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About Wickedly Perfect

This show will follow 12 contestants who think they have what it takes to be the next Martha Stewart.  Contestants will be put through a series of tests related to cooking, decorating and entertaining.  Former "Good Morning America" anchor Joan Lunden will host.   

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News Articles about CBS Networks Wickedly Perfect


CBS 4/27/05 'Wickedly Perfect' Rubber Stamping

Reality News Online 4/14/05 "I Didn't Want It to End, EVER!" - An Interview with Wickedly Perfect's Amy

Reality News Online 3/19/05 "I Can Hold My Head and Continue on My Journey" - An Interview with Wickedly Perfect's Heather

Reality News Online 3/15/05 "I Would Do it Again in a Heartbeat": An Interview with Wickedly Perfect's Kimberly

Reality News Online 3/14/05 "I Loved Every Minute of It" - An Interview with Wickedly Perfect's Mitch

North County Times 3/11/05 'Wicked' judgment puzzles the Perfectionists

Stamford Advocate 3/10/05 Final 'Wicked' contestants duke it out with style

Fans of Reality TV 3/8/05 Wickedly Perfect Finale Part Two: God's Gift to Crafting Vs. The Coiffed Queen

TVRules.net 3/8/05 Wickedly Perfect: Series Finale Summary: 3/5/05

Fans Of Reality TV 3/8/05 Finale: When Bouffants Win Over Talent, Part One

AJC 3/7/05 Atlanta woman is 'wickedly perfect'

CBS 3/7/05 Kimberly Kennedy's Invitations

Reality News Online 3/7/05 Wickedly Perfect: A Disappointing Ending

Reality Shack 3/6/05 Wickedly Perfect Episode #9 Big Apple Season Finale

Reality News Online 3/6/05 Wickedly Perfect Finale, Part 1: Sheep to the Slaughterhouse

Reality News Online 3/6/05 Wickedly Perfect Finale, Part 2: Let's Party

Reality News Online 3/6/05 "I Am an Adrenaline Junky!" - An Interview with Wickedly Perfect's Darlene

Fans of Reality TV 3/3/05 Bloody Thumbs and the Return of the Marthas

TVRules 3/2/05 Wickedly Perfect Two Hour Season Finale 3/5/05

Reality TV World 3/1/05 Wickedly Perfect - Episode 8 summary

TVRules 2/28/05 Wickedly Perfect: Episode 8 Summary: 2/26/05

Reality Shack 2/27/05 Wickedly Perfect Episode #8- No Walk in the Park

Reality News Online 2/27/05 Wickedly Perfect, Episode 8: Thumbs Up

Newsday 2/24/05 A mansion becomes a TV setting

TVRules 2/22/05 Wickedly Perfect: Episode 7: 2/19/05

Fans of Reality TV 2/20/05 From Trash to Treasure in Just 24 Hours


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