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Miami.com 1/19/05 Hell hath no fury like a teenager scorned

Deseret News 1/19/05 'Pleasant' needs a point

San Francisco Chronicle 1/19/05 The devil is in the details of 'Point Pleasant'

Post Gazette 1/19/05 'Point Pleasant' all smoke, no fire

Boston Globe 1/19/05 Surf, sun, and Satan's spawn

Detroit Free Press 1/19/05 Sympathy for the Devil's Daughter

NY Daily News 1/19/05 Hell's belle may yet cast a spell

Star Ledger 1/19/05 Devilish dilemma: Point Pleasant residents have mixed feelings about new TV show

NY Times 1/19/05 A Mystery Girl Who Comes From a Bad Family

Toronto Star 1/19/05 Blushing at Point Pleasant's excess sex

Tribune Review 1/19/05 Fox samples the soapy 'O.C.' for newest drama

Newsday 1/19/05 Raising hell in 'Point Pleasant'

SouthFlorida.com 1/19/05 She has a devil of a dad

Star Ledger 1/19/05 Washed-out version of 'The O.C.'

Lansing State Journal 1/19/05 'Pleasant' debut for Fox drama

Dallas Morning News 1/19/05 'Pleasant' off to explosive start

Bangor Daily News 1/19/05 Sci-fi drama's fate seems locked

Philly.com 1/19/05 Satan's daughter washes in, now a Jersey devil

Courier Journal 1/19/05 Fox's new devilish teen series mixes hormones and horror

Toronto Star 1/19/05 The Devil went down to New Jersey

USA Today 1/18/05 'Pleasant': The devil went down to 'O.C,'

Seattle PI 1/18/05 'Point Pleasant' proves sodden viewing when evil washes into town

Knox News 1/18/05 Campy 'Point' floats pleasantly along

NY Daily News 1/18/05 Copying Jersey isn't the 'Point'

Redlands Daily Facts 1/18/05 Crit-o-matic: "Point Pleasant"

Zap2It 1/16/05 Devil from the Deep Blue Sea Lands in 'Point Pleasant'

Hollywood Reporter 1/16/05 Point Pleasant

Denver Post 1/16/05 Devil assumes a darker form in teen-angst "Point"

Asbury Park Press 1/16/05 'Point Pleasant' premise provides much to ponder
Times Dispatch 1/16/05 'Point Pleasant' lacks key element

Washington Post 1/16/05 Little Hellions and a Big Demon Daddy

Orlando Sentinel 1/16/05 Sex flattens devilish thrills in Fox drama

NorthJersey.com 1/16/05 Stretching the point

Milwaukee Journal 1/15/05 The 'Point' is not always pleasant

Courier Press 1/14/05 New Fox drama raises eyebrows in namesake town

Asbury Park Press 1/14/05 Spooky series 'Point Pleasant' ready to premiere

And Pop 1/14/05 New Fox Show Point Pleasant Premieres Wednesday

IGN 1/13/05 Point Pleasant Preview

TVRules.net 1/11/05 Point Pleasant: Human Nature Preview 1/2/05

TVRules.net 1/11/05 Point Pleasant: Pilot Preview 1/19/05

Sci Fi 1/11/05 Meyer Menaces Point Pleasant

Asbury Park Press 1/10/05 Point Pleasant's sunny skies attract show about the devil

NY Times 1/9/05 Strange Things Wash Up on the Jersey Shore

Zap2It 12/17/04 'Buffy' Vet Lands at 'Point Pleasant'

Asbury Park Press 12/3/04 Point Pleasant to be setting for devilish Fox TV show

Hollywood Reporter 11/9/04 Meyer getting to 'Point' in Fox drama

Hollywood Reporter 10/29/03 Show takes on 'Pleasant' assignment

NJ.us 7/22/02 Fox to present check to Point Pleasant Beach for downtown redevelopment project


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