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On this show family members will compete for a large inheritance in which a wealthy benefactor will ask those close to him to compete to win money in his last will and testament.  The family members competing will be put through a series of game/reality show type challenges each week, many of them designed by the benefactor.  Each week contestants will vote off each other from the game and cut them out of the will.  Competitors will have to wait until after his death to see their winnings.

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News Articles about CBS Networks "The Will"


Digital Spy 7/17/05 Axed reality shows 'Will', 'Daddy' to finally air

Knox News 1/20/05 CBS got nothing from 'The Will'

Reality TV Hall of Shame 1/18/05 The Will's Penny: Nobody Else Deserves It More

NY Times 1/14/05 CBS Drops Show After One Episode

Zap2It 1/13/05 Ill 'Will': One and Done for CBS Show

Digital Spy 1/13/05 CBS axes show after one airing

TVRules 1/13/05 The Will: Ep. 1 Summary - Another Brick in the Will, Part I

TVRules 1/13/05 CBS's The Will Pulled After One Week

Reality TV World 1/12/05 CBS cancels 'The Will' after only one episode broadcast

Jam! 1/12/05 CBS series The Will cancelled after a single airing; had heavy promotion

Reality TV World 1/11/05 The Will - Episode 1 summary

Reality News Online 1/11/05 The Will: A Bad Penny Always Turns Up

Reality Shack 1/10/05 Tension Tension Tension! - The Will, Episode 1

Fans Of Reality TV 1/10/05 Welcome To Hooterville

Reality News Online 1/10/05 The Will, Episode 1: The Devil Wore Prada (and a Lot of Pink) 1/9/05 - 1.8.05 The Will Premiere

Reality TV Calendar 1/9/05 Even The Dogs Are At Each Others Throats: Episode 1 Recap

Dallas Morning News 1/8/05 Where there's a will, there's a nasty fight over it

ET Online 1/7/05 Reality's Greed Goddess Wants 'The Will'

Knox News 1/7/05 In reality, 'The Will' doesn't have good way

NY Times 1/7/05 One Aging Rich Guy, 10 Heirs, and All Sorts of Plastic Surgery

Contra Costa Times 1/6/05 New reality shows stoop lower still

Arizona Republic 1/6/05 A priceless Penny

AJC 1/6/05 Reality TV: 'Perfect' wins, 'Will' loses

Kansas City Star 1/6/05 Martha-wannabes and backstabbing babes: Reality TV is back!

Modesto Bee 1/6/05 TV Review: Where there's 'The Will' there's a lousy show


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