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Toronto Star 6/26/07 A Shaq attack on extra pounds

Tampa Bay Online 6/26/07 Shaq Attacks Childhood Health

NY Times 6/26/07 Lighten Up, Overeaters. This 7-Foot Giant Is in Touch With His Inner Child

St. Petersburg Times 6/25/07 Will Shaq's 'Big Challenge' be a slam dunk?

Variety 6/25/07 Shaq's Big Challenge

USA Today 6/25/07 Shaq helps six kids face 'big challenge' of obesity

Toledo Blade 6/25/07 Shaq works with obese youths for a summer reality show

Orlando Sentinel 6/25/07 Challenge of Shaq's show: How do you feel about seeing children in a reality series?
NY Daily News 6/25/07 Shaq attack on child obesity

LA Times 6/25/07 As a motivator, Shaq falls short

South Florida 6/24/07 Shaquille O'Neal has hands full helping kids

NY Post 6/24/07 Battle of the Bulge 

Grand Rapids Press 6/24/07 Shaq turns mentor

Washington Post 6/24/07 Reshaping Bad Habits

Milwaukee Journal 6/23/07 A bigger challenge than free throws

Eagle Tribune 6/23/07 Woe-is-me reality TV gets a Shaq attack

Deseret News 6/22/07 Shaq's reality show meets 'Big Challenge'

Globe and Mail 6/22/07 Shaq takes helm of kinder, gentler reality show

Hollywood Reporter 6/21/07 Shaq show site eyes long life

Star Tribune 6/20/07 Television: Woe-is-me reality TV gets a Shaq attack

Orlando Sentinel 6/20/07 Shaq fights childhood obesity in reality show

St. Petersburg Times 6/19/07 Heat's big man has smaller ideas

Orlando Sentinel 6/19/07 Is Shaq obese or in prime shape?

Celebrity Spider 6/12/07 Shaq's Big Challenge to Premiere Tuesday June 26

Celebrity Spider 6/1/07 Shaquille O'Neal Takes on Childhood Obesity on New Series Shaq's Big Challenge

Celebrity Spider 3/6/07 Shaquille O'Neal to Star in Reality Show

BBC 3/6/07 Shaquille O'Neal in obesity show

USA Today 3/6/07 Shaq reality show takes on child obesity

Reality TV Links 3/5/07 Casting Call - New Weight Loss Show on ABC

Entertainment Weekly 3/5/07 Shaq Doing Weight Loss Reality Show

AOL Sports 3/5/07 Shaq to Become Next Reality TV Sensation


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