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Alex Bell was born May 16, 1970, is single and lives in Los Angeles, CA.  He is a triathlon trainer and his luxury item was a triathlon medal.


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Reality TV Hall of Shame 4/30/03 Hall of Shame Moment: Alex Spills His Guts, Ends Up on Jury 4/25/03 Alex on ‘The Early Show’

Reality News Online 4/25/03 Survivor: The Amazon – Why Alex Lost

CBS 4/25/03 Blind Sided at Tribal Council Alex Bell Voted Out

Zap2It 4/25/03 'Survivor: The Amazon' Joins 'The Breakfast Club'

CBS 4/24/03 Alex Takes The Fall

Media Fiends 1/13/03 - Survivor: Amazon Contestants Revealed

Survivor Review 1/12/02 The First Survivor of the Amazon

CBS 1/12/03 Meet Amazon 'Survivors'


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