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News Articles about Lord of the Rings


Go Memphis 2/29/04 'Ring's the thing

Sky.com 2/29/04 Rings Tipped For Top Spot

Houston Chronicle 2/29/04 'King' should win mantle for fantasy genre

Mobile Register 2/29/04 Prediction: 'King' will wear Best Picture crown

Ananova 2/29/04 Rings expected to lord it on Oscars night

NY Daily News 2/29/04 Lording it at last

WTVM 2/28/04 General News: Lords of the Rings third saga is Oscar favorite

MSNBC 2/28/04 'Lord of the Rings' hopes to claim its precious

NY Times 2/28/04 Oscar Watchers Gear Up, Ponder 'Rings' Sweep

Jam! 2/28/04 Fit for a King

Times of India 2/28/04 Reigning King is cold in India

BBC 2/27/04 Peter Jackson: Flavour of the month

Deseret News 2/27/04 'Lord' of the Oscars

Boston Herald 2/27/04 My precious...: Will `Lord of the Rings' finally grab an Oscar?

NY Daily News 2/27/04 'Rings' is fated to be Best Picture

Stuff.co.nz 2/27/04 Rings film-maker prepares Oscar speech notes

News.com.au 2/27/04 King hit of Oscars

Guardian 2/26/04 Stamps mark Lord of the Rings anniversary

Chicago Tribune 2/26/04 New Zealand prepares for life after the 'Rings'

Miami Herald 2/26/04 Oscars Look Like 'Rings' Coronation Day

Reuters 2/26/04 UK Letters Get Lord of the Rings Magic

BBC 2/26/04 Oscar critics go for Rings finale

NY Daily News 2/26/04 Back in the saddle

Ananova 2/25/04 Special stamp issue marks Lord of the Rings anniversary

Ananova 2/25/04 LOTR star Dominic Monaghan answers your questions

E!Online 2/24/04 "King" Breaks a Billion

Zap2It 2/24/04 Astin's Humble Hobbit Oscar Dreams

Ananova 2/24/04 Bookies close the book on the Oscars

BBC 2/24/04 Sir Ian's lasting Rings success

Hollywood Reporter 2/24/04 Peter Jackson discusses past, future with Reporter

BBC 2/24/04 Rings finale breaks $1bn barrier

Coming Soon 2/23/04 Return of the King Passes $1 Billion Worldwide

E!Online 2/23/04 Depp, "Rings" Bag SAGs

Zap2It 2/23/04 'LOTR' Cast Snags SAG Ensemble Award

New Zealand Herald 2/23/04 'Rings' actors win SAG award for best film cast

NY Daily News 2/23/04 Jackson's the favorite to be 'Lord' of the directors

Zap2It 2/22/04 'Return of the King' Rings Another Award in UK

Sky.com 2/22/04 Rings Finale Wins Again

Hollywood Reporter 2/20/04 Four VES nods fit for 'King'; Lucas exalted

AJC 2/19/04 'Rings' star goes Western, but no boots, thank you

Zap2It 2/19/04 'Rings' Composer to be Honored

BBC 2/19/04 Rings finale 'beats Potter total'

Ananova 2/19/04 Return of the King becomes second most successful film

The Spoof 2/19/04 Lord of the Rings crowned

Nine MSN 2/19/04 NZ ponders life after Rings

Sci Fi Wire 2/18/04 Rings Music To Debut

Zap2It 2/17/04 'Return of the King' Slices Away Editing Rivals

Hollywood Reporter 2/17/04 Rousing welcome in Japan for final chapter of 'Rings'

Hollywood Reporter 2/17/04 'King' earns Eddie's honor

Guardian 2/17/04 It's Return of the King by a mile

BBC 2/17/04 Rings picks up best editing award

Guardian 2/16/04 5m see Lord of the Rings' Bafta triumph

CBBC 2/16/04 Hobbit trailer excites Rings fans

E!Online 2/16/04 Brit Oscars Crown "King"

Zap2It 2/16/04 'Return of the King' Named Best by BAFTA

Sky.com 2/16/04 LOTR Celebrates BAFTA

ITV 2/16/04 Lord of the Rings triumphs at Baftas

Hollywood Reporter 2/16/04 'King' returns with 4 BAFAs; 'Master' commanding

BBC 2/16/04 Rings rule at Bafta film awards

The Sun 2/16/04 Five gold Rings!

BBC 2/16/04 Rings rules at BAFTA Awards

Digital Spy 2/15/04 Rings is King at the BAFTAs

Ananova 2/15/04 Rings' return sweeps five Bafta awards

Ananova 2/15/04 Lord of the Rings film-maker stunned by trilogy's popularity

NY Times 2/15/04 'Return of the King' Wins Five BAFTAs

Ananova 2/15/04 Public votes Rings film for film-goers Bafta gong

NY Times 2/15/04 After the King Returns, Will a 'Hobbit' Follow?

CBS 2/15/04 Lord Of The Screens

NY Times 2/15/04 The Movie That Rolls Out the Red Carpet for Fans

Ananova 2/14/04 LOTR star Billy Boyd answers your questions

Hollywood Reporter 2/13/04 'Rings' circles 13 Saturn noms

SMH 2/13/04 Bored with the Rings

Zap2It 2/12/04 Hobbits Toss Preciousssss Beads to Partyers

Coming Soon 2/12/04 Peter Jackson on Rings Trilogy & King Kong

Zap2It 2/12/04 'Master' Lords It Over 'Rings' in London

Teen Hollywood 2/12/04 Seabiscuit Trumps Rings At Cinematography Awards

BBC 2/12/04 Rings fails to win critics choice

Digital Spy 2/12/04 LOTR snubbed by London film critics

USA Today 2/12/04 Exciting acting adventures await 'Rings' alum

Hollywood Reporter 2/12/04 Can 'King' score bring Shore to Oscar dance?

BBC 2/12/04 UK critics pick Crowe over Rings

New Zealand Herald 2/12/04 Jackson hot favourite for Oscar: betting agency

New Zealand Herald 2/12/04 Lord of the Rings not recognised in London Film Critics' awards

NBCMV 2/11/04 Sean Astin Guest-Stars as Lord of the Slot Machine on 'Las Vegas' on 3/1

Ananova 2/11/04 Lord of the Rings snubbed by London movie critics

NY Times 2/11/04 'Seabiscuit' Beats 'Rings' for Film Award

USA Today 2/11/04 'Rings' takes special effects to another level

Yahoo 2/10/04 Tolkien Heir Is One of 'Rings' Biggest Fans

Irish Examiner 2/10/04 Return of the King hits new box office high

Yahoo 2/10/04 Director Peter Jackson by "Lord of the Rings'" acting Oscar nominations

Teen Hollywood 2/10/04 Peter Jackson Wins Top Directors Guild Award

BBC 2/10/04 Rings is third biggest film ever

Stuff.co.nz 2/10/04 Seabiscuit upsets Rings for film award

NY Times 2/9/04 New Zealand Prepares for Life After 'The Lord of the Rings'

News.com.au 2/9/04 Ring guilded

Coming Soon 2/8/04 Peter Jackson on the ROTK DVD & King Kong

Hollywood Reporter 2/8/04 DGA coronates Peter Jackson for 'Return of the King'

NY Times 2/8/04 Jackson Wins Top Directors Guild Award

BBC 2/8/04 Jackson wins US directing award

Stuff 2/8/04 Rings faces key weekend tests

Sky.com 2/7/04 Liv Is Top Of The Crops

Jam! 2/7/04 'Rings' DVDs tops Cdn. video awards

Globe and Mail 2/6/04 Rings DVDs dominate Canadian home video awards

Stuff.co.nz 2/6/04 Tourism publicity blitz to cash in on Rings exposure

Stuff.co.nz 2/6/04 Rings rules over Empire film awards

CNN 2/5/04 Filmmaker Jackson bound to have big award year

This Is London 2/5/04 Gollum actor scoops award

BBC 2/5/04 LOTR wins at Empire Awards

Telegraph 2/5/04 Filmgoers honour Gollum actor

BBC 2/4/04 Empire awards honour Rings finale

Daily Vanguard 2/4/04 Why am I the only person not making money off 'Lord of the Rings'?

Japan Times 2/4/04 Under the skin of Gollum

Toronto Star 2/3/04 Mortensen leaves Aragorn behind

Houston Chronicle 2/3/04 'Rings' director explains missing magic at awards show

New Zealand Herald 2/2/04 Jackson named as a 'Modern Master' of film

Newsday 2/1/04 'Rings' Director Picks Up Another Award

Fox News 1/31/04 'King' Could Be First Fantasy to Take Oscar Crown

SB Sun 1/30/04 MVPs of Middle-earth

NZ City 1/30/04 Gandalf rescues Time Warner

Digital Spy 1/30/04 Extended 'ROTK' DVD due in November

IHT 1/29/04 A stroll in Frodo's footsteps

BBC 1/29/04 Rings lords it over Empire Awards

Ananova 1/29/04 Rings leads nominations for Empire Awards

Stuff.co.nz 1/29/04 Rings' film editor nominated for Oscar

Yahoo 1/28/04 'Lord Of The Rings' Accolades and Box-Office Sales Draw Travelers to New Zealand

Globe and Mail 1/28/04 And now, Lord of the brass rings?

Borowitz 1/28/04 ‘Lord of the Rings’ Wins Democratic Nomination

BBC 1/28/04 Peter Jackson's not happy with Oscar nominations

Houston Chronicle 1/28/04 'Lord of the Rings' leads in Oscar nominations

Boston Herald 1/28/04 `Ring' finale, `Master and Commander' dominate Oscar nominees

Hollywood Reporter 1/28/04 'King' leads Oscar race with 11 nominations

USA Today 1/28/04 'King' extended DVD on the way

The Sun 1/28/04 One film to rule them all

Jam! 1/28/04 The King rules

NY Daily News 1/28/04 'Rings' leads odd Oscar race

Independent 1/28/04 Tolkien's epic is set to lord it over the Oscars
Telegraph.co.uk 1/28/04 Lord of the Oscars

SF Chronicle 1/27/04 Jackson's Oscar success expected in New Zealand,.....

Yahoo 1/27/04 'Lord of the Rings' Best Oscar Bet, Bookies Say

Zap2It 1/27/04 'Return of the King' Dominates Oscar Nominations

E!Online 1/27/04 Oscar Tips Crown to "King"

Coming Soon 1/27/04 Return of the King Leads Oscar Nominees with 11

BBC 1/27/04 Rings dominates Oscar nominations

Ananova 1/27/04 LOTR second hottest ever Oscars favourite

BBC 1/27/04 Lord Of The Oscar nominations

Ananova 1/27/04 Lord of the Rings dominates Oscar nominations

Jam! 1/27/04 'Rings' receives 11 Oscar noms

New Zealand Herald 1/27/04 Bring on the Oscars

Miami Herald 1/26/04 'Rings' on track for Oscar award

E!Online 1/26/04 "Return of the King" Is Golden

Teen Hollywood 1/26/04 'Lord of the Rings' Wins 4 Golden Globes

NY Times 1/26/04 An Epic and a Small Film Are Stars at Golden Globes

Houston Chronicle 1/26/04 'Lord of the Rings', 'Angels' top Golden Globes

Digital Spy 1/26/04 'ROTK' is best motion picture at Golden Globes

Hollywood Reporter 1/26/04 'King' lords over Globes

New Zealand Herald 1/26/04 The Lord of the Rings rules them all at Golden Globes

Jam! 1/26/04 Golden moments

NY Daily News 1/26/04 Crown 'King' with 4 Globes

Coming Soon 1/25/04 Return of the King Wins 4 Golden Globe Awards!

Zap2It 1/25/04 'Return of the King,' 'Translation' Get Globe Glory

NY Times 1/25/04 Traveling in Frodo's Footsteps

New Zealand Herald 1/24/04 Chicago film critics pick The Lord of the Rings

Star Tribune 1/23/04 Look for Oscar nominations to 'Ring' true

Santa Cruz Sentinel 1/23/04 Hollywood faces life after ‘The Lord of the Rings’

Yahoo 1/23/04 'Rings' King Catches An Eyeful

Knox News 1/23/04 Gollum pens book on making 'Movie Magic'

Zap2It 1/23/04 Premiere Readers Bow to the 'King'

E!Online 1/23/04 Nods for "King," Writers

Stuff.co.nz 1/23/04 Chicago film critics pick the Lord of the Rings

KFOX 1/22/04 Win 'Lord Of The Rings' Collectible Character Coins

BostonChannel.com 1/22/04 'Rings,' 'Translation' Among Writers Guild Award Nominees

News.com.au 1/22/04 Rings trilogy puts new face on cancer treatment

CNN 1/21/04 The importance of being Gollum

Reuters 1/21/04 'Two Towers' Named Best DVD of the Year

Stuff.co.nz 1/21/04 Tolkien expert in his element at Rings sites

Teen Hollywood 1/21/04 Sean Astin To Direct Marvel Comic Movie?

itv.com 1/21/04 Lord of the Rings is box office favourite

Ananova 1/21/04 Lord of the Rings still top of the UK box office

News.com.au 1/21/04 Hobbit ready to move on

Yahoo 1/20/04 Andy Serkis (Gollum) says he isolated himself from cast while making Rings

Stuff.co.nz 1/20/04 Rings nominated for 12 Baftas

Toronto Star 1/20/04 Ring king in Toronto

ABC 1/20/04 'Polly' Dethrones 'Lord of the Rings'

Ananova 1/20/04 Rings star wants to direct Fantastic Four movie

NY Times 1/20/04 'Lord of the Rings' Stays Top of UK Box Office

USA Today 1/20/04 More of the 'Rings' magic

Hollywood Reporter 1/20/04 'Rings,' 'Gilmore,' 'Sex' win makeup, hair awards

New Zealand Herald 1/20/04 Return of the King nominated for 12 Baftas

Primal Spirit 1/19/04 The Lord of the Rings, Ego, and Addiction

NBC 13 1/19/04 Producers Hail 'King' As Film Of Year

People 1/19/04 'King' Takes One Step Closer to Oscar

Zap2It 1/19/04 Astin Contends with 'Something Bigger' Than a Hobbit

Hollywood Reporter 1/19/04 'King' rules over PGA Awards

Detroit News 1/19/04 Sean Astin Ready to Pack Up Hobbit Stuff

BBC 1/19/04 Rings lose box office crown in US

Ananova 1/19/04 Lord of the Rings and Cold Mountain dominate Bafta nominations

Ananova 1/19/04 Polly usurps Lord of the Rings

Zap2It 1/18/04 Producers Bow Down to 'King'

Teen Hollywood 1/18/04 Gollum Role 'Preciousssss' to Actor Serkis

NY Times 1/18/04 'Polly' Knocks 'Rings' From No. 1

Hollywood Reporter 1/18/04 'King' rules over PGA Awards

BBC 1/18/04 Rings scoops Producers top honour

Ananova 1/18/04 Rings sequel named best picture of 2003

Newsday 1/18/04 A Wise Choice

Fox News 1/16/04 Sean's Career Is Kickin' Astin

The Daily 1/16/04 Serkis comes to town

The Star 1/16/04 Learning to love the Rings

New Zealand Herald 1/15/04 Jackson and Return of the King odds-on for Oscars

Teen Hollywood 1/15/04 Elijah: Viggo Loves Talking

NY Times 1/15/04 'Rings, ' 'Seabiscuit' Among Top SAG Nominees

Hollywood Reporter 1/15/04 VES has eye on 'King,' 'Pirates'

The Sun 1/15/04 Andy is Lord of ogle-ring

New Zealand Herald 1/15/04 Jackson and Return odds-on for Oscars

Stuff.co.nz 1/15/04 Return of the King boosts box office take

USA Today 1/13/04 Life after Middle-earth

Ananova 1/13/04 Lord of the Rings estate wins UN ruling
Yahoo 1/13/04 Lord of the Rings: Return of the Domain Name

CBBC 1/13/04 Rings 'has longest credits ever'

Jam! 1/13/04 Hobbit courts Oscar

BBC 1/13/04 Rings triumphs in US cinema duel

Ananova 1/13/04 Lord of the Rings holds on

BBC 1/13/04 Rings resists Samurai offensive

Zap2It 1/12/04 'King' Crowned by Film Critics

Coming Soon 1/12/04 Update: Rings Tops Box Office for 4th Straight Week

Zap2It 1/12/04 'King' Throws 'Fish' Back Into the Water

CBS 1/12/04 'King' Off The Throne?

Ananova 1/12/04 Return of the King toppled by Big Fish

Digital Spy 1/12/04 'Pirates' beats 'Rings' at PCAs

Ananova 1/12/04 Pirates beats LOTR to fans' award

Hollywood Reporter 1/12/04 Broadcast critics pledge to 'King' in Oscar prelude

News.com.au 1/12/04 Critics choose Rings finale

Go Memphis 1/11/04 Too bright for Tolkienites

E!Online 1/11/04 Critics' Choice Hails "King"

BBC 1/11/04 US critics give Rings four awards

Go Memphis 1/11/04 Into the hobbit hole

E!Online 1/11/04 "King" Keeps Box Office Crown

New Zealand Herald 1/11/04 Jackson wins important Oscar precursors
Ananova 1/11/04 Lord of the Rings is choice of critics

Coming Soon 1/11/04 New York's Lord of the Rings Weekend!

BBC 1/9/04 Rings 'romps at world box office'

Coming Soon 1/8/04 Ian McKellen is Ready for The Hobbit

MegaStar 1/8/04 Jackson considers The Hobbit

Digital Spy 1/8/04 Rings still King in UK

BBC 1/8/04 Museum offers midnight Rings show

Ananova 1/8/04 Chances growing for big screen version of The Hobbit

News.com.au 1/7/04 Rings director makes history

Teen Hollywood 1/7/04 Elijah Resolves To Kick Hobbit Habit

Zap2It 1/7/04 Hobbits Booze It Up in New Orleans

Sky.com 1/7/04 Jackson Up For Award

Boston Herald 1/7/04 Jackson `Rings' up directors' nod

WJLA 1/7/04 Wood, Monaghan to Ride Mardi Gras Floats

Newsday 1/6/04 'Rings' Jackson Gets Third DGA Nomination

NY Times 1/6/04 Middle Earth Eclipses a Sailor and a Samurai

USA Today 1/6/04 Astin moves into center ring

Hollywood Reporter 1/6/04 'King' continues b.o. reign in frame with no new bows

Digital Spy 1/6/04 ROTK still rules roost in US

Hollywood Reporter 1/6/04 Boxoffice booms into new year; 'King' champ of all 'Rings'

Stuff.co.nz 1/6/04 Hollywood producers nominate Lord of the Rings

Miami Herald 1/5/04 'Lord of the Rings' Remains Top Flick

Extra 1/5/04 'The Lord of the Rings'

Ananova 1/5/04 Lord of the Rings still on top

BBC 1/5/04 Rings movie holds US box office

NY Post 1/5/04 Return Of The Ka-Ching

NY Daily News 1/5/04 'King' holds on to crown

Hollywood Reporter 1/5/04 'King' rings in New Year

Coming Soon 1/4/04 The Return of the King Reigns a Third Straight Week

Stuff.co.nz 1/4/04 What more does Jackson want, asks Cullen

Sunday People 1/4/04 Bored Of The Rings

Go Memphis 1/3/04 After 'Rings,' Astin up for next big thing

Palm Beach Post 1/3/04 Third one has wondrous 'Ring' to it

The Spoof 1/3/04 Lord of the Rings Trilogy to be Recalled

Knox News 1/3/04 For Tolkien fans, it's finally OK to speak elvish in public

Zap2It 1/2/04 Prediction: Expect 'King' to Return to Top Spot

E!Online 1/2/04 Southeast Critics Crown "King"

WAFF 1/2/04 Technology Behind Lord of the Rings

Houston Chronicle 1/2/04 With 'Return of the King,' all's well that ends well

Hollywood Reporter 1/2/04 Boxoffice preview: 'King' refuses to abdicate throne

Washington Times 1/2/04 'Rings,' documentaries big-screen standouts

Stuff.co.nz 1/2/04 Peter Jackson's $1932 a minute

Teen Hollywood 1/1/04 Rings Leads Online Critics' Nominations

Daily Telegraph 1/1/04 Riddles of the Rings resolved

Stuff.co.nz 1/1/04 Author tells of huge benefit from Rings

Edmonton Journal 12/31/03 The wizard Saruman suffers unkindest cut of all

Newsday 12/31/03 Hobbits, Fish, Pirates 2003 Box Office Gold

Chicago Tribune 12/31/03 With the end of `Rings' comes the start of `King'

Irish Examiner 12/31/03 Orlando reveals his true calling

Digital Spy 12/30/03 ROTK holds top spot at US Box Office

Zap2It 12/30/03 'LOTR 3 ' Hobbit Nominated by Online Film Critics

Coming Soon 12/30/03 The Return of the King Approaches $500M Worldwide

E!Online 12/30/03 Web Critics Hail "King"

Zap2It 12/30/03 'Rings' Awaits Return of the Ballots

Coming Soon 12/30/03 Sir Ian McKellen's Return of the King ADR Scripts!

TV Guide 12/30/03 Sean Astin: From Hobbit to He-Man

Sky.com 12/30/03 Mistakes In Rings Film

Hollywood Reporter 12/30/03 Online critics dial up 'King' for 10 noms

BBC 12/30/03 Online critics tip Rings finale

Hollywood Reporter 12/30/03 'King' wears b.o. crown, crosses $200 mil mark

E!Online 12/29/03 "King" Rings in Xmas

Zap2It 12/29/03 'LOTR 3' Tops SFCA Honors

USA Today 12/29/03 'King' earns $51.2M, leads box office bonanza

BBC 12/29/03 Rings film holds top spot in US

Hollywood Reporter 12/29/03 Long live the holiday 'King'

NY Daily News 12/29/03 'King' crowns the competition

Hollywood Reporter 12/29/03 Southeastern critics regale 'King'

News.com.au 12/29/03 Gandalf's magic show

Teen Hollywood 12/28/03 "Rings" the King of Christmas Box Office

Coming Soon 12/28/03 The Lord of the Rings is King Again at Box Office

CNN 12/28/03 'King' continues box office reign

Ananova 12/28/03 Second Rings film the 'year's best'

Herald Sun 12/28/03 The Lord of the box office

Stuff.co.nz 12/28/03 Long-distance fight : Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Scotsman 12/28/03 The Rings come full circle in triumph

Coming Soon 12/27/03 Return of the King Ruling the Holiday Box Office

NY Times 12/26/03 McKellen Unfazed by 'Rings' Phenomenon

NY Times 12/26/03 Along With His Legion of Fans, Frodo Completes His Journey

The Age 12/26/03 Big day in Middle-earth

SMH 12/26/03 The Return of the King

Yahoo 12/25/03 "Lord of the Rings" hunk to join politics!

The Age 12/25/03 Return of the sweeping epic

New Zealand Herald 12/25/03 Lord Of The Rings guide book one of the country's best sellers

Teen Hollywood 12/24/03 'Rings' Fan Prince William Stuns Small Cinema

Buffalo News 12/24/03 Trilogy Tuesday, 10 hours well spent

Business Wire 12/24/03 Lord of the Rings Trilogy Featurette Debuts Today on 1,200 AMC Screens

Coming Soon 12/24/03 The Return of the King Reigns Worldwide with $312M

Daily Telegram 12/24/03 'Return of the King' well worth the wait in long lines

Buffalo News 12/24/03 Test your knowledge of 'The Ring'

Hollywood Reporter 12/24/03 Boxoffice preview: 'King' won't be usurped

NBC17 12/23/03 Pair Ticketed After Seat-Saving Fiasco At 'Rings' Movie

Stuff.co.nz 12/23/03 New Rings makes box-office history

Teen Hollywood 12/23/03 Lord Of The Rings Stars Want To Join King Kong

The Sun 12/23/03 Will and pals see The King

Hollywood Reporter 12/23/03 Final 'Lord of Rings' entry emerges as the true 'King'

BBC 12/23/03 Rings finale tops UK box office

Ananova 12/23/03 Prince sees latest rings film at 'ordinary' cinema

NY Daily News 12/23/03 A down-to-Middle Earth movie hero

CBS 12/23/03 Ian McKellen: Magic Act

Digital Spy 12/23/03 LOTR fans spot ROTK errors

ABQ Journal 12/23/03 Stunning 'King' Lacks Real Depth

Stuff.co.nz 12/22/03 Rings takes crown at US box office

The Gate 12/22/03 'Return of the King' Conquers Box Office

E!Online 12/22/03 "King" Returns Record Millions

Philly.com 12/22/03 'Rings' can't compare to the 'Godfather' of all trilogies

Detroit News 12/22/03 Before there were hobbits

Boston Herald 12/22/03 Fans of Tolkien's trilogy approve of extended endings in `Return of the King'

Digital Spy 12/22/03 ROTK continues record-breaking run

NY Times 12/22/03 'Rings' Shows Trend Toward Global Premieres

BBC 12/22/03 Liv Tyler's festive wee

USA Today 12/22/03 'King' is still smiling at box office with $125 million

BBC 12/22/03 Rings finale sets new US record

ET Online 12/22/03 'Lords' of the Box Office!

Ananova 12/22/03 Lord of the Rings smashes box office record

BBC 12/22/03 Hulk and Rings' Oscar battle

Ananova 12/22/03 Lord of the Rings fans spot mistakes

TV Guide 12/22/03 Elijah Wood's Extreme Stunt

NY Daily News 12/22/03 First things first: Last 'Rings' best

NY Post 12/22/03 Third Chapter Of 'Lord' Runs Rings Around Rivals

Hollywood Reporter 12/22/03 'King' cha-ching: $246.1 mil global tally breaks record

Coming Soon 12/21/03 Return of the King Makes $246.1M Worldwide Debut!

Newsday 12/21/03 Third 'Rings' Movie Outdraws Predecessors

itv.com 12/21/03 Lord of the Rings storms box office

Dallas Morning News 12/20/03 In film trilogies, the last is least

Guardian 12/20/03 Worldwide quest for the magic of Middle Earth

New Zealand Herald 12/20/03 Peter Jackson's art of war

The Sun 12/20/03 Elijah is ho, ho baggins

Coming Soon 12/20/03 The Return of the King Box Office Update!

Jam! 12/19/03 Gift of the Rings

BBC 12/19/03 A mighty end to Jackson's trilogy

Hello 12/19/03 'Rings' release marks end of an era

Zap2It 12/19/03 Wood Breaks 'LOTR' Fellowship

Guardian 12/19/03 'I don't want to play the fat guy or the friend all my life'

Dallas Morning News 12/19/03 'King' set to rule them all in riches

Teen Hollywood 12/19/03 Wood Braces for Post Rings Blues

E!Online 12/19/03 Gauging the Globes

Hollywood Reporter 12/19/03 Boxoffice preview: Bow before the one true 'King'

itv.com 12/19/03 Box office record for Rings film

MegaStar 12/19/03 The best of elf

Salt Lake Tribune 12/19/03 'Lord of the Rings' also proves to be big story for small screen

Boston Herald 12/19/03 Science museum hosts `Rings'

TV Guide 12/19/03 Billy Boyd: Ring Master

Ananova 12/19/03 Lord of the Rings smashes box office records

Hollywood Reporter 12/19/03 'King' sees worldwide royal crush

Ananova 12/19/03 Female fans force Viggo to flee museum

BBC 12/19/03 Record opening for Rings finale

NY Post 12/19/03 Money Happy 'Returns'

The Trades 12/19/03 The Accidental Columnist- Lord of the Rings: Trilogy Tuesday

Jam! 12/19/03 The Lord of the money machine

CSM 12/19/03 The film that would be King

NY Times 12/19/03 Ticket Sales For 3rd 'Rings' Set Record

New Zealand Herald 12/19/03 'Lord of the Rings' tops Golden Globe award nominations

Teen Hollywood 12/18/03 Busy Mortensen Quits Fanmail Correspondence

Coming Soon 12/18/03 Return of the King Sets Wednesday Opening Record

Zap2It 12/18/03 'Return of the King' Draws $34.1m In Its First Day

E!Online 12/18/03 One "King" Rules Them All

Zap2It 12/18/03 'LOTR's' Jackson Honored at St. Babs Fest

New Zealand Herald 12/18/03 LOTR coverage worth over $100m, says Film New Zealand

itv.com 12/18/03 Rings in Golden Globes running

Jam! 12/18/03 'Rings' breaks box office record

Globe and Mail 12/18/03 Canadian donates Tolkien collection to American university

New Zealand Herald 12/18/03 Superlatives and sniffles over last 'Rings' instalment

Ananova 12/18/03 Golden Globe nominations revealed

TV Guide 12/18/03 Rings Star Makes Merry

Ananova 12/18/03 Brits buy £1m of advance Lord of the Rings tickets

Houston Chronicle 12/18/03 'Rings' star Astin wants to take Galveston by storm

BBC 12/18/03 Strong opening for Rings finale

Hollywood Reporter 12/18/03 Midnight clear for 'King': $8 mil

The Sun 12/18/03 Sadness of Rings star

Jam! 12/18/03 Serkis act

ET Online 12/18/03 'King' of the Box Office!

NY Times 12/18/03 'Ring' Fanatics' Long Wait Finally Ends, With an Eyeful

CSM 12/18/03 'Return of the King' brings back the epic hero - and crowds

Jam! 12/17/03 Story's real Rings star

Jam! 12/17/03 The King of the Ring

Jam! 12/17/03 Praise the Lord!

BBC 12/17/03 Tolkien relative's Kingly role

USA Today 12/17/03 Towers of strength wedded to 'Rings'

Reuters 12/17/03 Midnight Clear for 'King': $8 Million

Macon Telegraph 12/17/03 'Rings' Director Eyes New Zealand Center

Teen Hollywood 12/17/03 Movie Review: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Teen Hollywood 12/17/03 Elijah Wood Hopes To Avoid Mark Hamill's Fate

Teen Hollywood 12/17/03 Return Of The King Voted Top Film By NYC Critics

Boston Herald 12/17/03 Archery's starring role in `Rings' draws newcomers to ancient sport

Hartford Courant 12/17/03 Familiar Rings

Orlando Sentinel 12/17/03 Big finish for The Lord of the Rings

CBS 12/17/03 The End Of The Ring

BBC 12/17/03 Lord of the Rings gets UK release

Canada.com 12/17/03 Rings fans line up for 12-hour marathon

CBS 12/17/03 Fans Welcome 'King' In Epic Way

Ananova 12/17/03 Lord of the Rings tipped for Oscars glory

Digital Spy 12/17/03 In Review: Return of the King

Globe and Mail 12/17/03 Fans turn out for a Tolkien marathon

News OK 12/17/03 Tolkien trilogy ends with great moments

Detroit News 12/17/03 Triumph over evil feeds American need

Dallas Morning News 12/17/03 Horde of the 'Rings'

USA Today 12/17/03 It's good to be 'King'

Detroit News 12/17/03 Ring Master

ET Online 12/17/03 Hobbits Surprise Fans at 'Rings' Marathon

BBC 12/17/03 Why Rings director deserves Oscar

Jam! 12/17/03 The King of the Ring

BBC 12/17/03 Fans hail final Lord of the Rings

Jam! 12/17/03 Save Our Saruman

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NY Daily News 12/17/03 Oh, my Lord! Fans flock to hail 'King'

Guardian 12/17/03 Return of the King tipped as one film to rule them all at Oscars

BBC 12/17/03 Return of the King hits cinemas

AJC 12/17/03 'Rings' marathon enthralls fans

Globe and Mail 12/17/03 Return of the King



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