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On this show a young, beautiful and single woman will court several eligible men who must rely strictly on their individual personalities to captivate her. Each man will be disguised throughout the dating process, keeping his looks hidden. While the woman will not see the appearance of the men she is dating, viewers will. As the series progresses, the single woman ultimately narrows her choice to one man.


News Articles about FOX Networks Mr. Personality


TV Robot 10/2/06 Mr. Personality—That’s Mr. Freakish Personality to You

Alternet 6/3/03 In Contempt of Courtship

Boca Raton News 5/25/03 A new man and new profession

Reality News Online 5/22/03 Mr. Personality: Did the Best Man Win?

Reality News Online 5/21/03 Mr. Personality, The Finale: Rose Petals and Role Reversals

Fans Of Reality TV 5/20/03 Finale Recap - Oh sweet Prince I finally found you!

Reality TV Talk 5/20/03 Mr Personality Season Finale Recap "Unmasked!"

Zap2It 5/20/03 'Mr. Personality' Gets His

Reality News Online 5/15/03 Mr. Personality: Let the Games Begin – and End

Reality TV Talk 5/14/03 Episode 4-“Dancing and Drinking At The Mask–erade Ball”

Fans of Reality TV 5/14/03 Mr. Personality 4, Making it to First Base

Reality News Online 5/13/03 Mr. Personality, Episode 4: Boys Will Be Chimps

Zap2It 5/13/03 Dementia Trumps Sweetness on 'Personality'

Fans of Reality TV 5/8/03 Week 3: You Are Getting Very Sleeepy or Bored!

Reality News Online 5/8/03 Mr. Personality’s Chris Plays the Game of Love to Win

Reality TV Talk 5/7/03 Ep.3-"Hypnotic Warning: You Will Read This Recap and Love It."

Reality News Online 5/7/03 Giving Love a Bad Name: A Mr. Personality Commentary

Reality News Online 5/6/03 Episode 3: Mind Games and Xanax and Booze, Oh My!

Zap2It 5/6/03 'Mr. Personality' Continues to Play Mind Games

Reality TV Talk 4/30/03 Mr Personality Episode 2 Recap "Nothing Happened"

Reality News Online 4/30/03 Mr. Personality: Is Winning Everything?

Fans of Reality TV 4/30/03 Lap Dances for the Employed Masked Man 4/29/03 - Mr. Personality 04/28/03 4/29/03 Mr. Personality meets Mr. Basketball

Zap2It 4/29/03 CBS Cruises on Monday; 'Mr. Personality' Tumbles


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