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This page has links that will help you find the latest news and best sites about Ski Jumping at the Winter Olympic Games.  

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About Olympic Ski Jumping


Ski jumping originated in the 1860's when the father of the sport, Norway's Sondre Norheim, jumped 30 meters over a rock without the benefit of poles.   His record stood for three decades.  In the first winter Olympics, Thulin Thams introduced a new technique, the Kongsberger, which led to jumps of more than 100 meters and a gold medal for Thams.   Style has evolved into the current mode of holding the skis in a V shape during flight, a technique which enabled Austrian Andreas Goldberger to become the first person to break the 200-meter mark in 1994.   Regulations require that skiers' equipment conform to very specific standards, some based on the height of the athlete.  Skis may have a maximum length of 146% of the total body height of the competitor.   The binding must be mounted parallel to the run-direction and must be placed so that a maximum 57% of the entire ski length may be used as the front part.   Boots have a low cut front, allowing the skier to lean well forward.  The ski is attached to the boot by a cord that prevents wobbling of skis during flight.  Even the jumping suit must be made of uniform material of maximum thickness, and be constructed within certain tolerances.  Three ski jumping events are held at the Olympic Games.   In the individual normal hill competition, two scored jumps are combined to determine a winner.  The normal hill has a K-point (the point which determines the hill size and the points calculation for the distance achieved) between 75 and 99 meters.  Individual large hill takes place on a hill with a K-point greater than 100 meters.  As in normal hill there are two jumps, with the aggregate high score determining the winner.   The team event is usually held on the large hill.  Four team members each complete two jumps.  After the first round, in which all teams compete, the field is reduced to the eight best teams.  The team with the highest total score including all eight jumps wins the gold.


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Olympic Ski Jumping News and Guides


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