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News Articles about CBS Networks "The Will"


Hollywood Reporter 1/6/05 The Will

Deseret News 1/6/05 CBS shows are perfectly awful

Reality News Online 1/6/05 The Will: A Preview

NY Daily News 1/6/05 CBS' ill 'Will' is a testament to horrid taste

Salt Lake Tribune 1/5/05 3 wickedly bad reality shows pollute the airwaves this week

ET Online 1/4/05 A Battle of Reality 'Wills'

Extra 1/4/05 Putting on Heirs

TVRules 1/4/05 CBS's 'The Will' Cast List & Premiere News

Reality TV World 12/16/04 CBS reveals identities of 'The Will's patriarch and would-be heirs

Reality TV World 12/7/04 CBS to premiere 'Bachelor' creator Mike Fleiss' 'The Will' series on January 8

Zap2It 12/3/04 CBS Rolls Out Reality in January

Newsday 2/21/04 A Bad Taste of 'Reality' TV

Reality TV World 2/16/04 ABC's 'The Will' gets resurrected at CBS, casting begins

E!Online 2/11/04 CBS Inherits the "Will"

TVRules 2/11/04 Casting For The Will

NY Daily News 2/11/04 Where there's a 'Will,' there's a way for CBS

TV Barn 2/10/04 CBS PR: What boobs will expose their family on "The Will"?

Reality Reel 2/10/04 "The Will," A New Reality Show For CBS

Zap2It 2/10/04 Daddy's Dyin': CBS' Got 'The Will'

Reality News Online 1/5/04 ‘The Will’ Jumps from ABC to CBS

Milwaukee Journal 11/6/02 Looking for a way to get 'The Will' on TV

Media Life 10/28/02 Annals of reality TV: 'The Will' (Oh, yes)

Guardian 10/26/02 TV show to revel in family misfortune

E!Online 10/25/02 ABC "Wills" More Reality

Zap2It 10/25/02 'Bachelor' Creator Brings 'Will' to ABC


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