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On this show, a nine episode series, eighteen women get plastic surgery and a full makeover compliments of the show and then participate in a three month transformation.  On each show two women are featured and one of those is eliminated.  The contestants are not permitted to see their new look until the final episode (May 24th) when a  two-hour beauty pageant is held.

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News Articles about FOX Networks The Swan

NY Post 2/22/13 Ex-‘Swan’: Erin Moran needs major therapy before appearance

Zap2It 2/2/13 FOX brings back 'The Swan' with 'celebrities': Bad idea, or worst idea?

Entertainment Weekly 2/1/13 Fox reviving 'The Swan' as celebrity special

Celebrity Spider 4/18/05 The Swan’s Health & Fitness Expert Debbie Siebers Crows about New Men’s Fashion Collection

Stars and Stripes 1/16/05 Army reservist undergoes glamorous transformation, wins 'Swan' reality show

Extra 12/29/04 The Men Who Make the Makeovers

Zap2It 12/21/04 Second 'Swan' Crown Delivered to DeLisa

News Journal 12/21/04 LHS graduate's Swan' song ends on winning note

Market Wire 12/21/04 The Swan" Becomes Next NutriSystem Spokeperson

Reality TV Calendar 12/21/04 Delisa Styles Is The Swan: Pageant Recap

Reality Shack 12/21/04 Can I Have Some “Whine” With my Cheese? – The Swan, Season 2 Pageant

Fans Of Reality TV 12/21/04 12/20 Season Finale Recap: The Swan 2 "Clash Of The Tit-ans"

Reality News Online 12/21/04 The Swan 2 Finale: The Crowning of the Swan

Kansas City Star 12/20/04 Here she comes … Miss ‘Swan'?

Reality News Online 12/15/04 The Swan 2, Episode 8: Two New Swans, Two New Surgeries

Fans Of Reality TV 12/14/04 12/13 Recap: The Swan 2 "The Last Girl-Fighter"

Reality Shack 12/14/04 Swan 2 - Episode 8: The Pageant Waits for You 12/14/04 - The Swan: 12/13: Lesson to Learn: Take care of those Teeth!

Star Bulletin 12/13/04 Revealing Hawaii's 'Swan' 12/11/04 - 12/13 'The Swan' Clips

Reality News Online 12/8/04 The Swan 2, Episode 7: A Swan Without Breast Implants?

NY Daily News 12/8/04 Fox's 'Swan' cancels its postholiday flight

Fans Of Reality 12/7/04 The Swan 2: Weird Science


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