 'Dark' trilogy

Cinescape 2/4/02  Rings ruled movie world in January

Ananova 2/4/02 Fansite says new Lord Of The Rings trailer is 'incredible'

Hollywood Reporter 2/4/02 'Rings' rules stout January

Seattle Times 2/2/02 Tolkien estate delays Seattle author's book

Toronto Star 2/2/02 Rings lords over Canadian publishing's bestseller list

Zap2It 2/1/02 WB Pays $160 Million for 'Rings' Trilogy

Coming Soon 2/1/02 The Lord of the Rings to the WB for $75M+

Hollywood Reporter 2/1/02 WB, TBS in 'Rings' circus with $160 mil 3 pic deal

Ananova 1/30/02 McKellen unsure what to tell fans over Gandalf's film fate

Coming Soon 1/29/02 McKellen Talks The Lord of the Rings

Zap2It 1/29/02 'Lord of the Rings' Clings to Top Spot at Overseas Box Office

Coming Soon 1/29/02 Lord of the Rings DVD Release Dates!

Guardian 1/29/02 Hobbits run rings round Potter

This is London 1/29/02 Tolkien rings changes at Games

Zap2It 1/28/02 'Lord of the Rings,' 'Moulin Rouge' Lead British Academy Nods

BBC 1/28/02 Rings and Rouge battle for Baftas

Zap2It 1/28/02 'Lord of the Rings,' 'Harry Potter' Among Nominees for Best Editing

Register Guard 1/26/02 `Rings' movie sparks interest in British writer Tolkien

BBC 1/25/02 Religious groups praise Rings

Ananova 1/25/02 Lord Of The Rings dominates Empire Awards

Hollywood Reporter 1/25/02 'Rings' film wins Tolkien more Christian fans

Ananova 1/25/02 Religious groups praise Lord Of The Rings

Jam! 1/24/02 Footage from second 'Rings' coming in March?

Zap2It 1/24/02 Extended 'Two Towers' Trailer May be Tacked on to 'Fellowship of the Ring'

Ananova 1/24/02 Lord Of The Rings album to be reissued

Ananova 1/23/02 Lord Of The Rings still UK's number one film

Zap2It 1/23/02 'Lord of the Rings,' 'Moulin Rouge' Among Cinematography Nods

New Zealand Herald 1/22/02 Critic's apology has hollow ring

Ananova 1/21/02 Elijah Wood loves Gollum scenes in second Rings film

New Zealand Herald 1/19/02 Savaged Ring bearers bite back

Ananova 1/18/02 Sean Bean will appear in second Lord Of The Rings film

New Zealand Herald 1/17/02 NZ film lords it over the rest

Ananova 1/17/02 Lord Of The Rings director becomes a stranger to his children

Marco Island Eagle 1/16/02 Special effects ultra-special in 'Lord of the Rings'

Kamera 1/16/02 Lord Of The Rings: A Profile of Peter Jackson

Ananova 1/15/02 Lord Of The Rings still number one in the UK

Modesto Bee 1/15/02 'Rings' gaffes inspire a Web fellowship of sticklers

Jam! 1/14/02 Force-filled adventure

BBC 1/14/02 Rings keeps grip on box office

Ananova 1/14/02 Ridley Scott tips Lord Of The Rings for Oscar glory

Ananova 1/14/02 Lord Of The Rings still rules US box office

Detroit News 1/12/02 'Rings' rachets up movie-mistakes site

Zap2It 1/11/02 'Lord of the Rings,' 'Shrek' Nominated as Best of 2001 by PGA

BBC 1/11/02 Potter battles Rings in movie awards

Ananova 1/11/02 Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings nominated for top award

This is London 1/11/02 Potter, Tolkien magic for Ottakar's

E!Online 1/10/02 Producers Pit "Rings" Against "Harry"

Ananova 1/10/02 Lord Of The Rings star has reconciliation with his father

Film Force 1/10/02 Lord of the Awards

Ananova 1/10/02 Harry Potter and Lord Of The Rings in running for Oscar

Salon 1/9/02 "Lord of the Rings" vs. "Star Wars"

Ananova 1/8/02 Film memorabilia auctioned

BBC 1/8/02 Tolkien tale stays on top

Toronto Star 1/7/02 Unlikely Hobbit hotbed

BBC 1/7/02 Rings and Potter still surging ahead

Ananova 1/7/02 Lord Of The Rings awarded Best Film at Hollywood ceremony

Ananova 1/7/02 Lord Of The Rings marks third week at top of US box office

Ananova 1/5/02 Lord Of The Rings trilogy filmed out of sequence

BBC 1/5/02 Rings in running for first awards

National Post 1/5/02 Tolkien's timeless 'myth of stars and shadows'

Boston Herald 1/4/02 `Rings' remains `Lord' at box office

IGN 1/3/02 What to Expect in the Other Lord of the Rings Films

Ananova 1/3/02 Lord Of The Rings star happy to play a nice guy

BBC 1/3/02 Ringing in the New Year

Jam! 1/3/02 Actor Sean Bean shows sympathetic side in 'LOTR'

Ananova 1/3/02 Elijah Wood to make 21st birthday visit to gambling capital

Hollywood Reporter 1/3/02 NL 'Rings' in '02 with $57 mil

Ananova 1/3/02 Lord Of The Rings tops UK box office

Ananova 1/3/02 Lord Of The Rings takes New Year's Honours in US

Ananova 1/2/02 Lord Of The Rings star spent two months training for role

Zap2It 1/2/02 'Rings' Peter Jackson Given Homeland Accolade

Detroit News 1/2/02 Scholar of Tolkien languages helped 'Rings' movie makers stay authentic

Ananova 1/2/02 'Rings movie tops Las Vegas critics' awards

Detroit News 1/2/02 Elijah Wood takes the lead in 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy

Zap2It 1/2/02 'Lord of the Rings' Blasts Box Office Record Down Under

Hollywood Reporter 1/2/02 'Rings' laps field during lucrative year-end frame

Ananova 1/1/02 Rings' star urges stamp re-think

Ananova 12/31/01 Lord Of The Rings still tops US box office

Detroit News 12/31/01 The world of the 'Rings'

Ananova 12/31/01 Movie director stars in New Zealand honours list

BBC 12/30/01 Rings director given NZ honour

Guardian 12/29/01 Never ever mess with a hobbit

Coming Soon 12/28/01 Tyler & Astin Talk The Lord of the Rings

Seattle Times 12/28/01 After years on stage, McKellen catches 'Ring'

Ananova 12/28/01 Lord Of The Rings star still overweight after hobbit role

Ananova 12/28/01 Film fans spot Lord Of The Rings mistakes

Ananova 12/28/01 Tolkien fan becomes Elvish

Jam! 12/28/01 Lord of the Rings actor Sean Astin struggles to lose weight gained for role

Detroit News 12/28/01 In 2001, it was a British invasion on the big screen

Ananova 12/28/01 Lord Of The Rings reaches $100 million milestone

Zap2It 12/27/01 Will 'Two Towers' Remain as 'LOTR' Sequel Title?

Register Guard 12/27/01 Professor watches Tolkien-based film with critical eye

Ananova 12/27/01 Gandalf to look different in second Lord Of The Rings film

Go Memphis 12/27/01 Fellowship of the Ring director had tasteless beginning in film

Hollywood Reporter 12/27/01 'Rings' vs. 'Ali': holiday slugfest

Ananova 12/27/01 Two Towers title concerns Rings director

E!Online 12/26/01 "Rings" Lords over Yule Box Office

Hollywood Reporter 12/26/01 Int'l 'Rings' appraisal: $65 mil

BBC 12/25/01 Rings reigns at box office

Ananova 12/24/01 Lord Of The Rings tops US box office

E!Online 12/23/01 "Lord of the Rings" Bags the Gold

Hollywood Reporter 12/24/01 'Lord of Rings' brings in $73 million

Zap2It 12/22/01 Geographic Goes Beyond 'Lord of the Rings'

Detroit News 12/22/01 'Lord of the Rings' has Golden start

Zap2It 12/21/01 'Lord of the Rings' Art Hits the Internet

BBC 12/21/01 Tolkien rings at box office tills

Ananova 12/21/01 Lord Of The Rings director to make more changes to Tolkien's plot

Ananova 12/21/01 Lord Of The Rings fails to dent Harry Potter's box office record

TV Guide 12/21/01 Elijah Wood Grows Up

Ananova 12/21/01 Revealed: low-tech secret behind Lord Of The Rings special effects

E!Online 12/20/01 "Lord of the Rings" Rings Up Millions

Zap2It 12/20/01 'Fellowship' Claims Biggest One-Day December Box Office

The Trades 12/20/01 Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings

Ananova 12/20/01 Ring star's scenes were adapted to hide his black eye

New Zealand Herald 12/20/01 No middle ground in this epic whirl

Ananova 12/20/01 Rings director spent months looking for a British Frodo Baggins

Journal Star 12/20/01 Fans rush to see Tolkien movie

New Zealand Herald 12/20/01 Wellington to host Rings world premiere

New Zealand Herald 12/20/01 Rings master's magic captures a city

Hollywood Reporter 12/20/01 Records, sellouts mark first day of 'Rings' saga

Jam! 12/20/01 Thumbs up for Lord of the Rings

New Zealand Herald 12/20/01 Jackson's vision rings true, say Australian film critics

Jam! 12/20/01 The lure of the Rings

Fox News 12/20/01 Lord of the Rings Takes in $17 Million

Seattle Times 12/19/01 Grandeur, dark action add up to a lordly 'Ring'

CNN 12/19/01 The secret of Tolkien's 'Rings'

Post Magazine 12/19/01 Weta posts 'Rings' with Shake

Jam! 12/19/01 Spirit rings true, filmmaker says

Ananova 12/19/01 Lord Of The Rings extras 'got high on pot while filming'

Detroit News 12/19/01 'Hobbit's 'Ring' strikes gold

Milwaukee Journal 12/19/01 At One with the 'Ring'

Star News 12/19/01 Visually dazzling Tolkien fantasy casts its spell

BBC 12/19/01 Fans give movie Ringing endorsement

Ananova 12/19/01 Lord Of The Rings film in running for new US award

Ananova 12/19/01 New Zealand throws street party to mark arrival of Lord Of The Rings

Jam! 12/19/01 Elijah Wood says he never read 'The Lord of the Rings'

Ananova 12/19/01 Americans flock to see midnight shows of Lord of the Rings

Hartford Courant 12/19/01 Fantasy Has Special Ring

Ananova 12/19/01 EA to produce Lord Of The Rings games

Ananova 12/19/01 Director praises studio's bravery in tackling 'Rings trilogy

BBC 12/19/01 Worlds collide as Rings film opens

Ananova 12/19/01 Lord Of The Rings star dreamed of being an opera singer

Hartford Courant 12/19/01 Review: 'Fellowship Of The Ring'

Ananova 12/19/01 Liv Tyler proud of Lord Of The Rings role

Santa Cruz Sentinel 12/19/01 Bored of the rings

Ananova 12/19/01 Lord Of The Rings nominated for top film awards

Hartford Courant 12/19/01 A Primer On Middle-Earth

Ananova 12/19/01 Lord Of The Rings set to depose Harry

E!Online 12/18/01 Lordy, Lordy: "Rings" Earns Raves

Zap2It 12/18/01 'Lord of the Rings' Director Peter Jackson Eschews Hollywood 'It' List

CNN 12/18/01 Review: Dazzling, flawless 'Rings' a classic

Milwaukee Journal 12/18/01 At the Movies: `Lord of the Rings'

BBC 12/18/01 Director plans Rings museum

Jam! 12/18/01 Elf dialect is "dreamy and romantic," Liv Tyler

Ananova 12/18/01 Lord Of The Rings ring is up for sale

Go Memphis 12/18/01 A quest achieved

Jam! 12/18/01 Orlando blooms as Tolkien elf

Hollywood Reporter 12/18/01 NL ready to reap gold from 'Rings' release

Jam! 12/18/01 On goblins and geeks

Salon 12/17/01 The movie of the year

CNN 12/17/01 The secret of Tolkien's 'Rings'

Canada.com 12/17/01 Lord of the Rings, opening Wednesday, sets high bar for epic adventure films

Zap2It 12/17/01 AFI Nominates 'The Lord of the Rings' for Best Picture

BBC 12/17/01 Rings receives first award nomination

Jam! 12/17/01 Viggo Mortensen has best chance at reaching superstardom

Empire Online 12/17/01 The Lord Of The Rings

Ananova 12/17/01 Star Wars fans launch online appeal for Lord Of The Rings director

Jam! 12/17/01 Sean Bean: A death scene to die for

LA Times 12/16/01 This Magical Battle Could Get Hairy

BBC 12/16/01 Tolkien grandson signs book deal

Jam! 12/16/01 How the trilogy came to life

Hartford Courant 12/16/01 Font Fantasy

Ananova 12/16/01 Ailing Lord Of The Rings star flies to US for treatment

Milwaukee Journal 12/16/01 Epic fantasy echoes today's clash between good and evil

Jam! 12/16/01 Elijah Wood held to high standard as Frodo

Hartford Courant 12/16/01 Lord Of The Trilogy

Ananova 12/16/01 Tolkien's grandson lands publishing deal

Ananova 12/16/01 Bean reveals secret of Lord Of The Rings tattooes

CNN 12/16/01 Gandalf rules, AOL drools?

Ananova 12/15/01 Liv Tyler got homesick on location in New Zealand

Ananova 12/15/01 Blanchett says Lord Of The Rings was like a video game

Alan Horvath 12/14/01 Lord of the Strings: North Brunswick musician Alan Horvath is on an epic quest

IGN 12/14/01 Elijah Talks, Wears No Socks, Tyler Is an Elf

CSM 12/14/01 Bringing the 'Ring' legend to the screen

Ananova 12/14/01 Elijah Wood felt pressure to live up to Tolkien fans' expectations

Wired 12/14/01 Fans of the Rings Play a Role

Financial Times 12/14/01 Tolkein classic aims to be lord of the reels

Jam! 12/14/01 Hobbits at the heart of Tolkien's epic tale

Ananova 12/14/01 Filming Lord Of The Rings gave Liv Tyler bad dreams

Jacksonville.com 12/14/01 Finally, a film that lives up to all the hype

Ananova 12/14/01 Lord Of The Rings stars attend special charity screening

Jam! 12/14/01 Filmmakers' challenge a tall order

Ananova 12/13/01 Lord Of The Rings tipped to get most Oscar nominations

New Zealand Herald 12/13/01 Praise rings out loud and clear

Ananova 12/13/01 Dominic Monaghan chose career over love life when offered 'Rings part

Jam! 12/13/01 Travel agents catering to 'Rings' fans

Ananova 12/13/01 Lord Of The Rings star says his sword landed him in trouble

Canada.com 12/12/01 Lord gets glitzy debut in London

Hive News 12/12/01 Web Site Takes Bets On Lord of the Rings Success

New Zealand Herald 12/12/01 Jackson's Lordingit

Zap2It 12/12/01 New Zealand to Cash in on 'The Lord of the Rings'

BBC 12/12/01 Gold firm to make Tolkien ring

Jam! 12/12/01 TV celebrates Rings' release

Zap2It 12/12/01 'The Lord of the Rings' Actors Marked For Life With Shared Tattoo

New Zealand Herald 12/12/01 NZ Rings tourism gets flying start over squabbling British

Telegraph 12/12/01 Terrified by Tolkien

ABC News 12/11/01 Fellowship of the Tattoos

USA Today 12/11/01 Premiere is a 3-'Rings' circus

Milwaukee Journal 12/11/01 'Rings' anticipation circles theaters

Zap2It 12/11/01 'Lord of the Rings' Premieres to Deafening Screams in London

This is London 12/11/01 An epic evening with Gandalf

Detroit News 12/11/01 'Lord of the Rings' score has a companion

Telegraph 12/11/01 Stars launch first episode of Tolkien's Ring cycle

Ananova 12/11/01 Rare JRR Tolkien manuscripts go on view at British Library

The Times 12/11/01 Trilogy could become a hard hobbit to break

Ananova 12/11/01 Lord Of The Rings gets first poor reviews

Guardian 12/11/01 'Unworldly' Tolkien's ring of gold

This is London 12/11/01 'It's better than Harry Potter'

Ananova 12/11/01 Lord Of The Rings is 'hotter than Potter' say critics

The Times 12/11/01 This film runs rings round Harry Potter

BBC 12/10/01 In pictures: Lord of the Rings première

Fox News 12/10/01 Rings Premieres in London

Jam! 12/10/01 Ringing endorsement

Globe and Mail 12/10/01 Decent fare, from Tolkien's Rings to Martha's chrusciki

Ananova 12/10/01 Lord of the Rings stars leave fans spellbound

BBC 12/10/01 Magic night for Rings première

Zap2It 12/10/01 Pirates of 'The Lord of the Rings' Caught

Ananova 12/10/01 Cast expected at world premiere of Lord Of The Rings

CNN 12/10/01 Tolkien epic set for premiere

BBC 12/10/01 World awaits Rings première

Ananova 12/10/01 Fans gather for Lord Of The Rings premiere

BBC 12/10/01 Rings fellowship keeps on growing

Guardian 12/9/01 Mordor, he wrote...

Jam! 12/9/01 Young cancer victim thrilled by Rings screening

New Zealand Herald 12/9/01 Film won't do justice to 'rings' - Tolkien's son

IGN 12/8/01 The World's Alight with the Fire of Middle-earth

The Times 12/8/01 Tolkien fellowship splits over Rings film

Movie Juice 12/8/01 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

New Zealand Herald 12/8/01 Sir Ian McKellen - old master Gandalf

Guardian 12/7/01 The ring cycle

BBC 12/7/01 Tolkien's son denies rift

Jam! 12/7/01 Lording it over Harry Potter

Zap2It 12/7/01 MSNBC Presents National Geographic Beyond the Movie LOTR

BBC 12/6/01 New Zealand seeks Tolkien dividend

Ananova 12/6/01 Town changes its name for Tolkien film opening

BBC 12/6/01 Tolkien 'would hate' Rings film

New Zealand Herald 12/6/01 Taste of Kiwi to tickle movie-goers tastebuds

CSM 12/6/01 Now booking: trips to Middle Earth

Ananova 12/6/01 Elijah Wood says Brit co-stars taught him to swear

E!Online 12/6/01 Cate Blanchett Plays Mommy

Ananova 12/5/01 US critics praise Lord Of The Rings

Jam! 12/4/01 Docu series on 'LOTR' to air on Discovery Channel

IGN 12/4/01 Weekend Lord of the Rings Roundup

Metromix 12/4/01 The land of the 'Rings'

Ananova 12/4/01 Lord Of The Rings tickets sell for over £4,000

MSNBC 12/4/01 Lure of the Rings

Ananova 12/4/01 Lord Of The Rings director unsure if he'll wear trousers to premiere

Ananova 12/3/01 Liv Tyler clocks up 'air miles record'

Zap2It 12/3/01 'Lord of the Rings' Heirs Clash Over Film

Ananova 12/3/01 Lord Of The Rings star felt 'immense pressure' in film role

BBC 12/3/01 'Passionate' Rings praised above Potter

Ananova 12/3/01 Residents fear Lord of the Rings fans will steal road signs

Milwaukee Journal 12/3/01 Tolkien Family Divided Over Film

E!Online 12/2/01 Tolkiens Ring in Family Feud

Ananova 12/2/01 Lord of Rings film praised for 'passion'

Ananova 12/2/01 Liv Tyler found playing 3,000 year old elf 'weird'

New Zealand Herald 12/1/01 Now the real 'Rings' adventure begins

Waukesha Freeman 11/30/01 Tolkien expert clues in students

New Zealand Herald 11/30/01 'Rings' master's accidental circus

Ananova 11/30/01 Errol Flynn's sword coach teaches Liv Tyler for Lord Of The Rings

Cinescape 11/29/01 Gandalf Likes Rings

IGN 11/29/01 Gandalf Reports on Fellowship of the Ring Screening

Jam! 11/29/01 Lord of Rings and box-office?

Lycos News 11/29/01 New Line Abuzz Over 'Rings'

Ananova 11/29/01 New Radio 4 schedule includes Lord Of The Rings

The Trades 11/28/01 Not Long From Now

BBC 11/28/01 Jackson 'delighted' to direct Rings

Ananova 11/28/01 Ian McKellen gives first impressions of Lord Of The Rings

Zap2It 11/27/01 Gandalf Himself, Ian McKellen, Says No 'Hobbit' Movie in the Works

IGN 11/27/01 Ian McKellen Discusses Gandalf's Dialogue, Staff, and More

Coming Soon 11/27/01 Lord of the Rings Movie Update

Ananova 11/27/01 Huge cave troll to promote Lord Of The Rings in New Zealand

Zap2It 11/27/01 Actor Prefers 'Star Wars' George Lucas to 'Lord of the Rings' Peter Jackson

CSM 11/27/01 Visit the birthplace of 'The Lord of the Rings'

Cinescape 11/26/01 Silmarillion Material In Rings?

News OK 11/25/01 Harry Potter faces Tolkien competition

New Zealand Herald 11/24/01 Special stamps issued to celebrate 'Rings' movie

Zap2It 11/23/01 'Lord of the Ring' Magic Appears in Burger Kings

BBC 11/23/01 Special warning for Rings film

Detroit News 11/23/01 'Lord of the Rings' toys appear at Burger King

Ananova 11/22/01 Lord of the Rings carries under-eight warning

BBC 11/22/01 Rings tickets prove hot property

Jam! 11/22/01 Sean Astin gained weight for 'LOTR' role

Ananova 11/22/01 Lord Of The Rings star put on 30lb belly for role

Jam! 11/22/01 Advance 'Rings' tix on sale across Cda. Friday

New Zealand Herald 11/22/01 It's lord of the mags

NJ.com 11/21/01 Tolkien returns to best seller lists as movie premiere nears

Zap2It 11/21/01 'The Lord of the Rings' - One Page to Link Them All

Jam! 11/20/01 'Lord Of The Rings' 26 minutes longer than 'Potter'

BBC 11/20/01 PG rating for Lord of the Rings

Ananova 11/19/01 Lord Of The Rings star 'appalled' by government on gay rights

Zap2It 11/19/01 'Lord of the Rings' Running Time Revealed

New Zealand Herald 11/19/01 Millionaire musician inspired by Tolkien

Ananova 11/19/01 Lord Of The Rings wins PG certificate in UK

Zap2It 11/16/01 'Lord of the Rings' New York Screening to benefit WTC Disaster Fund

BBC 11/16/01 Digital effects bring Rings to life

Ananova 11/16/01 Lord Of The Rings showing to aid US terror attack victims

BBC 11/16/01 Lord of the Rings archive for sale 

Ananova 11/16/01 Tolkien's works fetch £58,000

IGN 11/15/01 The Fellowship Lines Are Forming

Salon 11/15/01 The war of the wizards

Guardian 11/15/01 Fantasy fiction

Ananova 11/13/01 Lord Of The Rings tickets go on sale next week

Revolution 11/13/01 Orange signs Lord of the Rings deal

Sci Fi 11/13/01 Crowds Jam Rings Exhibit

London Review 11/12/01 Reasons for Liking Tolkien

LA Times 11/11/01 Can Fantasy Take Flight?

Coming Soon 11/11/01 The Lord of the Rings' Faramir Speaks

IGN 11/10/01 Lord of the Rings Day Highlights

Ananova 11/8/01 Lord Of The Rings star says Harry Potter is 'lightweight'

Zap2It 11/7/01 'Lord of the Rings' Director Peter Jackson is a 'Harry Potter' Fan

Ananova 11/7/01 Lord Of The Rings 'closer to three hours' long

Ananova 11/7/01 Cate Blanchett will be at world premiere of Lord of the Rings

Ananova 11/7/01 Cate Blanchett to miss Lord Of The Rings premieres

BBC 11/7/01 Rings director denies Potter is rival

Ananova 11/7/01 New Zealand to promote itself as 'home of Lord Of The Rings'

Ananova 11/7/01 Lord Of The Rings director insists there's no rivalry with Harry Potter

Coming Soon 11/6/01 LOTR Director Talks Harry Potter Competition

Guardian 11/6/01 Tolkien's prickly side revealed in letters

Jam! 11/5/01 'Lord of the Rings' exhibit draws record attendance

Ananova 11/4/01 Lord Of The Rings fans can get their names on the DVD's

E!Online 11/3/01 "LOTR" Fans Get Credit

Zap2It 11/2/01 Christie's to Auction Lord of the Rings Original Works

Ananova 11/2/01 Letters reveal Lord of the Rings author was grumbler

IGN 11/2/01 The Final Days of Production on The Fellowship of the Ring

Ananova 11/2/01 New Lord Of The Rings board game to hit shops

Ananova 11/1/01 Lord Of The Rings song appears on internet

Cinescape 11/1/01 Fellowship In Final Stretch

Ananova 11/1/01 Struggling to roll out red carpet for Lord 0f The Rings premiere

Ananova 10/31/01 Lord of the Rings actor predicts it will become a classic

Cinescape 10/31/01 Rhys-Davies Talks LOTR

Cinescape 10/31/01 LOTR Action Figures Pix

Times of India 10/30/01 Lord of the Rings set to help Kiwi tourism

Wired 10/30/01 'Fellowship' One Flight Closer

Jam! 10/30/01 'Rings' actor: 'It'll be the biggest film of all time'

The Sun 10/28/01 Hobbit of a lifetime

Ananova 10/27/01 Farmer scuppers Lord of the Rings location visit

Coming Soon 10/25/01 New Lord of the Rings Pics Online

Jam! 10/25/01 Coren on Tolkien: finding the man behind the myth

Cinescape 10/24/01 Decipher Lord of the Rings RPG

Town Online 10/22/01 Tolkien vs. Rowling

SciFi 10/22/01 Enya Sings In Rings Tongue

Coming Soon 10/19/01 Lord of the Rings' Riders of the Storm

BBC 10/19/01 London debut for Lord of the Rings

Empire Online 10/18/01 Fellowship Of The Ring

Coming Soon 10/18/01 Liv Tyler on Arwen in Lord of the Rings

Ananova 10/18/01 Lord Of The Rings world premiere to be held in London

Jam! 10/17/01 'Lord Of Rings' fans to be listed in credits

Chud 10/17/01 Lord of the Rings Footage Seen

IGN 10/16/01 November the 8th Is Lord of the Rings Day!

MTV 10/15/01 Enya — Not Led Zeppelin — Leads 'Lord Of The Rings' Soundtrack

IGN 10/11/01 The Lord of the Rings - A Full-Time Acting School?

Ananova 10/11/01 Sean Astin learns a lot on Lord Of The Rings set

SciFi 10/10/01 Sean Astin Tries On Rings

Wired 10/9/01 The Fellowship of the Ring

Sunday Times 10/7/01 Learning to pick up a good hobbit

Ananova 10/6/01 Lord of the Rings actor found early morning feet fittings hard work

Cinescape 10/2/01 Rings Props Displayed

Ananova 9/28/01 BBC's Omnibus to look at Lord Of The Rings creator

New Zealand Herald 9/27/01 Yet more Lord of the Rings wizardry hits the net

Ananova 9/27/01 Ian McKellen happy to use stunt double for Lord Of The Rings

Guardian 9/27/01 Enya tunes up for Tolkein

Jam! 9/27/01 Boorman's attempted trip to Middle Earth

IGN 9/26/01 More Cool Footage Than You Can Shake a Hobbit At

Ananova 9/26/01 Enya could provide music for Lord Of The Rings films

IGN 9/25/01 Memories from the Lord of the Rings Set

Ananova 9/25/01 New Lord of the Rings trailer appears on the internet

Coming Soon 9/24/01 Full 'Lord of the Rings' Trailer in QuickTime!!

Ananova 9/24/01 Cartoon version of Lord of the Rings to be released on video and DVD

Amazon.co.uk 9/24/01 Cartoon Version of Lord of the Rings Available for Pre-order in the UK
Ananova 9/24/01 Film fans get chance of private Lord of the Rings screening
Ananova 9/24/01 Lord of the Rings actor fell asleep over the books

Jam! 9/24/01 Full-length 'Lord Of The Rings' trailer to air on TV

Toronto Sun 9/23/01 Lord of the Big Screen

Jam! 9/23/01 Lord Of The Rings 101

Coming Soon 9/23/01 'Lord of the Rings' Cast Speaks!

Jam! 9/23/01 Lord of the Big Screen

Zap2It 9/21/01 New 'LOTR' Trailer to Debut During TV's 'Angel'

IGN 9/20/01 New Lord of the Rings Multimedia Abounds

Coming Soon 9/18/01 New 'Lord of the Rings' Clip Online!
IGN 9/11/01 Behind the Scenes of The Lord of the Rings

Cinescape 9/11/01 Shooting Rings

SciFi 9/10/01 Jackson Took Big Rings Risk

Ananova 9/8/01 Lord of the Rings publishers worried about burn out

IGN 9/8/01 The First Fellowship of the Ring Trailer Hits TV!

Ananova 9/7/01 New Lord of the Rings advert shown on American TV

Sci Fi 9/6/01 Rings Reel Previewed

Ananova 9/6/01 New Zealand appoints Lord of the Rings minister

Sci Fi 9/5/01 Wood Campaigned For Rings

Coming Soon 8/31/01 Barrie Osborne on 'Lord of the Rings'

SciFi 8/30/01 Tolkien Fan Harrassment Disputed

IGN 8/30/01 Presenting the Fellowship of the Ring Poster

Ananova 8/30/01 New Lord of the Rings poster released

SciFi 8/23/01 New Rings Editions Coming

IGN 8/21/01 First LOTR Film to Weigh in at 2 Hours, 45 Minutes?

FAZ 8/12/01 'In a Hole in the Ground, There Lived a Hobbit'

SciFi 8/8/01 Rings Scripter To Adapt Earthsea

Zap2It 8/8/01 'Rings' Writer Moves to Sci Fi

Ananova 8/8/01 Sam Neill turned down role in Lord of the Rings

Mac Observer 8/6/01 Orange iBook Assists In Production Of The Lord Of The Rings

Cinescape 8/2/01 Fellowship of the Ring Update

Zap2It 7/31/01 'Lord of the Rings' to Get New Line of Games

IGN 7/31/01 What Motivates a Gollum?

Independent 7/29/01 Police get tough with the hobbit-lovers of Kazakhstan

Coming Soon 7/28/01 Finding Hobbiton for 'The Lord of the Rings'

IGN 7/26/01 The Latest on LOTR from Ian McKellen

Games Domain 7/26/01 EA gets Lord of the Rings?

Ananova 7/25/01 Lord of the Rings world premiere could be in London

Red Herring 7/25/01 Electronic Arts wins Tolkien movie rights

SciFi 7/24/01 Rings Previewed At Con

SciFi 7/24/01 Rings Handheld Rights Bought

Coming Soon 7/20/01 Elijah Wood on 'Lord of the Rings'

Ananova 7/20/01 Lord of the Rings director among New Zealand's richest

Cinescape 7/20/01 Elijah Wood talks Lord Of The Rings

Ananova 7/20/01 Elijah Woods says Lord of the Rings looks incredible

Ananova 7/20/01 Complete unknown to play Lord of the Rings baddie

ZDNet 7/19/01 J.R.R. Tolkien's kingdom coming to cell phones

Cnet 7/18/01 New Line wants to be lord of the rings

Wired 7/18/01 Placing a Call to Middle Earth

Europe Media 7/18/01 Riot-E gets rights to Lord of the Rings Trilogy

IGN 7/17/01 Faramir on The Lord of the Rings

BBC 7/17/01 Lord of the Rings goes mobile

Ananova 7/17/01 Lord of the Rings phenomenon reaches mobile phones

Guardian 7/17/01 Texting taps into modern classic
Ananova 7/16/01 Elfin Liv learns Gaelic-type language for Lord of the Rings

New Zealand Herald 7/10/01 Weta flat out with Lord of The Rings

LA Daily News 7/8/01 Do Tolkien fans want one book to rule them all?

IGN 7/7/01 Lord of the Rings Brings New Effects Houses on Board

SciFi 7/5/01 Rings FX Farmed Out?

Ananova 7/3/01 Lord of the Rings rough cut completed

Cinescape 7/3/01 Lord of the Rings Update

Empire Online 7/2/01 I'm A Tolkien Junkie

SciFi 7/2/01 Rings Rough Cut Done

Zap2It 7/2/01 Record Numbers Download 'Lord of the Rings' Trailer

Sunday Times 7/1/01 Hobbits take revenge on America

Seattle Times 7/1/01 Getting to know Tolkien

Ananova 6/29/01 America's biggest cinema chain boycotts Lord of the Rings

Cinescape 6/28/01 Lord of the Rings won’t play in nations largest theater chain

Coming Soon 6/28/01 JVC Promoting 'Lord of the Rings' Trilogy

Zap2It 6/28/01 'Lord of the Rings' Movie Boosts Book Sales

USA Today 6/28/01 Like magic, 'Rings' flies off book shelves 

Ananova 6/28/01 Little-known Scottish actor set for stardom in Lord of the Rings

Ananova 6/27/01 Johnny Vegas auditioned to a be a Hobbit

Coming Soon 6/25/01 First Look at the 'Lord of the Rings' Movie Guide

Coming Soon 6/25/01 Cave Troll in 'Lord of the Rings'

Coming Soon 6/22/01 New 'Lord of the Rings' Stills

SciFi 6/22/01 Rings Tie-In Book Hits 350,000

Jam! 6/21/01 Man behind original 'Lord Of Rings' speaks out

Coming Soon 6/21/01 'Lord of the Rings' to be 10 Hours Long?

Ananova 6/21/01 Original Lord of the Rings film-maker says it's impossible to do Tolkien

Otago Daily Times 6/19/01 Embassy pushes for `Rings'

Ananova 6/16/01 Liv Tyler admits to not having read Lord of the Rings

SciFi 6/15/01 New Line Exec Thrills At Rings

Wired 6/14/01 Kiwis to Get LOTR First

BBC 6/12/01 Lord of the Rings boosts Kiwi capital

Film Force 6/12/01 Lord of the Rings Toys and Other News

Coming Soon 6/11/01 'Lord of the Rings' Action Figure Details

Ananova 6/6/01 Ian McKellen ready for spotlight when Lord of the Rings is released

Ananova 6/5/01 Elijah Wood hopes Hobbit role will boost career

Telegraph 6/5/01 Movie deal is Lord of the Burger Kings

Ananova 6/5/01 New website reveals your Hobbit name

Ananova 6/1/01 Burger King signs Lord Of The Rings promotion deal

Ananova 6/1/01 Cate Blanchett is expecting a baby

Film Force 5/31/01 New Beginnings for The Lord of the Rings

BBC 5/31/01 Lord of the Rings opening altered

Ananova 5/31/01 Lord of the Rings trailer to precede Pearl Harbor

Ananova 5/31/01 Lord of the Rings star says opening has been re-shot

TV Guide 5/31/01 Lord of the Rings: The Countdown Begins...

Ananova 5/30/01 Lord of the Rings action figures revealed

Film Force 5/29/01 Great New Pictures from The Lord of the Rings

Ananova 5/27/01 Lord of the Rings wins battle of the blockbusters

Ananova 5/26/01 New Lord of the Rings trailer on the film's official website

Jam! 5/25/01 New 'Lord Of Rings' trailer debuts online

Ananova 5/25/01 Lord of the Rings actor had goblin nightmares

Film Force 5/25/01 The Next Trailer and the Lord of the Rings DVD

Ananova 5/23/01 Lord of the Rings director working on DVD

Ananova 5/23/01 New Lord of the Rings trailer on Friday

Film Force 5/22/01 Lord of the Rings at E3

Film Force 5/17/01 LOTR: Update from Cannes

Ananova 5/16/01 Website offers course on Lord of the Rings

BBC 5/15/01 Cannes preview for Rings

Ananova 5/15/01 Cannes overtaken by Lord of the Rings party

Film Force 5/15/01 LOTR Footage Wows Journalists

Ananova 5/14/01 Peter Jackson worried about Lord of the Rings screening

E!Online 5/12/01 "Lord of the Rings" Takes Cannes

Ananova 5/12/01 Lord of the Rings to meet Harry Potter head-on

Ananova 5/11/01 Critics say Lord of the Rings film looks 'special'

Telegraph 5/11/01 Stars given early viewing of the first Hobbit film

Ananova 5/10/01 Cannes prepares for Lord of the Rings screening

Ananova 5/10/01 New Lord of the Rings pictures released

Jam! 5/9/01 The man with the key to 'The Rings'

Film Force 5/8/01 Sean Bean Talks Lord of the Rings

Ananova 5/3/01 Lord of the Rings to be made into computer games

Ananova 5/2/01 Christopher Lee 'dreamt of playing Gandalf'

Ananova 4/20/01 Liv Tyler's ears melted in her car

Ananova 4/10/01 Lord of the Rings website attracts 350m hits

Ananova 4/4/01 Elijah Wood joins Ash Wednesday cast

Jam! 3/24/01 Ringing endorsement for my Tolkien bio

Ananova 3/19/01 Lord of the Rings to take over Cannes

Telegraph 2/3/01 Squaddies get fell in as hobbits for £6 a day

Ananova 2/2/01 Army launches rearguard action over hobbit soldiers

BBC 2/2/01 Hobbit soldiers 'not exploited'

Ananova 2/1/01 Lord of the Rings director looks forward to film's release

Ananova 1/23/01 Cate Blanchett says Lord of the Rings was 'fantastic'

Ananova 1/23/01 Lord of the Rings star plans to start a family

Ananova 1/17/01 Lord of the Rings website gets 41 million hits

Ananova 1/12/01 New website for Lord of the Rings goes live

Ananova 1/11/01 Lord of the Rings trailer out tomorrow

BBC 1/11/01 Online fans await Tolkien tale

Ananova 1/10/01 I'm only here for the ears, says Lord of the Rings' Cate

Ananova 1/8/01 Lord of the Rings trailer set for UK cinemas

Ananova 1/7/01 Tolkien's family fear release of film trilogy

Telegraph 1/7/01 Lord of Rings films 'will force Tolkien family into hiding'

Telegraph 1/6/01 Why Frodo may be more than a match for Harry

Wired 12/23/00 Tolkien Film: It's in the Baggins

Ananova 12/22/00 Lord of the Rings trailer to hit cinema screens

Ananova 12/22/00 It's a wrap for Lord Of The Rings

Wired 9/12/00 Where Hobbits Live Virtually

Ananova 8/28/00 Wizard idea for new movie

Wired 7/25/00 Call It 'Lord of the Bootlegs'

Wired 4/12/00 Lord of the Download

Jam! 4/11/00 1.7 million download 'Rings' trailer

Telegraph 10/18/99 Lord of the Rings actor sacked as filming starts

E!Online 10/15/99 "Lord of the Rings" Cast Shuffle

Telegraph 10/13/99 Film crew embarks on a Tolkien adventure

E!Online 10/11/99 Starting Bell Sounds for "Lord of the Rings"

Telegraph 7/14/99 Hollywood stars in first Lord of the Rings film

Wired 8/25/98 Co-Hobbitation

E!Online 8/24/98 New Line Banks on 3-"Rings" Circuit

BBC 3/15/98 Middle Earth for Middle England?

Telegraph 1/20/97 Lord of the Rings 'is greatest book of the century'


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