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Shaq and his hand-picked "dream team" of experts embark on a crusade to help transform six obese middle school youngsters from Florida into healthy, fit kids - and along the way, demonstrate how other communities nationwide can help fight childhood obesity. In "Shaq's Big Challenge" he puts six obese youngsters through the most intense, emotional and rewarding time of their young lives. He is aided by six specialists, including: Shaq's own physician and trainer, Dr. Carlon "Doc" Colker, M.D.; personal trainer Tarik Tyler; nutritionist Dr. Joy Bauer; childhood obesity expert Dr. William Muinos, M.D. from Miami Children's Hospital; Food Network celebrity chef Tyler Florence; and Shaq's Louisiana State University coach Dale Brown. Together they go into the kids' homes and, schools, then expand their scope to meet with the local school and government officials to develop and implement a wellness program for the children of the community, and later for the entire state of Florida.


News Articles about ABC Networks Shaq's Big Challenge


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