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Digital Spy 4/26/05 Farmer Ryan to be joined by brother

Celebrity Spider 3/31/05 Monica Lewinsky Turns Down Reality Show Offer  

Media Guardian 3/1/05 TV designers camp out on The Farm

Daily Record 3/1/05 How Not To Dress Up Like A Farmer

Sky News 3/1/05 Design Duo Host The Farm

BBC 3/1/05 Design duo to front Five's Farm

Digital Spy 3/1/05 Colin and Justin to host 'The Farm'

Media Guardian 2/21/05 Five returns to The Farm

Digital Spy 2/21/05 'The Farm' returns to Five 11/30/04 Pig pleasuring OK

Sky News 11/30/04 Snout Wrong With Pig

Daily Record 11/30/04 Loos TV Pig Ok

MegaStar 11/30/04 Pork pleasure thumbs-up

Digital Spy 11/30/04 Loos' pleasuring pig was not degrading

Ananova 11/30/04 Pig wasn't degraded by Rebecca

This Is London 11/29/04 Rebecca Loos 'did not degrade pig'

ABC Online 11/29/04 Reality show cleared of 'bestiality'

Anorak 11/15/04 Bec To The Future

Media Guardian 10/24/04 A funny thing happened on the way to The Farm

Ananova 10/19/04 Jade: 'Rebecca's welcome to Jeff'

Sky News 10/18/04 Brazier Voted Top Farmer

Digital Spy 10/17/04 Loos talked out of quitting 'The Farm'

Media Guardian 10/12/04 Five's farmer Ryan set for pastures new

Media Guardian 10/11/04 Life on The Farm can't shock Emily Bell

Digital Spy 10/9/04 RSPCA tell viewers to boycott 'The Farm'

Ananova 10/9/04 More outrage on The Farm

Media Guardian 10/8/04 Viewers flock to The Farm 10/8/04 Colly Off His Trolley As He Quits Farm

Guardian 10/7/04 Collymore walks out of The Farm

Media Guardian 10/7/04 Farm untouched by swine fever

Anorak 10/7/04 Tossing The Pig 10/7/04 Woman who had alleged fling with David Beckham in more hot water 10/7/04 Rebecca Loos stimulates pig for 10 minutes in reality TV show!

MegaStar 10/7/04 Loos hogs limelight

Sky News 10/7/04 Fuming Colly Quits The Farm

BBC 10/7/04 Rebecca Loos in pig stimulating debacle

Media Guardian 10/6/04 Farmyard furore as Five lets Rebecca Loos on porker

Sky News 10/6/04 Loos Saves Farm's Bacon

Digital Spy 10/6/04 'Farm' under fire over pig masturbation

Sky News 10/4/04 Lady V Voted Off The Farm

Digital Spy 10/2/04 More reality TV for Rebecca Loos

Sky News 10/1/04 Rebecca Gets Frisky

Digital Spy 9/30/04 'The Farm' holding steady audience

Times Online 9/30/04 Collymore goes in for dose of reality

Contact Music 9/29/04 Magician Quits After Vanilla Ice Bust Up

BBC 9/29/04 Daniels walks out of reality show

Daily Record 9/29/04 Now You See Him, Now You Don't

Digital Spy 9/28/04 Paul Daniels quits 'The Farm'

Digital Spy 9/26/04 Campaigners want 'The Farm' cancelled

Digital Spy 9/25/04 Collymore completes 'The Farm' line-up

The Mirror 9/24/04 I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of.. The Farm 9/24/04 Model Sophie Quits Farm

MegaStar 9/24/04 Sophie's TV choice

Digital Spy 9/19/04 Former Five singer joins 'The Farm'

Media Guardian 9/19/04 Cruelty fears as C-listers go farming

Ananova 9/19/04 More celebs sign up to The Farm

Digital Spy 8/28/04 Loos signs up for 'The Farm'

Ananova 8/28/04 Loos to appear on Farm reality show

Media Guardian 8/27/04 Daniels down on The Farm for Five

BBC 8/27/04 Magic couple sign up for The Farm

Digital Spy 7/29/04 Five goes to 'The Farm' for new reality series


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