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Pittsburgh Post Gazette 2/26/08 TV Review: 'quarterlife' characters self-absorbed, artificial

Seattle PI 2/26/08 'Quarterlife' leaps to TV while staying true to its Web roots

Newsday 2/26/08 NBC's 'quarterlife' goes from the Web to TV

NY Daily News 2/26/08 Tale of blogger updates young-adult soap opera in 'quarterlife'

Daily Herald 2/26/08 Everything old is new again in 'quarterlife'

Philly.com 2/26/08 'quarterlife' dilemma: Tube-y or not tube-y?

Philly.com 2/26/08 Like 'Friends,' but with jobs

Detroit Free Press 2/26/08 Multimedia series 'Quarterlife' goes from Web to TV

Knox News 2/26/08 'quarterlife' may have short shelf life

South Coast Today 2/26/08 Watch 'quarterlife' and prepare to cringe

Celebrity Spider 2/25/08 NBC's "quarterlife" Offered on iTunes Store

Sun Sentinel 2/25/08 'Quarterlife' spins off the Web

Newsday 2/25/08 NBC's 'quarterlife' goes from the Internet to TV

Gary Post Tribune 2/24/08 Like other soaps, 'quarterlife' hard to wash off

Washington Post 2/24/08 Their So-Called Lives

MSNBC 2/24/08 NBC’s ‘quarterlife’ brings Internet to television

Mercury News 2/24/08 From Web to network TV

NY Post 2/24/08 TV On The Internet

Milwaukee Journal 2/24/08 'Quarterlife' puts coping on the line

Chicago Tribune 2/22/08 Is 'quarterlife' a radical new TV model? Or just a standard angsty drama?

Palm Beach Post 2/22/08 'Quarterlife': How This Internet Drama Made The Leap To Prime Time

Contra Costa Times 2/22/08 'Quarterlife' jumps from the Web to prime time

Chicago Tribune 2/22/08 Is 'quarterlife' a radical new TV model? Or just a standard angsty drama?

Celebrity Spider 2/14/08 NBC Announces MTV "quarterlife" partnership; Show to Premiere February 26

Celebrity Spider 1/25/08 NBC Announces New Premiere Date for "Quarterlife"

Zap2It 1/25/08 New Slot for NBC's 'Quarterlife'

Detroit News 1/4/08 NBC to air cyber drama 'Quarterlife'

Tuscaloosa News 12/24/07 Can NBC Do for ‘Quarterlife’ What YouTube Could Not?

NY Times 12/18/07 Herskovitz Calls ‘Quarterlife’ ‘on the Upswing’

Celebrity Spider 12/17/07 NBC Announces New Series "Quarterlife" to Premiere February 18

Zap2It 12/17/07 'Quarterlife' Makes On-Air Date

Hollywood Reporter 12/17/07 NBC picks date for 'Quarterlife'

Entertainment Weekly 12/17/07 Internet show 'quarterlife' to debut on NBC

NY Times 12/17/07 New Life for ‘Quarterlife’

Hollywood Reporter 12/4/07 'Quarterlife,' 'Roommates' taking off

TDN 11/26/07 Web-based 'quarterlife' tailored for college kids

TV Week 11/9/07 ‘Quarterlife’ Debuts Nov. 11 on MySpaceTV


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