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TVRules 2/1/05 Casting families for ABC's Wife Swap

TVRules 1/31/05 Wife Swap: Boone Luffey/Gillespie 2/9/2005 Preview

Reality Shack 12/7/04 Good News and Bad News – The Swan 2, Episode 7 12/7/04 12/6/04 The Swan 12/4/04 Meet 12/6's Swans

Reality News Online 12/1/04 The Swan 2, Episode 6: Take Out Your False Teeth, Mama

Reality TV Calendar 11/30/04 The Captain Is A Babe: Episode 6 Recap

TVRules 11/30/04 The Swan: Sylvia & Marsha 12/6/04 Preview

Fans Of Reality TV 11/30/04 11/29 Recap: The Swan 2 "This Show Is Like Pulling Teeth!"

Reality Shack 11/30/04 Captain Swan and Tooth Decay - The Swan 2, Episode 6

Press Telegram 11/29/04 Sibling contestants of Fox reality series "The Swan" talk about deeper transformations

TVRules 11/28/04 The Swan: DeLisa & Lorraine 11/29 Preview

Reality TV Calendar 11/23/04 Sexy Cops and Cancer Scares: Episode 5 Recap 11/23/04 - 11/22: The Swan: The Cancer Cure!

Fans Of Reality TV 11/23/04 A Cop And A Half

Reality Shack 11/23/04 Swan 2 - Episode 5: Why do all the Swans Look Alike?

Reality News Online 11/23/04 The Swan 2, Episode 5: It’s All Fun & Games Until…

Reality Shack 11/22/04 Interview with Tawnya Cooke of The Swan

TVRules 11/19/04 The Swan: Cinnamon & Patti 11/22/04 Preview

Reality News Online 11/16/04 The Swan 2, Episode 4: A Tale of Two Sisters

Reality TV Calendar 11/16/04 The Sisters: Gina and Kari B. Episode 4 Recap

Fans Of Reality TV 11/16/04 The Swan 2 "The Swan, The Tank, and The Balloons"

Reality Shack 11/16/04 Swan 2, Episode 4 - Sister Act

PR Newswire 11/16/04 Dr. Randal Haworth From Fox Networks 'The Swan' Joins Radiance Medspa Franchise Group

The Columbian 11/15/04 La Center woman joins chorus singing 'Swan' song

TVRules 11/11/04 The Swan: Gina/Lorrie Summary 11/1/04

Longview Daily News 11/9/04 La Center 'Swan' advances to pageant

Reality News Online 11/9/04 The Swan 2, Episode 3: How Much is Too Much?

Reality TV Calendar 11/9/04 Erica and Christina: Episode 3 Recap

Fans Of Reality TV 11/9/04 11/08 Recap: The Swan 2 "The Double-D Avenger" 11/9/04 - My First Swan--Monday the 8th

Reality Shack 11/9/04 Swan 2 - Episode 3: Surrender To the "Swan"

Longview Daily News 11/8/04 Moore makeover airs tonight

TVRules 11/8/04 The Swan: Two Sisters Are Transformed 11/15/04

News-Journal 11/8/04 Mother happy about her 'Swan's' new look

The Columbian 11/8/04 La Center woman gets 'Swan' treatment

Globe and Mail 11/6/04 Amid the wannabe Swans, envy and despair 11/5/04 - Next Week's "Swans" [11/8/04] 11/3/04 - 'The Swan' & 'Nanny 911' Clips

Daily Record 11/3/04 Me? A Swan?

Salem Statesman Journal 11/2/04 Fox reality makeover show tells tale of two Jennifers

Fans Of Reality TV 11/2/04 11/01 Recap: The Swan 2 "The $34,600 Woman"

Reality Shack 11/2/04 The Roller Coaster to Recovery – The Swan 2, Episode 2

Reality News Online 11/2/04 The Swan 2, Episode 2: Overcoming Obstacles

News-Journal 10/31/04 Local medical auditor gets TV transformation

Reality TV Calendar 10/29/04 The First Two Transformations: Kim & Jennifer

Reality TV Calendar 10/28/04 Swan 2 Episode 1: The Reunion Recapped

TVRules 10/28/04 The Swan 2: Episode 3 Preview 11/1/04

Business Wire 10/27/04 NutriSystem(R) Weight Loss Plan Chosen for No. 1 Reality Makeover Show, 'The Swan'

TVRules 10/27/04 The Swan 2: Season Premiere Part 2 Summary 10/25/04 10/27/04 - 'The Swan 2' Premiere Clips

Reality News Online 10/27/04 The Swan 2, Episode 1: Phoenix Rising

TVRules 10/26/04 The Swan: Christina & Erica 11/8/04 Preview

Reality Shack 10/26/04 Swan 2 - Episode 1: Which Scars Run Deeper?

Reality Shack 10/26/04 Swan Reunion: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...

Reality News Online 10/26/04 The Swan Reunion: Where Are They Now?

Times Picayune 10/25/04 Makeover madness

Reality TV World 10/25/04 Fox announces 'The Swan 3' casting calls

PR Newswire 10/25/04 Reality Show Winner From Fox's 'The Swan' to Hold Charity Auction to Benefit Crisis Clinic

Reality TV Calendar 10/25/04 Swan 2 Preview and Swan 3 Casting Information

TVRules 10/25/04 The Swan: Season Two Premiere Preview 10/25/04

Reality TV World 10/25/04 Fox unveils contestants competing on second 'The Swan' edition

Chicago Sun-Times 10/25/04 Avert your gaze: 'The Swan' is back

NY Daily News 10/25/04 'Swan 2' hardly worth a gander

Washington Post 10/24/04 'There Is No Magic Wand'

Cincinnati Enquirer 10/23/04 'Swan' creator adores challenge of reality TV

Zap2It 10/23/04 FOX Already Hatching Third 'Swan'
Contact Music 10/22/04 Madsen Disgusted By Drastic Cosmetic Surgery Show The Swan

BBC 10/21/04 Ugly duckling to swan in 10 hours

Press Release 10/20/04 Casting Call – The Swan, Season 3

Reality News Online 10/19/04 The Swan 2: A Preview

Reality TV Calendar 10/16/04 Meet The Girls Of Swan 2

TVRules 9/13/04 The Swan: Two Hour Season Premiere, Monday October 25

NWI Times 9/5/04 'Swan' finds her wings

Sacramento Bee 8/1/04 At least one 'Swan' is grateful for makeover

Stuff 7/11/04 Makeovers reach new extremes: The Swan

LJ World 7/6/04 Makeover mayhem

Press Release 7/3/04 Casting Call - The Swan

King County Journal 6/27/04 Makeover show's winner says biggest change not physical

Leader Times 6/22/04 Reality show sends the wrong message

Orlando Sentinel 6/18/04 Feeding the beauty beast

Detroit News 6/8/04 'The Swan' seeks contestants

TV Guide 6/7/04 Matthew Broderick: Swan Addict

Arizona Republic 6/4/04 June 5: 'The Swan' and 'The Billionaire' auditions

Zap2It 6/4/04 Fox Seeks Ugly Ducklings for Next 'Swan'

Reality TV Calendar 6/4/04 Want To Be A Swan? Advice From Swan Cristina Tyree

TVRules 6/4/04 Swan Casting Hits The Road

Seattle Times 6/3/04 Reality-show winner spreading her wings as 'Swan' 6/1/04 Plastic surgeons question 'Swan'

Ad Week 5/31/04 The Bad And The Ugly

Fans of Reality TV 5/28/04 Big-Feathered Women in Little Bikinis

TCS 5/28/04 A Conservative Case for "The Swan"

Reality News Online 5/26/04 The Swan, Finale: The Pageant

Reality TV Calendar 5/26/04 The Swan: Mirror Mirror ...

Reality TV World 5/25/04 FOX to air second 'The Swan' edition as part of fall schedule

TVRules 5/25/04 The Swan: Finale Summary 5/24

Reality TV Calendar 5/25/04 The Swan: A Pageant Full Of Dreams

Dallas Morning News 5/25/04 Transformation turns plain Jane into 'The Swan'

Boston Globe 5/25/04 Time for 'Swan' to fly away

Extra 5/24/04 The Competition Gets Ugly on 'The Swan' Finale

TVRules 5/24/04 Two Hour Season Finale of 'The Swan' Airs Monday May 24

Hartford Courant 5/24/04 Will `Swan' Song Go Wrong?

Columbian 5/24/04 TV's plastic-surgery shows are sad and disturbing

Chicago Tribune 5/24/04 Transformed on TV: 2 Chicago stories

Reality TV Calendar 5/24/04 The Swan: A Word Of Advice

Reality TV Calendar 5/24/04 The Swan: A Love Story

USA Today 5/23/04 'Swan': Ready for its close-up

Post Standard 5/23/04 Makeover mania

TVRules 5/19/04 The Swan: Episode 8 Summary 5/17 5/19/04 Makeover show The Swan drags reality TV to a creepy new low

TV Guide 5/19/04 Swan Reject: The Next Paula Abdul?

Forbes 5/19/04 Plastic Surgeons Frown on Reality TV Shows

Metro West Daily News 5/19/04 'The Swan' is truly ugly

Reality TV Calendar 5/18/04 Swan: Quitters and Winners - Ep 8 Recap

Fans Of Reality TV 5/18/04 The Swan, Episode 7 Recap -- "The Honest Part"

TVRules 5/18/04 The Swan 5/17 Spoilers

Reality News Online 5/18/04 The Swan, Episode 8: I Quit!

TV Guide 5/17/04 The Swan's Tooth Lady Speaks!

Zap2It 5/16/04 'Swan' Therapist Fudges Credentials

Reality TV Calendar 5/15/04 Search For Swan 2 Continues - Complete Casting Instructions and Links

The Smoking Gun 5/14/04 Fox Doctor's Diploma Mill Degree

Fans Of Reality TV 5/14/04 There's No Room for Plain Jane in This Bomb Shelter.

TVRules 5/12/04 The Swan: Episode 7 Summary 5/10

TVRules 5/12/04 The Swan: Episode 6 Summary 5/10

Extra 5/12/04 Stars Slice N' Dice Plastic Surgery TV

Reality News Online 5/12/04 The Swan, Episode 7: The Reluctant Swans

Reality News Online 5/12/04 The Swan, Episode 6: The Ultimate Plain Jane

The Spoof 5/11/04 The Swan: Michael Jackson to Make Guest Appearance In Hit Fox Reality Show

Reality TV Calendar 5/11/04 The Swan: Episode 6 - Plain Jane Has Left The Building

Reality TV Calendar 5/11/04 The Swan: Episode 7 - The Winner Predicted

Celebrity Justice 5/5/04 Cosmetic Surgery Center Sues 'The Swan' For Logo Confusion

ET Online 5/5/04 Plus-Sized Actresses Against 'The Swan'

TVRules 5/5/04 The Swan: Episode 5 Summary 5/3

Fans of Reality TV 5/5/05 Oh Give Me a Place to Be, Where the Rhinos Plasty

TVRules 5/4/04 The Swan - Interview with Andrea

Reality TV Calendar 5/4/04 The Swan: Episode 5 Recap

Reality News Online 5/4/04 The Swan, Episode 5: When Swans Cry

TVRules 5/3/04 The Swan: Episode 5 5/3

TV Guide 5/3/04 Swan Lays a Fashion Plate

Chicago Sun-Times 5/3/04 Indefensible 'The Swan' just plain ugly

SF Chronicle 5/2/04 Clipping the wings of 'The Swan'

NY Times 5/2/04 A Lovelier You, With Off-the-Shelf Parts

Orlando Sentinel 5/1/04 Beautiful makeover, ugly idea

Reality TV Calendar 5/1/04 The Swan: It's About Being Happy 4/30/04 Look Good, Feel Good

E!Online 4/30/04 Fox's "Swan" Sails Along

Reality TV Calendar 4/30/04 Swan 2 Casting Instructions & Links

Zap2It 4/30/04 FOX's 'Swan' Not Going Away

TVRules 4/30/04 Casting: Season Two of The Swan

SF Chronicle 4/29/04 Ugly ducklings

Reality TV Calendar 4/29/04 The Swan: Episode 4 Recap

Fans Of Reality TV 4/29/04 The Swan, Episode 4 Recap 

Reality Reel 4/23/04 Episode 1: Dish up another please!

Dallas Morning News 4/23/04 Real-Life Drama Lives on 'The Restaurant'

Las Vegas Mercury 4/22/04 Idiot Box Savant: "The Swan"

Fox News 4/27/04 'The Restaurant' Burns, 'The Swan' Flies With Viewers

TVRules 4/27/04 The Swan - Interview with Kathy

Reality News Online 4/27/04 The Swan, Episode 4: Best Face Forward

TVRules 4/27/04 The Swan Episode 4 Summary

Milwaukee Journal 4/26/04 'Swan' song won't come soon enough

News Leader 4/26/04 The Swan: Just another turkey on TV

TVRules 4/26/04 The Swan: Episode 4 Preview 4/26

Press Enterprise 4/26/04 Enter the Swan

Fans Of Reality TV 4/24/04 The Swan, Episode 3 -- "Schick, Schtick, and Shick-a-bowm"

Knot Magazine 4/21/04 American Beauty: Is The Swan Only In Skin Deep?

TVRules 4/20/04 The Swan Episode 3 Summary

TVRules 4/20/04 The Swan- Interview with Tawnya

Reality News Online 4/20/04 The Swan, Episode 3: Shick-A-Bam!

Toronto Star 4/19/04 Who needs fairy godmothers when we have The Swan?

The Oregonian 4/19/04 There's no beauty anywhere in ugly reality show "The Swan"

Herald Leader 4/16/04 The Heather Channel

Globe and Mail 4/16/04 TV drives plastic surgery craze

Elites TV 4/15/04 The Swan – A Man’s World Blatantly Displayed??

NY Times 4/15/04 Dehumanizing and Mean? It's All Part of the Fun

Media Life 4/14/04 Fox's 'Swan,' no ugly ducking

TVRules 4/14/04 The Swan: Interview with Kristy G.

TVRules 4/13/04 The Swan: Episode 2 Summary 04-12-04

Reality News Online 4/13/04 The Swan, Episode 2: The Army Wife and the Bellydancer

Fans of Reality TV 4/13/04 Episode 2, Go-Go Boots in Chrysalis

TVRules 4/13/04 The Swan - Interview with Kelly

Post Gazette 4/13/04 TV Notes: 'Swan' beats 'Bachelor'

SF Examiner 4/12/04 They shoot ugly people, don't they?

TVRules 4/12/04 The Swan: Episode 2 Video Preview 4/12

Mercury News 4/12/04 TV `makeovers' take a scalpel to human dignity

USA Today 4/12/04 There's nothing beautiful about 'The Swan'

Globe and Mail 4/12/04 Proud as a peacock about The Swan

Daily Trojan 4/11/04 So all you want is to be cute and liked

Herald Sun 4/11/04 Reality is ugly TV

Fans Of Reality TV 4/10/04 The Swan, Episode 1 Recap -- "Look at All of You"

Mercury News 4/10/04 In reality, Fox's `The Swan' is one ugly duckling 4/9/04 The Plastic Surgery Show 4/9/04 Ducklings To Swans For TV

TVRules 4/8/04 The Swan: Episode 1 Summary 4/7

Extra 4/8/04 You're Still A Swan to Us 4/8/04 One dirty bird

Reality Reel 4/8/04 The Swan Premieres On FOX

Reality Reel 4/8/04 Ugly Ducklings Make Their Ultimate Transformations On “The Swan”

TVRules 4/8/04 The Swan: Episode 1 Elimination Spoiler 4/7

Reality News Online 4/8/04 The Swan, Episode 1: The Butterflies Emerge from Their Cocoons

Zap2It 4/8/04 'The Swan' Ratings are Beautiful to FOX

Zap2It 4/8/04 The 'Swan' Dive of Western Civilization

Newsday 4/7/04 A mirror of society

Plain Dealer 4/7/04 'Bachelor' and 'Swan' trigger the urge to run from reality

Reality News Online 4/7/04 ‘The Swan’ Begins Transformations Tonight on Fox

Orlando Sentinel 4/7/04 New wrinkle in reality

Chicago Tribune 4/7/04 `Swan' vows to work wonders with `ducklings'

ET Online 4/7/04 Plastic Surgery Turned Them Into 'Swans'

Chicago Sun-Times 4/7/04 It's a downer when women become Fox's fixer-uppers

USA Today 4/7/04 'Olympics' of makeovers ready to take flight

Dallas Morning News 4/6/04 Getting foxy

TVRules 4/6/04 The Swan: Episode 1 Previews 4/7 (Video)

Boston Herald 4/6/04 TV most fowl?: `Swan' creator claims Fox's ads don't reveal show's true beauty 4/6/04 Cutting-edge TV

Arizona Republic 4/5/04 TV takes a 'Swan' Dive into a well of wishes

MSNBC 4/4/04 Absolutely the Pitts

Independent 4/4/04 Reality TV hits new low with parade of 'the ugly ducklings'

TVRules 4/3/04 The Swan: A Sneak Peek At The Ladies

Seattle PI 4/2/04 'Swan' adds a new makeover wrinkle: An ending pageant

ET Online 4/2/04 Plastic Surgery Turned Them Into 'Swans'

SF Chronicle 3/31/04 Think TV is sick now? Give it time

TVRules 3/30/04 The Swan: Meet the 17 Potential Swans

NY Daily News 3/29/04 'Swan' will give gals a lift

TVRules 3/23/04 Fox Host Amanda Byram Returns, This Time To 'The Swan'

TVRules 3/19/04 The Swan Premiere Pushed Back

TV Barn 3/18/04 Fox PR: Here comes "The Swan"

Reality TV World 3/18/04 FOX moves 'The Swan' premiere to April 7

Boston Herald 2/6/04 The Friday Rant

TV Barn 2/3/04 Fox PR: "The Swan"

TVRules 2/2/04 FOX's The Swan Gets March Premiere

Zap2It 2/2/04 FOX's 'Swan' Takes Flight in March

Hollywood Reporter 2/2/04 Fox playing 'Swan' song with makeover reality fare

TVRules 11/13/03 The Swan Coming To FOX

Zap2It 10/8/03 FOX Takes 'Swan' Dive


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