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News Articles about FOX Networks Temptation Island Show


Reality TV World 9/24/03 Temptation Island 3 - Episode 4 summary

Reality TV Talk 9/21/03 TI3 Ep4 "I Feel Like Such A Fool"

TVRules 9/20/03 I'm Sorry, Was That Your Toe I Stepped On?

Fans Of Reality TV 9/19/03 It's All About The Ice Man

Reality Reel 9/19/03 Wet and Wild: Temptation Island Episode 4

Reality News Online 9/19/03 Temptation Island 3, Episode 4: Ship of Fools, Island of Idiots

The Gate 9/19/03 The Scoop: "Temptation Island"

Chicago Sun-Times 9/18/03 Staying strong as loved one fawns over another

Reality TV World 9/15/03 Temptation Island 3 - Episode 3 summary

Fans Of Reality TV 9/12/03 Temptation Island 3: 9/11 Episode - It's All About Me Having Fun

TVRules 9/12/03 Temptation Island 9/11 Summary

The Gate 9/12/03 The Scoop: "Temptation Island"

Reality News Online 9/12/03 Temptation Island 3, Episode 3: The Cure For Insomnia!

Reality TV Talk 9/11/03 TI3 Episode 3 Recap "Bonfire of the Inanities"

Reality TV World 9/11/03 Temptation Island 3 - Episode 2 summary

Chicago Sun-Times 9/11/03 Tales of the tapes: massages, misery and too much mayo

News.com.au 9/10/03 Lust and envy hit Island

Reality News Online 9/7/03 Temptation Island 3, Episode 2: First Dates and… the Bonfire!

Ventura County Star 9/6/03 Couples make waves on 'Temptation Island'

Fans Of Reality TV 9/6/03 It's All About the First Dates.

TVRules 9/5/03 Temptation Island, Let the Dating Begin!

Reality Reel 9/5/03 More Tempting than Ever.

MediaFiends.com 9/5/03 Episode 2: The Start of the End

Detroit News 9/3/03 And in this Corner, B'ham's own 'Temptation Island'

Bikini Day 9/2/03 Episode 1 Recap with Pictures

MediaFiends.com 9/2/03 Temptation Island 3 Recap

Reality TV World 9/2/03 Temptation Island 3 - Episode 1 summary

TVRules 9/1/03 ''Oh my God, we're on Temptation Island...'' - Kara

Reality TV World 9/1/03 'Temptation Island 3' premiere struggles in the ratings, finishes fifth in timeslot

Dallas Morning News 8/31/03 'Island 3' turns up the cheat

The Herald 8/30/03 Rock Hill native makes tempting debut on Fox

Fans Of Reality TV 8/29/03- 8/28 Premier Episode - It's All About the Love

MediaFiends.com 8/29/03 Let The Tempting Begin! SIKE!!!

Reality News Online 8/29/03 Temptation Island 3, Episode 1: Psyche!

TBO 8/28/03 `Island 3' Leads Us Not Into Temptation To Watch Tonight On Fox

WHNS 8/28/03 Temptation Island 3 Steamier Than Ever!

Oakland Press 8/28/03 Local bachelor is playing tempter on reality show

CNS News 8/28/03 Fox 'Playing With Fire' on Temptation Island, TV Watchdog Says

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/28/03 'Temptation' returns - why?

Calgary Sun 8/28/03 Facing Temptation

Beacon Journal 8/28/03 Third `Island' just too tempting

Deseret News 8/28/03 Real 'Temptation' is TV time

Detroit News 8/28/03 Local tempts 'Island' viewers

US Newswire 8/27/03 'Temptation Island' Is Not Only Sleazy, Exploitative, and Mean-Spirited...

Salt Lake Tribune 8/27/03 Lead us not into 'Temptation Island'

Extra 8/27/03 'Temptation Island'

New York Daily News 8/27/03 'Island' more a temptation

New York Daily News 8/27/03 2 New Yorkers test waters

Times Picayune 8/26/03 Tempted by fate

Reality News Online 8/26/03 Temptation Island 3 – A Preview

Toronto Star 8/26/03 Life is good as island seducer

ET Online 8/22/03 Who Will Survive 'Temptation Island'?

Deseret News 8/19/03 Fox bows to 'Temptation'

Manila Times 8/18/03 An actor goes beyond the sea

Reality TV World 8/14/03 FOX reveals identities of 'Temptation Island 3's 28 single tempters

Zap2It 8/14/03  FOX Unveils Singles Populating 'Temptation Island'

TVRules 8/5/03 TI3: More Temptation Coming Thursday August 28

Reality TV World 8/4/03 Fox reveals 'Temptation Island 3' couples, series to premiere August 28

Zap2It 8/4/03 Fox Heads Back to 'Temptation Island'

Zap2It 6/11/03 Mark Walberg: Host of the Most

Reality TV World 6/5/03 FOX's 'Temptation Island 3' finishes filming in Honduras

WHNS 2/21/03 Temptation Island III Auditions

TV Rules 2/6/03 More Temptation

Zap2It 2/6/03 FOX Goes Back for More 'Temptation'

Gay Wired 7/20/02 Temptation Island Tony: I Was Drugged and Used

Reality News Online 6/14/02 Reality TV Hall of Shame: Ytossie & Taheed of 'Temptation Island'

Reality News Online 3/4/02 Temptation Island 2's Ali Spills the Secrets in Exclusive Interview

Reality News Online 2/21/02 'Temptress' Injured in Snowboarding Accident

Reality News Online 2/19/02 Temptation Island 2: A Wrap-Up

Zap2It 2/18/02 Couple Survives 'Temptation Island 2'

Reality TV Planet 2/17/02 Temptation Island 2 February 14

Reality News Online 2/17/02 Temptation Island Update: Tommy & Nikkole

Television Without Pity 2/16/02 Over

St. Petersburg Times 2/16/02 Temptation, devastation, reconciliation

Reality News Online 2/15/02 Temptation Island 2, Episode 12: Hallelujah!

BBC 2/15/02 Temptation Island on rocks

Reality News Online 2/14/02 RNO Roundtable: Cheating on Temptation Island

Reality News Online 2/13/02 The Tempting Not-an-Island Known as Los Angeles

Reality News Online 2/12/02 Reflections on Temptation Island 2

Reality News Online 2/10/02 Today's Roman Coliseums

Television Without Pity 2/9/02 Ho Me Tight

Reality News Online 2/8/02 Temptation Island 2, Episode 11: Final Orgy, er, Dates

Reality News Online 2/7/02 Temptation Island, Romances, Missing Minds, and Babe Pictures

Zap2It 2/5/02 Why Hasn't 'Temptation Island 2' Tempted Viewers?

Television Without Pity 2/4/02 You Don't Have To Go Ho, But You Can't Stay Here

Reality News Online 2/1/02 Temptation Island 2, Episode 10: Thank God It's Almost Over

Reality TV Planet 1/31/02 Day 18, The Bonfire

Mighty Big TV 1/27/02 Delusions Of Monogamy

Reality News Online 1/25/02 Temptation Island 2, Episode 9: The Inequities of the Selfish

Extra TV 1/24/02 'Temptation Island 2'

Reality TV Planet 1/24/02 Temptation Island 2 January 24

The Trades 1/23/02 Temptation Island 2 - The Tempters

Reality News Online 1/22/02 I Want to Be on Temptation Island!

Mighty Big TV 1/18/02 Ho-ey New Year!

Reality News Online 1/18/02 Temptation Island 2, Episode 8: It's Only OK When *I* Do It

Reality TV Planet 1/18/02 Temptation Island 2 January 17

Reality News Online 12/25/01 Temptation Island 2: Committed Couples?

Mighty Big TV 12/22/01 Christmas, Fox Style

Reality News Online 12/21/01 Temptation Island 2, Episode 7: New Couple, Same Stupidity

Reality TV Planet 12/19/01 Tony, a porn star?

Mighty Big TV 12/14/01 Fa-Hill Attraction

Reality News Online 12/14/01 Temptation Island 2, Episode 6: It Just Keeps Getting Worse

Reality TV Planet 12/13/01 Temptation Island 2 December 13

Online.ie 12/12/01 India considers giving in to Temptation

Zap2It 12/10/01 A New Couple Joins Temptation Island 2

Zap2It 12/10/01 New Couple Sails to 'Temptation Island'

Mighty Big TV 12/8/01 Holy MatriTony

Reality News Online 12/7/01 Temptation Island 2, Episode 5: Scandal Rocks the Island

Extra TV 11/29/01 Temptation Island 2

Indian Express 11/16/01 Temptation Island to reach Indian homes soon

Reality TV Planet 11/16/01 Temptation Island 2 November 15

Reality News Online 11/11/01 Temptation Island 2: Entertaining Fluff

Mighty Big TV 11/11/01 Date Sabotage

Mighty Big TV 11/10/01 Journey Into The Garden

Reality News Online 11/9/01 The Temptation Island Wedding: Bringing Back the Old Feelings
Reality News Online 11/9/01 Temptation Island, Episode 2: The First Dates

Reality TV Planet 11/9/01 Temptation Island 2 November 8 Show Summary

Mighty Big TV 11/9/01 Temptation Island: The Wedding

Zap2It 11/8/01 'Temptation 2' Seduces Young Adults

Reality TV Planet 11/8/01 November 7 Show Summary

Zap2It 11/8/01 Shannon and Andy Tie the Knot on 'Temptation Island' Reunion

Reality News Online 11/8/01 The Temptation Island Wedding: Bringing Back the Old Feelings

Reality News Online 11/8/01 Temptation Island 2, Episode 1: Meet the 'Couples'

Detroit News 11/7/01 'Temptation Island 2' stirs up more relationship hijinks for Fox

Chicago Tribune 11/7/01 `Temptation Island' checks in, but does anybody really care?

Reality News Online 11/6/01 Temptation Island 2: A (Warning) Preview
Zap2It 11/2/01 'Temptation Island's' Host Returns to His Wicker Chair

Knox News 11/2/01 More 'Temptation,' another 'Island'

Zap2It 10/26/01 Temptation Island 2 Premieres on FOX

Zap2It 10/26/01 FOX Presents Temptation Island Reunion Wedding Special

Zap2It 10/23/01 FOX Introduces 'Temptation Island' Couples

Guardian Unlimited (UK) 9/30/01 Doing the island fling

News Item 9/27/01 Doctor arrives at Pa. hospital with a very tempting resume

Zap2It 9/11/01 FOX Presents Temptation Island Wedding Special

Zap2It 9/10/01 'Temptation Island' Couples Reunite for Wedding

E!Online 8/23/01 "Temptation": Bridging Racial Gap?

USA Today 7/23/01 Ads pepper reality shows with product placements

Buffalo News 7/20/01 Creators spin the virtuous side of 'Temptation Island'

Milwaukee Journal 7/19/01 Fox, WB ready to dole out more doses of reality

Zap2It 7/18/01 FOX Finds More Fish in Reality Sea

Cleveland.com 6/24/01 Tempting proposition for singles

E!Online 6/19/01 "Temptation 2": No Kids Allowed

Zap2It 6/19/01 'Temptation' Holds Little Interest in Norway

Digital Spy 6/19/01 Couples wanted for Temptation Island 2

Zap2It 6/18/01 'Temptation 2' Looking for More Lovers

Aften Posten 6/13/01 Few tempted by infidelity television

Detroit News 5/18/01 For fall, Fox hopes to offer viewers lots of 'Temptation'

Zap2It 5/17/01 FOX Bulks Up on Comedies, Schedules 'Temptation Island II'

Zap2It 4/6/01 Britain Launches ‘Temptation Island’ and Religious Reality Series

BBC 4/6/01 Plans for UK Temptation Island

E!Online 4/4/01 Taheed and Ytossie Speak!

Zap2It 4/4/01 'Temptation Island' Couple Say They Wanted To Further Their Acting Careers

Media Guardian 3/30/01 Channel 5 loses out to Temptation

BBC 3/30/01 Couple sue Temptation Island

E!Online 3/29/01 "Temptation" Courtroom

Zap2It 3/29/01 'Temptation Island' Couple Claim 'Fraud'

USA Today 3/29/01 'Temptation Island' couple sue show

E!Online 3/28/01 Celeb Courthouse

Toledo Blade 3/19/01 Do you have what it takes for ‘Survivor’?

Salon 3/6/01 The naked reality

Gist 3/2/01 Better Together?

Salon 3/1/01 Episode 7: The tawdry and the damned

E!Online 3/1/01 Sappy Endings Aside, "Temptation" Lives On

Washington Post 3/1/01 Tempted but True

Zap2It 3/1/01 FOX Orders Up More 'Temptation'

Zap2It 3/1/01 'Temptation's' Mandy Turned Down Playboy Offer

Zap2It 3/1/01 'Temptation,' 'Mole' Finales Lure Viewers

Zap2It 3/1/01 'Mole,' 'Island' End Seasons

Washington Post 2/28/01 Couples Resist Island's Temptation

Slate 2/28/01 Explaining Shannon and Andy

Bergen Record 2/28/01 Will monogamy rule on 'Temptation Island'?

Zap2It 2/27/01 After Temptation

Washington Post 2/27/01 Temptation Island: So Bad It's Good

Zap2It 2/27/01 FOX Awaits Final 'Temptation' Ratings

Globe and Mail 2/27/01 Canadian youth are high on Temptation Island

Seattle Times 2/25/01 Provocative effects of 'Temptation,' a TV storm

Seattle Times 2/25/01 TV show aside, Belize's biggest lure is under water

Zap2It 2/23/01 Temptation Island Couples to Appear at TV Guide Awards

Salon 2/22/01 Bizarre love triangles

Washington Post 2/22/01 It's Time to Cheat or Retreat on 'Temptation Island'

Slate 2/20/01 Temptation Island CliffsNotes

Milwaukee Journal 2/18/01 Brookfield's 'Kaya' finds temptation all around

Zap2It 2/16/01 Temptation Island Series Finale On FOX 2/28/01

Zap2It 2/14/01 Playboy Uncovers 'Temptation Island' Singles

National Enquirer 2/14/01 Temptation Island Stars Secret - He's Married With Children

US News 2/12/01 Partner hopping

Milwaukee Journal 2/12/01 Tempting TV's hottest twosomes

Salon 2/8/01 Tension Island!

Hampton Roads 2/8/01 Which reality TV shows make the grade?

Zap2It 2/7/01 'Temptation Island' Run Extended

E!Online 2/7/01 Fox Succumbs to Sweeps "Temptation"

Ask Men 2/6/01 I Can't Belize It!

Salon 2/5/01 Too hot to handle

CS Monitor 2/5/01 Not Tempted

US News 2/4/01 Partner hopping

Deseret News 2/3/01 Standing against reality TV

Variety 2/2/01 Sexy island skein dominates hour opposite reruns

Washington Post 2/2/01 Fox Scrambles to Make Ratings Hay With an Extra 'Island'

Zap2It 2/1/01 'Temptation' Says 'No' To Contraception Ad

E!Online 2/1/01 Viewers Eat Up "Temptation" Meltdown

Salon 2/1/01 Degradation, scandal and hatred

Zap2It 2/1/01 'Temptation' Tempts More Viewers

Nitwits 1/31/01 Giving in to Temptation

USA Today 1/31/01 Resist the 'Temptation' of shameless reality

Star Telegram 1/29/01 No one wins on `Temptation Island'

News Record 1/29/01 Parents aren't EVER leaving the island

Gist 1/26/01 Oh, Mandy

Salon 1/25/01 Schwing! "Temptation Island," Episode 3

Orlando Sentinel 1/24/01 Viewers deserve blame for success of trash TV

Salon 1/24/01 "Temptation Island" -- What's next?

USA Today 1/24/01 'Island' tempts with guilty pleasures

Gist TV 1/24/01 Temptation Frustration

Milwaukee Journal 1/23/01 `Temptation Island' Beats `The Mole'

E!Online 1/23/01 NBC Has Golden Ratings, But Fox Has Bronzed Bodies

Globe and Mail 1/23/01 TV's darkest hours

Cincinnati Post 1/22/01 'Reality TV' only myth unless we see crying kids

Lincoln Journal Star 1/22/01 Don't waste your time on tacky 'Temptation Island'

Variety 1/22/01 Exec: 'I just want to say: Get over it. It's entertainment.'

Milwaukee Journal 1/22/01 Fame Is the Real 'Temptation'

Washington Post 1/21/01 Performer Isn't Ashamed Of 'Temptation Island'

Washington Post 1/19/01 Week by Week, More Viewers Succumb to 'Temptation Island'

E!Online 1/19/01 Fox Stops Tempting the Kiddies

Seattle Times 1/19/01 Confusing our teens on 'Temptation Mainland'

Media Guardian (UK) 1/19/01 Sky's Temptation Island steals viewers from E4

Salon 1/18/01 "Temptation Island," Episode 2

Variety 1/18/01 Fox Wed. win biggest ever without baseball

Zap2It 1/18/01 FOX Responds To FCC Over 'Temptation' Promos

CNN 1/18/01 Fox pulls "Temptation" ads

Digital Collegian 1/17/01 Temptress from PSU on 'Island'

Lawrence Journal World 1/17/01 Reality TV reflects skewed sexual values

Detroit Free Press 1/17/01 Pathetic saps manipulated by Fox-TV

Oklahoman 1/17/01 A really tempting treat

Daily Lobo 1/16/01 Critics of show -- 'get a life'

Rocky Mountain News 1/16/01 Interest gets lost on 'Temptation Island'

E!Online 1/16/01 Fox Affiliate Deserts "Temptation Island"

Chicago Tribune 1/14/01 Reality TV Lowers the Bar

National Review 1/13/01 Deliver Us from Temptation

UK Telegraph 1/13/01 Sky's the limit with desert isle seductions

Detroit News 1/13/01 'Temptation,' 'Mole' draw young viewers.

Zap2It 1/12/01 FOX Affiliate Drops 'Temptation'

This is London 1/12/01 Deliver us from TV Temptation

Media Guardian 1/12/01 Sky buys Temptation Island

Star Telegram1/12/01 Networks churn out reality-TV challenges to `Survivor'

Salon 1/11/01 Back to the beach

E!Online 1/11/01 "West Wing" Viewers Not Tempted, But Fox Scores

Zap2It 1/11/01 'Temptation' Tops Timeslot

Globe and Mail 1/11/01 Fox frets about surviving Temptation

Milwaukee Journal 1/11/01 'Temptation Island' Draws 16M

This is London 1/11/01 Lead us not into Temptation

The Guardian 1/11/01 Advertisers embroiled in Temptation Island controversy

BBC 1/11/01 Reality TV show makes waves

The Australian 1/11/01 TV tempter puts voyeurs in box seat

National Review 1/10/01 Good-bye, Survivor, Hello, Temptation Island

Worldnet Daily 1/10/01 'Island' show leadeth none into temptation

Bowling Green Daily News 1/10/01 Reality TV trend anything but a showstopper

San Francisco Chronicle 1/10/01 Welcome To Fantasy 'Island'

CNN 1/10/01 'Temptation Island': Tempting TV or Trash?

Seattle PI 1/10/01 Honesty cast away on 'Temptation Island'

BBC 1/10/01 Storm on Temptation Island

The Guardian 1/10/01 Infidelity TV tempts US viewers

E!Online 1/10/01 Fox Boots "Temptation Isle" Parents

National Review 1/10/01 Good-bye, Survivor, Hello, Temptation Island

Zap2It 1/10/01 'Temptation Island' Couple Kicked Off For Having Kid

Virginia Pilot 1/10/01 Will ''Temptation Island'' float with viewers?

Bergen Record 1/10/01 Fantasy island latest in reality television

Worldnet Daily 1/9/01 Parents tempted on 'Island' show

Seattle PI 1/9/01 Fox gives in to 'Temptation'

ABC News 1/9/01 So Many Dates, So Little Time

Detroit Free Press 1/9/01 Fox unable to resist temptation

Post Gazette 1/9/01 Chances slim on survival of reality TV copycats

Cincinnati Enquirer 1/9/01 A Dose of Reality Television

Detroit News 1/9/01 Are reality TV shows going too far?

San Francisco Chronicle 1/9/01 Vast Wasteland Strikes Again

CNS News 1/8/01 TV Watchdog Group 'Appalled' by Fox's 'Temptation Island'

LA Times 1/8/01 AP Corrects Fox 'Island' Show Story

Milwaukee Journal 1/8/01 Sex, Belize and videotape

Mercury News 1/8/01 `Temptation' sure to lure viewers

E!Online 1/8/01 "Temptation Island"--Shocking or Educational?

Sydney Morning 1/8/01 Fox takes heat over sexy Temptation reality series

Milwaukee Journal 1/8/01 Fox Defends Racy 'Temptation Island'

Staten Island Live 1/7/01 New Fox 'Reality TV' show goes beyond the pale

Zap2It 1/7/01 Fox Execs Defend 'Temptation Island'

Globe and Mail 1/6/01 Reality Check

St. Petersburg Times 1/5/01 Reality Check

Gist TV 1/5/01 Watchdog Groups Blast Temptation Island

CNS News 1/4/01 Fox TV Leads Singles Into Temptation

Caller.com 1/4/01 Dallas rabbi takes aim at 'Temptation'

Milwaukee Journal 1/3/00 Fox, `Temptation Island' Criticized

Zap2It 1/3/01 Rabbi To Protest 'Temptation'

Detroit News 12//28/00 The reality is, networks forget fast

Miami Herald 12/25/00 Prepare for assault of copycat reality TV

Zap2It 8/2/00 FOX Looks For 'Temptation'


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