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News Articles about Lord of the Rings


Coming Soon 6/4/08 Christopher Lee Would Return as Saruman
Digital Spy 5/29/08 James McAvoy to play Bilbo Baggins?
Stuff 5/28/08 Tolkien's son attempts to stop Hobbit

Digital Spy 4/19/08 Thurman regrets turning down 'Rings' role

Celebrity Spider 3/11/08 Ian McKellen is Desperate to Land Gandalf Role

NY Times 2/16/08 ‘The Rings’ Prompts a Long Legal Mire

Celebrity Spider 2/12/08 Tolkien Estate Sues Movie Bosses

NY Times 2/12/08 Tolkien Heirs Sue New Line Over Millions From ‘Rings’

BBC 2/12/08 Rings film studio sued for $150m

Hollywood Reporter 2/12/08 Tolkien Trust sues New Line

Celebrity Spider 1/18/08 Elijah Wood Desperate to Revive Hobbit Role

IGN 1/3/08 Howard Shore - The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King - The Complete Recordings

Celebrity Spider 12/16/07 Producer Files Anther Suit Over Lord of the Rings Profit

Celebrity Spider 11/28/07 Ian McKellen Turned Down Less Superior Harry Potter Role

Daily Mail 6/20/07 Lord of the Rings on stage - Middle Earth with more corn than Kansas

BBC 6/20/07 Mixed reception for Rings musical

Daily Mail 6/20/07 Critics savage Lord of the Rings, the most expensive show in West End history

Jam! 6/20/07 'LOTR' musical triumphs in London

BBC 6/19/07 Lord of the Rings musical opens

Celebrity Spider 6/7/07 Actors Sue for Lord of the Rings Profits

BBC 6/7/07 Rings actors sue over merchandise

USA Today 6/7/07 15 actors sue New Line Cinema over 'Lord of the Rings' profits

BBC 1/11/07 Jackson ruled out of Hobbit film

Zap2It 1/11/07 New Line Chief Blasts Peter Jackson

NY Times 11/30/06 To Web Fans, Peter Jackson Is the One True Director

Celebrity Spider 11/28/06 Peter Jackson Hobbit Return on the Cards?

Celebrity Spider 11/28/06 Sir Ian McKellen Optimistic of Peter Jackson Return

Celebrity Spider 11/27/06 Elijah Wood Blasts New Line for Peter Jackson Hobbit Snub

Celebrity Spider 11/24/06 Ian McKellen Saddened by Peter Jackson Hobbit Snub

TMZ 10/27/06 When Hobbits Attack

Celebrity Spider 7/13/06 Dominic Monaghan Stole Hobbits Feet

Toronto Star 6/29/06 'Rings' takes early bow

BBC 6/23/06 Rings musical heads for West End

Celebrity Spider 6/9/06 Christopher Lee Dreamt of Being Gandalf

Celebrity Spider 6/7/06 Lord of the Rings Star Turns to Music

Jam! 6/7/06 'LOTR' rings up 15 T.O. theatre nods

New Zealand Herald 6/5/06 What's it got in its PlayStation, my precious?

Dot Music 5/28/06 'Rings' music tops soundtrack poll

Celebrity Spider 5/5/06 Ian McKellen: "Tolkien Runs Rings Around Da Vinci Code"

Toronto Star 5/4/06 Is Lord of the Rings London-bound?

Stuff 4/13/06 Return of the Rings exhibition

Celebrity Spider 4/12/06 Ian McKellen: "I Doubted Lord of the Rings"

Celebrity Spider 4/10/06 Evangeline Lilly Failed to Recognize Hobbit at Lost Audition

Hollywood Reporter 3/27/06 The Lord of the Rings

Toronto Star 3/19/06 The fight for Middle Earth

CBS 3/10/06 'Rings' Trilogy Comes To The Stage

Herald Sun 3/2/06 Lord of the Rings leader in town

Jam! 2/3/06 Previews for theatrical version of Lord of the Rings set to begin in Toronto

Cinescape 1/5/06 Rings Bloopers to Screen

NBC13 12/21/05 'X-Men' Filmmaker Joins Fellowship With 'Ringers'

Jam! 12/12/05 'Rings' musical taking shape

News.com.au 12/5/05 Rings our fave

Celebrity Spider 12/2/05 Peter Jackson: I've Had Enough Success

Toronto Star 11/30/05 Lord of the sets

Celebrity Spider 11/28/05 Daniel Radcliffe: "I'm Not Elijah Wood"

Stuff 11/3/05 BNZ sues over LOTR deal

Jam! 10/29/05 'Lord Of The Rings' musical preview

Celebrity Spider 10/21/05 Lord of the Rings Star Surprised by Fans

MTV 10/18/05 'Rings' Fellowship's Second Journey Taking Separate Paths

Celebrity Spider 9/22/05 Dominic Monaghan's Lord of the Rings Depression

Celebrity Spider 9/19/05 Billy Boyd: "I am Not a Lord of the Bling"

Celebrity Spider 9/19/05 Elijah Wood Takes Up On Set Photography

Cinema Spider 9/16/05 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings, The Complete Recordings

Coming Soon 9/16/05 Shore's Rings Complete Recordings Coming

Digital Spy 9/14/05 Elijah Wood amused by gay rumours

NY Post 9/11/05 Oh Hobbitses Where Art Thou?

NY Daily News 9/8/05 Kicking the Hobbit

USA Today 8/31/05 'Lord of the Rings' royalty suit settled

BBC 8/30/05 'Huge award' in Rings court fight

Orlando Sentinel 8/29/05 Actor Elijah Wood of 'The Lord of the Rings' keeps fans in hobbit habit

BBC 8/28/05 Rings star Astin joins 24 TV show

Stuff 8/11/05 Costs of $38,000 for LOTR model maker

Celebrity Spider 8/8/05 Elijah Wood: "I Will Always Be a Hobbit"

Celebrity Spider 7/8/05 Model Maker Sues Lord of the Rings Makers

BBC 7/6/05 Rings man can sue for dismissal

Chicago Sun-Times 6/30/05 'Rings' director tosses lbs.

MegaStar 6/28/05 Peter Jackson's jackpot

Ananova 6/28/05 Jackson suing company behind Lord of the Rings

Toronto Star 6/6/05 Epic symphony Rings true

Dallas Morning News 6/4/05 Exhibit has familiar 'Ring'

Celebrity Spider 5/31/05 Rings Trilogy Has Best Film Soundtrack of All Time

Stuff 5/18/05 LOTR guidebook keeps on selling

Stuff 5/9/05 Peter Jackson named Hollywood's most powerful person

Ananova 5/6/05 Rings director named Hollywood's most powerful

Jam! 4/27/05 'Rings' DVD tops 2005 Cdn. ent. awards

Globe and Mail 4/4/05 Finding Frodo

Stuff 3/31/05 A monster welcome for sick Rings fan

Digital Spy 3/22/05 Lee angry over being excluded from 'Rings'

Toronto Star 3/20/05 Meet the Lord of the Rings

CNN 3/17/05 From hobbit to 'Hooligan'

Globe and Mail 3/17/05 Can a hobbit save Hogtown?

Jam! 3/17/05 A $27M singing hobbit

Stuff 3/16/05 It's Lord of the Rings – the musical

E!Online 3/16/05 "Rings" Sings in Toronto

Zap2It 3/15/05 No Dancing Hobbits in 'LOTR' Musical

BBC 3/15/05 No UK premiere for Rings musical

Globe and Mail 3/15/05 "Lord of the Rings" musical to premiere in Toronto

BBC 3/13/05 Hobbit picture 'four years away'

News.com.au 3/11/05 Rings star in Brit soap

New Zealand Herald 3/7/05 Aussies' chance to meet Jackson

MegaStar 3/3/05 The other Jackson 'court case'

Contact Music 3/2/05 Lord Of The Rings In The Midst Of Profit Battle

BBC 3/2/05 Jackson sues over Rings profits

TVNZ 3/2/05 Director Peter Jackson files lawsuit

Digital Spy 3/1/05 Peter Jackson sues over 'Rings' profits

Zap2It 3/1/05 Jackson's Company Sues for First 'LOTR' Profits

E!Online 3/1/05 Jackson Seeks "Ring" Riches

Hollywood Reporter 3/1/05 Jackson sues New Line over 'Rings' profits

Stuff 2/23/05 Supreme Court will hear Lord of Rings case

Shopping News 2/18/05 Lord of the Rings: Return of the Kings Platinum Series Special Extended Edition DVD Released Feb. 21

Contact Music 2/10/05 Rings' Otto Glad At 'Normal' Costume

Contact Music 1/27/05 Surfing Therapy For Monaghan

Toronto Star 1/27/05 A film about the Tolkien's 'cultists'

Contact Music 1/24/05 Love for Hobbit on Lost Set

Mercury News 1/15/05 New `Rings' game blends epic scope, individual detail

Digital Spy 1/14/05 More 'Lord of the Rings' to come on DVD

Coming Soon 1/14/05 Jackson on an Ultimate LOTR DVD Collection

Zap2It 1/5/05 'Return of the King' Tops DVDX Nominees
Zap2It 12/24/04 Former Hobbit to Be Crowned King

BBC 12/23/04 Fantasy finale tops BBC film poll

New Zealand Herald 12/23/04 Rings exhibition equivalent of Holy Grail for fans

CBS 12/23/04 BBC Poll: 'Rings' King Year's Best

This Is London 12/23/04 Lord of the Rings is king film

Contact Music 12/23/04 The Lord Of The Rings Triumphs Again

The Sun 12/23/04 Movie is Lord of the flicks

Jam! 12/23/04 'Return of the King' top best film poll

Sky News 12/22/04 Best Of The Year

Stuff 12/20/04 Lord of the Rings replica swords stolen

Salon.com 12/17/04 The Return of the Rings

TV Guide 12/16/04 LOTR Prankster Gets His

Sky News 12/15/04 Rings' Liv Has Baby Boy

Seattle PI 12/14/04 This Week's Hot Video: The Return of the King (extended edition)

Boston Herald 12/14/04 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Houston Chronicle 12/14/04 'Return of the King' DVD completes Jackson's trilogy

Mobile Register 12/14/04 Fantasy epic goes out big

Toronto Star 12/12/04 Hobbit Forming! 12 hours of LOTR

Washington Post 12/12/04 The King Returns to DVD

Ananova 12/10/04 Lord Of The Rings stars keen to return

TV Guide 12/9/04 Sean Astin Dishes LOTR

Seattle PI 12/8/04 A moment with ... Sean Astin, actor

TV Guide 12/8/04 LOTR's Hobbits: Are They Gay?

The Australian 12/6/04 Old tale as Rings lords it over best-loved books

IGN 12/3/04 The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth

Extra 12/2/04 'The Return of the King' Returns

Stuff 12/2/04 LOTR gets the extended treatment

TVNZ 11/30/04 Rings trilogy makes film history

Yahoo 11/28/04 'Trying to Top 'Lord Of The Rings' Would Be...Foolish,' 'King Kong' Director Peter Jackson Tells Newsweek

Contact Music 11/26/04 Saruman's Death Returns on Rings DVD

USA Today 11/26/04 Coming attractions: 'Rings' returns; Pryor CD and more

Coming Soon 11/24/04 The Return of the King Extended DVD Trailer

Daily Record 11/24/04 Hobbit Home Listed

Contact Music 11/23/04 Tolkien's Home Added To Heritage List

Zap2It 11/23/04 Humble Hobbit Hole Protected

NY Times 11/23/04 Britain Vows to Defend Hobbit's Birthplace

BBC 11/23/04 Tolkien house wins listed status

Cinescape 11/18/04 Tolkien`s fans and filmmakers profiled in Ringers: Lord of the Fans

Contact Music 10/28/04 Hobbits Were Not Fictional Species

USA Today 10/28/04 Hobbit-size skull holds surprises

BBC 10/26/04 Rings star Boyd makes studio call

Boston Herald 10/23/04 Beloved Tolkien trilogy sets cash registers ringing

Herald Sun 10/17/04 Lord of the manor

Boston Herald 10/16/04 Ring of truth: Hobbit Sean Astin tells all in new memoir

Stuff 9/28/04 Lord of the Rings returns to video

Zap2It 9/28/04 Extra Scenes on 'Return of the King' DVD

USA Today 9/28/04 'Return of the King' extended DVD may miss some holiday shoppers

New Zealand Herald 9/28/04 Extended 'Return of the King' DVD to feature new footage, cameo appearance

E!Online 9/27/04 All Hail Extended "King"

Philly.com 9/27/04 'Return of the King' Extended DVD to Debut

Zap2It 9/15/04 'Rings' Actor Seals His 'Doom'

BBC 8/26/04 McKellen & Serkis get ratty

Zap2It 8/26/04 'LOTR' Co-stars 'Flushed' with Success

Ananova 8/26/04 'Rings stars to voice animated characters

Zap2It 8/25/04 Humble Hobbit Named Honorary Chair

New Zealand Herald 8/21/04 Rings graphic wins prize

Ananova 8/20/04 Producer sues for Lord Of The Rings profits

BBC 8/20/04 Lord of the Rings row

BBC 8/20/04 Producer sues for Rings profits

E!Online 8/19/04 Battle for "Rings" Bling

MSNBC 8/19/04 Producer sues over ‘Lord of the Rings’ profits

New Zealand Herald 8/19/04 Lord of the Rings plane wins medal

Zap2It 8/19/04 'LOTR' Studio Pulled Into Legal Battle

NY Times 8/19/04 'Rings' Rights - Holder Sues for $20 Million Royalties

CBBC 8/18/04 Rings' star joins new kids' film

Stuff 8/11/04 Rings location guide keeps getting bigger

Independent 8/5/04 Youth poll gives Gandalf real role in history

Zap2It 8/3/04 LOTR Symphony Drops by Detroit

Boston Herald 7/31/04 Return to Middle-earth: Museum of Science reveals precious secrets of `Rings' trilogy

BBC 7/29/04 How Tolkien triumphed over the critics

Digital Spy 7/13/04 LOTR star visits nudist beach

BBC 7/8/04 Elijah Wood's hobbit porn shock

MegaStar 7/8/04 Wood gets Ring shock

New Zealand Herald 7/5/04 Power of the 'Ring' lures thousands

Detroit News 7/2/04 'Lord of the Rings' Director Cashing In

Teen Hollywood 6/28/04 Jackson Congratulates Liv on 'Little Elf'

New Zealand Herald 6/25/04 Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle Earth (PC)

Houston Chronicle 6/25/04 Filling seats with hobbits, orcs and elves

New Zealand Herald 6/23/04 Jackson 12th on top-100 celebrity list

Zap2It 6/17/04 'Rings' King and the Child Support Thing

Hollywood Reporter 6/10/04 'King' retains throne at top of video charts

Coming Soon 6/8/04 Return of the King Extended Edition DVD in December

Teen Hollywood 6/7/04 Kill Bill And Return Of The King Win At Mtv Awards

BBC 6/7/04 Rings and Kill Bill among MTV winners

Zap2It 6/6/04 'Return of King' and 'Kill Bill' Win Most MTV Awards

BBC 6/6/04 MTV honour for Return of the King

Ananova 6/6/04 Lord of the Rings triumphs at MTV Movie Awards

Digital Spy 6/5/04 Elijah rules out 'Hobbit' role

BBC 6/4/04 Elijah Wood-n't be in The Hobbit

Coming Soon 6/2/04 Lord of the Rings is King of the DVD Charts

New Zealand Herald 5/27/04 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Teen Hollywood 5/26/04 DVD Review: Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Seattle PI 5/25/04 This Week's Hot Pick: 'Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King'

Digital Spy 5/25/04 LOTR DVD tipped for record sales

Zap2It 5/24/04 Hobbit Home up for Sale

Telegraph 5/22/04 Burrowing deep into the birthplace of Bilbo Baggins

Adweek 5/21/04 New Line Hypes 'Rings' in High-Def

Rocky Mountain News 5/21/04 'Rings' ends with less than a bang

NBC4 5/21/04 Dr. DVD Reviews 'Return Of The King'

Hollywood Reporter 5/20/04 Retailer pays for early 'King' sales

New Zealand Herald 5/20/04 'Rings' film heads for US to be kept in storage

Knox News 5/18/04 New videos include: 'Lord of the Rings: Return of the King'

BBC 5/11/04 Rings star steps in for DJ Peel

Teen Hollywood 5/8/04 Serkis All Ready To Go Ape For King Kong

BBC 5/6/04 A visit to the hobbits' homeland

Zap2It 5/4/04 'Lord of the Rings' Co-Star Devours Dingo Drama

The Sun 5/3/04 Lord of the ker-chings

Hollywood Reporter 4/28/04 Return of the 'Rings' merchandise

Cinescape 4/27/04 EA delivers more Rings with The Third Age

AZ Central 4/22/04 Serkis acts

BBC 4/21/04 Honour for Rings composer Shore

ic Essex.co.uk 4/20/04 Screen king leaves Middle Earth behind

Zap2It 4/19/04 Knowing Gollum Has Precious Privileges

Globe and Mail 4/19/04 Lord of the Rings leads Spacey winners

Jam! 4/19/04 Spaceys crown Rings, Angel

Hollywood Reporter 4/15/04 'Barbie,' 'Rings' top LIMA noms

Stuff 4/14/04 Dumped Rings beasts attract tourists

Stuff 4/13/04 Lord of the video games, too

Zap2It 4/12/04 Fat Hobbit Journeys to Virginia Festival

Stuff 4/12/04 Rings' creatures down in the dumps

Teen Hollywood 4/8/04 Elijah Wood Hindered By His Youthful Looks

TV Guide 4/7/04 Rings Star's DVD Scoop!

Philly.com 4/4/04 Role model had special effect on 'Rings'

BBC 4/4/04 Lord of the Rings boosts profit

New Zealand Herald 4/3/04 Cinema snobs had better get over it

News.com.au 4/2/04 Elijah's life after Rings

Zap2It 4/1/04 Rare 'LOTR' Books Auctioned in London

Ananova 4/1/04 Elijah Wood rings the changes

BBC 4/1/04 Tolkien trilogy sold at auction

Jam! 4/1/04 Rare J.R.R. Tolkien books auctioned

New Zealand Herald 3/31/04 Spectacular it may be, but LOTR lacks lasting value

Yahoo 3/31/04 "The Lord of the Rings" lures climbers to New Zealand's death mountain

Sky.com 3/31/04 'No More Epics, Please'

Hollywood Reporter 3/30/04 Report: Post-'Rings,' N.Z. film biz uncertain

The Sun 3/29/04 Frodo's a soccer yobbit

Business Wire 3/26/04 Air New Zealand Offers Middle-earth Airfare

The Columbian 3/26/04 Vancouver library rings with the sounds of Elvish

Newsday 3/26/04 'Rings' films convey dangerous simplicity
ABC News 3/26/04 'Lord of the Rings' a boon for NZ tourism

Sun Herald 3/25/04 'Rings' sets screen for fantasy

Zap2It 3/23/04 Elves, Dwarves Harmonize for 'LOTR' Symphony

BBC 3/23/04 Orchestra plays epic Rings score

BBC 3/22/04 Viggo's "music career" with the Hobbits

Ananova 3/22/04 Film fan conned out of £14k for fake Lord of the Rings outfit

Digital Spy 3/21/04 Elijah still wears his hobbit feet

Toronto Star 3/20/04 Liv on love, Ben, losing the pointy ears

NZ City 3/19/04 Rings movies take top two box office slots

New Zealand Herald 3/19/04 The night Peter Jackson saved Paris Hilton

Hello! 3/18/04 New Zealand celebrates the return of its Oscar king

Herald Progress 3/18/04 Local Tolkien fans share passion for ‘Rings’

Coming Soon 3/18/04 Wellington Celebrates Rings & King Kong Update!

BBC 3/18/04 LOTR on shelves soon

Ananova 3/18/04 Lord of the Rings director returns home

BBC 3/18/04 New Zealand hails Rings heroes

New Zealand Herald 3/18/04 Rings winners honoured in Wellywood

Stuff.co.nz 3/18/04 Wellington celebrates Oscar winners' return

MegaStar 3/18/04 All-seeing Kylie

This Is London 3/18/04 'Hutchence talks to me'

Sky.com 3/18/04 'Michael Talks To Me'

Ananova 3/18/04 Kylie 'speaks to Hutchence from beyond grave'

The Sun 3/18/04 Kylie: I see dead people

News.com.au 3/18/04 Kylie 'too short' for Rings

Fox News 3/17/04 Taking Off 'The Ring'

Teen Hollywood 3/17/04 Elijah Wood: Moving On

Zap2It 3/16/04 Gollum Creators Make New Faces

Zap2It 3/16/04 Peter Jackson Gets Wired

Launch 3/16/04 Kylie 'too small' for Rings

News.com.au 3/16/04 Rings tops Croc

Stuff.co.nz 3/16/04 How success is hobbit-forming

Yahoo 3/15/04 Peter Jackson, David Byrn,... Among Winners of Wired Magazine Rave Awards

Yahoo 3/15/04 'The LOTR' trading card game to feature original images from Weta Workshop

BBC 3/14/04 Lord of the Rings musical planned

News.com.au 3/14/04 Hobbits set for stage

Sky.com 3/14/04 LOTR Rings To Be Musical

Ananova 3/14/04 It's Lord of the Rings: The Musical

Telegraph.co.uk 3/14/04 It's the Return of the King - and this time he's singing

People's Daily 3/13/04 'The Lord of the Rings' comes to China

Mobile Register 3/13/04 WB lands rights to 'Rings' trilogy

BBC 3/12/04 Low-key party in Rings hometown

New Zealand Herald 3/12/04 Wellington celebration planned to mark Rings' Oscar success

NZ City 3/12/04 Rings expo opening in Singapore

Xinhua 3/11/04 Return of the king" to premiere in Beijing

Canada.com  3/11/04 Boston museum highlights Lord of the Rings

Scotsman 3/11/04 Hobbits make tourism New Zealand's top earner

Scoop.co.nz 3/11/04 LOTR Trilogy - The Exhibition Opens In Singapore

Cinescape 3/10/04 Creating the lost characters from Lord Of The Rings

Digital Spy 3/10/04 'Lord of the Rings' DVD trilogy set for May

The Guardian 3/9/04 McKellen in the frame for Gandalf reprise

MegaStar 3/9/04 It's for you-hoo Viggo

Hollywood Reporter 3/9/04 Oscar win supports 'King' return as overseas leader

E!Online 3/8/04 "King" Video Bowing Early

Teen Hollywood 3/8/04 Viggo's Low Tech Lifestyle
Ananova 3/8/04 Lord of the Rings character to be 'guest' at wedding

USA Today 3/8/04 Get 'Rings' on May 25

NY Times 3/8/04 'Rings' Actor Present for 'Miracle on Ice'

Jam! 3/8/04 'Rings' final act on DVD May 25

BBC 3/8/04 Rings finale comes sooner to DVD

Ananova 3/8/04 Early DVD release for Return of the King

Digital Spy 3/8/04 'Return of the King' gets DVD release date

Hollywood Reporter 3/6/04 NL's royal treatment led 'King' to throne

Orlando Sentinel 3/6/04 Trading a kingdom for a horse

Stanford Daily 3/5/04 Attention LOTR nerds: Lord Aragorn is in the house

Zap2It 3/5/04 Brit Boys Learn 'LOTR' Elvish Language

WCNC 3/5/04 English pupils learn Elvish language

Zap2It 3/5/04 WB Readies 'Rings' Cycle for Fall

TV Barn 3/5/04 WB PR: We've got "Lord of the Rings" movies

The Sun 3/5/04 We're Tolkien Elvish

Ananova 3/5/04 Rings party on hold until Jackson returns

ic Derry 3/5/04 Lord Of The Rings Star Hates Los Angeles

Stuff.co.nz 3/5/04 Rings Oscars party on hold

BBC 3/4/04 Rings fans opt for Elvish lessons

Ananova 3/4/04 Mel's Passion beats Lord of the Rings

BBC 3/4/04 New Zealand waits for Rings party

BBC 3/4/04 Do you speak Elf?

New Zealand Herald 3/4/04 Oscars find their way home to Wellington

Stuff 3/4/04 Oscar kings return in triumph

New Zealand Herald 3/3/04 Jackson joins the big league

Stuff 3/3/04 Jackson's fantasy to bring NZ real gold

BBC 3/3/04 Passion film beats Rings record

Reuters 3/3/04 Actor Mortensen saddles up for movie "Hidalgo"

Digital Spy 3/3/04 Boyd goes from Hobbit to Chucky

Ananova 3/3/04 Matrix and Rings star hates Hollywood machine

New Zealand Herald 3/2/04 LOTR success a great boost for tourism

BBC 3/2/04 Rings 'religious themes' praised

Stuff 3/2/04 Lord of the Oscars

Mercury News 3/2/04 Film's success 'Rings' in a new era

The Guardian 3/2/04 Lord of the Rings chalks up 11 out of 11

Launch 3/2/04 Annie Lennox And Sting Explain Their Oscar Nominated Songs

Borowitz 3/2/04 Unemployed Hobbits Rob 7-Eleven

The Sun 3/2/04 This is getting to be a hobbit!

Stuff 3/2/04 Hobbit actor reacts to Oscars sweep - at home with the kids

BBC 3/2/04 Rings Oscars win lifts TV ratings

NY Daily News 3/2/04 Return of ka-ching!

NY Daily News 3/2/04 Success 'Rings' in new era

New Zealand Herald 3/2/04 The Lord of the Oscars

New Zealand Herald 3/2/04 PM joins ecstatic fans for LOTR triumph

Billboard 3/1/04 Lennox Takes Home Oscar

New Zealand Herald 3/1/04 Peter Jackson a bespectacled Australian, says New York Times

BBC 3/1/04 The phenomenon of the Rings

This Is London 3/1/04 Rings is lord of the Oscars

CBS 3/1/04 Peter Jackson, Lord Of The Oscars

Newsday 3/1/04 ”Lord of the Rings” sweeps Oscars

CBS 3/1/04 And The Winner Is ... New Zealand

BBC 3/1/04 Rings is king at the Oscars

Houston Chronicle 3/1/04 Lord of the Oscars: 'King' sweeps to record-tying win

Dallas Morning News 3/1/04 At Academy Awards, the Hobbits stand tall

NY Times 3/1/04 'Lord of the Rings' Dominates the Oscars

Sky.com 3/1/04 Lord Of The Oscars

Philly.com 3/1/04 This time it's 'King' of the mountain

Orlando Sentinel 3/1/04 ‘Rings' lords it over all at Oscars

Ananova 3/1/04 Lord of the Rings cleans up at the Oscars

NY Daily News 3/1/04 'King' is Lord of the Oscars

USA Today 3/1/04 Peter Jackson, lord of the Oscars

BBC 3/1/04 Kiwi gambler bets large on Rings

Ananova 3/1/04 Peter Jackson gets Best Director

Jam! 3/1/04 'LotR' reigns at Oscars

Digital Spy 3/1/04 'Rings' is Lord of the Oscars

Hollywood Reporter 3/1/04 Oscars: One 'King' to rule them all with 11 for 11 feat

BBC 3/1/04 Rings scores Oscars clean sweep

USA Today 3/1/04 'Rings,' Theron, Penn: Evening plays out as expected

Hollywood Reporter 3/1/04 Net catches 'Rings' fans' enthusiasm

Times of India 3/1/04 LOTR lords over Oscars, wins eleven awards


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