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In this supernatural drama show on FOX the story is set in a New Jersey beach town.  It focuses on mysterious Christina Nickson (played by Elisabeth Harnois) who learns soon enough that her dad was the devil.  As the daughter of the Devil and a mortal woman, Christina washed up on the shores of Point Pleasant, which has become the battleground for her soul and those of its inhabitants.


News Articles about FOX Networks Point Pleasant


The Trades 12/12/05 Point Pleasant - The Complete Series

Zap2It 11/3/05 'Buffy' Vet Noxon Has 'Pleasant' Memories

TV Guide 10/25/05 Pleasant Dreams for Prison Break Exec

Beacon Journal 10/21/05 `Point Pleasant' DVDs include series' wild finish

Cinescape 9/30/05 Point Pleasant The Complete Series DVD Collection Debuts Oct. 25th

Digital Spy 3/25/05 Axe falls on 'Point Pleasant'

TVRules.net 3/23/05 Point Pleasant Pulled From FOX Line-Up For Good

TVRules.net 3/6/05 Point Pleasant: Swimming With Boyd Preview 3/17/05

Wesleyan Argus 2/15/05 Cardinal Sinner to devil's daughter

Excalibur Online 2/9/05 Blonde anti-Christ turns out to be not another Buffy

TVRules 2/8/05 Point Pleasant: Secrets & Lies Preview 2/17/05

TVRules.net 2/6/05 Point Pleasant: Last Dance 2/10/2005 Preview

Television Without Pity 2/2/05 Who's Your Daddy?

USA Today 1/27/05 Devilishly 'Pleasant'

Teen Hollywood 1/26/05 Meet the Hot Citizens of “Point Pleasant”

Television Without Pity 1/26/05 Human Nature

The Pacer 1/25/05 Fox delivers devilishly good Point Pleasant

Television Without Pity 1/25/05 Pilot

TVRules.net 1/24/05 Point Pleasant: Who's Your Daddy 1/27/2005 Preview

Milwaukee Journal 1/22/05 Page off to 'Pleasant' start

The Trades 1/21/05 "Point Pleasant - Pilot" Review

Asbury Park Press 1/20/05 'Point Pleasant' not a hit with residents

Kansas.com 1/19/05 Fox hopes new 'Point Pleasant' will challenge 'CSI' in ratings battle

Charlotte Observer 1/19/05 'Point Pleasant': Devilish soap that's beyond salvation

College Sports 1/19/05 Former Tiger Player Sam Elliott Stars in Point Pleasant


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