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News Articles about Skin on FOX


Detroit Free Press 10/19/03 Teen love story set amid porn industry

Santa Cruz Sentinel 10/19/03 Get ready for new show to get under your ‘Skin’

Denver Post 10/19/03 Above-average 'Skin' arresting on two levels

The Oregonian 10/19/03 Dynamite, glistening 'Skin' packed with powerful ideas

Post Gazette 10/19/03 TV Review: 'Skin' bares nothing new

Zap2It 10/18/03 Fox Bares Some 'Skin'

Dallas Morning News 10/18/03 New 'Skin' is slick, stylish and not at all subtle

Rocky Mountain News 10/18/03 Fox's 'Skin' looks like a demographic dream

Star Ledger 10/18/03 An oddly chaste drama about the sex industry

Milwaukee Journal 10/18/03 'Skin' has a little more than sex going for it

Extra TV 10/17/03 'Skin'

USA Today 10/17/03 Hollywood gets in bed with porn

SCN 10/16/03 TV Tip: "Skin"

Wichita Eagle 10/15/03 Provocative 'Skin' sets 'Romeo & Juliet' in L.A. porn business

Seattle PI 9/15/03 'Skin' could slide on by

NY Times 9/7/03 Star-Cross'd Lovers in the Home of the Stars

Kansas City Star 8/24/03 The subject of porn becomes mainstream material

Extra 7/31/03 'Skin' 7/28/03 Fox's 'Skin' will feature a porn-king dad, but no nudity

NY Times 7/27/03 Finally, Porn Does Prime Time

Star News 7/23/03 Fox tries for 'edge' in fall's debuts

Post Gazette 7/19/03 Fox promises 'Skin' will be deep drama

TeeVee 6/2/03 Putting the 'X' in Fox

Chicago Sun-Times 5/16/03 Fox vows porn show isn't just skin deep


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