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News Articles about FOX Networks Mr. Personality


Reality News Online 4/29/03 Mr. Personality, Episode 2: Lost Opportunities

TV Rules 4/29/03 Mr. Personality Episode Two Summary

Zap2It 4/29/03 'Mr. Personality': Masked Boys Will, Alas, Be Boys

Palm Beach Post 4/26/03 What to make of Miss Monica

Washington Dispatch 4/25/03 Monica and Marriage on Fox

MSNBC 4/24/03 Problems at ‘Mr. Personality’?

SF Examiner 4/24/03 Fox's bad 'Personality'

Pioneer Press 4/24/03 That mask is murder on hair

Denver Post 4/24/03 Blink and you will miss dopey Lewinsky show

MSNBC 4/24/03 ‘Personality’ boycott over Monica?

Rocky Mountain News 4/24/03 Fox reality sinks to new low

Projo 4/23/03 Mr. Personality is real, real bad

E!Online 4/23/03 Thou Shalt Watch Moses, Monica

Ananova 4/23/03 Lewinsky makes debut as TV host

Star Tribune 4/23/03 'Lawyerboy' argues his case as 'Mr. Personality'

Salt Lake Tribune 4/23/03 'Mr. Personality' Goofs Out of the Gate

Reality News Online 4/23/03 Manipulation, Honesty, and Other General Thoughts

Reality TV Talk 4/23/03 Mr. Personality - "What you can't see, can't hurt you"

Beacon Journal 4/23/03 Newest reality TV full of contrasts

NY Daily News 4/23/03 Ratings hint at 'Personality' cult

Toronto Star 4/23/03 Beauty and the saps — gag me

Reality News Online 4/23/03 Mr. Personality, Episode 1: Down by Half

CBS 4/22/03 Lewinsky Dating Show Scores Second

Zap2It 4/22/03 Viewers Like FOX's 'Personality'

USA Today 4/22/03 Fox dating show 'Mr. Personality' has strong premiere

Slate 4/22/03 Monica the Chaperone

Fans of Reality TV 4/22/2003 The Dating Game in Iron Masks, Ep. 1 Recap 4/22/03 - Mr. Personality 4.21.03

Zap2It 4/22/03 CBS Has Looks, FOX Has 'Personality'

Daily Record 4/22/03 County native lands job with Monica Lewinsky

St Petersburg Times 4/22/03 When the host is lackluster, what's left?

NY Daily News 4/22/03 Monica, masks & monotony

Dallas Morning News 4/22/03 Reality genre hits new low with 'Mr. Personality'

Milwaukee Journal 4/21/03 Monica adds dumb look to 'Mr. Personality'

Zap2It 4/21/03 'Mr. Personality': Motivational in a Machiavevellian Sort of Way

TV Rules 4/21/03 Mr. Personality - Beauty and the Mask

Zap2It 4/21/03 10 Masked Men Move into the Malibu Mansion on "Mr. Personality"

SF Chronicle 4/21/03 Building a cult of 'Personality'

Globe and Mail 4/21/03 It's hard to watch Monica and not think of cigars

USA Today 4/21/03 The full Monica: 'Personality' plus

Detroit Free Press 4/21/03 Masked men are Lewinsky's new love

Mobile Register 4/21/03 Fox taps Lewinsky to host dating show

Philadelphia Inquirer 4/19/03 Monica Lewinsky: Wronged woman now a woman who has gone wrong

Zap2It 4/18/03 Lewinsky Blows Through 'View'

Washington Post 4/18/03 For 'Mr. Personality' Fans, an Early 'View' of Monica

The Sun News 4/17/03 Lewinsky's return very unnecessary

Extra TV 4/15/03 Monica Lewinksy

USA Today 4/15/03 Lewinsky to host dating reality show

Zap2It 4/14/03 Monica Lewinsky Hosts the Premiere of "Mr. Personality" (04/21/03)

Newsweek 4/12/03 Lewinsky Is for Lovers

TV Rules 3/22/03 Mr. Personality Coming to FOX in April

Deseret News 3/21/03 Lewinsky and Fox team up

Guardian 3/21/03 Monica Lewinsky heads for TV big time with a new Mr Personality

E!Online 3/20/03 Monica's New Man Hunt

Chicago Sun-Times 3/20/03 Give the lady a cigar

Ananova 3/20/03 Monica Lewinsky to front US dating show

BBC 3/20/03 Lewinsky to present dating show

Globe and Mail 3/20/03 Lewinsky gets her own show

NY Daily News 3/20/03 Lewinsky lands a gig as Fox host - for real

Hello 3/20/03 Monica Signs on as Reality TV Host

Hollywood Reporter 3/20/03 Lewinsky to host 'Mr. Personality'

Zap2It 3/19/03 FOX Gives 'Mr. Personality' a Lewinsky

WOKR 3/4/03 New Personality-Based Reality Show to Hit Screens

Extra TV 2/26/03 'Mr. Personality'

Zap2It 2/26/03 FOX Can't Mask Enthusiasm For 'Mr. Personality'

Hollywood Reporter 2/26/03 Fox unmasks 'Personality' in April


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