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On this show, all contestants have to do is answer 21 questions honestly, as determined by a lie detector, and they can win up to $500,000.  Of course, the questions are easier when the stakes are low – but as the prize amount increases, contestants will be challenged to fess up to questions they may normally lie about. The touchier questions could be especially revealing because spouses, relatives or friends will be in the audience watching every result. What secret will someone divulge for hundreds of thousands of dollars?

News Articles about FOX Networks The Moment of Truth

NY Post 9/2/08 Jose's 'Truth'
Reality TV World 8/7/08 Fox pulls 'Truth' from fall schedule, new 'Hole in the Wall' to air instead

Zap2It 8/7/08 Fox Digs 'Hole' in September, Buries 'Truth'

BuddyTV 6/10/08 'Moment of Truth' Host: Tired of Being Accused as a Home Wrecker 6/6/08 Doctors, Lawyers, Priests, Police Officers for FOX'S The Moment of Truth

BuddyTV 5/27/08 The Moment of Truth: Season 2 Premieres Tonight, Apocalypse Coming Soon
South Coast Today 5/27/08 Parade of the shameless continues on 'Moment of Truth'
TV Guide 5/22/08 Moment of Truth Host: Home-wrecker Rap Is "Crap"

The Lantern 5/1/08 Reality TV run amok 4/2/08 ‘Moment of Truth’: Most shocking ending ever?

BuddyTV 4/2/08 The Moment of Truth: Season Ender Airs Tonight

Portsmouth Herald News 3/28/08 'Moment of Truth' a new low, even for reality TV

TV Guide 3/26/08 Sitting on The Moment of Truth's Hot Seat

Celebrity Spider 3/25/08 Recap Clip for The Moment of Truth on FOX

San Diego Union Tribune 3/21/08 Once exposed, you may need decontamination

Times Herald 3/21/08 Your 'Moment of Truth' - are you watching?

Hollywood Reporter 3/21/08 'Survivor' can't handle the 'Truth'

Media Life 3/19/08 Moment of truth for 'Moment of Truth'

Media Life 3/13/08 Solid 'Moment of Truth' without 'Idol'

Reality TV Links 3/10/08 Casting Call - The Moment of Truth

NY Post 2/29/08 'Truth' Ache

NY Post 2/28/08 Wife: I did it for the TV Money

Access Hollywood 2/28/08 'Moment Of Truth' Couple: Was It All For The Money?

Herald Sun 2/28/08 Game show sex cheat the biggest loser

Journal News 2/28/08 ‘Truth’ hurts for Piermont couple on reality show


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