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This page has links that will help you find the latest news and best sites about  Alpine Skiing at the Winter Olympic Games.  

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About Olympic Alpine Skiing


In the downhill event, skiers strive to maximize their aerodynamics wherever possible, choosing the shortest routes and creating as little friction as possible as they glide over the snow. Elite skiers can reach speeds of over 75 mph as they pass through a series of red gates arranged along the line of descent. Timed heats determine starting order. In slalom and giant slalom, athletes must sacrifice a measure of speed in order to achieve the precision required to negotiate the closely spaced gates. Points are deducted for 'forking,' when the skis pass on opposite sides of the gate. The combined event is comprised of a downhill and slalom descent which demands great athletic skill. Overall scores are based on two heats. Super-G is a combination of downhill and giant slalom racing which originated in the early 1980's. The event is extremely demanding of speed and agility on the part of the athletes as they pass through a series of alternating blue and red gates, numbering at least 35 for men and 30 for women. The use of helmets in this event is mandatory. In each event, the winner is the competitor who records the fastest time after deductions are taken for missed or forked gates.


Official Olympic Alpine Skiing Sites


Vancouver Alpine Skiing Official Site

United States Ski Team

Official Olympic Alpine Skiing


Olympic Alpine Skiing News and Guides


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Olympic Alpine Skiing History


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BBC Olympic Alpine Skiing News

Canoe 2002 Alpine Skiing Guide

CBS 2002 Olympic Alpine Skiing News

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Other Alpine Skiing Sites


Mountain Action - St Martin de Belleville

Salt Lake Tribune - Downhill/Super G Tutorial 

Skiing Shop
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Skiing Stuff


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 Skiing Magazineicon


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