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Extra 2/28/08 Woman Wrecks Her Marriage On RealiTV

LA Times 2/27/08 'The Moment of Truth' turns into a time of pain

Washington Post 2/27/08 Confessional Culture and "The Moment of Truth"

Fox News 2/27/08 Woman Who Admitted to Cheating on 'Moment of Truth' Says She Did It for Money

Trans World News 2/27/08 Lauren Cleri, "Moment of Truth" May Have Caused Her Divorce

Daily American 2/20/08 How Much Money Would You Receive for Telling the Truth?

Omaha World Herald 2/20/08 Is this a golden age for lying?

The Flat Hat 2/8/08 ‘Moment of Truth’ serves guilty pleasure

Reality TV Calendar 2/7/08 Moment of Truth- Tell The Truth or Lose or Lose it All

Daily Titan 2/7/08 CSUF student faces 'moment of truth'

E!Online 2/6/08 The Truth Hurts, But Not Nearly Enough

Globe and Mail 2/6/08 In love, honesty's not always the best policy

TV Guide 2/6/08 The Truth About Fox's Controversial Reality Show

Celebrity Spider 2/1/08 FOX Orders Thirteen Additional Episodes of "The Moment of Truth"

Daily Texan 1/31/08 Trashy TV climaxes in 'Moment of Truth'

Towerlight 1/31/08 Get Turned On: Fox's 'Moment' is truthfully immoral

TMZ 1/29/08 "Moment of Truth" to Catch a Killer? 1/27/08 Look away: Reality TV hits new low point

Zap2It 1/27/08 It's your 'Moment of Truth'

Reality TV Calendar 1/26/08 Moment of Truth Recap - Episode 1

Reality TV Links 1/25/08 Casting Call - The Moment of Truth

Washington Post 1/25/08 All the Young Dudes Tune In for 'MOT,' the Hoopla

TMZ 1/25/08 Is Clemens Ready for His "Moment of Truth"?

Boston Globe 1/25/08 Is 'Truth' worth the humiliation?

NY Times 1/25/08 Fishing for True Confessions by Dangling a Pot of Gold

LA Times 1/25/08 'Moment of Truth'

NY Post 1/25/08 Sweet 'Truth'

Buddy TV 1/24/08 The Moment of Truth: Series Review

TV Week 1/25/08 Fox's Darnell Relieved Critics Dislike ‘Moment’

Variety 1/24/08 Audiences stay put for 'Truth'

IF Magazine 1/24/08 Review: The Moment of Truth - Season Premiere

NY Magazine 1/24/08 ‘The Moment of Truth’: We'd Be Lying If We Said We Enjoyed It

Badger Herald 1/24/08 ‘Moment of Truth’: Television’s day of reckoning?

Variety 1/24/08 The Moment of Truth

NY Post 1/24/08 Boringly Painful Truth

Celebrity Spider 1/23/08 100 Sample Questions From FOX Network's "The Moment of Truth"

Buddy TV 1/23/08 The Moment of Truth Premieres Tonight, Host Says Show is a "Personal Journey"

Deseret Morning News 1/23/08 This is 'Truth'?

Chicago Sun Times 1/23/08 'Truth' or dare? Players land on hot seat

Media Life 1/23/08 'Moment of Truth,' hour of poor taste

USA Today 1/23/08 Fox's 'Moment of Truth' puts players in the hot seat

South Coast Today 1/23/08 'Moment' poses truly cringe-worthy queries

NY Post 1/23/08 To Tell the 'Truth'

Newsday 1/23/08 'Moment of Truth' and TV's ugly truth

Louisville Courier Journal 1/23/08 Fox show tests if contestants can handle 'Moment of Truth' 1/23/08 'Truth' has its moment on reality TV

Tampa Tribune 1/23/08 Truthfully, New Fox Game Show 'Moment' Is Probably Going To Grow Old Fast

Uncle Barky 1/22/08 Liar liar, should Fox burn in hellfire?

Buffalo News 1/22/08 ‘Moment of Truth’ humiliates contestants

Toledo Blade 1/22/08 The painful 'Truth' Contestants willing to tell all in quest for cash

Zap2It 1/22/08 FOX's 'Moment' stretches the 'Truth'

Sun Sentinel 1/22/08 Truth hurts on Moment of Truth

Post Gazette 1/22/08 Honesty is best policy on game show

Orlando Sentinel 1/22/08 Contestants on new game show find out if they can handle the truth

Arizona Republic 1/21/08 Fox is playing us for suckers with 'The Moment of Truth'

Newsday 1/20/08 'The Moment of Truth' arrives on Fox

Buddy TV 1/18/08 'Moment of Truth' "Not Out to Destroy" Contestants

Courier Mail 1/18/08 Quiz show The Moment of Truth makes private public

Celebrity Spider 1/17/08 The Moment of Truth Season Premiere Next Wednesday on FOX

Jam! 1/16/08 'Moment of Truth' tests honesty

Chicago Tribune 1/1/08 Reality TV guru is primed to go low with 'Truth'

Celebrity Spider 12/22/07 Preview Clips for The Moment of Truth

Celebrity Spider 12/8/07 FOX Announces The Moment of Truth to Premiere January 23

Celebrity Spider 12/7/07 Preview Clips for "The Moment of Truth" on FOX

Reality TV Links 12/6/07 Casting Call - The Moment of Truth

LA Times 12/2/07 He doesn't need a script; it's about hitting a nerve

NY Post 11/21/07 The 'Truth' hurts, but it pays well

Reality TV Links 9/8/07 Casting Call - Nothing But the Truth

Celebrity Spider 8/17/07 Jerry Springer to Host Nothing But the Truth

Washington Post 8/16/07 In This Case, 'Truth' May Not Set Anyone Free

Celebrity Spider 8/15/07 FOX Announces New Game Show "Nothing But the Truth"

Zap2It 8/15/07 FOX Wants 'Nothing But the Truth'

NY Post 8/15/07 Lie Detector


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