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Reality Shack 8/15/06 By the Book - Treasure Hunters, Finale, Part One

Reality TV Calendar 8/15/06 Team Geniuses Holds The Lead: Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of August 15th

Reality TV Calendar 8/15/06 Who Will Crack The Code And Win? Episode 9 Recap

Reality News Online 8/15/06 Treasure Hunters, Episode 9: The Finale! Or Not…

Entertainment Weekly 8/15/06 Going Southie

Celebrity Spider 8/14/06 Treasure Hunters Finale to be Broadcast Live August 21st

Always Reality Television 8/14/06 Treasure Hunters 8/14 Recap, The Key is Free

Reality TV Magazine 8/14/06 Treasure Hunters: The Geniuses Lead The Final Three

Reality News Online 8/14/06 Treasure Hunters: Puzzles & Players, Episode 8

Reality TV Calendar 8/11/06 Code Busters Fail To Make It: Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of August 11th

Reality TV Talk 8/10/06 Treasure Hunters Episode 8 Recap “Sheer Genius, Artificial Intelligence”

Reality TV World 8/10/06 Treasure Hunters - Episode 8 summary

Fans of Reality TV 8/9/06 8/7 recap: Founders Keepers 8/9/06 Treasure Hunters: Episode 9 Summary 8/7/06

Reality News Online 8/9/06 Treasure Hunters, Episode 8: On the Edge in the City of Twin Brotherly Love

Inside Pulse 8/8/06 Treasure Hunters - Recap - Episode 8

Reality Shack 8/8/06 With Their Backs to the Wall - Treasure Hunters, Episode 8

Reality TV Calendar 8/8/06 CIA Can't Crack The Code: Episode 8 Recap

Always Reality Television 8/8/06 8/7 Recap - Shut Up! Just Shut Up! Shut Up

Entertainment Weekly 8/8/06 Gaffe Track

Reality News Online 8/7/06 Treasure Hunters: Puzzles & Players, Episode 7

Sioux City Journal 8/7/06 Reality hits home for couple on NBC treasure show

Reality TV Calendar 8/4/06 Team Miss USA Fails To Find It: Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of August 4th

Reality TV World 8/3/06 Treasure Hunters - Episode 7 summary

Fans of Reality TV 8/3/06 7/31 Treasure Hunters Recap Ladies Liberty-1, Ladies USA-0

Reality TV Talk 8/3/06 Treasure Hunters Episode 7 Recap: How To Hunt Like a Girl

TV Rules 8/2/06 Treasure Hunters: Episode 8 Summary 7/31/06

Reality Shack 8/1/06 Street Smart - Treasure Hunters, Episode 7

On Survivor 8/1/06 Earth Wind and Fire

Inside Pulse 8/1/06 Treasure Hunters - Recap - Episode 7

Reality TV Calendar 8/1/06 Team Miss USA Washes The Streets: Episode 7 Recap

Reality News Online 8/1/06 Treasure Hunters, Episode 7: Climb Every Mountain

Entertainment Weekly 8/1/06 Unmitigated Gaul 

Reality TV Magazine 7/31/06 Treasure Hunters – Miss USA Eliminated

Reality News Online 7/31/06 Treasure Hunters: Puzzles & Players, Episodes 5 & 6 7/27/06 Treasure Hunters: Episode 7 Summary 7/24/06

Reality TV Talk 7/27/06 Treasure Hunters Episode 6 Recap “An American Treasure Hunter in Paris. . .and London”

Inside Pulse 7/26/06 Treasure Hunters - Recap - Episode 6

Fans of Reality TV 7/26/06 Fogaled by God

Reality TV Calendar 7/26/06 Masks And Maps Guide The Way: Episode 6 Recap

Always Reality Television 7/26/06 7/24 Recap - The Empire of Death Strikes Back

Reality Shack 7/25/06 Burning the Midnight Oil - Treasure Hunters, Episode 6 7/25/06 Fogaled Out

Reality TV Calendar 7/25/06 Fogals Fail To Find It: Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 25th

Reality News Online 7/25/06 Treasure Hunters, Episode 6: Burn, Baby, Burn

Media Life 7/25/06 Digging deeper on 'Treasure Hunters'

Reality TV Magazine 7/24/06 Treasure Hunters - Fogal Family Eliminated

Entertainment Weekly 7/24/06 For Whom the (Church) Bell Tolls

Reality TV World 7/23/06 Treasure Hunters - Episode 5 summary

Always Reality Television 7/19/06 7/17 Recap - The Devil Went Down to Georgia

Reality TV Talk 7/19/06 Treasure Hunters Episode 5 Recap “Everybody, Just Breathe” 7/19/06 Treasure Hunters: Episode 6 Summary 7/17/06

Fans of Reality TV 7/18/06 Quitters Never Win... at Least I Think They Don't 7/18/06 Down & Out

Reality Shack 7/18/06 Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - Treasure Hunters, Episode 5

Reality TV Calendar 7/18/06 Hissy Fits, Magic Mirrors, And Losers: Episode 5 Recap

Reality News Online 7/18/06 Treasure Hunters, Episode 5: Play Misty For Me

Reality TV Calendar 7/18/06 Geniuses Make A Good Decision

Reality TV Calendar 7/18/06 Can You Dig It? Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 18th

Entertainment Weekly 7/18/06 Clueless

Reality TV Magazine 7/17/06 Treasure Hunters – Kayte Whines, Brown Family Eliminated

Reality News Online 7/17/06 Treasure Hunters: Puzzles & Players, Episode 4

On Survivor 7/16/06 Geniuses Make A Good Decision

Always Reality Television 7/14/06 7/10 Recap - Kayte Goes Crazy 7/13/06 Treasure Hunters: Episode 5 Summary 7/10/06

Reality TV Calendar 7/13/06 Follow the Drinking Gourd: Episode 4 Recap

Reality TV Talk 7/12/06 Treasure Hunters Episode 4 Recap “In Gourd We Trust”

Reality TV Calendar 7/12/06 The Underground "Wail" Road: Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 12th

Fans of Reality TV 7/12/06 Swamp Thing

Reality TV World 7/11/06 Treasure Hunters - Episode 4 summary

Celebrity Spider 7/11/06 Treasure Hunters Preview for July 17th

Reality Shack 7/11/06 How Much Is Friendship Worth? - Treasure Hunters, Episode 4

Orwell Project 7/11/06 Treasure Hunters Episode 4 Recap - The Pot of Gold at the end of the Railroad

Reality News Online 7/11/06 Treasure Hunters, Episode 4: Team Or Time – A Moral Dilemma

Entertainment Weekly 7/11/06 Swamp Thing

Reality TV Magazine 7/10/06 Is Treasure Hunters Changing The Rules For The Brown Family?

Reality News Online 7/10/06 Treasure Hunters: Puzzles & Players, Episode 3

Reality TV World 7/9/06 Treasure Hunters - Episode 3 summary

Reality TV Games 7/8/06 - Redemption? Yes Please!

Always Reality Television 7/7/06 7/3 Recap - It's Called Karma

Reality TV Talk 7/5/06 Treasure Hunters Episode 3 Recap “The Boston Brawl”

Fans of Reality TV 7/5/06 - Recap 7/3 - Karma's a Bitch

Reality TV Calendar 7/5/06 New Alliances - Will They Last? Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 5th

Pop Matters 7/5/06 Treasure Hunters 

Reality TV Calendar 7/5/06 The Fogals Get Fogaled - Browns Return: Episode 3 Recap

Reality Shack 7/4/06 In Dark Times, the Words Form - Treasure Hunters, Episode 3

TV Rules 7/4/06 Treasure Hunters: Episode 4 Summary 7/3/06

Reality News Online 7/4/06 Treasure Hunters, Episode 3: Keep Your Enemies Closer

Entertainment Weekly 7/4/06 Unburied ''Treasure''

Reality TV Magazine 7/3/06 Treasure Hunters – Bye, Bye Wild Hanlons

Reality TV World 6/30/06 Treasure Hunters - Episode 2 summary

Reality News Online 6/30/06 Treasure Hunters: Puzzles & Players, Episode 2

Fans of Reality TV 6/29/06 - Recap 6/26 Putting the "Dumb" in "Dumb Luck" 6/28/06 Treasure Hunters: Episode 3 Summary 6/26/06

Reality TV Games 6/28/06 - Help Wanted: New Editors and New Sponsors

Reality TV Talk 6/28/06 Treasure Hunters Ep2 Recap “You Might Be A Redneck Treasure Hunter If . . .” 6/28/06 MCLA grads on ‘Treasure Hunters’ television show

Always Reality Television 6/27/06 Treasure Hunter's 6/26, "Bend the light..." and the truth

Celebrity Spider 6/27/06 Treasure Hunters Preview for July 3rd

Reality Shack 6/27/06 Broken Limbs and Empty Stomachs - Treasure Hunters, Episode 2

TMZ 6/27/06 The Dumbest Reality Show Contestants Ever?

Reality TV Calendar 6/27/06 Fogal Your Friends And Then Ask For God's Help: Episode 2 Recap

Orwell Project 6/27/06 Treasure Hunters Episode 2 Recap - We've Been Fogaled! 6/27/06 Fogal Me Twice

Reality TV Calendar 6/27/06 Will The Elimination Stick? Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of June 27

Reality News Online 6/27/06 Treasure Hunters, Episode 2: That Had to Hurt

Reality TV Magazine 6/27/06 Treasure Hunters – Wild Hanlons Lose Out To Brown Family In Battle For Last Place

Entertainment Weekly 6/27/06 The Missouri (Commercial) Breaks

Billings Gazette 6/27/06 NBC's 'Treasure Hunters' films episodes in Montana

Reality News Online 6/26/06 Treasure Hunters: Puzzles & Players, Episodes 1 & 2

Great Falls Tribune 6/26/06 Montana scenes featured in "Treasure Hunters"

Fans of Reality TV 6/21/06 Part Two: It's All About the Roosevelts

Reality Shack 6/20/06 And the First Eliminees Are ... - Treasure Hunters, Episode 1, Part 2

Reality Shack 6/20/06 The Hunt Begins Now - Treasure Hunters, Episode 1, Part 1

Reality News Online 6/20/06 Treasure Hunters, Episode 1, Part 2: You Don’t Have To Be A Genius To Figure This One Out

Houston Chronicle 6/20/06 The hunt for treasure begins

Celebrity Spider 6/19/06 Treasure Hunters Preview for June 19th

Reality TV Games 6/19/06 - Like Ma Body? How About... This New Car?!?

TV Rules 6/19/06 Treasure Hunters: Episode 1

Always Reality Television 6/19/06 Season Premiere Recap

Fans of Reality TV 6/19/06 6/18 Recap Part 1 Lost Geniuses, Conniving Clergy, and the Mullet that Ate Manhattan

Reality TV World 6/19/06 Treasure Hunters - Episode 1 summary

Reality TV Calendar 6/19/06 The Race, And The First Twist, Is On: Episode 1 Recap 6/19/06 Amazing Race crossed with DaVinci Code = Treasure Hunters

Reality TV Calendar 6/19/06 Treasure Hunters: A Bad Pairing Eliminates A Good Team

Reality News Online 6/19/06 Treasure Hunters, Episode 1, Part 1: The Race Is On…and the Product Placement Begins

Entertainment Weekly 6/19/06 Fools Rushmore In

Dallas Morning News 6/19/06 Texans looking for the loot on 'Treasure Hunters'

Reality TV Magazine 6/18/06 Treasure Hunters Lacks Mystery But Holds Some Promise

Reality TV Calendar 6/18/06 Here's The Initial Rankings: Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of June 18th

Zap2It 6/18/06 In Search of TV 'Treasure'

Beacon Journal 6/18/06 Who knew a reality series about searching for treasure, Treasure Hunters, could be so boring and dull?

Dallas Morning News 6/18/06 Texans looking for the loot 6/18/06 A race through America's treasures

Star Telegram 6/18/06 'Treasure'? Hardly, but we'll watch

Detroit News 6/18/06 Yet another reality show to treasure

NY Times 6/18/06 When Jane Met Dan, It Was Reality TV at First Sight

Orlando Sentinel 6/18/06 Two new reality shows idolize classics yet fail to score

Boston Globe 6/17/06 Who will find the treasure? Who cares?

Washington Post 6/17/06 NBC's 'Treasure Hunters' Map Leads Straight To Dullsville

Toronto Star 6/17/06 'Round the world in a daze

Baltimore Sun 6/17/06 Reality show feels familiar

Jam! 6/17/06 'Treasure Hunters' ups the stakes

NY Times 6/17/06 'Treasure Hunters': With 'Da Vinci' in Mind, the Pursuit Begins

Jam! 6/17/06 'Treasure Hunters' loots 'Amazing Race' 6/17/06 Amazingly, NBC blatantly rips off CBS with appealing new reality series

Hartford Courant 6/17/06 `Treasure Hunters' Smacks Of `Amazing Race'

Milwaukee Journal 6/16/06 Dig up guilty pleasure in 'Treasure'

Newsday 6/16/06 A scavenger hunt without a clue

Deseret News 6/16/06 Not-so amazing race

Reality News Online 6/16/06 X Marks the Spot – A Preview of Treasure Hunters

Star Ledger 6/16/06 Bum ride

Courier Journal 6/16/06 NBC searches for summer booty with 'Treasure Hunters'

NY Post 6/16/06 Snow Where to Run

Hollywood Reporter 6/15/06 Treasure Hunters

Post Gazette 6/15/06 'Treasure Hunters' buries its promise

NY Daily News 6/15/06 Hunting for 'Treasure'

TV Guide 6/15/06 Da Vinci Code Meets Reality TV 6/15/06 'Treasure' is no prize

Chicago Sun Times 6/15/06 No payoff from 'treasure hunters'

Herald Net 6/15/06 'Treasure' doesn't touch 'Race's fortune

First Coast News 6/14/06 Interview: "Treasure Hunters" Host Laird Macintosh

Henderson Gleaner 6/8/06 Webster County native to appear in upcoming adventure reality series

Celebrity Spider 6/5/06 Teams Announced for Treasure Hunters Show

Celebrity Spider 6/3/06 Treasure Hunters Series to Premiere June 18th on NBC

The Paris News 5/28/06 ‘Treasure Hunters’ is reality for PHS grad

Celebrity Spider 4/11/06 NBC Announces June 18th Premiere Treasure Hunters

Celebrity Spider 3/17/06 NBC Treasure Hunters Series Offers Viewers Interactive Game

Marines Corps News 5/5/05 NBC looking for Marines in search of treasure

WBIR-TV 4/17/05 NBC seeks treasure hunters for new show

Reality TV World 4/12/05 NBC begins casting for its new 'Treasure Hunters' global quest series

Zap2It 4/7/05 Casting Begins for 'Runway,' 'Hunters'

Reality TV Links 4/6/05 Casting Call – Treasure Hunters on NBC

Zap2It 3/18/05 Imagine Joins NBC's 'Treasure Hunters'

Reality TV World 3/18/05 NBC announces new 'Treasure Hunters' global reality "quest" series

Celebrity Spider 3/17/05 Production Team forms for NBC Reality Series "Treasure Hunters" 3/9/05 Treasure Hunters Coming To NBC


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