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Fans of Reality TV 8/9/05 Keeping It Really Real

Reality News Online 8/8/05 The Cut, Episode 9: In a Van By the River!

Always Reality Television 8/6/05 Episode 9 Recap, The Invisible Man Disappears

Reality TV World 8/3/05 CBS moves 'The Cut' to Fridays beginning August 5

Reality Reel 8/2/05 The Cut Is On A Special Night, Friday August 5th

Always Reality Television 7/30/05 Episode 8 Recap, The Curse of the Black Bottom

Fans of Reality TV 7/29/05 Mommy, Can I Name My Mule Princess?

Reality Shack 7/29/05 Something Old, Nothing New! – The Cut, Episode 8

Reality News Online 7/29/05 The Cut, Episode 8: Leaving on a Jet Plane 7/28/05 Jessica Latest Contestant Eliminated From CBS's The Cut

Always Reality Television 7/25/05 The Cut Episode 7 Recap, 101 Reasons to Hate Wes

TVRules 7/23/05 The Cut: Episode 8 Preview 7/27/05

Reality Shack 7/22/05 “Hand Me … Hic! ... the …Hic! ... Scissors, Will Ya?” – The Cut, Episode 7

Reality News Online 7/22/05 The Cut, Episode 7: Black is Black

Reality TV Calendar 7/21/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 21st

Reality TV Calendar 7/21/05 The Cut Gets Punk'ed: Episode 7 Recap

Reality Reel 7/20/05 Teams Are Assigned To Make Over Two New York Punk Rock Bands, July 20

Fans of Reality TV 7/18/05 Our Interview with James

Fans of Reality TV 7/18/05 Tommy H. Naked! To Force Him Into Clothes, Click Here

Always Reality Television 7/15/05 Episode 6 Recap, Of Light Fixtures and Rashes

Reality Shack 7/15/05 "It's My ShopVac and You Can't Have It!" - The Cut, Episode 6

Reality News Online 7/15/05 The Cut, Episode 6: Goodwill Hunting

Reality TV Calendar 7/14/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 14th

Reality TV Calendar 7/14/05 It's All In The "Namme" Episode 3 Recap 7/13/05 The Cut: Episode 6 Preview 7/13/05

Fans of Reality TV 7/11/05 Our Interview with Tommy

Always Reality Television 7/11/05 The Cut - Episode 5 Recap, Costume Balls and Goodie Baskets

Fans Of Reality T.V. 7/9/05 The Cut - 7/6 Episode

Reality Shack 7/8/05 "Let's Play Cowboys and Indians!" - The Cut, Episode 5

Reality News Online 7/8/05 The Cut, Episode 5: Cowboys and Indians

Reality TV Calendar 7/7/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 7th 7/7/05 - Cowboys & Indians

Reality TV Calendar 7/7/05 Cowboys and Indians: Episode 5 Recap

Reality TV World 7/5/05 CBS's 'The Cut' moves to Wednesdays beginning July 6

Always Reality Television 7/3/05 The Cut - Episode 4 Recap, When Desperate Divas Destroy Designs

Fans Of Reality T.V. 7/2/05 Two Snaps And A Trip Down The Runway

Reality News Online 7/2/05 The Cut, Episode 4: Sew Many Dresses, So Little Time

Reality Reel 7/1/05 The 11 Remaining Designer's Must Run Their Own Clothing Boutique, July 13th On The Cut

Reality Reel 7/1/05 A Deadline Looms & A Design Is Nowhere To Be Found, July 6th On The Cut

Reality TV Calendar 7/1/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of July 1, 2005

Reality TV Calendar 7/1/05 The Novice Conquers the Pro: Episode 4 Recap

Reality Shack 7/1/05 If It Doesn't Fit, You Must Quit - The Cut, Episode 4

Fans Of Reality T.V. 6/30/05 Studio 54, Where Are You?

Always Reality Television 6/29/05 The Cut Episode 3 Recap, First, Second, or First

Reality News Online 6/27/05 The Cut, Episode 3: I Love the Nightlife

Reality Reel 6/26/05 The Cut: The Gay Cosmopolitan Vs. The St. Louis Mom

Reality Shack 6/26/05 Disappointments Arise - The Cut, Episode 3

TVRules 6/26/05 The Cut: Episode 4 Preview 6/30/2005

Reality TV Calendar 6/24/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of June 24, 2005

Reality TV Calendar 6/24/05 Stayin' Alive in the Style Forum: Episode 3 Recap 6/23/05 - Disco & Jazz

Reality Reel 6/23/05 Teams Much Re-Create Legendary Nightclubs Tonight On The Cut

Reality Reel 6/23/05 The Remaining Designers Must Create Their Own Dresses, 6/30 On The Cut

Always Reality Television 6/21/05 The Cut 6/16 Recap, Giving Fabulous Fever

Reality News Online 6/20/05 The Cut: Episode 2: Pimp My Ride

Reality TV Calendar 6/19/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of June 19, 2005

Reality Reel 6/18/05 The Cut: Marching Into Hilfiger's Troubled Lair

Reality Shack 6/18/05 Fabulous! - The Cut, Episode 2

Fans of Reality TV 6/17/05 Princess Coco Pimps a Ride That Will Never Be Hers

Reality TV Calendar 6/16/05 Navigating Through the Gaudiness: Episode 2 Recap

Zap2It 6/17/05 CBS Moves 'The Cut' 6/17/05 - Episodes 1 & 2: You're Out Of Style

ET Online 6/16/05 Making 'The Cut' on the Red Carpet!

Reality Reel 6/16/05 The Cut Moves To Wednesdays This July

Reality TV Magazine 6/16/05 The Cut Contestants Customize Lincoln Navigators for Fabolous

Always Reality Television 6/15/05 The Cut 6/9 Recap, Solid Gold... Or, Maybe Not

Reality News Online 6/13/05 The Cut, Episode 1: First Impressions

Reality Reel 6/12/05 The Cut: New York Déjà Vu Without Trump Charm

Fans of Reality TV 6/11/05 Our Interview with Amy

Indy Star 6/10/05 Hilfiger's reality is just a bit different

Toronto Star 6/10/05 Neon lights not bright on Broadway

Reality TV Calendar 6/10/05 Designing A Better Apprentice: Episode 1 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 6/10/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of June 10, 2005

Reality Shack 6/10/05 Out of Style! - The Cut, Episode 1

Reality TV Magazine 6/10/05 The Cut Contestants Design The World's Ugliest Billboards

Indy Star 6/10/05 Hilfiger's reality is just a bit different

Celebrity Spider 6/9/05 Tommy Hilfiger Featured in CBS' New Reality Series 'The Cut'

Hollywood Reporter 6/9/05 The Cut

CBS 6/9/05 Hilfiger's 'Cut' Beyond Design

Boston Globe 6/9/05 Vying for a job, they do it with style

Houston Chronicle 6/9/05 Will Tommy Hilfiger make The Cut? 6/9/05 Apprentices with designs on a fashion career

Reality TV Magazine 6/9/05 The Cut Season Premiere Features Billboard Design

AJC 6/9/05 Hilfiger lets his reality shape 'The Cut' 

Chicago Tribune 6/9/05 Newest reality show is a `Cut' below for CBS

TV Guide 6/9/05 It's The Apprentice for Fashionistas!

Beacon Journal 6/9/05 `The Cut' designed to make fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger look good

Chicago Sun-Times 6/9/05 Hilfiger rates fashion hopefuls in 'The Cut'

Mobile Register 6/9/05 Designers vie to survive 'Cut'

Jam! 6/9/05 Hilfiger show Cut from same cloth

NY Daily News 6/9/05 Hilfiger's show a 'Cut' above

LA Times 6/9/05 Tommy takes turn as the Donald

Newsday 6/9/05 Is Tommy a 'Cut' above Donald? 6/8/05 The Cut: Episode 1 ''Circus Seximus'' Preview 6/9/05

Milwaukee Journal 6/8/05 'The Cut' splices in style and substance

Wisconsin State Journal 6/8/05 'The Cut' promises its own style

Star Ledger 6/8/05 Man of fashion

Reality News Online 6/7/05 The Cut: A Preview

Reality TV Magazine 6/7/05 CBS Reveals More Info on The Cut Participants

Post Gazette 6/7/05 TV Preview: A more colorful style 'Apprentice'

Nashville City Paper 6/7/05 Making 'The Cut'

Orlando Sentinel 6/6/05 Hilfiger's 'The Cut' coming this week

Milwaukee Journal 6/6/05 Hilfiger's Reality Show 'The Cut' to Debut
ET Online 6/6/05 Tommy Hilfiger Makes 'The Cut'

Zap2It 6/5/05 Hilfiger Helps New Designers Make 'The Cut'

NY Times 6/5/05 Does the Reality Show Make the Designer?

Globe and Mail 6/4/05 He's not the Donald

Washington Post 6/3/05 A Reality Show Cut From Whole Cloth

Reality TV Calendar 6/2/05 Initial Photo Scoreboard and Rankings

Wireless Flash News Service 6/2/05 Tommy Hilfiger Has Designs On Surprise Catchphrase

Celebrity Spider 6/1/05 Tommy Hilfiger Joins Reality TV Stars

Fans Of Reality T.V. 6/01/05 Tommy Hilfiger Promises Surprises And Secrets On "The Cut"

Reality Reel 5/31/05 Potential Next Great Fashion Designers Revealed

Reality Reel 5/31/05 The Cut To Premiere June 9th, At 8:00 pm ET/PT

Jam! 5/22/05 Hilfiger hosts new reality show

Elmira Star-Gazette 5/15/05 Hilfiger focus of new television reality show

Chicago Sun-Times 5/12/05 3 Chicagoans make fashion 'Cut'

Reality TV World 5/11/05 CBS reveals the identities of its upcoming 'The Cut' contestants

Reality TV Calendar 5/11/05 CBS Announces the 16 Designers of The Cut

Reality TV World 5/9/05 CBS to premiere its Tommy Hilfiger-hosted 'The Cut' fashion reality show on June 9

NY Daily News 5/7/05 CBS rides reality wave

Zap2It 5/6/05 CBS Pulls Triple Double with 'Big Brother,' 'Rock Star'

Herald Leader 11/4/04 Fashion dreams stitched into reality TV

Montgomery Advertiser 10/25/04 Competitors have designs on 'The Cut'

AJC 10/18/04 100 try to make 'The Cut' for TV

CBS2 9/14/04 "The Cut" Open Casting Call

Herald Dispatch 9/5/04 The edge: Hilfiger to bring reality TV a touch of fashion savvy

Chicago Sun-Times 8/30/04 Hilfiger the latest celeb to try hand at reality TV

NY Daily News 8/30/04 'Cut'! Sew! Tommy gets reality show

Reality Reel 8/29/04 "New Reality Series, "The Cut," To Find America’s Next Fashion Trendsetter"

Hollywood Reporter 8/28/04 Hilfiger, CBS making 'The Cut'

Zap2It 8/27/04 CBS Tailors Reality Show for Hilfiger

USA Today 8/27/04 Hilfiger's reality show; 'Star Wars' sounds

Hollywood Reporter 8/27/04 Hilfiger tries on reality show

E!Online 8/26/04 Hilfiger Gets Real


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