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On this series contestants compete to win a million dollars from internet billionaire and benefactor Mark Cuban who is also owner of the Dallas Mavericks.

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Reality News Online 10/28/04 The Benefactor, Episode 6: The Winner Takes It All

Fans Of Reality TV 10/27/04 The Benefactor 10/25/04 Recap: I’ll See Your Serious, and Raise You a Dead Serious

Orwell Project 10/26/04 Femia, The Millionaire—“The Benefactor” Final Episode Recap

Rugged Elegance 10/26/04 Billionaire Mark Cuban Gives Away $1 Million on The Benefactor

Dallas Morning News 10/26/04 For Femia, kindness sure pays on 'Benefactor'

Reality Shack 10/26/04 Comedy of Errors - The Benefactor, Season Finale

Reality TV Calendar 10/26/04 You Can't Win With A Plasma Screen: Finale Recap

Reality HQ 10/26/04 The Benefactor, The Finale

TeeVee 10/25/04 'The Benefactor': What Went Wrong

Mobile Register 10/25/04 Network will shorten 'The Benefactor's' run

Fans Of Reality TV 10/22/04 The Benefactor 10/18/04 Recap: Mr. and Mrs. Bean’s Honeymoon Jubilee

Reality News Online 10/22/04 The Benefactor, Episode 5: Try a Little Kindness

Deseret News 10/20/04 Are TV billionaires a bust?

NY Daily News 10/20/04 Billionaire thumped by Trump

OurSports Central 10/19/04 NWFA Player Survives Round Five in Reality Series

Reality Shack 10/19/04 Random Acts of Kindness - The Benefactor, Episode 5

Orwell Project 10/19/04 Domonic saved and two others are sent packing-"The Benefactor" Recap 5 10/18/04 Cuban's Missile Crisis

Mobile Register 10/18/04 Network will shorten 'The Benefactor's' run


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