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On this FOX drama series a Jewish girl meets a half-Irish/half-Mexican Catholic guy at a party. The girls father is the head of a porn empire and the guys father is the district attorney up for reelection.  The show is about the Romeo and Juliet type conflict that ensues between the two families over the relationship. 


News Articles about Skin on FOX


Zap2It 1/12/05 SOAPnet Shows Some 'Skin'

Television Without Pity 11/6/03 Endorsement

E!Online 11/5/03 No "Skin" for Fox

Hollywood Reporter 11/5/03 Nets ax 'Skin,' 'Boomtown'

NY Daily News 11/5/03 Fox peels 'Skin' off its lineup

Zap2It 11/4/03 FOX Strips 'Skin' from Schedule

Slate 10/31/03 Surface Beauty

Milwaukee Journal 10/29/03 Porn star has revealing role in 'Skin'

Hollywood Reporter 10/29/03 Demo yawn for 'Skin,' 'Joe'

SCN 10/24/03 The 'Skin' we're in

Television Without Pity 10/22/03 Pilot

Zap2It 10/22/03 'Millionaire' Fails to Find Love, Viewers Shun 'Skin'

Media Life 10/20/03 'Skin,' get dressed and find your way out 10/20/03 Fox drama 'Skin' has right touch of fast-paced fun, slick sex appeal

Deseret News 10/20/03 'Skin' is in on Fox

USA Today 10/20/03 Porn and politics fester under 'Skin'

USA Today 10/20/03 For D.J. Cotrona, 'Skin' is in

SF Chronicle 10/20/03 Fox's 'Skin' is simply not deep enough

Chicago Sun-Times 10/20/03 'Skin' flicks off the sex, turns on the soap

Washington Post 10/20/03 Fox's 'Skin,' Worth a Leer

NY Daily News 10/20/03 Mix of hugs and XXXs

NY Times 10/20/03 Wherefore Art Thou the Son of a D.A.?


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