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About Treasure Hunters


This is an unscripted "quest" series that will feature teams of treasure-hunting competitors who will use folklore, fantasy and actual history as clues to solve a complex puzzle.


News Articles about NBC Networks Treasure Hunters show


Reality News Online 9/11/06 Treasure Hunters: Puzzles & Players, the Finale

News Blaze 9/9/06 'Treasure Hunters' meet Air Force leaders

Reality TV Talk 8/24/06 Treasure Hunters Episode 10 Recap “Live Finale (Portions of this show were pre-recorded)”

Reality TV World 8/24/06 Treasure Hunters - Finale Episode summary

RealityTVRules 8/23/06 Treasure Hunters: Finale Summary 8/21/06

Inside Pulse 8/23/06 Treasure Hunters - Recap - Episode 10 (Finale)

Always Reality Television - 8/22/06 - Treasure Hunters Show Finale

Reality Shack 8/22/06 The Hunt Ends Here - Treasure Hunters, Finale

Fans of Reality TV 8/22/06 Finale Recap Three Million Buys A Lot of Filler

Reality TV World 8/22/06 'Team Geniuses' wins NBC's 'Treasure Hunters' reality show

Reality TV Calendar 8/22/06 $3,000,000.00 Baby! Finale Recap

Reality News Online 8/22/06 Treasure Hunters, the Finale: The (Francis Scott) Key to the Mystery

Dallas Morning News 8/22/06 'Treasure' trove of cash, memories

Entertainment Weekly 8/22/06 Code Blah

Boston Globe 8/22/06 Local `Treasure Hunters' fall short

Richmond Times Dispatch 8/22/06 'Treasure' hunting at Genworth, NBC

Reality TV Magazine 8/21/06 Treasure Hunters Winners Are The Geniuses

Florida Today 8/21/06 Miss Fla. USA moonlights as treasure hunter

Paris News 8/21/06 Paris HS hosts 'Treasure Hunters' party today

Reality TV World 8/20/06 Treasure Hunters - Episode 9 summary

Berkshire Eagle 8/18/06 Local college grads find fame

Inside Pulse 8/17/06 Treasure Hunters - Recap - Episode 9 8/17/06 Treasure Hunters: Episode 10 Summary 8/15/06

Fans Of Reality T.V. 8/16/06 Dewey Decimal Dumbass

Reality TV Talk 8/15/06 Treasure Hunters Episode 9 Recap “The Recap Is Right In Front Of You”


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NBC Official Treasure Hunters Site

Buddy TV - Treasure Hunters

Reality TV Calendar - Treasure Hunters

Reality TV Links - Treasure Hunters

Reality TV World - Treasure Hunters


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Always Reality Television - Treasure Hunters Forum

Jokers's Updates Treasure Hunters Forum

Yahoo Group - Treasure Hunters Show


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