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Reality TV World 3/24/04 Playing It Straight - Episode 2 summary

TVRules 3/24/04 Playing It Straight: Episode 3 Video Preview 3/26

Slate 3/24/04 The Bachelors

Reality TV Planet 3/23/04 The Guys Kick Up Their Heels in Episode Two.

Reality TV World 3/22/04 Jackie finally eliminates a gay guy in 'Playing It Straight's second episode

TVRules 3/22/04 Playing It Straight: Jackie Eliminates One Gay Guy/One Straight Guy on 3/19

Reality News Online 3/22/04 Playing It Straight, Episode 2: Thereís Only One RyanÖ Thank God

Denver Post 3/21/04 Reality-show creator has Springs roots

Fans of Reality TV 3/20/04 The Best Laid Plans... (3/19 recap)

Reality HQ 3/20/04 Playing It Straight- Episode 2

Fans of Reality TV 3/20/04 The FORT Interview with Louis

TVRules 3/18/04 Playing It Straight: Episode 2 Video Previews 3/19

TVRules 3/17/04 Playing It Straight: Episode 1: Gay or Not Gay...That Is The Question

Reality TV World 3/16/04 Fox's 'Playing It Straight' struggles in Friday premiere,....

Reality TV World 3/16/04 Playing It Straight - Episode 1 summary

Reality News Online 3/16/04 Playing It Straight: Straight Men Donít Own Hairdryers

TVRules 3/15/04 Playing It Straight: Episode 3 Preview 3/26

Reality News Online 3/15/04 Playing It Straight, Episode 1: The Saddle Isnít Blazing, Just Sizzling

Fans Of Reality TV 3/15/04 Playing It Straight Recap 3/12/03-"Straight-Shootin Cowboys"

TV Guide 3/15/04 Straight Girl's Queer Crisis!

Daily Free Press 3/14/04 TV series brings fame, money to town

Chicago Tribune 3/14/04 How sensitive is your 'gaydar'?

Reality HQ 3/13/04 Playing It Straight- Episode 1

Green Bay Press Gazette 3/12/04 Appleton woman debuts in dating series

Reno Gazette-Journal 3/12/04 Is he or isnít he?

Southern Voice 3/12/04 Some Fox-y ladies

Courier Journal 3/12/04 Guess who's gay

The Hook 3/11/04 Gaydar alert: Sharif plays it straight

Zap2It 3/11/04 Straight Talk on 'Playing it Straight'

Reality News Online 3/11/04 Playing It Straight Preview: A Peek into a Million Dollar Closet

Fans of Reality TV 3/9/04 The FORT Interview with Daphne Brogdon

Reality TV World 3/7/04 FOX reveals the identities of 'Playing It Straight's male suitors

TVRules 3/1/04 Playing It Straight Premieres March 12

Reality HQ 2/13/04 Fox comes out of the closet

Gothamist 2/3/04 TV Takes to Gaydar

TVRules 2/3/04 Playing It Straight Debuts In March

TV Barn 2/2/04 Fox jumps on "gaydar" bandwagon

Zap2It 2/2/04 Activate Your Gaydar for FOX's 'Straight'


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