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This site has links to news, websites and other information about Survivor II & Survivor All-Stars Contestant Alicia Calaway.




Sports Illustrated - Jerri and Alicia

Survivor Foxes - Alicia Gallery


News Articles about Survivor Contestant Alicia Calaway


Reality News Online 5/3/04 “I Knew Not to Trust Rob”: An Interview with Survivor’s Alicia 4/26/04 - All-Star Interview With Alicia

Reality News Online 4/26/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Alicia Lost

SurvivorUpdates 4/23/04 Alicia Calaway's Early Show Interview - Transcript and Vidcaps

Reality TV World 4/23/04 Alicia becomes the 12th contestant to be booted from 'Survivor: All-Stars'

CBS 4/22/04 Shii Ann Fights Back: Alicia Sent Home

CBS 4/22/04 Adios Alicia

Reality News Online 1/10/04 ‘Survivor: All-Stars’ Players Revealed

Reality News Online 2/19/02 Survivor 2's Alicia May Get Job as New York Reporter

Zap2It 3/16/01 'Survivor's' Alicia and Kimmi Don't Mix

Zap2It 3/15/01 Alicia Latest Victim on 'Survivor'

Time 3/15/01 The Strong One, She Must Die

Channel 6000 3/14/01 'Survivor,' Episode 8: Another Tight Vote

Zap2It 3/13/01 Web Users Want Alicia And Jerri Off 'Survivor'

Milwaukee Journal 12/28/00 TV secrets can't survive Internet

Zap2It 12/26/00 Identities Of 'Survivor II' Contestants Revealed


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CBS Survivor 8 Site Profile

CBS Survivor 2 Site Profile

Clago - Alicia Calaway

IMDb Profile

Survivor Foxes - Alicia Calaway

Yahoo Alicia Calaway Club


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Yahoo Alicia Calaway Club



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