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About Fox Networks Temptation Island and Temptation Island 3


A show on FOX, four unmarried but seriously committed couples at a crossroads

in their relationship and thirty singles that are looking for love, travel to an exotic location 

to test the waters of temptation.


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News Articles about FOX Networks Temptation Island Show


Courier Mail 12/1/03 TV temptation puts Ryan on flight path to success

Gazette Mail 11/2/03 The temptress

Dallas Morning News 10/5/03 On 'Temptation Island,' fidelity spoils the fun

Reality TV World 10/3/03 Temptation Island 3 - Finale Episode summary

Reality News Online 10/2/03 Temptation Island 3, The Finale: Stuck Together, Torn Apart

Reality TV Talk 10/1/03 TI3 Episode 8 Recap - Final Bonfires: C.S.I. of Love?

TV Guide 10/1/03 Temptation Tomcat Tells All!

Chicago Sun-Times 10/1/03 Only one castaway couple leaves island with relationship intact

Reality TV Talk 10/1/03 TI3 Episode 7 Recap Final Dates: Sleep Near Me?

Fans Of Reality TV 9/30/03 Finale Recap: It's All About the Journey

Reality Reel 9/30/03 The Finale of Temptation Island

Reality TV World 9/30/03 'TI3' ends with one couple staying together while three others part ways

TV Barn 9/30/03 Fox PR: Three more couples beached on "Temptation Island"

Reality TV Talk 9/29/03 TI3 Episode 6 Recap "Who Are You?"

Chicago Sun-Times 9/29/03 Stroking hair -- and egos -- as show winds down

Reality Reel 9/28/03 Temptation Island Episode 5 A Recap.

Reality TV Talk 9/27/03 TI3 Episode 5 Recap "Shut Up!!!"

Fans of Reality TV 9/27/03 It's All About Being Misunderstood

Reality News Online 9/26/03 Temptation Island 3, Episode 6: Talk Dirty to Me, Baby

Reality News Online 9/26/03 Temptation Island 3, Episode 5: Drama, Drama Everywhere

Chicago Sun-Times 9/25/03 'An instant connection'--but girlfriend keeps plugging

Reality TV World 9/24/03 'Temptation Island 3' to end with 2-hr finale on Monday, September 29


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Temptation Books


Infidelity : Your Complete Guide to Awareness, Prevention, Intervention, and Recovery

Affairs : A Guide to Working Through the Repercussions of Infidelity


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