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On this show Tommy Hilfiger will host and ultimately mentor the winner who will be awarded the opportunity to design his or her own collection under the Tommy Hilfiger label and become the next great American designer.


News Articles about CBS Networks The Cut


Celebrity Spider 9/11/05 Tommy Hilfiger Hands Over a Fortune to Hurricane Victims

Always Reality Television 9/11/05 The Cut - Finale Recap, The Princess is on Fire

Reality News Online 9/9/05 The Cut: Maybe a Bit Predictable

Reality News Online 9/9/05 The Cut, Episode 13: And the Winner Is...

Celebrity Spider 9/8/05 Chris Cortez Wins "The Cut" and the Opportunity to Design His Own Line

Reality TV Magazine 9/8/05 The Cut Winner Is...

Reality TV World 9/8/05 Tommy Hilfiger selects Chris Cortez in CBS' 'The Cut' finale

Fans of Reality TV 9/7/05 He’s Still Chris C. From the Block

Reality TV Calendar 9/7/05 Previewing Tonight's Finale: Who Will Be "The Cut" Above The Rest?

Celebrity Spider 9/6/05 The Three Remaining Designers Tackle Their Final Assignment on "The Cut"

Always Reality Television 9/5/05 Episode 12 Recap, Visionary Down! Visionary Down!

Reality News Online 9/4/05 The Cut, Episode 12: Garbage In, Garments Out

Reality News Online 9/1/05 The Cut: Where Do We Go From Here?

Celebrity Spider 8/29/05 The Remaining Three Designers Tackle Their Final Assignment on "The Cut"

Reality Shack 8/29/05 “Too Wild and Weird for Tommy!”- The Cut, Episode 11

Reality News Online 8/29/05 The Cut, Episode 11: He Ain't Heavy, He's My Mannequin

Celebrity Spider 8/25/05 The Four Remaining Designers Are Given Their Dirtiest Assignment on The Cut

Celebrity Spider 8/18/05 The Final 6 Remaining Designers Face Double Elimination on "The Cut"

Reality Shack 8/16/05 Shauna the Imposter – The Cut, Episode 10

Reality News Online 8/16/05 The Cut: Sizing Up the Final Six

Reality News Online 8/15/05 The Cut, Episode 10: Hit Him with Your Best Shot

Always Reality Television 8/13/05 Episode 10 Recap, All Sexual Innuendoes Great and Small 8/13/05 The Cut: Episode 10 Results August 12, 2005

Reality TV Calendar 8/11/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of August 11th


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