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St. Petersburg Times 1/26/07 For TV, family puts out welcome mat for 'God Warrior'

Albany Times Union 1/26/07 God's warrior returns to 'Trading Spouses'

Celebrity Spider 1/20/07 Part 2 of Marguerite Perrin's Return Next Week on "Trading Spouses"

Fans of Reality T.V. 1/20/07 Recap: Brown-Malone Trade, Part 1

The Daily News 1/19/07 Fox's 'Trading Spouses' finale zooms in on Longview couple

Celebrity Spider 1/13/07 Marguerite Perrin Returns to Trading Spouses January 19th & 26th

Fans of Reality T.V. 1/13/07 Recap: Sturz-Manavit and Cramer-Morgan Trade, Part 2

Fans of Reality T.V. 1/8/07 Recap: Sturz-Manavit and Cramer-Morgan Trade, Part 1

Celebrity Spider 1/6/07 Conclusion of Last Week's Episode January 12th on Trading Spouses

Citizen-Times 1/5/07 Local “Trading Spouses” man to sign autographs today

Citizen-Times 1/5/07 Fairview family on 'Trading Spouses' tonight

Celebrity Spider 1/4/07 Marguerite Perrin Returns to Trading Spouses January 19th & 26th

Reality TV World 1/2/07 "God Warrior" Marguerite Perrin to Fox's 'Trading Spouses' in January

Celebrity Spider 12/30/06 Preview for Next Week's Episode of Trading Spouses

Fans of Reality T.V. 12/25/06 Recap: DeConcillis – Hawkins Trade, Part 2

Fans of Reality T.V. 12/17/06 Recap: DeConcillis – Hawkins Trade, Part 1

Celebrity Spider 12/16/06 Preview for Next Weeks Episode of "Trading Spouses"

Citizen-Times 12/14/06 ‘Unique’ Fairview family wows Fox

Fans of Reality T.V. 12/10/06 Recap: Hammond-Girone Trade Part 2

Celebrity Spider 12/9/06 Preview for Next Weeks Episode of "Trading Spouses"

Celebrity Spider 12/2/06 Part Two of Trading Spouses Next Friday on FOX

Fans of Reality T.V. 12/01/2006 Recap: Hammond-Girone Trade, Part 1

Post Gazette 11/29/06 TV Notes: Local family to compete on Fox's 'Trading Spouses'

Celebrity Spider 11/25/06 A Christian Mom and an Agnostic Mom Next Week on "Trading Spouses"

Fans Of Reality T.V. 11/18/06 Solomon - Parodi Swap 11/17/06 Va. family trades mom on TV show

Daily Press 11/17/06 Gloucester clan swaps mom on TV

Fans of Reality TV 11/11/06 Weissmeyer-Kahn-Robson Swap, Part Two

Celebrity Spider 11/11/06 Two New Moms Next Week on "Trading Spouses"

Fans of Reality TV 11/4/06 11/3 Trading Spouses Recap: Weissmyer – Kahn-Robson Swap, Part 1

Denver Post 11/4/06 Sparks over Boulder couple's spouse swap

Milwaukee Journal 10/30/06 Stereotypes move in with 'Spouses'

Celebrity Spider 10/28/06 Part 2 of Kahn/Robson/Wiessmeyer Next Week on "Trading Spouses"

Celebrity Spider 10/27/06 Trading Spouses Preview Clips for October 27th

Daily News 10/26/06 'Trading Spouses' crew calls it a wrap

Patriot Ledger 10/21/06 A Touch of Reality’ - Wives in Weymouth, Colorado swap homes for a week

Fans of Reality TV 10/21/06 Trading Spouses Kentucky Kosher Kerfuffle, Parts 1 and 2

TV Guide 10/20/06 Trading Spouses: A Sneak Peek at the "Best" Season Ever

Courier Journal 10/20/06 Kentucky mom battles stereotype on Fox reality show

Reality TV Links 10/18/06 Casting Call - Trading Spouses

Daily News 10/18/06 'Trading Spouses' filming Longview family

Jewish Journal of Greater L.A 10/5/06 Brachas vs. bluegrass: moms make the switch

Celebrity Spider 9/27/06 Trading Spouses Season Premiere Friday, October 6th

KATC 7/22/06 Trading Spouses looking for Katrina or Rita family

DePauw University 6/20/06 "Exploitation" is Behind Trading Spouses' Desire to Feature Academics...

Reality TV World 6/15/06 Fox's 'Trading Spouses' looking for a New York Yankee-loving mommy

NY Daily News 6/15/06 Reality show seeks Bronx Bomb-ma fanatic

Bostonist 5/30/06 Calling All Sox Fanatical Familes...

Celebrity Spider 4/8/06 Trading Spouses Season Finale April 14th

Daily Californian 4/6/06 Space Scientist Answers Call To Star in Fox Reality Show

Celebrity Spider 4/1/06 A Suburb Mom and A City Mom Switch Places on the next Trading Spouses

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/31/06 TV dad not 'terribly thrilled'

Celebrity Spider 3/25/06 Trading Spouses Chafee & Hornaday Part 2 Next Week on FOX

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/24/06 Mom tries on new family

Celebrity Spider 3/18/06 Trading Spouses Chafee & Hornaday Part 1 Next Week on FOX

Arizona Republic 3/9/06 Scottsdale family tests limits on reality TV

Celebrity Spider 2/13/06 She's Baaack! - Encore of Trading Spouses With Marguerite Perrin on Friday

Bozeman Daily Chronicle 1/27/06 Belgrade family stars on Fox reality television

Reality TV Calendar 1/23/06 "The Other Side Of The Tracks" The Wilson-White Recap

Milwaukee Journal 1/21/06 Family trade brings $50,000

The Heights 1/19/06 BC family hits reality TV scene

Reality TV Calendar 1/9/06 "Ann Marie Is My Worst Nightmare" Dexter-Burgess Recap

The Sun Chronicle 12/22/05 A dose of reality

Reality TV Calendar 12/15/05 Foolish Plans & No Respect: The Joseph - Gibbons Families Recap

Reality TV Calendar 12/8/05 The Whopper / Dancy Families Recap

Hammond Daily Star 11/26/05 Outspoken 'Trading Spouses' contestant to appear on Leno 11/17/05 Swapped Spouse Gains National Notoriety

Daily Star 11/12/05 Readers respond to 'Trading Spouses' outburst

Daily Star 11/12/05 More responses to 'Trading Spouses' episode

NY Post 11/2/05 What's With That Meltdown Mom on Fox?

Boston Globe 10/30/05 Family gets real on national TV

Celebrity Spider 10/18/05 Mom Has Major Meltdown on the Season Premiere of Trading Spouses

Celebrity Spider 10/13/05 Trading Spouses Season Premiere Preview Clips

Celebrity Spider 5/16/05 Fox Orders Second Season of Trading Spouses

Zap2It 5/16/05 FOX Wants More 'Trading Spouses'

Salon 3/17/05 Wives' tales

Cedar Creek Pilot 2/25/05 Local resident in mix for spot on 'Trading Spouses'

Reality TV Calendar 2/18/05 The Road Trip Season Finale

Canyon Courier 2/17/05 Evergreen family's TV debut a triumph

Fans Of Reality TV 2/16/05 Trading Spouses Season Finale: The Shiny Happy People Swap

Reality News Online 2/16/05 Trading Spouses, February 24, O' Brien-Shackelford: Life is a Highway 2/15/05 - 2.14.05 Trading Spouses Finale

Wichita Eagle 2/14/05 Winfield Fun Barn in 'Trading Spouses'

Fans of Reality TV 2/9/05 Ghostbusting in the Null Zone

Reality News Online 2/8/05 Trading Spouses January 31: Somethin' Weird in the Neighborhood, Part 1 2/7/05  2.7.05 Trading Spouses

Reality TV Calendar 2/5/05 Spooky Mom and The Ghostbusters: Levy - Farrell Part 1 Recap

Winfield Daily Courier 2/5/05 Winfield footage to air on ‘Trading Spouses’

Fans of Reality TV 2/2/05 The Friendly Farmer Versus the Horrible Hostess 1/31/05 - 1.31.05 Trading Spouses

TVRules 1/31/05 Trading Spouses: O'Brien/Shackelford: Part 1 (2/7) Part 2 (2/14)

TVRules 1/31/05 Trading Spouses: Lambe-Levy/Farrell 1/31/2005 Preview

Reality TV Calendar 1/27/05 The War over War, Dirt and Messy Fun! Hammond - Howard Part 2 Recap

Mercury News 1/26/05 Family saw little reality in TV show

Reality News Online 1/26/05 Trading Spouses, Howard/Hammond, Part 2: Born to be Wild?

Fans of Reality TV 1/25/05 Silly String Theory in Action 1/24/05 1.24.05 Trading Spouses

Reality TV Calendar 1/20/05 Unsuccessfully Vacuuming Your Way to Perfection! Hammond-Howard Recap Part 1

Star Tribune 1/19/05 Brooklyn Park mom cleans up on 'Trading Spouses'

Fans of Reality TV 1/19/05 Fear and Loathing in Chattanooga

Reality News Online 1/18/05 Trading Spouses, January 17: Hammond/Howard, Part 1 - The Odd Couples 1/18/05 Trading Spouses 11/17: Dog Poo, flies and a Mute Family in Minnesota

TVRules 1/18/05 Trading Spouses: Hammond/Howard Families 1/17; 1/24/05 Preview 1/17/05 1.17.05 Trading Spouses

Herald Dispatch 12/31/04 Fox reality show hosting casting call

Santa Cruz Sentinel 12/23/04 Santa Cruz family disputes wacky TV portrayal

Suburban Chicago News 12/23/04 Chicago casting calls issued for 3 TV reality shows

Reality TV Calendar 12/21/04 Abbot and Lowe Families Recap

Contact Music 12/16/04 Wife Swap Makers Sue US Copycat

Zap2It 12/16/04 'Wife Swap' Producers Sue FOX over 'Spouses'

BBC 12/16/04 Wife Swap makers sue US 'copycat'

St Petersburg Times 12/15/04 'Wife Swap' producers sue Fox over show

Fans Of Reality TV 12/15/04 Trading Spouses: Luke’s Father Has a Dark Side. 12/13/04 - 12/13/04 Trading Spouses

Seattle PI 12/10/04 Wife exchange is eye-opening viewing

Fans Of Reality TV 12/8/04 No Bleepin' Furniture!? 12/6/04 Trading Spouses: Lowes/ Abbots Part 1

Fans Of Reality TV 12/5/04 Trading Spouses:Meet your new Mommy- Our Interview With the Loupe Family

Daily Press 12/4/04 Cameras, toilets clues that reality TV is in town

Reality News Online 12/1/04 Trading Spouses November 29: Battle in the Bayou, Part 2

Reality TV Calendar 11/30/04 Gates & Loupe Families - VegMom vs. CajMom

Fans Of Reality TV 11/30/04 11/29 Episode: Vegans Behaving Badly, Part 2

Reality TV Calendar 11/30/04 Gates & Loupe Families - VegMom vs. CajMom

TVRules 11/28/04 Trading Spouses: Gates/Loupe (Part 2) 11/29/04 Preview

Reality News Online 11/24/04 Trading Spouses, November 22: Battle in the Bayou, Part 1

Fans Of Reality TV 11/23/04 The Snake Wrangler Versus the Vegan Vixen 11/23/04 - It was The Alligator Holocoust!

TVRules 11/19/04 Trading Spouses: Gates/Loupe (Part 1) 11/22/04 Preview

Fans Of Reality TV 11/18/04 Trading Spouses: Our Interview With Chrystal Norton

Fans Of Reality TV 11/17/04 Trading Spouses Episode Recap, 11/15/04 - Puritan Strangers With Candy

Reality News Online 11/16/04 Trading Spouses, November 15: Prepare to Have your Socks Blessed Off

Santa Cruz Sentinel 11/14/04 Santa Cruz wife traded on Fox’s ‘Spouses’

TVRules 11/10/04 Trading Spouses: Doverspike/Egly Families 11/15/04

Fans Of Reality TV 11/10/04 Trading Spouses Episode 11/08/04: Barbie Blows, Big Time

Reality News Online 11/10/04 Trading Spouses, November 8: “It Don’t Get No Better Than This” 11/03/04 - Trading Spouses Clips

Fans of Reality TV 11/2/04 Episode 11/01/04: Barbie's Dream Housetree

TVRules 10/26/04 Trading Spouses: Norton/Verruto, Part Two 11/8/04 Preview

TVRules 10/21/04 Trading Spouses: Norton/Verruto 11/1/04 Preview

Fans of Reality TV 9/30/04 For The Love of Dougnuts (9/28 recap)

TVRules 9/30/04 Trading Spouses - Meet Your New Mommy, September 28

Newsday 9/29/04 Tell Mom she's traded

Mercury News 9/27/04 Fox clone is no match for classy `Wife Swap'

Media Guardian 9/27/04 Five goes for more reality with Trading Spouses

Fans of Reality TV 9/23/04 The Queen of Clean (9/21 recap)

Reality News Online 9/18/04 Trading Spouses, Episode 7: The Days of Whines and Neuroses

TVRules 9/16/04 Trading Spouses - Meet Your New Mommy: September 14, 2004 Summary 9/15/04 - Trading Spouses, Renovate My Family & The Rebel Billionaire Clips

Digital Spy 9/11/04 'Wife Swap' producer may sue FOX

Media Guardian 9/10/04 American Wife Swap in 'copycat' row

TVRules 9/9/04 Trading Spouses “ Meet Your New Mommy“ September 7, 2004

Reality News Online 9/9/04 Trading Spouses Episode 6: Daddy Don’t You Walk So Fast

TVRules 9/7/04 Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy Preview 9/7; 9/14

Reality News Online 9/7/04 Trading Spouses, Episode 5: Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag 9/2/04 - Trading Spouses 9/7 Clips

TVRules 9/2/04 Trading Spouses Meet Your New Daddy  -August 31, 2004

RealityShack 9/1/04 A Tale of Two Daddies – Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Daddy, August 31st

NY Daily News 8/30/04 All the 'Trading' partners profited 8/28/04 - Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Daddy Clips

Reality Reel 8/28/04 " Two Dads Mix It Up On Two-Hours Of A Special "Trading Spouses" Tues., August 31 "

TVRules 8/25/04 Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Daddy Video Previews 8/31

Reality TV World 8/25/04 Fox's 'Trading Spouses' conducting open casting calls for more families

Post Dispatch 8/24/04 Mom-swap shows are surprisingly insightful

Globe and Mail 8/24/04 Getting uppity in the other America

Reality TV Calendar 8/21/04 Culture Clash and Lack of Class: Ep 1 Recap

Washington Post 9/26/04 'It Was the Worst 10 Days of My Life'

Jam! 9/25/04 The real Green Acres

Times Star 8/19/04 Trade in your family for another on TV

TVRules 8/18/04 Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy Casting Call

Reality News Online 8/17/04 Trading Spouses, Episode 4: I Want My Wife Back

Reality TV Calendar 8/16/04 East Coast Blues vs. West Coast Woes

Honolulu Advertiser 8/15/04 Reality show looking for quirky Island family

NY Times 8/15/04 Swap My Wife, Please

Fans Of Reality TV 8/13/04 Trading Spouses: Meet your new Mommy Episode 4 Recap - Crying with Scooby 8/11/04 'Trading Spouses,' 'Wife Swap'; how did it get to this?

TVRules 8/11/04 Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy- 8/10 Episode 4 Summary

TVRules 8/10/04 Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy Video Clips 8/10/04 - 8/10 Trading Spouses Clips

Reality News Online 8/9/04 Trading Spouses, Episode 3: Pilek’s Island Meets Hoagie’s Heroes

Dallas Morning News 8/6/04 TV's traded spouse gets a new house

TV Rules 8/5/04 Trading Spouses, Episode 3, August 4, 2004

Knox News 8/3/04 TV reality shows give households new moms

TVRules 8/3/04 Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy Picked Up For More Episodes

Reality TV World 8/3/04 Copycat or not, Fox's 'Trading Spouses' series finding ratings success

Globe and Mail 7/31/04 Who knew wife-swapping could be so poignant?

NY Daily News 7/31/04 Fox takes 10 more 'Spouses'

Virginia Pilot 7/31/04 Trading places with ''smug mom'' sounds great 7/30/04 - 7/28 Trading Spouses Clips

Star Telegram 7/30/04 Reality TV paints unflattering view

Zap2It 7/30/04 Fox Orders Up More 'Spouses'

TVRules 7/30/04 Trading Spouses Episode 2 Summary

Hollywood Reporter 7/30/04 10 more 'Spouses' on Fox laundry line

Fans of Reality TV 7/29/04 Whatchoo Talkin' About, Tammy? (Episode. 2 recap)

Reality News Online 7/29/04 Trading Spouses, Episode 2: Leading By Example?

Washington Post 7/28/04 Fox's 'Trading Spouses' Intrigues Viewers 7/27/04 Moms away: Fox's wife-swap entry doesn't add up to much

TVRules 7/27/04 Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy- Episode 3: August 3 Preview

Star Telegram 7/26/04 Colleyville clan appearing on reality show

Dallas Morning News 7/26/04 A jolt of reality 7/26/04 - Trading Spouses Clips

Star Telegram 7/23/04 Tammy, is that you trading spouses?

Reality News Online 7/23/04 Trading Spouses, Episode 1: Guess Who’s Not Cooking the Dinner

Fans of Reality TV 7/23/04 What In The Hell Is Positivism? (episode. 1 recap)

Zap2It 7/22/04 ABC and FOX Split First Round of 'Spouses' Battle

Dallas Morning News 7/21/04 Review: Fox should divorce spouse swapping

TVRules 7/21/04 Trading Spouses - Meet your New Mommy: Episode 1, 7/20/04

TVRules 7/20/04 Fox Adds Twist to Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy

TVRules 7/20/04 Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy Video Clips

Reality TV World 7/20/04 Fox's 'Trading Spouses' puts $50,000 prize power in swapped parent's hands

Zap2It 7/20/04 Swapped Wives Control Cash Prize on Fox Show 7/20/04 - Trading Spouses Clips - Episode 1

TV Barn 7/19/04 “Trading Spouses” has cash incentive

Media Life 7/19/04 What Fox needs from 'Trading Spouses'

TVRules 7/19/04 Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy : Episode 1 Preview 7/20

Reality Reel 7/15/04 “Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy” Premieres Tuesday, July 20, on FOX

Reality TV World 7/15/04 'Trading Spouses,' Fox's ripoff of ABC's upcoming 'Wife Swap,' to premiere July 20

TV Week 7/15/04 Fox's Berman: No Apologies for 'Trading Spouses'

Digital Spy 7/13/04 'Wife Swap' "imitation" to air next week

TVRules 7/13/04 Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy Comes To FOX

Zap2It 7/13/04 Fox Sets 'Trading Spouses' Premiere

Media Guardian 6/29/04 US networks in Wife Swap contest

Reality TV World 6/28/04 Fox "borrows" another concept-'Trading Spouses' rips off 'Wife Swap'

TVRules 6/28/04 Fox Announces Trading Spouses; Fox TV Studios Looking For TLC Replacement


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