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Reality Shack 2/20/05 Wickedly Perfect Episode #7- Antique Treasure Hunt

Reality News Online 2/20/05 Wickedly Perfect, Episode 7: Domestic Domicile

North County Times 2/19/05 'Perfectionist' has designs on future

TVRules 2/19/05 Wickedly Perfect: Estate of Perfection 2/19/2005 Preview

North County Times 2/18/05 'Wickedly Perfect' week 6: Gift wrap, remodeling projects trip up Team Artisan

TVRules 2/16/05 Wickedly Perfect: Episode 6 Summary 2/12/05

Reality Shack 2/13/05 Wickedly Perfect Episode #6 – The Remodeling Challenge

Fans of Reality TV 2/13/05 This Old House

Reality News Online 2/13/05 Wickedly Perfect, Episode 6: Trading Staples

MediaFiends.com 2/13/05 - 2.12.05 Wickedly Perfect

Reality News Online 2/11/05 "The Show's Not Over Yet" - An Interview with Wickedly Perfect's Tim

TVRules 2/8/05 Wickedly Perfect: Episode 6 Preview 2/12/05

Reality News Online 2/8/05 "I Represented Myself Very Well" - An Interview with Wickedly Perfect's Margo

TVRules 2/7/05 Summary guide: Wickedly Perfect: Episode 5 2/5/05

Reality Shack 2/7/05 Wickedly Perfect Episode #5 – Running a Bed and Breakfast

Fans of Reality TV 2/6/05 The Incredible Edible Egg

Reality News Online 2/6/05 Wickedly Perfect, Episode 5: It's Just an Egg

Hartford Courant 2/4/05 Fame Sweet Fame

North County Times 2/3/05 Oceanside contestant still on winning team

Reality News Online 2/3/05 "You Can't Unscramble Eggs" - An Interview with Wickedly Perfect's Mychael

Joplin Globe 2/1/05 Will he be 'Wickedly Perfect'?

Sun-Herald 1/31/05 Punta Gorda contestant gets cut from Wickedly Perfect

TVRules 1/31/05 Wickedly Perfect Episode 4 1/29/05

Reality Shack 1/30/05 Wickedly Perfect, Episode 4 – Living Works of Art

Fans of Reality TV 1/30/05 1/29 Episode Recap "The Art of War"

Reality News Online 1/30/05 Wickedly Perfect, Episode 4: Framed

Reality News Online 1/27/05 CBS Moves 'Wickedly Perfect' to Saturdays

Reality TV World 1/25/05 Wickedly Perfect - Episode 3 summary

TVRules.net 1/26/05 Wickedly Perfect: Episode 4 Preview 1/29/05

Reality TV World 1/25/05 CBS makes 'Wickedly Perfect's move to Saturdays effective immediately

Zap2It 1/25/05 CBS Cuts 'Perfect' Losses

TVRules 1/25/05 Wickedly Perfect Moves To Saturdays January 29

Reality News Online 1/25/05 An Interview with Wickedly Perfect's Michelle

Reality News Online 1/22/05 Wickedly Perfect, Episode 3: Kimberly and Cornish Hens, Sitting in a Tree

TVRules 1/21/05 Wickedly Perfect Episode 3 1/20/05

Reality Shack 1/21/05 Wickedly Perfect Episode #3 – The Great Outdoors, Domestic Diva Style

Fans of Reality TV 1/21/05 "Where The Wild Things Are"

MediaFiends.com 1/21/05 1.20.05 Wickedly Perfect

Reality News Online 1/21/05 An Interview with Wickedly Perfect's Tom

Reality TV World 1/18/05 CBS's 'Wickedly Perfect' to move to Saturdays beginning February 19

Reality TV World 1/18/05 Wickedly Perfect - Episode 2 summary

Always Reality Television 1/18/05 Recap "Mitch Doesn't Like Legs"

TVRules 1/18/05 Wickedly Perfect: Episode 2 Summary 1/13/05

Reality Shack 1/14/05 Wickedly Perfect Episode #2 – Battle for the Better Dinner Party

Fans of Reality TV 1/14/05 "All the World Hates a Mime"

MediaFiends.com 1/14/05 - 1/13/05 Wickedly Perfect

Reality News Online 1/14/05 Wickedly Perfect, Episode 2: Flour Power

Tampa Bay Online 1/13/05 New Port Richey Woman Survives 1st Round On CBS' `Wickedly Perfect'

Reality TV World 1/13/05 CBS's 'Wickedly Perfect' debuts modestly, draws only 9.36 million viewers

Always Reality Television 1/12/05 Wickedly Perfect 1/06: There's no "I" in Tom"

TVRules 1/10/05 Wickedly Perfect: Episode 2 Preview 1/14/05

TVRules 1/10/05 Wickedly Perfect: Episode 1 Summary 1/06/05

Zap2It 1/9/05 Lunden Oversees 'Wickedly Perfect' Rivals

Reality Shack 1/7/05 How Do You Like Them Apples? – Wickedly Perfect, Episode 1

Reality TV Calendar 1/7/05 Apples, Egos and Hissy Fits: Episode 1 Recap & Commentary

Fans Of Reality TV 1/7/05 1/06 Wickedly Perfect Premiere Recap "The Cider House Rules"

Reality News Online 1/7/05 Wickedly Perfect: One Bad Apple

Contra Costa Times 1/6/05 New reality shows stoop lower still

Middletown Press 1/6/05 Lyman’s ‘Wickedly Perfect’ for show

AJC 1/6/05 Reality TV: 'Perfect' wins, 'Will' loses

ET Online 1/6/05 Who Will Be the Next Martha Stewart?

Kansas City Star 1/6/05 Martha-wannabes and backstabbing babes: Reality TV is back!

CBS 1/6/05 Who Will Be The Next Martha?

North County Times 1/6/05 Designing woman vies for fame

Herald-Tribune 1/6/05 Punta Gorda man featured in new CBS reality show

STL Today 1/6/05 Martha wannabes can't come close to her perfection

Courier Journal 1/6/05 'Wickedly Perfect' goes in search of the next Martha Stewart

Boston Globe 1/6/05 'Perfect' contest isn't always winning

Beacon Journal 1/6/05 In reality not so perfect

Philly.com 1/6/05 Martha Stewart wannabes try to be 'Wickedly Perfect'

Deseret News 1/6/05 CBS shows are perfectly awful

Boston Herald 1/6/05 It's a good thing: The time may have passed for `Wickedly Perfect'

Post Gazette 1/6/05 Tuned In: 'Wickedly Perfect' sifts for new Martha

NY Daily News 1/6/05 Reality hits home: It's 'Perfect'-ly awful

Seattle PI 1/6/05 'Wickedly Perfect' puts style hopefuls to the test

NY Times 1/6/05 It's War: Hit the Buffet and Start Decorating

Sun Sentinel 1/6/05 A perfectly mediocre domesticity contest

Arizona Republic 1/5/05 A wickedly vengeful spell is cast on 'Perfect' contestants

Salt Lake Tribune 1/5/05 3 wickedly bad reality shows pollute the airwaves this week

NY Daily News 1/5/05 'Perfect' 12 try to score in Tidy Bowl

Carthage Press 1/4/05 Former resident to star on CBS reality show

Reality News Online 1/3/05 Wickedly Perfect: A Preview

Milwaukee Journal 1/2/05 'Wickedly' a proper but not prim substitute for Martha

TVRules 12/31/04 Wickedly Perfect: Episode 1 Preview 1/6/05

Access Hollywood 12/22/04 CBS Unveils 'Wicked' Wannabe Marthas

Reality TV World 12/14/04 CBS reveals identities of 'Wickedly Perfect's domestic diva contestants

Jam! 12/8/04 Domestic divas compete in 'Wickedly Perfect'

Reality TV World 12/6/04 CBS's 'Wickedly Perfect' domestic diva reality competition to premiere January 6

Zap2It 12/3/04 CBS Rolls Out Reality in January

Times Argus 10/6/04 Lunden hosts 'Diva'

Zap2It 3/29/04 CBS Delves For Domestic Divas

TVRules 3/29/04 CBS Looks For Next 'Martha Stewart' Reality Style

Access Hollywood 3/26/04 CBS Searches For Next Maven Martha


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