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This series, which originally launched on MySpace on November 11 and on quarterlife.com November 12, represents the first time that a network-quality series was produced directly for the Internet. It also marks the first time that an independent project of this kind has been owned and controlled by its creators -- as well as the first occasion that an Internet series has been created alongside a social network, quarterlife.com.  The "quarterlife" series tells the ongoing stories of six creative people in their 20s. As with Herskovitz and Zwick's previous television projects, the team's commitment to realism is at the center of "quarterlife" as is the recognition of universal human themes through the truthful depiction of the way young people speak, work, think, love, argue, and express themselves.


News Articles about NBC Networks Quarterlife


LA Times 3/8/08 'Quarterlife' is alive and well

Celebrity Spider 3/3/08 quarterlife Hits Record Rating Low; May Move to Bravo

LA Times 3/3/08 'Quarterlife' gets a Web smackdown

Post Dispatch 3/2/08 Web series 'quarterlife' finds regular slot on NBC

Hollywood Reporter 3/2/08 'Quarterlife' was made for cable -- or should've been

Metro 2/29/08 Audience response huge disappointment

Washington Post 2/29/08 'Quarterlife' Equals 1/22 of a Season on NBC

Hollywood Reporter 2/29/08 Web series' third life is on Bravo

Zap2It 2/28/08 NBC Logs Off 'Quarterlife'

E! Online 2/28/08 Quarterlife Over Before It's Begun?

Hollywood Reporter 2/28/08 Creator disses 'quarterlife' move to NBC

Post Gazette 2/27/08 Tuned In Journal: 'quarterlife' parodied

Celebrity Spider 2/26/08 Preview for Tonight's Series Premiere of "quarterlife"

Uncle Barky 2/26/08 New series review: quarterlife (NBC)

Cleveland Plain Dealer 2/26/08 Can veteran producers make Webisodes of quarterlife' work on TV?

Washington Post 2/26/08 'Quarterlife': Blogged-Down Connections

Louisville Courier Journal 2/26/08 NBC plugs Internet series 'Quarterlife' into its lineup

Orlando Sentinel 2/26/08 TV drama 'Quarterlife' is 100 percent self-absorbed

LA Times 2/26/08 'Quarterlife's' improbable third quarter

Boston Globe 2/26/08 Their so-called lives through the eyes of a video blogger

TV Guide 2/26/08 Quarterlife Makes the Leap from Web to TV

Deseret Morning News 2/26/08 They're living a 'quarterlife'

Media Life 2/26/08 'Quarterlife,' a little show with big eyes

NY Post 2/26/08 Nothing but 'net

Sun Sentinel 2/26/08 Quarterlife spins off the Web

LA Times 2/26/08 Television Review: 'Quarterlife'


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