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On this show spouses switch places with one another, living with the other's family and taking on the other spouses household duties. At the end of the experiment, the families get together to discuss what they experienced.


News Articles about FOX Networks Trading Spouses


Celebrity Spider 2/27/08 Trading Spouses and Nanny 911 Move to CMT March 3rd

Hammond Daily Star 10/20/07 A life unedited

TMZ 9/27/07 "God Warrior" Perrin's Daughter Dies in Car Crash

Hammond Daily Star 9/26/07 Woman dies in wreck

St Petersburg Times 7/15/07 Whatever happened to . . . the local couple on 'Trading Spouses'

Orange County Register 5/24/07 A lesson in reality TV

Orange County Register 5/2/07 The reality of Orange County television stars

Celebrity Spider 4/5/07 All New Episodes of Trading Spouses to Air April 26 & May 3 on FOX

Fans of Reality T.V. 2/25/07 Recap: Andrews – Nelson Trade, Part 2

TV Robot 2/20/07 Julie Crack Crude and She Don’t Care

Celebrity Spider 2/17/07 Part 2 of Nelson/Andrews Swap Next Week on "Trading Spouses"

Fans of Reality T.V. 2/17/07 Recap: Andrews – Nelson Trade

Daily News 2/16/07 Longview's 'traded' spouses make TV debut tonight

Celebrity Spider 2/10/07 A Rocker Mom and a Housewife Switch Next Week on Trading Spouses

Fans of Reality T.V. 2/10/07 Recap: The Lane – Chase Trade, Part 2

After Ellen 2/8/07 Interview With Pepper and Judy Lane of "Trading Spouses"

Celebrity Spider 2/7/07 Preview Clip for Friday's Episode of Trading Spouses

TV Robot 2/5/07 Trading Spouses: Wanna See Something Really Scary?

Celebrity Spider 2/3/07 Part 2 of Chase/Lane Swap Next Week on "Trading Spouses"

Fans of Reality T.V. 2/3/07 Recap: The Lane – Chase Trade, Part 1

North County Times 1/31/07 Rancho Bernardo family gets swapped on Fox

UC San Diego 1/29/07 Two UCSD Staff Members Take Part in FOX Reality Show

Celebrity Spider 1/27/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of Trading Spouses"

TV Robot 1/27/07 Trading Spouses, Turning Tables

Fans of Reality T.V. 1/27/07 Recap: Perrin – Brown-Malone Trade, Part 2


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