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Dallas Morning News 10/16/04 The Benefailure

Reality TV World 10/15/04 ABC cuts run of its struggling 'The Benefactor' series from eight episodes to six

Dallas Morning News 10/14/04 ABC cuts back Cuban's 'The Benefactor'

Zap2It 10/14/04 ABC Trims 'Benefactor' Run

TVRules 10/13/04 The Benefactor Episodes Shifted Back One Week

TVRules 10/11/04 The Benefactor: Episode 6 Preview 10/18/04

TVRules 10/7/04 The Benefactor: October 4, 2004 Summary

Fans of Reality TV 10/7/04 Who Wants To Be a Thousandaire? (10/4 recap)

Reality News Online 10/7/04 The Benefactor, Episode 4: Nothin’ But Net!

Reality TV World 10/7/04 The Benefactor - Episode 4 summary

Dallas Morning News 10/6/04 A new ratings low for 'Benefactor'

Reality TV Calendar 10/5/04 Pity The Kid: Episode 4 Recap

Orwell Project 10/5/04 No Guts No Glory, The Benefactor Episode 4 recap

Dallas Morning News 10/5/04 'Benefactor' Watch: HORSE-play abounds

Reality Shack 10/5/04 Basketball, Bribes and Bimbos - The Benefactor, Episode 4

Reality TV World 10/4/04 The Benefactor - Episode 3 summary

Reality TV Calendar 9/30/04 Mark Cuban or Donald Trump - Who's Your Money On?

Fans of Reality TV 9/30/04 A Fool and His Money (9/27 recap)

Reality News Online 9/30/04 The Benefactor, Episode 3: Express Yourself

RealityShack 9/30/04 Q&A With The Benefactor, Mark Cuban

TVRules 9/29/04 The Benefactor: Exclusive Interview Mark Cuban

Dallas Morning News 9/28/04 Benefactor Watch: The players 'grand' stand

Orwellproject 9/28/04 Leader of The Pack, The Benefactor Episode 3 Recap

RealityShack 9/28/04 No Balls, No Babies - The Benefactor, Episode 3

Reality TV Calendar 9/28/04 "Make Me Say Wow!" Episode 3 Recap

Reality HQ 9/28/04 The Benefactor. Episode 3

TVRules 9/27/04 The Benefactor: 9/27 Summary

CBS Marketwatch 9/24/04 Mark Cuban unplugged about Trump

Reality TV Calendar 9/24/04 All Them B's: Hardwired Commentary by Teri Sue

Reality TV World 9/23/04 The Benefactor - Episode 2 summary

NY Post 9/23/04 Trump's TV Rival Fires Back

Reality News Online 9/23/04 The Benefactor, Episode 2: Go On Take the Money and Run

Fans of Reality TV 9/23/04 Luck o' the Evil (9/20 recap)

TVRules 9/22/04 The Benefactor: Episode 4 Preview 10/04/04

TVRules 9/22/04 The Benefactor: Episode 3 Preview 9/27/04

AJC 9/21/04 Trump Trounces 'Benefactor' in TV Ratings

Orwell Project 9/21/04 Old School, The Benefactor Episode Two Recap

Reality TV Calendar 9/21/04 The Winner Revealed? Spoiler Report

Reality TV Calendar 9/21/04 Any One For Any Reason: Episode 2 Recap

Reality Shack 9/21/04 Do Not Waste My Time - The Benefactor, Episode 2

Reality HQ 9/21/04 The Benefactor - Episode 2 Recap

Dallas Morning News 9/21/04 Benefactor Watch: This one is for the yearbook

TVRules 9/20/04 The Benefactor: Episode 2 Summary-9/20/04

Boston Herald 9/20/04 New Beemer revs up `Benefactor' rumors

TVRules 9/20/04 The Benefactor-A Look At Episode Two, September 20

Orwell Project 9/20/04 2nd Graders Help Mark Cuban Make The Cuts o­n Tonight's ABC's "The Benefactor"

Blog Maverick 9/20/04 Episode 1 - Behind the scenes

The Clarion News 9/16/04 Clarion University graduate on new reality series, ‘The Benefactor’

Sun News 9/16/04 New reality show challenges Trump

TVRules 9/16/04 The Benefactor: Episode 3 Preview 9/27/04

Reality News Online 9/15/04 The Benefactor, Episode 1: Follow the Money

Fans of Reality TV 9/15/04 Stupid Is As Stupid Does (Ep 1 recap)

Dallas Morning News 9/14/04 Benefactor Watch: Cuban cuts 3 from team

Orwell Project 9/14/04 The Benefactor Episode 1 Recap - "Do You Janga?"

Reality TV Calendar 9/14/04 An Unpredictable And Compelling Show: Ep 1 Recap

Reality HQ 9/14/04 Series Premiere, The Benefactor

RealityShack 9/14/04 Jenga Anyone? - The Benefactor, Episode 1

TVRules 9/13/04 The Benefactor: Premiere Episode 1 Summary-9/13/04

Media Life 9/13/04 'Benefactor,' random acts of nonsense

Beacon Journal 9/13/04 `The Benefactor' like `Apprentice,' but with a heart

Boston Globe 9/13/04 `Benefactor' doesn't hit the jackpot

Union Tribune 9/13/04 Maybe he's no Donald, but Cuban comes in second with 'Apprentice' imitator

Dallas Morning News 9/13/04 Cuban confident Midas touch will extend to 'Benefactor'

Chicago Tribune 9/13/04 The `Benefactor' would benefit from a script

Union Tribune 9/13/04 'Benefactor' replays, misplays Trump card

Miami Herald 9/13/04 'Benefactor' takes reality TV to new lows

The Oregonian 9/13/04 Of Two narcissistic billionaires 9/13/04 Fun from Locklear and 'LAX' - not 'The Benefactor'

NY Daily News 9/13/04 'Benefactor' gives till it hurts 9/13/04 Double dose of reality

Star Telegram 9/12/04 Chat Room: Mark Cuban, The Benefactor

The Daily Times 9/11/04 Shore native Kellam a reality contestant

Dallas Morning News 9/11/04 Mark Cuban proves he's no Donald Trump

Post Gazette 9/11/04 TV Preview: Billionaire Mark Cuban says his 'Benefactor' isn't an 'Apprentice' clone

The Monitor 9/10/04 McAllen native stars in Benefactor’s ensemble cast

Milwaukee Journal 9/10/04 'Benefactor' Called Richly Entertaining

Zap2It 9/9/04 ABC Hopes to Hit the Mark with 'The Benefactor'

Hartford Courant 9/9/04 Cuban, Branson Vs. Trump

TVRules 9/7/04 The Benefactor: Episode 2 Preview 9/20/04

Reality News Online 9/7/04 The Benefactor: A Preview

Post Dispatch 9/7/04 Forget their shows, why don't Trump and Cuban change their hair?

Chicago Sun Times 9/6/04 'Benefactor,' 'Billionaire' join mogul slugfest

Deseret News 9/3/04 Cocky Cuban mimics Trump

TVRules 8/30/04 ABC's The Benefactor Premieres Monday, September 13

Times-Leader 8/30/04 'Apprentice' fans get more of same in '2,' 'Benefactor'

Toronto Star 8/14/04 Television's next tycoon

Deseret News 8/10/04 When billionaires battle, there's no one to root for

TVRules 7/21/04 The Benefactor: The 16 Finalists Named

Dallas Morning News 7/17/04 Mark Cuban goes Hollywood

Reality TV World 7/16/04 ABC announces some contestant details for Mark Cuban's 'The Benefactor'

Milwaukee Journal 7/16/04 The Mark offers a different reality

Zap2It 7/14/04 Mark Cuban: A Different Kind of Reality Billionaire

Dallas Morning News 7/14/04 Just call me 'Mark'

NY Daily News 7/14/04 Cuban playing Trump card

Extra 6/28/04 Cuban's Primetime Game Plan

Mercury News 6/21/04 Cuban to Trump: Hire me

Dallas Morning News 6/2/04 Cuban boosts 'Benefactor' on Web site

Detroit News 6/2/04 Mavericks Owner Gives Peek at ABC Show

Dallas Morning News 5/12/04 Sightings find 'Benefactor' filming discreet but frenzied

Democrat & Chronicle 5/1/04 Area native gets $1 million chance

Dallas Morning News 4/27/04 Catching up with Cuban (via e-mail, of course)

Extra 4/26/04 Tycoons in Reality TV Turf War 4/26/04 Cuban Exposed

USA Today 4/25/04 Losing's not an option for Cuban

eMedia Wire 4/23/04 Reality Television Applicant Takes on the Internet

Business Wire 4/21/04 Mark Cuban Lashes Out At Applicant's Pranks 4/20/04 Thank you, Donald

ESPN 4/17/04 Mavs owner faces competition for Kwame

Denver Post 4/4/04 Hundreds Audition for Mark Cuban's Show

Dallas Morning News 4/2/04 North Texans dream of spot on Cuban's reality show

KTVB 3/29/04 More than 100 appear for chance at television appearance

TVRules 3/24/04 The Benefactor: Casting Updates

TVRules 3/19/04 The Benefactor-Open Calls/Application Information

Reality TV World 3/18/04 ABC announces initial audition dates for Mark Cuban's 'The Benefactor'

Reuters 2/25/04 Charm a Hothead, Win $1 Million on Reality TV Show

Star Telegram 2/25/04 Mark's Million

Herald Democrat 2/25/04 What would you do for $1 million?

USA Today 2/25/04 Mavs' Cuban to surrender big bucks

IndyStar 2/25/04 Next reality show: Convince Cuban to give you $1 million

Post Gazette 2/25/04 Mark Cuban joins $1 million mania

Zap2It 2/24/04 Mark Cuban Wants To Be Your 'Benefactor'

TVRules 2/24/04 Mark Cuban Is ''The Benefactor''

Dallas Morning News 2/24/04 Mark Cuban to host ABC reality series

Boston Globe 2/24/04 Mavericks owner to become reality TV host


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