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On this show. a female contestant (Jackie) dates fourteen men, several of which are gay.  Each week she narrows the group until the final episode where she arrives at her final choice.  If she has picked a straight man they split a million dollars.  If she picks a gay man, he gets to keep the whole prize to himself.

News Articles about FOX Networks Playing it Straight


Zap2It 1/14/05 FOX Charges for 'Playing it Straight' Resolution

Reality TV World 7/28/04 Fox releases details of 'Playing It Straight's unaired conclusion

Zap2It 7/26/04 FOX Outs 'Playing it Straight' Results

Reality TV World 5/21/04 Fox cancels plans to show last 'Playing It Straight' episodes this summer

Zap2It 5/20/04 No Closure for Truncated FOX Shows

Reality TV World 4/2/04 Playing It Straight - Episode 3 summary

Reality TV World 3/31/04 FOX pulls its 'Playing It Straight' gaydar reality series from the air

Reality News Online 3/31/04 ‘Playing It Straight’ Put on Hiatus, ‘Forever Eden’ Shifted

Reality News Online 3/31/04 Playing It Straight: The Dangling Chad

TV Barn 3/31/04 Contrary to published reports, "Playing It Straight" not yanked

Reality TV World 3/30/04 FOX pulls its 'Playing It Straight' gaydar reality series from the air

Reality News Online 3/30/04 Playing It Straight, Episode 3: A Million Dollar Mishap

Fans Of Reality TV 3/29/04 Playing It Straight: The FORT Interview With Ryan

Fans of Reality TV 3/29/04 Campfire Tales (3/26 recap)

Fans Of Reality TV 3/28/04 Playing It Straight: The FORT Interview With Alex

Reality TV World 3/25/04 Web magazine "outs" five of 'Playing It Straight's remaining suitors


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